Never Had Forgotten


Summary - Forever recognized as the greatest witch of all time, Hermione Granger made a large sacrifice. Then one day Snape relives his precious and painful memories he forgotten when his daughter Relina prepares to graduate Hogwarts and marry Albus Severus Potter.

Chapter 26 – Epilogue Never Had Forgotten Hermione

Everyone stood up dressed in beautiful robes as the youngest Malfoy child strutted on the aisle blushing as he held onto a small cushion that held two rings. There were beautiful white and red flowers displayed all around the benches in each row. The young boy resembled a mini Draco Malfoy but his eyes were kind and playful much like his mother Luna.

So careful not to trip the boy smiled a beautiful wide smile knowing his mission to walk down the aisle with the two rings without tripping was a success. Following him were four flower girls trailing behind each tossing the petals everywhere on the floor.

Soon after several other people walked the same aisle one by one until finally the massive double doors shut. It was now the grand entrance of a very beautiful bride.

With his emerald eyes Harry turned to his son Albus. The handsome young man looked so nervous that he could probably faint any minute. His hand gently patted his son's shoulders, "Don't worry about anything. Today is your day be happy."

"I know but what if Uncle Severus decides –

"He won't interfere. Believe it or not he was in love just as much as you are right now when Relina's mother was still alive."

Albus nodded and thanked Harry.

Beside Harry, Ron whispered in his ear, "Blimey, just looking at Al and Lina I feel like I'm seeing you marry 'Mione."

It was true. Relina was an exact replica of Hermione just as Albus was an exact replica of Harry. With that thought Harry laughed, "She would really sock your head out right now if she heard you say that."

"Yeah she really would," Ron said laughing briefly thinking about their best friend.

At that moment the doors open and two figures can be seen making their way down the aisle. With her wide smile Relina blushed furiously. She didn't realize that she was gripping Severus's arm until he squeezed her hand lightly. Looking up at him he told her to relax.

It was time for him to give his daughter up. He knew it yet he was not upset. For seventeen long years he watched his daughter grow up to be a beautiful young woman much like his beloved wife. And thanks to his wife he was able to live happily with a daughter who loved him unconditionally. Even though it was time to part with Relina he had no regrets.

Together they took one last step when Severus took her hand and slowly but not regretfully handing her hand to his new son-in-law.

"Take good care of her," he whispered to Albus before heading off to his seat.

"I promise I will always take care of her," Albus said all apprehension disappearing.

Although Hermione would not be there to physically see her daughter marry, Severus knew that she would always be there in spirit. Since he had no regrets what so ever he did not feel the need to stay for the whole ceremony.

He silently exited the church. Not too far Harry watched him leave but he knew that he did not need to stop him. Wherever Severus went his female best friend would always be there so his former professor would never be alone.

"Excuse me miss you dropped your wand..," the potions master stood in awe at a smiling young maiden.


"I see you haven't forgotten," she whispered. She looked as if she hadn't aged one bit.

"I never had forgotten about you Hermione," he said reaching out to her. His hand went through her hand. It was then he realized she was slightly transparent. Even for this one moment he would still be with her. He leaned in to kiss her although acknowledging the fact that his lips would never touch with hers.

He truly never had forgotten. Not his Hermione.


Oh! I can't believe it's over! Well everyone I just wanted to say I truly enjoyed this journey with you. I do apologize for the time gap I kept putting in between updates. But I will be honest, this was a real challenge for me to write. I hope that it had made me a better writer. Anyways if you have any requests, questions, comments, etc. please let me know. I will be more than willing to listen.

Thanks again for reading.