Bella Cullen - Adopted - Chapter 1, Part 1:


I walked back and forth quickly, my legs taking me to and and from...back and forth...over and over.

"What to do?" I asked aloud. Only one person was here with me in my little house. And she couldn't understand. Not only was she sleeping, she was four days old.

My precious little Bella. Charlie had left me six months ago, when I finally got up the nerve to tell him: I was pregnant.

And he left me. Just like that, he left me. But why? What did I do?

I flipped open the note again.

My name is Renee Dwyer, and I have just gotten a divorce. I cannot raise this baby alone and have no family that will help me. Please take her. Her name is Isabella Marie. Her last name my take yours, if you decide to keep her. If not, please take her to an orphanage, and make sure she is well cared for there. Her birthday is September 13th, 1991. Please, I beg of you, let her know what my name is and tell her that I loved her very much! Thank you, and sorry for the trouble,

Renee Dwyer

I folded it shut again. Time to do this.

With tears in my eyes, I picked up my precious bundle. She stirred in her sleep and her little arms flew out in her startled state. Under better circumstances I would have laughed, but not today.

I buckled her up in my car, and drove. I had heard of one family that was filthy rich. I think their names were the Cullens. Surely, they would be able to provide for her. I had also heard that they were compassionate people, adopting five young teenagers. These people were my best bet. I found their house about an hour later...I had to do some searching; I have no sense of direction.

But when I did get there, I was rewarded to find that the house was huge.

They will take her in! They will take her in! They will take her in! Don't worry! They will! I said over and over again in my head.

The house appeared to be empty. No lights or anything and it was 3:00 in the mourning on a Saturday. Well, normal I suppose. But I was high strung. Really high strung. I was giving up my baby for crying out loud!

I wanted her. I wanted her with every bone in my body...but I couldn't have her. I just didn't have the money.

I closed my eyes as I laid Bella in front of the door of the huge mansion. "Be safe." I told her, placing a kiss on her forehead and jumping back in my car.

I never saw her again.



Hunting. Yet again. Life was extremely boring now days. Alice was going on about some shopping trip when she froze.

I looked over at her, curious as to what she could have seen. My forehead creased as I once again found myself sucked up into her head.

A little baby lay on the front porch of our home. She was sleeping soundly and tucked into the blanket she was wrapped in was a letter.

"What the hell?" I asked.

The others glanced back, looking at the two of us. Alice's confused eyes met mine and she shrugged.

"We need to get back." Was all she said.

I nodded.

Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle darted over to me, while Esme and Rosalie talked to Alice.

"What is it?" Carlisle asked.

My forehead creased. "It's...a baby."

"A baby?" Jasper asked.

I nodded. "She belonged to Renee Dwyer. You know the one whose husband just left her. Well I guess she decided to give her kid a clan of vampires."

Emmett snorted. I glared at him.

"Well, I assume she didn't know that we are vampires. Our welfare must have influenced her decision." Carlisle mused.

I nodded, "That's what I thought, also." I bit my lip glancing at the girls.

All three of them were glowing. There faces and thoughts showed absolute delight.

They wanted a baby.

I groaned quietly. "Please, if you're going to keep it, keep it away from me."

Alice and Rosalie glared at me. Esme smiled, "You know...I think you would make a good father, Edward."

I rolled my eyes. "Let's just get back there before the thing freezes to death or dies of diaper rash. I don't want to have to move again."

I ran ahead of them, ignoring the evil glares from the children deprived females.

When we got back it was crying. Jeez, the stupid thing was loud!

And it smelled good. A little too good.

My eyes narrowed, sniffing at the air. She...the baby smelled amazing. I sighed quietly. Well, this is just going to make my life that much harder.

"Oh! It's so cute!" Rosalie cooed, darting over to it. The sudden movement caused the thing to cry harder.

"Edward!" Rosalie snapped glaring at me.

My eyes widened. "What did I do!?"

I threw my hands up as if in surrender. She rolled her eyes. What does she want?

"Oh..." I sighed. Letting my eyes slide closed, I dove into the child's mind and then froze. I could obviously hear her cry, but I couldn't...hear her.


I opened my eyes quickly...

"Uh...I'm not sure." I said quietly, feeling a moment of unease.

"Uh!" Rosalie threw her hands up in frustration, "You're no help at all!"

I lifted my hand, very subtly scratching my forehead with my middle finger.

Rose hissed, leaning into a crouch.

"Children!" Carlisle scolded, "Enough! We have enough to sort threw anyway, we don't need the extra problems!"

I folded my arms across my chest glaring at Blondie.

She stood up from her defensive position and mimicked my stance.

"Tell me what she wants, Edward!" She demanded, her voice menacing.

Or it was supposed to be...she wasn't really scary.

I glared, "What part of, 'I don't know' do you not understand?"

Another hiss.

"Edward, I think you patronized Rosalie enough, please it could be helpful if you told us." Carlisle was also getting annoyed. Which was surprising, considering he was very difficult to annoy.

"Carlisle, I can't hear her thoughts."

His forehead creased, "What do you-"

"I mean, I can't hear her. She''s like she's not even there."

The others stared at me for a long time.

Abruptly Emmett burst out laughing. I froze at the sudden noise and then glared at him.

"You...can't hear...the baby!?" He asked in between loud guffaws.

I rolled my eyes. "Rose, go to the store, by some baby formula, get a lot of diapers. Esme go to Baby's Are Us, get a crib, changing table, all that jazz. Alice, go with Esme, but you get the baby some clothes. As for the men...well looks like we gotta set up a nursery."

Emmett and Jasper groaned while Carlisle just looked at me in confusion. Exited? I shook my head.

"Just need to get the girls off our backs."


Two days later, I was ready to shot myself. The baby wouldn't stop crying!!!!

"Aaaah!!!" I yelled out. "Shut that up!"

"We're trying!" Rosalie screamed up the stairs.

"Well I guess motherhood isn't all it's cut up to be, now is it?" I snapped back.

"Well you can just go and-"

"Rose!" Esme scolded. Abruptly, there was a knock on the door and the crying got louder.

"No! Get it away! It screams!" I sat down on the black sofa, holding a guitar and started to pluck at it, making a soft tune with my fingers and its strings.

Alice walked in slowly, the baby in her arms, still screaming.

"Is there like a pin poking her or something, jeez, Alice, the pin on the diaper doesn't go in the baby."

She rolled her eyes scoffing quietly as she bounced Isa-evil the demon baby. "Okay, old man, first of all they stopped using cloth diapers in like the seventies."


"And second, if you want Bella to stop crying then take her."

I raised my eyebrows, "You nick-named it?"


I raised my eyebrows, waiting. "Yes," she answered quietly. "When she's older she'll want to be called that."

"Okay...Alice, I'm not taking that" I corrected as she glared.

She walked over and held out her little screaming bundle.

That delicious scent wafted across my face. It was easy to ignore, considering that baby smell had covered it up; also she was too little to really be appetizing.

I glared at her, "Fine."

I set the guitar down and took the tiny bundle in my arms, trying to not focus on how perfectly the little baby fit into my arms. There was a tingling in my chest that I quickly fought back. I stared at her screaming face, and realized how adorable she really was. She reminded me of baby sister that died three months into her life. I loved Emma, even now, even though she got me sick with the Spanish Influenza.

Carefully, I traced my fingers over the silky skin over her cheek.

"Shh, pretty baby. I really want to finish this song." I cooed quietly, unable to hate her. And then she stopped.

I froze.

"You little incarnation of pure evil, why of all us, did you have to pick me?" I whispered, still caressing her tiny cheek.

"Whoa." Alice whispered.

Little Isa-evil stared up at me with big chocolate eyes seeming endless. Unable to resist I pressed my lips to her tiny forehead.

Alice chuckled. "I knew it. You always had a big heart. You couldn't resist an adorable little baby like her." At the end, her voice turned to a coo.

I smiled up at her, not being able to be offended at her comment. I did not have a big heart...but it was definitely big enough for this little baby.

I stood carefully, bouncing Isa-evil lightly.

I shook my head. "Isa-evil. That's who you are." I cooed.

And then her plump little cheeks pulled up exposing two rows of pink gums. I laughed lightly.

"Isa-evil?" Alice punched my shoulder playfully.

I nodded smiling, "Yep! Did you feed her yet?"

Alice shook her head, "No, do you want to?"

I sighed, "Why not?"

"Great!" She darted out of the room and I fallowed beating her into the kitchen. Isa-evil's eyes widened and she whimpered at the sudden movement.

"Shh..." I whispered quietly, so she wouldn't start crying again.

Rosalie walked into the kitchen and saw me holding Bella, I suppose her name was now.

She raised her eyebrows. "Oh, well, look Edward's holding the baby. I'm surprised she not crying for you."

I smiled, "She likes me."

Rosalie rolled her eyes. She darted over to me, holding her arms out. Reluctantly I slipped Bella into her arms. Bella's little face scrunched up. Her eyes searching for something. When she didn't find she started screaming again.

"Great, now she's screaming again."

I leaned in closely and whispered, "Maybe she doesn't like you."

Bella stopped crying. I looked down at her and she was smiling at me.

My eyes widened. "Oh no."

Rosalie looked like she about to tear my hair out. "Why does she like you?"

I shrugged, "Honestly? I have no idea."

Rosalie groaned. "This is so like you!"

Bella's eyes widened and she screamed again. "Hey, don't scream, you're scaring her." I said quietly to Rosalie.

Bella's sobs turned to hiccups. When she saw me she smiled again. I glanced at her and I couldn't help but chuckled.

"Uh!" Rosalie grunted and walked from the room and into the living room.

I turned to counter and pulled out the baby formula. I made her bottle quickly, nearly puking up my last meal because of the smell.

"Ew..." I muttered, popping in the microwave.

And then the screaming started.

"Shh, Bella, don't cry! It's okay!" Rosalie cooed quietly.

I leaned up against the corner nonchalantly, waiting for the microwave to stop.

I was watching Bella threw Rose's eyes. Esme walked up to her asked her for the baby. Rose sighed and handed Esme Bella.

Esme's arms wrapped around the precious baby and Esme whispered in her ear, cooing. Bella's screams subsided slightly but she still seemed uneasy, still searching.

And I didn't want to think about what it was she was searching for...because...I think I already knew.

Great, I had demon baby insisting me on being her evil little spawn play thing. Naturally.