"..." - talking '...' - thinking //...\\ - Fiskerton, Zon, Komodo, Fiskita, etc.
=...= - singing "(...)" - reading and/or writing "ABC!" - screaming/yelling


Jamie Tuesday sat on the couch watching her favorite show, The Secret Saturdays."Secret Saturdays will be right back! Stay tooned!" the TV said. Jamie groaned She hated comercials. Suddednly, a Secret Saturdays comercial came on. "And to prove your the Saturdays' #1 fan, you have to write a letter and for winning this contest you get meet the Saturdays in person!!" the TV guy said. "OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!" Jamie kept screaming. She could actually MEET the Saturdays!
She got a pencil, paper, and her memory of every Secret Saturdays episode EVER!! When her letter was finished she shoved it into an envelope and licked the sides. She scrunched up her face as a horrible taste stuck to her tongue as she licked the envelope.'Why'd I lick it?' She thought stupidly. She put the squished envelope in the mailbox. She waited a week for a reply when ... Jamie opened the mailbox, the envelope, and read the letter. It said:

"(Dear Jamie,
Congradulations! You have won the Secret Saturdays contest! Enclosed in this envelope are two tickets to the Amazon Rainforest and a DVD copy of The Secret Saturdays season 1. There will be a limosine just outside of the airport waiting for you.)"

Jamie started screaming as loud as she could. "I'M MEETING THE SECRET SATURDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then Jamie came to her senses and ... well ... passed out.

"Mom, I don't think we should do this," Zak said. "Oh, it'll be fun meeting one of our fans!" Drew said. "At least do we know their name?" Zak asked. "Yes, it's Jamie Tuesday," Drew said. "Cool! We'll play video games, capture the flag, everything!" Drew rolled her eyes to how fast her son changed his mind. //Another kid!? I thought Zak was enough!\\ Fiskerton joked. "Hey, we rescued you!" Zak said. Drew giggled. //The limo's here!\\ Zon said in her pteredactyle (sorry if I spelled it wrong) language. "Doc, the limo's here!" Drew called her husband. "Coming!" he replied.

When Jamie woke up it was time to leave. She hopped in the car with her fiskerton phantom, Fiskita. She quickly combed her black and white hair(does that sound familiar?) and called her boyfriend, Eric. "Hey, Eric?"
"Yeah, Eric I'm goin' to meet the Secret Saturdays so don't bother to come over 'cause I won't be here."
"Exactly where are you going?"
"The Amazon Rainforest."
"Bye!" Jamie made her quick escape. "Who was that, honey?" Emily, Jamie's mom said. "Eric."
"Ahh, I see," Emily said. They finally got to the Seattle Airport and Emily was saying her final goodbyes,
"Bye, Jamie!"
"Bye, Mom!"
Jamie got on the plane and when she could, she plugged in her ipod and was listening to her favorite song He Could Be The One, by Hannah Montana:

= Smooth talkin', so rockin'. He's got everything that a girls' wantin'. Guitar cutie, who plays it groovy, and I can't keep myself from doin' somthin'
stupid. Think I'm really fallin' for his smile, get butterflies when he says my name! He's got somthin' special, he's got somthin' special, and when he's lookin' at me I wanna get all sentimental. He's got somethin' special, he's got somthin' special, I can hardly breathe, somthin's tellin' me, tellin' me maybe he could be the one, he could be the one, he could be the one.... He could be the one he could be the one, he could be the one... He's lightnin' sparks are flyin,
and everywhere I go he's always on my mind and I'm goin' crazy about him lately, I can't help myself for now my heart is racin'. Think I'm really diggin' on his vibe,
he really blows me away! He's got somethin special, he's got somthin' special, and when he's lookin' at me I wanna get all sentimenal. He's got somethin' special,
he's got somethin' special, I can hardly breathe, somthin's tellin' me, tellin' me maybe he could be the one, he could be the one, he could be the one.... He could be the one, he could be the one he, could be the one... And he's got a way of makin' me feel like everythin' I do is perfectly fine, the stars are aligned when I'm with him, and I'm so into him... He's got somethin' special, he's got somethin' special, and when he's lookin' at me I wanna get all sentimental. He's got somethin special, he's got somethin' special, I can hardly breathe, somethin's tellin me, tellin' me maybe he could be the one, he could be the one he could be the one.... He could be the one, he could be the one, he could be the one... =

The plane was almost to the landing point. Jamie wanted to look almost perfect. She combed her hair again, straitened out her green t-shirt, brushed out Fiskita's fur, and set her hand on the seat belt buckle to be ready to be the first one out. //Jamie, what's so exciting about seeing TV people, anyway?
I mean ya see' em everyday on TV what's the big deal\
"They have a boy fiskerton phantom."
//What did I say? I meant this is great to see TV people\
"Okay, Fiskita, okay."
The limo arrived at the airport and the chauffeur(sorry if I spelled wrong) held open the door of the limo. He said: "You must be miss Tuesday, no?"
All Jamie could do was nod because she could see through the window. She could see Fiskerton, Doc, Drew, and ... Z.A.K ZAK!
//Jamie. Jamie? Jamie!\\ Fiskita waved her hand in front of Jamie's face. "What? Who?" Jamie came back to life. She had a crush on the TV star since King of Kumari Kandam. She was gonna break up with Eric if she ever met Zak. Today, she'd have to break poor little Eric Penden's heart. "My name is Antonio Vasquez and I will be your driver for the day," Antonio said. Jamie stepped into the limo. She would remember this day for life.
Zak almost gaped at what he saw. Jamie ... was ... a girl. 'Great now we won't play video games and stuff' he thought. "So, where ya from?" Drew asked.
"Seattle, Washington."
"Do you have any pets?"
"Two dogs, Sammy; a lab; and Lillie; a cavalier king charles spaniel; and a guenea pig named Shelby."
"Any siblings?",
"Rebecca who's in college, Genevieve who's in high school, Jennefer who's in middle school, Danny who's in fourth, and Vanessa who's in second."
"So, Jamie. Tell us abou yourself. Likes, dislikes, interests," Drew said. "Well, as you can obviously see, my family studies cryptids too. I love swimming,
reading, ..." 'Zak,' she almost said it out loud, but she didn't. "I hate my brother. My dad's British. My boyfriend's name is..." 'Zak' 'shut up, brain'
Jamie yelled at herself. "...Eric Penden."
"We have arrived at the Saturday residence," Antonio said as he opened th limo door. Fiskita stepped out, then Jamie, then Fiskerton, then Zak, then Doc, and lastly Drew. 'Maybe I should at least try to ask her to play capture the flag. She really does look like the outdoorsy type' Zak thought. "Hey Jamie wanna play capture the flag?" he said. 'Zak Saturday just asked me to play capture the flag!' Jamie's brain yelled. "Okay!" she said. "Fiskita, ya wanna play?"
Jamie said. Fiskita was talking to Fiskerton a few feet from where Doc and Drew stood. "Be careful," Drew called as the five ran to the underground garden or whatever. "Go!" Zak called the game to a start. Jamie summer-salted into a plant. She darted to another just in time to see Fisk walk by. Jamie shape shifted into a bird. Wait a second ... SHAPESHIFTED!! Jamie grabbed Fisk's flag and shifted back into Jamie before Fisk turned around. "Stealth is almost everything," she told Fisk. //Grrr,\\ Fisk growled. There as a rustling in the bushes and Jamie dived into the bush she was just in. Komodo came out and turned himself visable. Jamie scooted across, Komodo's arm band in hand, leaving him dazed. When he noticed he was caught, he went to sit next to Fiskerton.
Just Zak and Fiskita left. Jamie saw black and white hair and slowly got closer. "Jamie! Where are you!?" Zak called out. "Right here!" Jamie did the same trick she did on Komodo with the same affect. "Fiskita in target zone," Jamie whispered to herself as she spotted Fiskita a few yards away. "Gotcha!" Jamie darted out and grabbed her arm band. Jamie walked over to where all the people who were caught sat. "Jamie wins," she said. "I beat Zak at his own game."
"Not fair!" Zak said pouting. "Oh, lighten up! Wanna play again?" Jamie said. "Okay."
Jamie walked out in front of Zak. He grabbed her arm band. "Uh oh! Ya got me!" She said with a sly smirk and a wink. "I lose!" she giggled. Jamie walked over and sat next to Fiskerton. His jaw dropped. //Jamie got caught!?\\ Jamie nodded. Komodo came out of the bushes to sit next to them. "Gotcha!" Fiskita came and sat with the others. Zak came out with four green armbands in his hand. "Zak wins," he said. "Yeah, but I let you win!" Jamie said. "Hey, you five, dinner!" Drew called. "Okay!" Jamie and Zak said at the same time.

It was a few weeks later and Jamie and Zak got to know each other so well, they were best friends. "Psst! Meet me at the usual place!" Jamie whispered in Zak's ear. The usual place was under Zon's nest. Jamie was waiting for Zak to get there. "Come on where are you?" Jamie was getting frustraited. "Hello," Zak said. "Hey, I like you." Jamie said. "Not just friend like. I mean ..." she gulped. "Like like."
"Ya know what."
"I like you too."
"We can't tell anyone! Or else they'd totally freak!" Jamie said. "I agree," Zak said.