Beyond Our Sight

By Ryukansen

Chapter One: Ghost


Author's Notes: Thanks for being patient with this chapter, folks! I hope you guys enjoy this new story I've managed to concoct during my planning on Losing Grace! And as always, please read & review if you have the time.


"Shush, be quiet." The voice whispered sweetly as he hid himself behind the silver slide; kneeling and crushing his knees hard against the mulch. "If you keep on crying, they'll find you." The creature replied, gazing at the innocent boy with irritation but obvious sympathy.

The little child tried his best not to whimper, but it was so obvious that he would soon be found - even he knew the inevitable punishment ready to await him. The small pixie let out a frustrated sigh as she stared at the helpless being. But even she could do nothing about his predicament. She was so powerless in his world.

Footsteps started pounding harder; and he could hear the crispness of each step; the children were getting closer, and so his heart began to beat even louder than before. The child gasped as he felt the sudden jolt of a hand clasping hard onto his shoulder. His sandy locks bobbed up and down from the sudden contact, and he let out a high pitched scream out of fear.

"So here you were, you jerk!" cried his classmates as they dragged him out of his hiding place to torment him in public. The child braced himself, and began to shield his whole being with his frail arms. The pixie could do nothing as she watched him fend for himself. "You have a lot of nerve to treat us like rubbish, you know?" The leader of the group of quartet muttered in an angry voice while pushing the weak boy abruptly down.

The boy could feel the strange sensation of cold, sharp grass scraping around his knees and elbows. A sudden whack in the head, and his world began to spin in different speed intervals. His breathing grew harsh, and his heart started to pound even louder than before. It was as if he was near death! "Get up, Kirkland!" A shadow loomed over him, and he remembered turning his small head around to face the other children standing above him with smug grins on their round faces.

He didn't know what he did to anger the other children on the blacktop, but he knew that he was in great trouble after staring into the chubby child's glaring, brown eyes. The other children surrounding the boy sniggered as he grabbed his arm roughly, only to throw him back on the grass, bruising him even more. "That's what you get!" He spat at the boy, tugging onto the collar of his striped uniform with dignity before leaving to impress some girls giggling at the event. A teacher had been roaming around, and apparently, the awful child chickened out and stopped with his teasing. "You lunatic!" Their voices sang merrily; running away from any person with authority's sight.

"Are you alright?" His pixie friend fluttered towards him with teary eyes as she floated over him in concern. A small smile graced his thin face as he nodded, reassuring her. "Jeez, those children. They're evil pricks!" She replied while crossing her arms and gazing at them with a mocking glare. "But you; Arthur, you're different from the other children." She retorted, gentle purple eyes gazing at him with fondness. "You are very special." She replied with a smile.

Arthur Kirkland always had these problems every now and then with the local children. He was not a very social boy because he always cast himself away to talk with magical creatures; foolishly ignoring his classmates. So, in the end, he immediately started worrying both his parents and the teachers after displaying disinterest with the other fifth graders. He was a social outcast. He remembered full well how his parents had perfect scowls traced onto their thin, grayish lips - and he remembered the big scolding he would always receive if he were to ever talk about foolish, magical nonsense. But he didn't really mind; no, in fact it made him all the more into magic.

The young Briton never really cared of what others thought; especially about him. Why should he care about what they thought when he had so many other things to do and see? He had a remarkable ability to see hidden mythical creatures, and he had absolutely no time to deal with their obvious jealousy.

They were apparently missing out on something beautiful - something spectacular! They were clearly not meant to see the pixies, faeries, and most definitely the entrancing unicorns. Seeing those creatures were a blessing, and he believed that only the pure hearted were able to see it. He was so engulfed in his mystical studies, he would be crazy to trade them for anything else! Hence, the reason why he always hushed up when children punished him for their own accord. It was better to be punished than them having to see his own treasure.

Those children were dirty he concluded. How else could they not see the creatures? His parents were just conforming with the other dirty people to look good as well; because that is how society always have worked. And so that's what he had been telling himself the whole time. Everyone around him was just not good enough.

Those who couldn't see the magic, were not meant to even be his friends. No exceptions.

That was his rule, and he would not change it. He swore to it and would keep the promise until the end of time.

Not even ten years from now, would he ever change that rule…


"They say he's a lunatic~" Sang children across Maddry Street while they gazed at a slender, medium height man walking towards a nearby shop. "Watching children pass the night! Talking to himself and no one else~ Ready to give them a huge fright!" Their voices rung with extreme mockery as the man continued on into the shop. "Arthur Kirkland, that's his name, Arthur Kirkland, watch out, it's no game!" The song ended and a fit of laughter ensued.

"What a bunch of immature oafs." A voice gasped with annoyance as the young man trudged into a street corner. "Honestly, I wonder who brought those lads up!" The voice grumbled as the person ventured through the street way shops.

"Well Epsilon, it's not like this small town has anything better to do, it's always been like that. And their children is no exception ." The man responded back irritably while earning sardonic gazes wherever he passed by. "Look, now they think I'm mumbling to myself again." He sighed with a reluctant glare. The voice huffed as he reached his destination. "I think I'll talk to you later, alright?" The man replied softly, patting the soft mane of an unicorn. "I don't want them to get any more ideas of how to spoil my day."

"Very well, old friend." The mystical beast sighed with boredom staring at the man with smiling amethyst eyes, and slowly faded into the evening sky. "Call me if you wish to talk to anyone, alright? I don't like you talking to Makara all the time." He grunted in obvious jealousy. The man only smiled as he left him in front of a beverage shop.

Now a full adult, the twenty one year old Briton stared dazedly outside the comfortable tea shop he was sitting in. If it weren't for his gentleman- upbringing he would have clobbered those mangy children for insulting him; but his unicorn friend insisted he not harm them.

Although he was a grown-up, he had still kept his promise (as one can see); and as a result barely had any friends in the town besides the pixie and unicorn living with him. The sweet aroma of herbal green tea suddenly awoken him from his reverie and filled his nostrils as he sighed delightfully appreciating his order from the familiar vendor.

"Here's your usual, Kirkland-san!" The kind waiter replied as he bowed gently while handing him the daily newspaper before running back behind the counter with his eldest brother. Arthur smiled in thanks.

It was a rather nice and tidy shop. Caramel striped wallpaper and chocolate brownie tiling made it seem more appealing. A grand mahogany fan whisked about in the center of it all, and the equally beautiful window frames with flower designs just made it more cozy for him.

Not many people entered it because of the coffee business' sudden popularity in the small town, though. But it was one reason why he immediately felt himself at ease once he stepped inside to see no one he absolutely knew.

Coffee was such an awful excuse of a beverage to him, anyways; it always left some bitter trailing in his mouth whenever he decided to try some new taste.

Honestly he could rant forever about the disgusting drink, but other than insulting the invention of coffee and wasting time there were further observations to make.

The tea shop was run by a young lad by the name of Wang Yao, and his younger siblings, Kiku and Young Soo. They were a nice, modest group of people that he had started to feel welcomed to. They were the most kind in the town to not be so immature and rude towards him; partly because they had moved in two years ago and were not influenced by the town's outcries of Arthur's 'reputation.' Of course, he never took any actions to make friends with them. They all knew about his "special ability" (it was a small town after all), but none of them really believed it despite their interest in the magical world.

They were just acquaintances; that was all.

Staring down at the newspaper given to him by Kiku he gazed at the headline with boredom. "Hmph, another traffic accident, is there?" He retorted quite bored while gazing at the short summary below the image of the crash. "One killed, two severely injured." He murmured to himself while mixing his cup of tea in a slow, repetitive motion. "Another one of these accidents; there was at least a dozen of them the past month." He spoke to particularly no one, but it was alright since everyone already knew how he spoke to himself often like that. He was a lunatic after all.

Enjoying his cup of Chamomile tea the small chiming alarm bell rung as a new customer entered the shop with a look of airy dignity. Arthur couldn't help but look at the young man entering, hoping that it was no one he knew.

"Bonjour!" Replied the new visitor with his heavy French accent, he smiled at Kiku who was behind the counter and who, in return, greeted the Frenchman with a mutual grin. The Frenchman took a seat on a stool near the marble countertop as he began to make his order. Arthur turned slightly around to see a better view of who he thought was an old classmate.

Unfortunately it was an old classmate, and he happened to be part of the quartet group he was constantly bullied by.

The wino bastard was named Francis Bonnefoy. He was extremely well fit with shapely limbs, and had a beautiful peachy complexion. His golden, well-tamed hair hung loosely around his jaw lines and he had one of the most alluring violet eyes ever, it was no wonder why girls and boys both fell in love with him. He was also known; however, to be a heartbreaker. But, alas, why would Arthur care about that old git?

"What would you like to order today, Francis-san?" Kiku replied sweetly as he eyed his youngest brother, Young Soo, taking a peak at the chocolate strawberry cake Wang had made to become the main attraction of the dessert window. Kiku promptly whacked the boy's hand lightly with a stern glare.

"Ah, just wondering how business is going for you, mon cheri." Francis sighed while crossing his arms over on the countertop. "I heard that you were having some financial trouble because of your competition." He pointed at the next door coffee shop which, because of popularity, was now upgrading itself to a two-story café. It was under construction, and yet people still insisted and protested for at least the shop to open during morning hours. Wang's tea shop was barely even 2000 feet wide, on the other hand.

"Well, we can't do anything about it can we, aru?" Wang grumbled from behind the kitchen while taking Young Soo's hand and leading him towards the back door to probably wash him up. "We just have to fight back." The owner grumbled while flipping his raven hair with a flicker of annoyance.

Francis nodded in agreement and stated he would love to aid them in their fight by being their own, loyal customer.

All three owners smiled as they stared at the Frenchman with a teasing grin. "Quoi?" Francis asked as they gave him condescending smiles. "Has someone else already taken the most loyal customer title?" He asked pouting childishly. Wang shook his head and pointed out at the back corner of the room, towards a booth which was already being occupied.

"He beat you to it, a long time ago." The owner smirked before commanding his youngest brother to start washing the dishes for ruining the chocolate strawberry delight he had concocted.

Francis blinked twice trying to apprehend the owner's words, and decided to take a look himself at the shop's most loyal customer. A smile only graced his face when his violet pools clashed against harsh cold emerald. "Well, well, well. Bonjour." He annunciated his welcome as he took the seat in front of Arthur.

"Bonjour my arse; bugger off you git." The Briton jibed back as he took a helpful swallow of his tea and gulped it down rather exhaustedly. He had no time to talk to a nonbeliever of magic much less a floundering playboy.

"But mon amour, you are so cruel." The Frenchman feigned a sobbing moment before a smug grin crept back to his face. "So, did you hear the news?" He randomly asked gazing at the Briton's goaded stare. He sounded teasing, but his eyes shone some sort of wisdom that Arthur couldn't explain.

"If it's about the billionth traffic accident on the headline news then yes." He retorted quite quickly while taking another sip of his chamomile. Francis shook his head to his response making Arthur a little more curious as to the other piece of information the Frenchman was willing to give him.

"Of course not! Traffic accidents are always known and frequent in this town." Francis sighed while shaking his head in pity. "It's because of the town's ignorance that we don't buy enough traffic lights." He added in pity. " Besides this place does not even attract tourists and much less I think it does not even exist on the map." He noted pessimistically but sarcastically.

Arthur growled while glaring at him in a vicious manner. "If I ask what is it about then, can you leave me in peace?" He questioned staring at him with an awfully malicious gaze. The Frenchman's voice was annoying him. Francis nodded all the while smirking.


He didn't know how Francis managed to lead him to a broken down building; but he had to admit just seeing the ancient house made all of his hair stand up in excitement. It had been a while since he had ventured through something like this before. "You like it, oui?" The dolt asked smugly as he adjusted his collar with absolute arrogance written in his expression. Arthur scowled only slightly before admiring the house's feeble appearance.

"Well, it has been a while!" The Briton responded back defensively; albeit his comeback was said so poorly. Francis only smiled while putting his hands on his hips. "A-Anyways, I'm an author for mythical investigations so this should help me a great deal." Arthur replied while taking out his journal and scribbling in the date, location and reason. Francis clucked his tongue as he followed the Briton to the front porch.

As the two stood there, they could hear the screeching of the steps squeak rather loudly causing the both of them to jump.

"Well?" Francis murmured as Arthur hesitated to open the door. It really has been a while since he had investigated such an area that he was beginning to grow frightened.

As soon as he stepped into the doorway, the atmosphere was chilling him to the bone. There was no lighting, of course, and, as expected of a run-down house, looked almost haunted.

Francis bit his lower lip as they entered the dining room and looked at the worn down furniture. Torn up couches lay lazily in the corner of the room and a great grand piano stood barely on it's feeble legs. The Frenchman's hands twitched in annoyance; feeling his blood drain out of them due to fright. Of course he didn't believe in ghost stories and such…but there was something incredibly wrong in this house, he could feel it.

"So, where do they say the ghost lives?" Arthur asked turning around and finding a shaking Francis (something very rare to see). The Briton could almost chuckle at the sight, but a strange glint passed through the Frenchman's eyes as if he knew something he didn't. "What?" Arthur questioned suspiciously as he stepped closer to Francis while putting his hands on his hips. "Do you have something to tell me?"

"No, of course not!" The other man defended himself while stroking down his plaid colored designer shirt. Arthur rolled his eyes while tapping his feet. "The ghost is on the second floor." Spat the Frenchman out of irritation; his lips formed a tight pout as he crossed his arms with frustration.

Arthur looked towards the ceiling and his eyes traveled along a spiraling staircase. His heart began to beat in awkward tunes and as he stepped onto one step he heard a sudden clash of wood breaking.

Turning around he found Francis had left; that coward. But…he was also feeling very strangely terrified as if something was lurking in the house, so he ran down back to the entrance as well.

The only problem was the door was shut closed, and he could hear muffled laughter from the other side.

"I can't believe he fell for it!" One person joked while he could hear some sympathy forming from the rest of the quartet group. He pounded hard against the wood but the bloody gits probably wouldn't even let him out despite of the trouble they could cause.

Honestly, they were just the same as always. Immature brats.

A small sound is made; and he jolts his head up back at the staircase. A light blue marble was slowly rolling down on each step albeit sluggishly, and he could hear his heart pound even more.

Where did that marble come from?

Soon, the muffled voices from outside suddenly left; and he could feel himself entirely lonely again. His heart was aching now and he thought he was going to die of fright, yet again.

"E-Epsilon, are you there?" Arthur stammered his unicorn's name, but apparently it was somewhere else since it never responded. "…How about you Makara?" His voice grew stiff as the room got even more cold despite numerous cracks in the window that should have been spouting the warm summer air.

"Yes, I'm here, Arthur." A zodiac came out all of a sudden from it's hiding position and gazed at the man with ruby eyes. "Did you call?" It asked staring at the frightened man with a puzzled look.

Makara was a Capricorn. He had a long slender; mermaid like tail of bluish purple scales, and the rest of his body was pure white and that of a goat; only possessing two legs instead of it's usual four. Makara was one of Arthur's favorite since the zodiac had a thing or two about responsibility, organization and of course, his favorite, loyalty.

"I-I heard something up there." Arthur pointed at the door that was closest to the staircase. A strange sound was certainly emanating from it. Makara only squinted while venturing up towards the room cautiously. "Do you see anything there?" The Briton shouted feeling a little more comfortable with the zodiac's appearance.

"Well, no, not really." It spoke with confusion in his tone. Arthur sighed while crossing his arms.

"What do you mean not really?" He muttered in frustration.

"Well…I don't know if you can see him, but you can come up here!" It shouted from the top while tapping it's hooves on the wooden floor. "It's perfectly safe up here." Although he could not smile his voice sounded confident and almost amused. Arthur nodded his head as he traveled towards the stairs and gently touched the hard paneling of the wooden door.

He took a peek in the huge room; which appeared to be a storage closet due to the numerous boxes toppling over on one another. But, despite Makara's reassurance, there was absolutely no one there. "Makara….nothing's there but boxes." He murmured softly. The zodiac turned it's head in alarm while checking the room once more.

"He's right over there!" He murmured running across the room and tapping his hooves next to the thing's whereabouts.

Arthur still couldn't see anything.

"Stop freaking me out Makara - I don't see anyone-"

"Holy shit!" Another voice wailed in fear; and his emerald eyes widened as the area Makara pointed at began to be occupied by a transparent figure.

A translucent man hovered slightly on the floor while gazing at him as if he were a lunatic. He had soft, wispy hair and lively eyes. The colors weren't really faded out on the young man; he could still tell he was naturally blonde; and his eyes sparkled a rather vibrant blue.

"W-Who are you?" Arthur jumped while gazing at his surprise with equal shock. The figure stared at him with a frown plastered onto his face.

He hovered towards the living being and gazed at him sternly. "Alfred..." He admitted while flailing his arms about. "I just recently ended up here without any memories and stuff, so this is the only thing I remember, got it?" He complained like a child.

Arthur stared at the ghost in bewilderment. He had never seen a ghost before despite all of the fairy tails circulating around the whole thing. His emerald eyes bore at the ghost with extreme fascination.

"A moment ago you were invisible, can you turn back?" He asked while pointing at the ghost with frustrated eyes. Alfred only nodded and suddenly disappeared.

"I learned it while I was at this place by myself." Smirked the man proudly, who Arthur just realized, had an American accent. Oh great. An American ghost.

"Why the hell where you hiding from me?" The Briton grumbled bashfully while staring at the American with narrowed eyes. The ghost shrugged and looked as if he was about to pout.

"Well, it's been a while since I had human contact so I wanted to see what I could do, you know?" Smiled the ghost widely. "But then all of a sudden you started talking to yourself like a lunatic and you know you really scared me there." He muttered with a sigh of defeat. "Makara this. Makara that." He rolled his eyes lazily.

Arthur's eyes widened. So the stupid ghost couldn't see his magical creatures either? What the hell was wrong with this American? He grounded his teeth while clenching his hands. "Didn't you see the Capricorn next to you?" He questioned, and the ghost stared at him quizzically. "N-Never mind." He retorted while turning away. "Stupid git."

"I heard that." Alfred called out with an amused smirk. His blue eyes lighted up all of a sudden. "Hey…you're British aren't you?" His mouth hung up in awe and a new interest lighted up from what Arthur could tell.

"Yes I am, thank you for pointing out the obvious." He muttered while looking away from the ghost floating near him. Alfred only laughed.

"You welcome!" The idiot replied, oblivious to the Briton's sarcasm. Arthur honestly wanted to roll his eyes.

"So you sure you can't see him? Makara?" He asked once more, and in return Alfred spun his index finger around his left ear indicating he was crazy. "Fine! Fine! You're just like the rest of them." He muttered ready to leave after calling out Makara's name. "Nice to meet you Alfred. Hope you fine some new people to scare." He blurted out while stomping down the stairs.

The ghost; however, would not leave him alone despite his annoyed appearance.

"Oh come on, how can you be so rude to me?" Alfred asked with quivering lips. "You haven't even given me your name or anything!" He cried suddenly becoming solid while crushing the Briton hard with all his might. "Don't leave me! It's so dark and scary around there!" His lips made a tight frown. "I don't want to be alone again!" He cried.

Alfred's sudden ability to solidify made Arthur's eyes widen in shock and his brain start reeling in possibilities. Alfred could disappear and solidify; and since he could only see ghosts out of the whole town…Alfred would be some sort of guardian or something! Yes, that was right! He would make Alfred his backup!

"Very well. Come and follow me, okay?" He smiled while feeling Alfred's arms tighten against his waist. The ghost nodded in agreement while following the Briton with a shy smile.

"Thanks." Alfred replied sheepishly. "But you know…I can't step into the sun, yet. I haven't figured out how to do it without disappearing. "He murmured sheepishly. Arthur would have smacked his forehead hard, but he was going to show how gentlemanly he was.

"Then we'll wait at dusk." He grumbled and crouched down on the floor. Alfred only smiled while hovering near him.