The three suddenly jumped as they heard a loud knock at the front of the saucer. Lauren gasped and Crypto held her tighter.

"I'll see to them," said Pox.

Crypto smiled gratefully and Pox left the saucer.

"Hello," greeted Pox as he looked at the six furons outside the saucer. "Can I help you?"

One of the furons glared. "You know why we're here, Orthopox! Now let us in or bring your minion and the human out here now!"

Pox thought quickly. "Eh… Well… They just left actually but leave a message and I'll tell them later, ok?"

Another furon growled viciously. "Did you forget that we can read minds? We know they're in there so bring them out now or we'll destroy your saucer to get them!"

Pox sighed in defeat. "I'll get them now," he said.

He entered the saucer and rushed into Crypto's room.

"I tried to tell them you were gone but they read my mind. They said if you two don't get out there now then they'll destroy the saucer to get you," Pox told them.

Crypto frowned. "But if we step outside they'll just kill us." He thought. "Everyone, hold on. I'm gonna get us outta here!"

Lauren smiled and kissed the top of his head. He winked at her and ran out of the room at full speed. Pox raised an eyebrow at her. "He's not thinking of-"

Suddenly the saucer lifted off the ground! Pox gasped in shock.

"Oh yeah he is!" cried Lauren laughing in excitement.

Pox's eyes widened. "Come on!"

He grabbed Lauren's arm and they ran out to Crypto who was at the control unit. Lauren took a seat beside Crypto and Pox took a seat on the other side of him.

"Crypto, you're crazy!" he cried. "There's gonna be six furon ships after us now! We're toast!"

Crypto raised his eyebrows. "C'mon, Poxy. I could use some support here!"

"You can do it, Crypto! You can get us outta here safely!" cried Lauren grinning widely.

Crypto grinned back at her. "Thanks, gorgeous."

She winked.

Pox sighed. "Alright, Crypto. I believe you can do it."

"Thanks, Poxy," answered Crypto.

He concentrated on his flying then. The saucer was really high in the air now.

"Maybe we should get lower so they mightn't see us," suggested Pox.

"No way! Then they'll have a clearer shot," replied Crypto. "Pox, just let me do the flying."

Pox sighed and nodded.

Lauren shrieked as a massive green ball shot down and just missed them. Crypto glanced back. Just as they expected the six furon ships were after them, each using different weapons- Quantom Deconstructor, Death Ray, Plasma Cannons, Seeker Drones, Sonic Boom and the Tornadotron.

"Crypto!" screamed Lauren as three missiles were coming straight for them!

Crypto swerved the saucer to the left, dodging the attack. "Ok, you two tell me when the attacks are coming. I'll try to lose them."

"Plasma cannon!" cried Pox.

Crypto flew the saucer up. The back of the saucer got hit.

"We've been hit!" exclaimed Lauren worriedly.

"Don't worry. It's not bad. And it won't happen again!" said Crypto reassuring her. He increased the saucer's speed and they shot forward.

The six ships sped up too. Crypto managed to stay ahead of them, keeping the saucer away from harm. Crypto was soon getting tired of flying around and not losing them.

"Will those saucers just leave us alone?!" he shouted, getting annoyed.

"Calm down, Crypto. You've got to focus," answered Pox.

"I've been focusing! But nothing's happening! We might as well just give up and let them get us!" he cried.

"Crypto, stop. Remember this is for Lauren," said Pox.

Crypto glanced at Lauren who gave him a pleading look. He nodded and focused again. She kissed his cheek gratefully.

They flew on for another fifteen minutes, dodging any attack that was coming for them. The saucer was soon running low on fuel.

"No dammit!" shouted Crypto slamming his fist down against the side of the chair.

"No! Not the fuel! Not now!" added Pox.

Lauren gaped in horror. "Now what?"

Crypto sighed and gave her a sad look. "I don't know, Lauren. I don't know."

"Just pray that the fuel doesn't run out for another good while," replied Pox, sighing.

Another few minutes later the fuel bar went to E. The saucer stopped in mid-air, hovering.

"Damn!" yelled Crypto.

The six furon ships stopped above them and they shot simultaneously. The saucer was hit badly and it went crashing down. The two furons and Lauren screamed as they were flying down at full speed! It soon crashed to the ground and pieces of the saucer flew everywhere. The two furons and Lauren flew out of the cockpit window and landed somewhere separated.

The six ships landed and the furons stepped out. They ran and surrounded Lauren aiming their guns at her. She was lying on the ground, covered in blood. She weakly lifted her head and clutched her stomach in pain as she had a massive cut around there. She groaned in agony and gasped in horror when she noticed the six furons surrounding her. She sighed in defeat.

"Ok," she began in a pained tone. "Kill me. Just please don't hurt Crypto or Pox."

They stared at her, thinking.

"No!" cried a voice. Everyone turned their heads and saw Crypto. He was half-walking towards them, a huge rip through his jumpsuit on his right leg showing a large cut and blood.

Lauren stared at him in shock. He finally reached them and fell to the ground beside Lauren. He ignored the serious pain on his leg and frowned up at the six furons. "Don't touch her."

One furon scowled. "Why do you like this human so much? She's the same as all the others. They're all filthy monkeys! How is she any different?"

Crypto stared into Lauren's eyes as he answered the question. "Lauren is different. She's perfect. She's beautiful and kind and everything good. She captured my heart when we met and I'm so glad she did. Otherwise I would have killed her on the spot and I never would have known what love felt like. I've never felt love before but now I know what it feels like. I like the way it feels. I love the way she makes me feel. I love her."

Lauren's eyes watered in delight as she gazed back into his big beautiful eyes.

The same furon spoke. "And why do you like this furon, human? He's a freaky ugly thing to you humans, right?"

Lauren didn't look away from Crypto's eyes as she answered. "No. He's not an ugly freaky thing to me. He's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my whole life. He's amazing and also perfect. He's funny and charming and sweet. And I love him too."

Crypto smiled in happiness at her answer. He stroked her cheek gently with the tips of his fingers, not looking away from her eyes.

The same furon shook his head in disgust, not understanding their feelings for each other at all. He glanced at the other five furons. "Guys, let's kill them both."

"Wait!" called a voice. Everyone turned around and gasped in surprise when they saw a very tall furon in a long red robe walk over.

"Emperor Meningitis!" cried the six furons bowing.

Crypto's eyes widened, as did Lauren's.

"Step aside!" ordered the Emperor.

The six furons moved away quickly and the Emperor stood over the couple. Lauren's heart beat faster as she stared up at him in fear. Crypto was a bit afraid too but both their fear turned to confusion when Pox came over and stood beside the Emperor with a huge grin on his face.

"Relax, my furon friend and his human chick," began the Emperor. "I am here to stop this murder. Orthopox here has sent me a very compassionate and understanding message and I had to come down here straight away."

Crypto raised an eyebrow at Pox who winked back.

"So I hereby cancel this assassination," added the Emperor.

Lauren gasped in delight and threw her arms around Crypto. He hugged her back tightly in joy. The Emperor cocked his eyebrows as he smiled. "I don't really understand you two at all. I'm very confused."

"There's nothing to be confused about, your highness," replied Pox. "They're in love. And that's all there is to it."

Crypto stared back into Lauren's eyes. "Is that all true, Lauren? Do you really love me?"

"Of course I do," she replied. "I love you with every bit of my heart."

Crypto smiled happily. "I love you too, Lauren. I've never felt this way before. I used to have small crushes on women but this, this is not a crush. This is true love."

Lauren nodded in agreement. "Yeah. It is."

Her heart beat faster as he leaned in closer. She leaned in too and their lips met. Lauren's heart almost exploded from this kiss. It was so different than any other kiss they had. The other kisses were just filled with sorrow because they thought they were leaving each other soon. This kiss was different. It was filled with the joy and the love they felt for each other. Lauren wanted this kiss to last a lifetime, but it obviously couldn't. To both their dismay they eventually had to break.

They'd both almost forgotten that Pox and the Emperor were watching them through that kiss. Lauren blushed. The Emperor's eyes widened and he smiled. "Wow. Even by watching that kiss I could feel the love you two share for each other. I've never seen anything like it before. You two are perfect for each other. Care for each other and love each other 'til the day you die."

They nodded. The Emperor smiled and turned around to leave.

"Wait, your highness," called Pox.

The Emperor stopped and turned to face him.

"What about collecting furon DNA?" said Pox.

The Emperor grinned. "I just can't separate those two. I'll send another furon down to do that job."

Pox nodded. "Well, can I be his commander?"

Both Lauren and Crypto looked up at Pox in surprise. Pox looked back at them. "Crypto and Lauren, don't get me wrong. I love being with you two but I just don't feel it's where I belong. I need to be commanding someone."

Lauren smiled politely. "We understand, Pox. Right, Crypto?"

Crypto suddenly felt sad about Pox leaving but he forced a small grin. "Yeah sure. We understand, Poxy."

Pox heard the sadness in his voice. "I'll visit a lot, ok?"

Crypto perked up and his grin widened. "Ok."

He was much happier. He knew he would miss Pox so much but he was thrilled that he would visit a lot.

"Bye, Crypto. Bye, Lauren," said Pox.

Lauren gave him a hug goodbye and Crypto shook hands and punched knuckles with him.

Then Pox left with the Emperor to meet his new minion. When they left Crypto and Lauren smiled at each other. They kissed over and over, sharing their strange but cute furon/human love.


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