Chapter 8

The Day When Argost Found Out


Eventually, Jamie told her parents. Argost was sitting in his chair watching YouTube. His jaw dropped wide open when he came to a video. The video was called "Zak and Jamie, Sitting in a tree!", the person who uploaded the video was D.B. the Awesome. (yes, Doyle ended up putting it on YouTube) Argost picked it. "The boy has a girlfriend!?" Argost started cracking up. Munya just had to come over and see why Argost was laughing so hard. Then he started laughing and falling on the floor. "Munya! Get...the...battleship!..." He said between laughs.

Jamie and Zak...

Jamie and Zak were surfing YouTube when they came across a video by D.B. the Awesome. They watched it then grabbed the phone. Zak called Doyle."Yo."





When Doyle got there, Zak had Jamie's laptop. He clicked the "play" button. "Uh oh..." Doyle tried to run, but Jamie shape shifted into a tiger and pinned him down. "WHERE THE CRAP DID THIS TIGER COME FROM!!?"


She got off of Doyle and purred. Zak pet her head and she sat down. "You're in trouble, Mister."

"Who are you, my mom?"

"Take that video off, RIGHT NOW!!!"

"Ok..." he logged in and took the video off. Suddenly, a large shadow cast over Jamie's yard. Kiara ran like crazy into her mom's room and hid under the bed. "Kiara?" Jamie looked under the bed to find a small black head and two round, blue, terrified eyes staring back at her. She grabbed her kitty and cradled her. "Uh, Jamie. Look outside."

"Why- woah!"

Jamie put Kiara down, and went outside. "Greetings and bien venue, Saturday boy. Apparently, you have a slight emotion arrangement."


"Hmmm...the girl in the video on YouTube. Ring a bell?"


"Hey, Miniman, what's- oh..."

"Argost saw that video by D.B. the Awesome! Might by any chance D.B. stand for-oh I don't know- DOYLE BLACKWELL!?"

"Doyle, I swear to God I will rip you apart!" Jamie turned into a tiger again and attacked Doyle. "Jamie, you are worse than Komodo!" Zak had to drag Jamie off his uncle. Argost started laughing. "You two are perfect together!" He started cracking up again. Jamie turned around and leaped onto Argost's battleship. She mauled him like crazy. "Get this retched feline OFF OF ME!!"

"Um, I would but, I think YouTube would enjoy this much better!" Zak said grabbing Doyle's video camera ans started video taping. "Nice one, Miniman!" Doyle said, high fiving his nephew.

Jamie felt she'd done enough and jumbed out of the war-plane-ship-thing... Anyway, she was Jamie again, and everone was happy. Except for Argost, of course!