Title: Left Behind

Author: landofthekwt

Rating: PG-13

Prompt: Even hundredfold grief is divisible by love.- Jareb Teague (July 2009 Week 2, Inuyasha Quotes)

Word Count: 1195

Pairing: Inuyasha/Rin

Warning: This is the beginning of a story about Inuyasha and Rin. It occurs after Kagome has left to be with Sesshoumaru. Rin is 12 at the beginning of this story. There will be no lolicon as no romance will develop until later in the story. This story came out of a question someone had about how Inuyasha and Rin got together in one story and some questions about whether I was setting up a Inuyasha/Kagome/Rin triangle in another story.

Summary: Inuyasha ponders what to do after Kagome leaves him for Sesshoumaru

He had thought that they were happy. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined this happening. How had this happened?

He had waited for her. The three years without her had been long and lonely. He had returned to the well ever three days just to keep hope alive. Only he had kept the faith.

She had come back leaving home and hearth behind for him. It had been a leap of faith on her part. It had seemed as if all of his hope and dreams were coming true.

He was not sure if he could face entering that house again. It was to be their home. The place where they would raise their children.

The issue of children had always been festering in the background. She had always avoided talking about them. Always had headaches during her period of fertility.

He had forced himself to stay away during that time. Respected her wishes. He could not believe that she did not desire children.

Now he knew the truth. It was him. She did not want to have children with him. When it finally

sunk in it was earth shattering.

She did not their house to be her home. Her dreams were of castles and princes. She did not want his children. Her dreams were of hanyous who would raised in the Western Shiro. She did not want him. Her dreams were of Sesshoumaru.

He had never seen it coming. Miroku had dragged him all over Japan hunting youkai. The former monk's wife was not going anywhere. She already had three children with another on the way. The monk needed the income to feed his growing family.

Inuyasha had always been willing to help a friend. Youkai hunting had been a way to pass the time while Kagome was gone. The work was easy and relatively painless. It had never occurred to him to stop doing it when Kagome returned.

She seemed content with it. Kaede was teaching her purifications and how to make medicine. She had seemed so happy with their wedding and their new home. It had never occurred to him that something was amiss.

He should have known something was up. Sesshoumaru was always just leaving from a visit toRin. She always had headaches when he returned. Somehow he had missed all of the signs.

Her scent had changed, but somehow she had been able to cover it all up. She seemed to care less and less about setting up housekeeping. The subject of raising a family had disappeared altogether.

Her words of parting had been so painful. She had fallen in love with Sesshoumaru and was bearing his child. While she still might have feelings for him, it was not right for her to stay and raise another man's child in his home.

Somehow he had let her go. She had smiled at him. How could he refuse her anything? If she had asked for Tessaiga he would have handed it to. her. Sesshoumaru stood outside waiting. They both understood who had won and who had lost.

So she had hugged him, kissed him even told him that she would always love him, but going with Sesshoumaru was for the best. He had stood with his mouth agape as she smiled and waved goodbye as Sesshoumaru soared into the heavens with her.

Somehow he had found his way back to the well. It had been his place of comfort when Kagome had been gone. Maybe it would help him now. It had never been about the magic. The well was the place where he had been most connected to Kagome.

The bitter irony was that whereas he had waited at the well in hope of Kagome's return now he knew that she would never return. He just needed something to cling to at the moment and the well was all that he had left.

For some reason he did not feel the bitterness or anger that Kikyou's betrayal had left. He just felt empty and without purpose or reason for going on with his life. Kagome had been everything to him. So long as she was the other side of the well there was hope. Now hope was gone.

He was engrossed in thought that he never heard her approach. Rin was sporting the new kimono which Sesshoumaru had brought her. She had a bouquet of wildflowers in her hand.

" Lord Inuyasha, do you know where Sesshoumaru is? I picked these flowers to give to him."

Inuyasha stared blankly at her. He had never talked much to Rin. She had always been the little girl who tagged along behind Sesshoumaru. He had never understood why she followed him or why Sesshoumaru permitted her to follow him.

It had surprised Kagome that Sesshoumaru had left Rin with Kaede. Kaede had told Inuyasha that she thought that Sesshoumaru was preparing Rin to live with humans again. Sesshoumaru had been delivering kimonos to Rin every time he visited her. Would he continue to do so now that he had taken Kagome?

"Rin, Sesshoumaru left some time ago."

Rin considered this information. She frowned and then held out the flowers to Inuyasha.

"Would you like the flowers?

Inuyasha hesitated. He did not want to hurt Rin's feelings. Kagome had always liked the girl. It could not hurt to be nice to her. He took the flowers.

"Thank you for the flowers."

Inuyasha continued to stare into the well. Rin crawled onto the well ledge and stared down into the well.

" Are you waiting for Kagome?"

Inuyasha was taken aback. How did you answer someone so naive and genuine without hurting their feelings?

"Why do you ask, Rin?"

" You used to wait by the well for Kagome. Eventually she came back. So did Kagome go back down the well?"

Inuyasha thought about her question for a second "Yes, Kagome went down the Well."

"When is she coming back?"

" I don't know."

"Do you think she would like some flowers? My mother told me that if you throw flowers into the sea that your lover will come back to you."

Inuyasha considered this saying for a while. He could hardly tell Rin what had happened to Kagome. Finally he said. " Why don't we give her mine?"

Rin nodded and watched as Inuyasha tossed the flowers into the well. She looked up at Inuyasha and "Do you think Lord Sesshoumaru would come back for me, if I threw flowers into the well, too."

Inuyasha could not bear to see her face. How could he tell her that her Lord had found another love? No matter how many kimonos Sesshoumaru brought her, he would never to be coming to take her away as his mate. Fairy tales do not come true. Finally, he said, " It could not hurt."

Rin smiled at him. After she gathered her flowers and tossed them into the well, she turned and waved at him as she walked back toward the village.

He stared after her In her new kimono she reminded him so much of Kagome.