The Last Revelation

'Tis an abused B-movie cliche`
but even I have found myself in this uncomfortable situation
when you lower your head, hold your eyes shut
and able to do nothing about it
you listen to the man that has destroyed your life confess:

"I am your father."

Tails had predicted things would eventually come to this, and thus he had already modified his famous Tornado so that it could easily carry three persons. Now they all were in mid-air, not uttering a word- minds racing.

Shadow was feeling like a fish out of the water, a sentiment he wasn't familiar with; he was now part of a new team, the team of his rival he used to call a faker. And, much to his surprise, the erratic duet had welcomed him with trust and kind-heartedness.

Not to mention he wasn't used to travelling on anything else than his beloved hoverboots. Feeling the cool breeze razor-sharp on his face, taking a glimpse at the sprinting tones of geography underneath, made him feel slightly nauseated. If only he had an emerald, we would be able to chaos-control them all- directly to Eggman's fleet.

The twin-tailed child prodigy, known to the world as Tails, was utterly upset, even though he was trying desperately not to show his comrades. Eyes focused on their floating destination, reflexes in overdrive so as to avoid incoming missiles and hostile ships, he wouldn't speak a word to save his life. He knew that his brother was easygoing and reckless most of the times, but this one was different. A disarmingly ominous hunch was swirling within the fox' head for the last few days; something would go wrong.

Then, there was Sonic, truly worried for the first time in his life. His friend was dead, the kind officer was dead, the Master Emerald missing. Amy loved him no more, and was now in the Doctor's hands. Plus, his name would now be number one in the police's list of wanted criminals.

Tails' frustrating statement was constantly running through his head. Robotnik is using some new kind of ray that causes instant death. It's not directly traceable.

This adventure was progressively urging the cobalt hero to realise what it means to be the savior of the world. It wasn't a game. Wasn't supposed to be fun. It could mean losing the woman you want. Losing your brother. Your friends. Anything.

Holding back an unwanted tear, mentally repeating to himself that he was Sonic and that everything would be back to normal as always, he turned his head towards his teammates, and virtually stammered:

"If anything happens, yannow, to any of us... you two should know that your presence means a lot to me."

Understanding what he was trying to say, they simply nodded.

"You are going to die tonight.", Eggman informed her conversationally. "Too bad, miss Rose, that you won't be able to see the tormenting way your friends will join you."

Amy frowned, apathetically. She was cuffed, positioned before a huge piece of machinery that looked like a hypertrophic weapon. Having spent all of her life worrying about others, the girl felt it was high time she became selfish. "I don't care.", she snapped, totally reticent.

The doctor shrugged in response, raising one eyebrow not to be seen behind his glasses. His upcoming victory had rendered him unusually cheerful, and nobody, not even that sulky pink furball, would spoil that.

" You will, when this baby sucks the Master Emerald's energy out of your frail little body, my dear." , the fat old man chirped, fondling the flank of his creation the way a proud parent does with their offspring.

The woman laughed dryly. "Aw, it's fine I'm open to new experiences. I'd love to see how it is to be the battery." -the sarcasm was blatant.

Her mad interlocutor was ready to respond, when a deafening thud echoed, successively causing the metallic walls to tremble. Eggman's smile widened, horrifyingly.

"Well m' lady, your wish shall become true shortly.", he declared, eyeing her. "The Tornado has just arrived."

"EGGMAN!", the azure speedster's voice filled the round chamber, as he arrived at the scene. "Leave her alone! I am the one you want!"

"My, my, what a rude guest to set foot on my humble abode.", the doctor commented theatrically. "Hello, my deplorable rival. Do you want some tea before we start?"

Sonic crossed his arms impatiently. This was becoming unnerving, even for him. "We 've had enough of your complacent hokus-pokus, Egghead. Now, let Amy leave. She's done nothing wrong. You don't need her. I am the one that causes you trouble."

The mad scientist let out a thunderous laugh at the exclamation.

"God, you only see the surface of each matter don't you hedgehog? Well, let me inform you, Mr. Spiky Rodent, that I need Amy in order to operate the weapon with which I shall destroy you once and for all.", he chuckled, and then added, " You see, Knuckles implanted her the Master Emerald's Energy as a means to protect it. She is no more a random brat -she is the new Master Emerald, didn't you know?"

The hedgehog's eyes widened in realisation, as he instantly veered his head to face Tails, with eyes that said, so, you were right.

Then, he turned his attention back to Eggman. "I won't let you touch her, not even a single spine from her head."

Hovering on his floating armchair, the oversized human approached the enormous device and pulled a lever. "Whoops, I just did.", he croaked happily.

All of a sudden, Shadow, that hadn't spoken a word since their arrival, jolted forward in utter desperation, virtually screaming. "NO!"

Not turning to face him, Eggman simply sighed. "Aww, I see you are having a change of heart, Shadow. Too bad nothing can be done about it."

The phrase hit Sonic's ears like a gunshot. Memories flashed like a vertiginous slideshow before his eyes. A few mental synapses, and suddenly he knew everything had been according to plan, all along. He should slap himself for not noticing earlier.

The paper attatched on Andrews' door. Shadow had been there when the cop came out, and startled, he had reassured the latter of having seen nothing.
Shadow had flanked the cop with the excuse that he wanted to help the investigation. Sure, it was a convenient way to find out what Andrews knew and to what extent the middle aged officer could pose a threat on their plan.
Their visit at the GUN. Some lunatic GUN superior had been helping the police. Shadow had recently been promoted. Who else would be able to disclose so much information on the Sonic Team, other than a person that had once joined it?

The blue hero turned to face his sidekick for one more time. The fox' traits had melted to a mask of worry. Before anyone could utter a word, Shadow had responded. This time he was addressing his cobalt rival.

"I'm really sorry. I had never known about the Emerald, or Amy, or that it would come to this. All he had told me was to put you in jail by turning the police against you-at a price. When I got to know officer Andrews, when I realized my mistake- ", he paused, at a loss of words, and then shrugged in shame."Then I honestly found myself engaged in your investigation. If anything, my contribution after that was honest."

Cursing the salty liquid burning behind his green orbs, feeling incorrigibly stupid, Sonic stuttered. "What for, Shadow? What in the world could possibly buy my trust, my friendship, my fucking happiness?"

The ebony hybrid lowered his gaze, declaring guilty. "Maria. He told me he had the names of those that killed her.", he flinched, giving the impression that, had he been programmed to cry, tears would be now running down his muzzle. "I am not like you, Faker. Or you, fox. I am an utterly broken being. All I wanted was vengeance for the one I loved."

Upon hearing that last phrase, Sonic rushed forward, insenced, but was stopped by Tails. "What about the one I LOVE, you Ultimate idiot? She is going to be sacrificed, but for your carelessness and this man's obsession with world domination, are you content about it?"

The word "love" had been immediately followed by a subtle feminine yelp, as Amy had started sobbing, quietly, from her metallic grave. Shadow took a glance at her wet emerald irises, then at his rival, and idientifyied his own desperation within that blank stare. Amy meant to Sonic what Maria meant to himself. He was going to cause the pain that was caused to him.

The realization felt like a punch in the stomach.

"I told you, I knew nothing about it. All I knew was my mission, and the prize. I learned things the same time you did. And now-", he took a deep breath, and addressed the Doctor. "You don't need her. I've got loads of Chaos Energy pumping through my veins. I was created so."

He looked one last time back at his friends and rivals. They looked at him back, inquisitively. He listened to Amy's silent torture. He pictured the brave officer, decaying in his wet grave. He breathed in. He breathed out. He smiled.

"Take me as your battery.", he said.

When the impact produced by the rough contact with the floor spread through her body, when numbness subjugated every inch of her flesh, when she felt Sonic's arms encasing her, when she felt his tears on her cheek, when his voice breathed in her ear that it was gonna be okay, she said nothing.

When Shadow's growls reached her - the voice of someone slowly devoided from their power and life- she said nothing.

She only ventured to open her mouth when she saw Sonic -the man she had so light-heartedly betrayed- jolt forward, followed by his sidekick, Tails. She desperately tried to create sound, meaning, to tell them that she couldn't stand losing three of her friends in a single day. That losing Knuckles was enough. That she was so terribly sorry.

Though, no voice would come out. Only the unearthly screams of a desperate person she vaguely realised she had produced.

Then everything became a blur. The red and yellow from the planks of the floor interwined with each other, more and more, into a fiery orange. A blue and a yellow dot were rapidly changing positions around a huge patch of black and red in the distance, her exhausted mind recognised as the piece of machinery killing Shadow. Rapid fire and missiles were flying to every possible direction, some of them missing their target and exploding like shooting stars against the metallic walls.

The battle,yet another paranoid war in the history of existence, had begun. And, like in every other paranoid war in the history of existence, to the eyes of the onlookers, everything occured in a single moment, in total silence.



















Before she realized, it was all over. Maybe it was in a dream that she had seen the huge patch of black and red collide against the wall, and the lifeless mass of cells that used to be Shadow fall to the floor with a resounding thump. Maybe she had just imagined Sonic run towards his dying arch nemesis, take the round shaped face between his two palms. Maybe she had just thought that the hero's lips had moved, forming the inevitable question.


"B- because..."

And maybe, just maybe her tired brain had only made up the fact that, when Eggman's lips formed the response, an ungodly scream came out of Sonic's throat.

"...I created you."

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