Chapter One Double Arts Revived

Ellie, Kiri, Sui, and Fallan Danzell finally made it to the Headquarters of the Sisters. It's been almost a year of fighting against the Gazelle. They were all to be done with all the fighting with the exception of Sui whom just loved all the fighting. The first thing they did was make the cure and distribute it to Ellie to see if it truly worked. Kiri and Ellie carefully let go of each other's hand that they've held for more than a year. Ellie was prepared for any convulsions to happen but they never did.

"The cure has worked. We can finally get rid of troy once and for all. Congratulations Sister Elraine, Kiri-san, for making this possible." Sister Martha says and gets working on distributing the cure all around the world.

The group just looks at each other getting ready to separate for good and Ellie is just sad. "Thank you for everything you have done guys. I wouldn't be here today if you hadn't grabbed my hand all those years ago, Kiri-san. Fallan-san thanks for teaching us how to use Double Arts. I'm going to miss all of you."

"Goodbye Ellie, nice working with you. I'm glad that I could bring your dream true."

The entire group parted into different directions and they would never see each other again. Or so they thought.

Five Years Later (Ellie's point of view from here on)

"Wow, what a gorgeous city. I thought that I would never see something like this in my whole life." I say looking at the marvelous city lights and festivals.

I walk around the city and people just ignore me. Gotta say that this is one of the most gorgeous festivals I've ever been to in my life. This has to be the best thing I've ever seen since Kiri and his artwork.

I go into an alley and a few people follow me. "Well, well, what do we have here? A lost girl, why don't you come with us and have a little fun." I look at them and get scared. Crap, why didn't I sense them coming. If Kiri was here, no I can't think about that now, he isn't here and I can fight them without Kiri's help. I got into an attacking position that felt different without Kiri on the other side.

They lunge for me and I dodge with the help of the dancing skills that I learned all those years ago. But one of them got me with a punch and I hit a wall. I need you Kiri. I need your strength.

"Hey aren't you guys a little too old to try and pick a fight with a girl three to one?" A guy's voice says and I look up. "Are you okay there miss?"

"Yeah I'm fine but these guys are way too much for one guy too handle. They are way too strong." I yell and he just gives me a thumbs up sign.

"How tough can they be. I went up against the gazelle warriors. These amateurs are nothing compared to that."

"Well at least let me help you." I say getting up. I'm not going to be protected by a mere boy whom is probably lying about going up against the gazelle.

"Then grab my hand and follow my lead. It will boost your power." I grab his hand and gasp. I recognize this hand. I've held it for more than a year and know it so well. Can it really be him?

"Kiri-san is that you?" I ask unable to look up at him.

"Hm, do you know me miss?" Kiri looks down and sees me for the first time. "Hey. Looks we finally found each other again, Ellie. Been forever. How about we show them some of our Double Arts." I smile and nod.

"Let's kick there but Kiri."

With the dancing attacks that they had perfected to go against the gazelle they took down the attackers in a few minutes. Sitting in the middle of the festival, Kiri gets some food for me.

"Hey Ellie, what are you doing in my hometown now? Are you on another mission or something?"

"No. I just happened to come by this town and saw a festival. I don't have any more missions now that Troy has been basically defeated and cured thanks to you." I say and he looks happy.

"Then why don't you stay over at my house again. My folks would be happy to have you over again. When I came home the last time, all they kept asking me was why I didn't bring you back." I think about how they must have tortured Kiri about not bringing me back and sweatdrop.

"Kay, I want to thank them for everything they helped me with."

I walk into the Luchiles' home and they greet me like their own daughter. I wrestle out of there hugs for a moment so I can breathe easier. "Welcome back, Ellie-chan. How long are you staying?"

"Thanks for welcoming me back and I guess until the festival is over. Don't really know."

"Well stay as long as you want to. You're like family to us all things considered."

"Okay." I smile and go into the spare bedroom for the first time since I've come here. It brings me back to when I first came here and met Sui.

Kiri comes into the room and sits on the bed. "Definitely feels weird y'know. We always used to have to sleep in the same bed, but now you're in a different room completely."

"Yeah, definitely feels strange." I say while looking for some clothes to wear. "Kiri-san, whatever happened to Sui. Did she come back with you or did she disappear on her own again?"

"Sui, she's here in town. In fact, she and Danzell-san have a fight once a week, at noon. If you want to see them, I'm sure that they'll be fighting tomorrow."

"Why does Fallen-san come over every week?"