Never Had Forgotten


Summary - Forever recognized as the greatest witch of all time, Hermione Granger made a large sacrifice. Then one day Snape relives his precious and painful memories he forgotten when his daughter Relina prepares to graduate Hogwarts and marry Albus Severus Potter.


The earth below thousands of belligerent wizards and witches feet rumbled in its angry glory flipping bodies all over the mass of rubble. Louder and louder the searing battle cries grew with each drop of crimson blood that spilled like scattered rain showers from the darkening sky. Children, adults, and senior citizens fought on in this never-ending war. It was then when two courageous hazel eyes gazed on watching body after body fall, families torn apart, and the tiresome and beaten expressions plastered on everyone's faces. The same two hazel eyes formulating a waterfall of tears streaming down each cheek, shutting both orbs all the while seeing the destructive image engraving itself in her mind. She held her head up high, eyes still shut. Her calloused and worn hand clutched the cream colored wand tightly in her right hand while the other traveled to her eyes and brushed the flow of tears away.

Slowly she walked on carrying the weight of the world on her slim shoulders. She turned around, brown curly hair whipping her face by the wind while she pressed her soft lips on the lightning bolt scar that belonged to her best friend, the boy who lived. His shiny green eyes stared at her pleadingly as if begging her to stop what she was about to do but sadly she conjured a silencing spell on him so no words or movement could be made.

"You did well Harry," the young brunette whispered softly giving him one final hug, "but now it's my turn to pay you back everything to make up for all the times that you protected me," she said, "Don't worry okay? Everything will be alright."

Courageously, she walked on towards the most fearsome and dangerous wizard of all time. The wind attacking her skin, trying to prevent her from nearing You-Know-Who. This was the last stroke and if she didn't do what she needed to do, then everyone will die. The young witch silently recited incantations in her mind performing complex hand signals with her wand. The particles in the air majestically formed a bright red orb that slowly expanded morphing out of a sphere into a large barrier encasing both Voldemort and her. Below their feet were several symbols and scriptures that appeared to be similar as the base of an alchemist performing alchemy. The symbols rotated in several directions and soon the ground before them began to disintegrate. Voldemort tried to free himself but to no avail the barrier only burned his skin at high intensity leveled burns.

"What did you do?!" he demanded, "You're performing some sort of wandless magic?!"

The girl continued to recite more incantations, "Foolish girl!" he screamed when finally the ominous gray sky above them all began turning white. With one final glance behind her, her hazel eyes locked with a pair of dark glossy orbs staring back at hers with sadness yet understanding. The owner of the dark glossy eyes stumbled over the death eater he had defeated and ran to the brunette. However a pair of arms held him back, "Severus let her go," the lycanthrope said watching the female shut her eyes once again.

"I love you," she uttered before casting the ultimate spell that would vanquish the very being of You-Know-Who.

"We will meet again, my darling Severus," she finally said before disappearing into the blinding white light that obliterated both Voldemort and Hermione Jane Granger.

*End of Chapter*


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