Title Cutting the Strings

Author landofthekwt

Rating K

Prompt Yes and No

Word Count 250

A Left Behind story

Warning none

Summary Rin awakens Inuyasha from a nightmare on their wedding day

He found himself in the meidou. On one side stood Kagome. Kagome kept using her "Osuwari" to bring him down. On the other side Kikyou's shindamachu kept dragging toward hell. If the battle went on for any longer he would be torn apart.

"You promised to stay with me"

"You said that if I asked you would go to hell with me"

The red threads tightened around his neck until he could not breathe. Kikyou was yelling that his life belonged to her. Kagome was yelling that it was no accident that they met. Both were yelling at him to choose one or another.

He knew Kikyou had ascended. He knew that Kagome had forsworn her promise to stay by his side when she left him for Sesshoumaru. Why was this dream coming to him now when both of these women were beyond his reach?

A giant pair of shears descended from the clouds and cut the red threads. Kagome and Kikyou went flying off into the meidou.. He felt the shears poking him. Someone was telling him to get up. When he open his eyes he saw Rin standing over him with shears.

"Finally awake. I thought you were going to sleep through our wedding."

Inuyasha rubbed the sleep out of his eyes " What are you doing here, Rin?"

Rin laughed " Someone has to make you presentable. If I left it to you, you would show up to our wedding unkempt"