Title: Welcome to the Fold
Author: Janine
Fandom: Blade the Series
Pairing: Krista/Chase
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: Continuation of "A Brave New World" … Krista arrives at Chase's new operation.


Part 12

Later that night…

Chase was the first out of the procession of black SUVs that pulled up to the nondescript warehouse on the docks. The purebloods had told her that merchandise of theirs had been stolen by the Armayans and was being held at the location they had just arrived at. Her mission was to retrieve the merchandise and return it to Saqqara.

Chase stared at the building for a long moment as the rest of her team gathered around her, her mind on Krista's words before she had gotten the call that the team had arrived. There was a part of her that wanted nothing more than to say 'fuck it' and walk away from the warehouse, away from Saqqara and never look back. But if she did that, everything she had worked for all those long years and in the past few months would have been for nothing. And the idea of nothingness was one that she couldn't stand.

"You have your orders," Chase growled a moment later pulling her cap on her head before motioning for the team to move out.


The Armayans weren't expecting a raid and surprising them was easy. Within ten minutes of arriving on the scene Chase and her team had the warehouse secured. A warehouse which Chase could now see housed a surprisingly swanky feeding-house for the vampire elite.

"Oh god."

Chase didn't need to turn her head to know that the faint whisper came from Krista. The truth was that she wasn't particularly in love with what she saw either now that it was clear what Saqqara's merchandise was.

"Ash the Armayans," Chase commanded her eyes still surveying the scene around her. "And secure a service fee from the 'customers'."

After she spoke her team broke out into a flurry of activity around her, all except for Krista who remained standing slightly behind her, her horrified eyes still taking in their surroundings.

Her motionlessness didn't last for long however, and as the team began to ash the Armayan's, Krista sprung forward moving towards the bed closet to her where a half-drained girl lay barely breathing.

And she was a girl. No more than 12 or 13 years old from the looks of her. None of the girls or boys in the warehouse seemed to be much older than that. From what she could see Chase guessed the oldest was around 16 and the youngest 9 or 10 years of age.

"What do you think you're doing?" Chase asked a moment later following Krista, reaching out for her, yanking the brunette back as she tried to release the ties holding the girl.

Krista turned to look at Chase, her eyes drilling into the blonde. "You can't seriously be thinking about turning them over. They're just kids Chase!"

Chase held on to Krista, her eyes traveling between her lover and the dying girl.

"I'm not bloody blind, I can see that," Chase said tersely a moment later, her body tense. "But if I don't turn them over to Saqqara …"

"Then what?" Krista breathed out venomously pulling herself out of Chase's grasp. "You might actually get the chance to think for yourself?" the brunette practically hissed at Chase. "You told me, you said 'no children'," Krista went on. "You said you didn't want to be their bitch, well here it is," she continued. "This is it, this is the moment. Bend over and give up one of the only principles you have left, or decide what to do for yourself."

Chase stared at Krista for a long moment before finally angling her head to the side again, looking at the children that populated the warehouse, her eyes closing a moment later as she turned her head. Behind her eyes she was tortured with the memory of a blonde toddler being yanked up by the arm, Fredericks form looming above the small child dark, godlike, and demonic, his fangs glittering in the moonlight as his eyes glowed.

"If I let them go, that's it," Chase said her eyes locking on Krista's once more, her voice strangely calm. "I won't be able to go back. They'll crush the coven just to get to me. I'll be alone."

Krista shook her head slowly. "You won't be alone," she said softly taking Chase's hands into hers.

Chase allowed Krista to hold her hands for a moment drawing comfort from the brunette's touch. She hadn't realized how much she had become accustomed to touching Krista and having Krista touch her before their fight a day before. She missed the feel of Krista against her and near her and was glad to have some of that contact back.

A few moments later however, Chase sighed deeply and turned her head to survey the warehouse once more. "What the bloody hell am I supposed to do with them? We can't just let them out on the street. They'll just get picked up again."

Krista sighed with relief. "I know someone that could get them out of the country."

Chase looked at Krista her eyes narrowing as she stared at her lover. "Not him," Chase whined knowing that Krista could only be talking about Blade. She was already having a no good, very bad day, and adding Blade into the equation would just make it an out and out nightmare. She could just imagine standing around awkwardly while Blade's geeky boyfriend glared at her. Humans had absolutely no ability to let bygones be bygones when it came to torture.

Krista shrugged helplessly though a tiny little smile played across her lips.

"And after that?" Chase asked sighing, knowing that Blade might really be their only option if they were going to tie up loose ends in Miami with enough time left over to escape before Saqqara found out what had happened and tied them in front of sliding glass doors just in time to see the sun rise.

Krista smiled before happily shrugging and responding, "I don't know."

Chase smirked despite herself in response to Krista's reply. They had had a similar conversation less than a day ago where Krista didn't sound nearly as happy.

Chase tore her cap off her head and surveyed the warehouse once more. The Armayan's were no more than tidy piles of ash, and the clients that were in the warehouse when they arrived were all engaged in "polite conversation" with the members of her team as they very congenially shook them down.

Chase was glad she had given that order now. She was sure she would need the money.

The blonde shook her head and sighed. Standards always got one in trouble; it was why she had tried so hard to get rid of most of hers.

"Make the call," Chase grumbled finally looking around deciding how she was going to handle the team.



London…Five Months Later

"So what you're saying is you didn't like it?" Krista asked as she pulled her jacket around herself more tightly before happily looping her arm through Chase's as they made there way down the crowded street.

"It's not that I didn't like it, it was just a little anachronistic, that's all," Chase murmured pressing her lips against Krista's temple as the brunette leaned into her body.

"You said you had the same dress Cosette was wearing," Krista pointed out as they continued to stroll leisurely towards the tube station, though Krista considered suggesting that they just continue to walk back to their flat in a moment or two. It was a surprisingly pleasant night and it was rare that she and Chase just walked together.

"First of all, it was a hand me down," Chase muttered her tone darkening for a moment as she mumbled something else Krista couldn't make out though she was pretty sure "spawn of Satan" and "older sister" were in there somewhere. "Second of all, getting the costuming somewhat right doesn't mean that it wasn't anachronistic. I mean, they had a Chinaman playing Javert!" Chase exclaimed.

"Culturally insensitive," Krista replied immediately though she had gotten used to Chase's random old world bouts cultural elitism. "And I think he was Korean."

"Whatever, that's not the point is it?" Chase responded glaring at Krista who smiled at her winsomely. They had been in London long enough that certain words were beginning to come out with a slightly British accent. "Whatever" was one of those words for Chase, and blended with her natural Australian accent it was just about the cutest thing Krista had ever heard. "Besides, Valjean was wearing a wrist watch."

"Yeah, I caught that too," Krista admitted. "You feel like walking the rest of the way?"

Chase made a sound in her throat that Krista assumed was a negative.

"I thought you were a creature of the night?" Krista asked playfully tilting her head up towards the sky staring at the moon for a moment.

"Yes, a creature of the night in three inch heels that are killing her," Chase grumbled wincing a little bit. Looking fabulous was a tough job.

"It's your own fault for wanting to be taller than me," Krista replied smirking a little as she looked over at Chase. She didn't have much height on the blonde, but the inch she did have annoyed Chase for reasons that were largely mysterious to her though she supposed it had something to do with the blonde's alpha nature.

"They went best with this outfit," Chase replied keeping her eyes trained forward as if she wouldn't even dignify Krista's response. The truth was she had wanted to be taller than her lover.

"If you say so," Krista replied as they turned towards the tube station.

"If you're going to humor me, I'd prefer it to be in the form of a foot rub when we get home," Chase responded.

"I'm sure you would," Krista said looking over at Chase for a second before smirking. "What's in it for me?" she continued a moment later.

"Getting to touch me," Chase purred pressing herself more firmly against Krista's side.

Krista smiled and wrapped her arm around Chase's waist as they made their way across the platform. That was a pretty good incentive.


Later that night …

Krista flipped Chase onto her stomach and climbed on top of her, kissing her neck and shoulders, before she began nipping at the pale skin she found, the movement light and teasing at first before she began to apply enough pressure to draw blood, the release of crimson drawing a pleased hiss from Chase as Krista sighed contentedly.

The foot rub was totally worth it. By the time she was finished with the blonde she was so relaxed that she was in no state of mind to fight for the top.

"No," Chase said firmly a moment later as a ringing sound broke the relative silence of their bedroom. "Do not even think about answering that," Chase continued though she suspected she was wasting her breath. There was only one person who had that number and they always called back until they got an answer.

"He's just going to keep calling," Krista responded kissing the small of Chase's back before reaching over the bedside table to pick up the phone.

"What?" Krista asked somewhat peevishly as she opened the phone. Once she climbed off of her Chase had turned onto her back and positioned herself against the headboard with her arms crossed over her chest looking distinctly unimpressed. If they continued after the call, Krista was sure she was going to have to fight for the top.

"When? We can't leave until tomorrow night," Krista continued before sighing deeply. "Not all of us can go about our business at high noon," Krista went on biting her lip as Chase slipped under the covers. "Okay. I said okay. I got it. I GOT it. I'm hanging up. No I'm not in a hurry," Krista continued getting increasingly agitated. She was kind of in a hurry. "I'll talk to you tomorrow. I will. I will. I … bye. No, bye," she finished clicking the phone shut and placing it back where she had retrieved it from.

"Can't he save the world on his own once in a while?" Chase whined as Krista turned back towards her.

Overall she had adjusted to her new relatively domestic un-life with Krista with surprising ease. Then again, freelance mercenary work was right up her alley and she was still able to hunt – even if it was only on 'Krista Approved' criminals, perverts and various other degenerates – so her life was still pleasantly full of violence, guns and sex, as well as movie dates, grocery shopping and sharing the morning paper over a warm mug of O+.

The occasional call from Blade requesting their help with a particular mission however was something she had not gotten used to, didn't want to get used to, and would continue to bitch about – likely for the rest of their unnaturally long lives.

"You know the money you were able to pilfer from Chthon won't last forever, especially given our life spans," Krista responded knowing that as soon as Chase got to strap a gun on again she would stop complaining. "Besides, you're the one that wants to renovate the kitchen," she went on reaching for the cover, hoping to coax Chase out from underneath it.

Chase held the cover right where it was over everything Krista desperately wanted access to.

"I'm going to remember that next time you're like 'Oh, Chase. Let's have Chorizo-Potato Fritatta's for breakfast. They're delicious and spicy'," Chase responded eyeing Krista. "We can't have them because the kitchen is cramped."

"What about Huevos Rancheros?" Krista asked hopefully, reaching for the covers again knowing that Chase had absolutely no will-power when it came to denying her sex. If she continued to try the blonde would give in.

"Cramped," Chase responded maintaining her hold on the cover.

"Pancakes?" Krista asked. You didn't need to have any room to make pancakes. When she'd been on tour in Iraq they'd managed to make pancakes on hotplates.

"Cramped," Chase responded though she did allow Krista to lower the cover enough that the brunette had access to her breasts, though she steadfastly refused to let it go any further.

"Toast?" Krista asked getting a sense for where this was going. Not only was Chase going to make her work it for it now, she likely wasn't going to feed her until they got the kitchen renovated. She probably wouldn't even make McCain fruit-punch mix until they got the kitchen renovated.

"You on the counter and me between your legs?" Krista asked as she began to kiss Chase's collarbone, her hands drifting up to cup the blonde's full, creamy breasts.

"Doable," Chase replied, the image Krista planted in her mind turning her on enough to inspire her to drop the cover a little bit more.

"I'll say," Krista purred against Chase's chest, her hand slipping beneath the cover to slip between Chase's slightly parted thighs.

"Charmer," Chase retorted allowing her thighs to fall further open. Denying sex to get what she wanted wasn't something that she was good at because it meant no sex. She'd stick to her guns with the cooking thing however. She wanted that kitchen renovated.

"Omlette?" Krista asked kissing her way down Chase's torso.



"Krista," Chase interrupted running her hand through the brunette hair. "If you don't get down there, we're going to renovate the bathroom too."

The End