Setting Everything Up

How will anyone ever figure out how to get rid of these two's notorious friends? The answer is there is no possible way since they are more stubborn than anyone else in this world. Sui would hunt them down just for her entertainment like she did on occasion before they all went to headquarters and Fallen would always go to the extreme just for his own insane pleasure like his fascination with little flags.

I was with Kiri and we were just acting like we normally do even though we were about to fight with more gazelle assassins. I was thinking that it was too peaceful when Kiri started talking. "Hey Ellie I was wondering do you think Sui and Denzelle are acting a little weird?" I start thinking about it and decided it was a bit odd at how they were acting. I nod my head and then recall something that Sui did when she didn't like my answer.

"Kiri?" I ask and he just looks at me. "Do you think that they are maybe trying to get us ummm" I stop when I realized what I was implying and I was blushing like mad.

"What?" I look away from him and try to get that thought out of my head since he is just my friend and wouldn't even think about me in that respect.

"That they are trying to psyche us out for when we fight them in the competition?" Kiri knows I'm lying but he doesn't want to bring it up for some reason and plays along I think. Otherwise he really is just a gullible fool who wouldn't be able to figure out my feelings to save my life.

"Probably but I think if that was the case then they wouldn't be trying so hard to psyche us out but instead decide to make sure we don't see them as a greater threat than we already know them to be. Or maybe they just aren't suited well for a combination team since they haven't won a match that both participated in yet." Well that certainly is a factor in all of this. "I personally don't think that is the reason though but I have no thoughts on it." Then why did you bring it up?

"Okay" was all I said and we stayed quiet for the remainder of the time we had by ourselves before the competition. He definitely knows that something was up with those two but won't say a thing and I can't really say the real reason since I know for a fact that Kiri does not like me like Sui keeps trying to tell me. Just what are they trying to accomplish by setting us up? I look over at the clock without caring what time it was just to distract me but it failed and I let out a sigh of frustration.

Kiri was as confused as I was at what our friends were up to but he was more concerned about what Denzelle had told him before hand. He had known that he loved me but also knew I believed he didn't care about me at all. If only I was more courageous then I wouldn't have to hide my feelings away. But I have to focus on the battle ahead. He looked at me for a moment before he left since he was the one who brought up that uncomfortable silence between the two and he couldn't blame me for not wanting to be far away from him. But Elle never left my side even when we separated I had to convince her that it was okay if we never see each other again. I was always a fool but I needed her to go so I wouldn't expect more from her then she could give me.

Kiri was pissed when he found himself in front of a massive sign around the ring stating that the original masters of the art were competing. He was about to take the sign down when he heard someone laughing their heads off. Counting to twenty before turning around, Kiri glares at the person who was laughing at the fact that the people who invented the craft was here. The people saw the look on his face and immediately quieted except for the girl who started laughing in the first place. She seemed to notice the silence and found Kiri glaring at her and quieted down herself.

"What do you find so funny miss?" Kiri asks in a voice that made everyone take a step back except the girl in question.

"Well I found it funny that two really old guys are coming to watch the competition actually decided to compete in some exhibition match. I mean how silly is that, a couple of old men competing against people in peak physical condition." Kiri's glare got even colder but the girl just ignored it completely. "By the way, you are one of the competitors right? Kiri Luchille? Well you are really cute and my name is Nina Williamson. I have to run now but I hope we see each other again." With that Nina runs off while Kiri just gapes at the thought the girl was flirting with him.

When Fallan found Kiri half an hour later Kiri was sitting in front of a table with a full glass of water. As Fallan sat down across from Kiri, Kiri looks up with a pleading look on his face. Taken aback by the look on his disciple's face Fallan offered his services on whatever what troubling the poor teen.

"Is it about Elle?" Kiri shakes his head and Fallan sighs. "Do you want to talk to me about it?"

Nodding his head he begins to talk. "There was this girl named Nina and she was laughing at the fact the creators of this martial art was competing. She told me about it while I was glaring then she said that I was cute. I think she was flirting with me and I am really confused. I care about Elle but I never noticed that other women might find me attractive. Am I making any sense?" Fallan was trying really hard to keep a straight face and but it was really difficult since Kiri was talking about teenage insecurities.

"Kiri all it seems to be is some girl who finds you attractive and since you are one of the remaining competitors also very strong. I doubt that there is anything wrong with that since according to you Elle doesn't care about you at all." Even though she does and both of you are just being completely oblivious to each other's feelings. Kiri nods his head and finally drinks the water that's in front of him.

"Well we should be heading over to the rings now. The competition is about to begin for the day and possibly end as well unless they decide to push the finals to tomorrow instead of holding them today." Kiri follows Fallan to the ring where they meet up with a very eager Sui and a blushing Elle.