Beyond Our Sight

By Ryukansen

Chapter Thirty Two: Everything is Here

Author's Note: Last chapter of Beyond Our Sight! I hope everyone enjoys this last chapter. Thank you to all those who have read till the end, and have been very patient with such a strange author! Thank you very much! Both of my parents are currently, extremely ill, so please wish them good health? I'm nervous about their health and all, and am very scared; so I will take some time off writing for a while. Also, a very late happy New Year! ALSO, this chapter seems rushed, da? But a beautiful ending is always an obscure ending, thanks to everyone!

"Even if I realized too late, at least I finally learned that I had always loved you."

The alarm clock rang earlier than usual solely because it was an important date for him. Normally, at days like this, when the sun was barely out of the clouds and the temperature was as cool as it could get, he would be lying in his bed; staring emptily at nothing, thinking of nothing, but the future that he wished for.

Usually he wouldn't be thinking heavily of the past, it had been a year, and he had known quite sure that everything that had happened with Alfred and him were gone. He knew that everything that had happened was absolute, and nothing could change even if he wished every night for a better tomorrow.

The problem though, was each tomorrow he wished for, always had Alfred in it; or at least the Zodiacs to comfort him. And he knew that those tomorrows would never come to him. They wouldn't come true because it was impossible, even magic couldn't do such a thing; but every night at 11:11, the magical time, he would wish for them in a desperate hope.

He would continue on wishing, even if it was quite inevitable that all of his dreams and hopes would never come true.

But still, he continued to hope.

But, unlike all days, today was one of those tomorrows he had been trying to not encounter. This was one tomorrow in which he didn't want to see or meet. He simply did not want the day to exist, but that would be asking for the impossible again.

He could immediately feel the sting in his heart as soon as he woke up to see nothing but a small sliver of light from the sun peaking through the silvery clouds. His window blinds let out the bare amount of light that seeped through the darkness clouded by his curtains.

Everything was silent.

Everything was, simply, boring.

The Briton let out a stifled yawn before shuffling out of his bed and throwing the comforter carelessly across his room. He stared absentmindedly at the light cracking through his dark room, and seemed to have almost glared at the string of light for waking him up too soon, even if the alarm did ring for him.

Walking into the bathroom, the Briton stared at his reflection in the wide mirror. Green eyes, paler than before, less lively, roamed to see every inch of his pallid face. Straw colored hair glistened through another sliver of light coming from behind him, and he let out a small frown while taking his toothbrush to begin the day.

Today was different; he wouldn't have breakfast for today he would be meeting up with both Matthew and Francis to discuss plans for the Coffee Shop's future. Today wasn't really a perfect time to start up such a conversation; but he knew that both Matthew and Francis knew it was the day of Alfred's burial.

They probably just wanted to see how he was doing, because who knew how depressing he got on this day?

He hadn't seen them in a month too, after Matthew declared to all of a sudden have the urge to travel.

It was evident to Francis and Arthur though, that the younger twin just wanted time away from a place filled with so much agony.

Who knew how many times the poor American twin grieved to himself all because of his careless stupidity. Matthew was simply distraught after Alfred's burial and only just needed time to travel, and last month Francis and him had decided to take leave to some place far away to try and recover.

He let out an amused grin as he dropped his brush back into the cup holder and gazed at his reflection with more anger than before.

He hated this day, but what could he do? All he could feel was a numbness of pain that inflicted throughout his whole body and most especially his heart.

The golden wind chimes hummed gently from the soft breeze, and the chestnut colored door opened timidly with a small exert of excited force from the being that was entering. It smelled like coffee, the usual, he didn't expect the place to change, and yet he expected to see everything different – he expected to see the world in a completely new perspective, he didn't know why; but he found it that something more was awaiting for him.

"I'm finally back," the man whispers while laying down a leather hat and placing it carelessly on the same colored counter. No one was working for it was a Saturday, and yet he felt the urge to visit the store before anyone else did at this time because he found it that it held some important meaning to him.

He didn't know why, but this small area just gave him a pleasant feeling fluttering in his heart. The moment he stepped in this coffee place for the first time, it made his heart swell with random feelings he thought was strange. He felt sadness collide with pleasure, anger with happiness; they melted with one another as if it was like a distant memory trying to make him remember.

Never before had such a place made him so aroused and awakened by its atmosphere.

And so therefore, he concluded that it was special.

In truth he had never really visited this place often, and yet the words claiming to be 'back' from a long journey made his tongue flick with a strange, foreign happiness. It made the whole feeling of happiness in the cafe more pleasurable to feel that tang of understanding.

Smell coated with the bittersweet fragrance of coffee, wallpaper colored cream and floral patterned, chestnut colored decorations lavishly remained still as he inspected the details of the store. He wishes he worked in this place, he would say, and yet he had his own business to attend; but it meant no harm if he bought it….

He shook his head rather incredulously laughing at the thought of trying to buy a store that was still running well by the owner. Honestly, he would give up anything to have the store though. He would give up his own miserable business job to have this humble shop.

Letting out a defeated sigh, the man drove his leather gloved hand in the center of his mane in which made his blonde hair to unravel messily about his head. He pouted his cheeks, making them a slight pink, while looking across the counter as if he expected someone behind it. Tapping his fingers quietly onto the counter, the man just smiled before shrugging and turning around to leave.

"I'll come back soon, I guess." His voice was muffled and mischievous as his dark sapphire eyes shown a delight of some sort. His free hand unconsciously grabbed the leather hat that he had earlier placed onto the counter. Swiftly pulling the hat over his head, he let out a wide, charming grin as he could not help but feel the happiness swell in his heart.

All he could hear was his heart pounding in calm excitement.

Exiting from the Coffee Area he had found a rather strange site of another young man racing towards the popular Tea Site, and without realizing a huge grin smugly found an area through his lips.

He didn't know why but there was a strange force urging him to meet up with this other being. He didn't know what, but it called for him to remember something.

"Oh, God I'm so sorry Matthew, I was busy cleaning up the place and I had to go to the Laundromat because you know my washing machine was broken!" Another man hollered in his phone while walking briskly pass the coffee shop, his eyes were concentrated in the shop in front of him, the well known tea store in which Wang owned. His heart was pounding after racing all the way from his street towards the local city-walking one, and he just didn't have the time to stop and catch a breath.

"Yes, Yes, I know, I'll be there in a few! See, I'm right across from it at the moment." The Briton replied letting out a scowl as a streetlight hurriedly turned red to prevent him from crossing. "I'll talk to you later, bye." He shut his cell phone rather annoyed at the timing of the lights and traffic. Out of all times, why did the streets have to be so full? "God, I'm ALMOST there! ALMOST THERE!" The Briton spoke to no one in particular as he squinted at the black-tinted windows of Wang's Bakery/Tea store.

A shadow loomed over his tiny frame, as he found shade above him from someone else.

"Hahaha, are you in a hurry for something?" A voice casually decided to converse with him, and never before had his face tinted with so much pink blush as he stuttered incoherent words.

After a while of solitude from any magic, Arthur had still found it hard to make friends from in the Town even though most people began to see a change in his "sanity." He has made some considerable acquaintances, and yet he was always the one to start a conversation with someone; not vice-versa. People still didn't trust his level of coherence, and so a person coming up to him was strange in itself. This person could just be a tourist; just a friendly tourist he thought to himself quietly as he stared at the shadow near his own, feeling some sort of familiarity to it.

The one thing though that pissed him off, was that the person was a bit nosy for hearing him in the first place, and he had the mind to scold the other man into listening on other people's conversation. Seriously, an obnoxious stranger is a rather unacceptable type of person in face of a proper society. His face then heated up another considerable shade while thinking about the person who was talking to him, and as the light turned green the Briton just left without another word.

If that man could be rude, so could he.

Honestly, the nerve of some people these days!

Back shown in front of him, the other man just shook his head in utter annoyance, but decided to just leave it at that to see the Briton dash away from him. If he could think more, he could have sworn the Briton looked a tad familiar, but he had absolutely no clue; he just after all got back from the hospital with amnesia and nothing but a brother as a link to the world he lived in now.

Yes, all he could remember was a car crash, a faint light and black that consumed his entire vision.

And upon waking up, all he saw was a brother in front of him, the only person who knew who he was, and the only person who could take care of him. So of course, he had to be nosey, especially when someone looked particularly familiar to him. Jeez, that Briton was rather stuffy wasn't he!

The American grunted and turned around, giving up the day – almost, until deciding to head towards the library to return a book. His little brother, sheesh, who read stories about such ridiculous tales, he didn't know?

The young man clutched tightly onto a brown package between his fingers as he headed his way back towards the center of the town.

"So, who was that guy you were with? I couldn't really see him – but….I don't know, I just can't believe you were with a guy!" Francis exclaimed as Arthur finally reached the shop and ordered his usual before socking the Frenchman in the guts due to his incredibly impatient behavior; especially on the case of today.

Matthew only smiled softly as he stirred his cup of tea quietly while looking considerably happier than the last time Arthur and he had met.

He had certainly become livelier than before, maybe more plump. It was as if all the energy that was drunk with sadness had left the American and passed it onto Arthur instead.

Arthur couldn't say anything though, he was happy that Matthew found some peace within himself.

"I don't know who you're talking about first of all," the Briton continued as he inhaled the fragrance of herbal tea while darting glares at the Frenchman who looked skeptical at him. "And I hadn't seen his face, so I probably couldn't tell; although I'm sure it was a tourist, I haven't heard someone talk like that in a while. Nosey, and annoying, a tourist is always like that. " The Briton paused, thinking of a certain voice that could fill his mind that maybe somehow was familiar to the voice he heard not too long ago.

Honestly, even in a year he forgot Alfred's voice.

He was scared though. He was scared to forget everything about Alfred, and just losing the memory of how his voice sounded made his heart skip so much beats.

Matthew and Francis only seemed to shrug, their eyes were a bit clouded as they silently looked at one another and then at Arthur.

This was the first year anniversary of Alfred's death, and Arthur knew how much Matthew could get when even a slip of Alfred's name gets caught in a sentence. He would be fragile with the subject, and always most of the time frigid whenever his brother's name left his own tongue.

Francis had been helping the American cope with the tragedy, and steadily the two had become quite close much to Arthur's chagrin. Honestly, seeing much love blossom from a tragedy wasn't quite fair to him; especially since the tragedy was mostly his burden now.

His heart always ached, and even if he hardly remembered Alfred's voice, the trace of his love for him was still there, somewhere in his heart. He could still feel it resonating within him. It was a sorrowful song, playing an aching tune; waiting for someone to just stop it.

WAITING FOR SOMEONE, no, waiting for that one person who would never come back.

As if unbeknownst to him, tears began to slide as he found Matthew and Francis utterly happy.

Why? Why was he feeling so melancholic? Of course, it was the anniversary date; and yet, there was something in the air that made him choke up.

And then the door opened, and light trickled in; and everything seemed to stop as the frigid air raced against his bare skin.

Even the faces of Francis and Matthew looked as cold while the air flew in.

"A-Ano," Kiku started quietly as he gazed at the shadow behind him. A chuckle, escaped from the man's lips; and a small boy just wailed in complaint that he wanted some sugary sweet. "What would you like…Mr.…?" Even Kiku seemed to be bothered by the man's appearance, much to Arthur's disappointment he couldn't really see the man who was in his blind spot.

"How about, two strawberry cheesecakes and one cup of water for the little kid!" The man responded naturally while rustling the little figure next to him who just grunted in a rather distasteful behavior.

The child seemed a bit pissed off at the man, that's what Arthur could tell; but DAMN! The way Francis and Matthew stared at him, made him want to turn around and catch a glance at him.

"Ok, kiddo, let's sit down." The American smiled sweetly while scooping the younger one in his huge arms and placing him in a booth beside theirs.

…He could understand the reason Matthew and Francis' face were like that.

He could understand that the tone of his heart reached a new high pitch, and a new song was playing.

Either sad or happy, he didn't know though.

Light filtered near the American and the little child before him. The boy was pouting, looking extremely angry. He had white messy hair and pretty red eyes; he looked like Gilbert for a moment, but he was too cute and beautiful to ever be like Gilbert. The child looked about seven, and seemed somewhat a bit too mature; even though he was currently displaying a childlike demeanor.

The other person though, was Arthur's main concern.

If he could say the name out loud, he looked just like him.

Golden hair, as fresh as the sunshine swept grass, and blue eyes as bright as the Carolina blue skies, a flashing smile; proud and modest, and a tanned skin that was beautiful. He looked just like Alfred, he acted just like Alfred, but…how could it be?

His heart pattered with so much intensity it made him feel the beat rather too harshly, and therefore he stumbled a bit as he continued to look.

Kiku came and offered the order to the two males, and Alfred, Arthur hoped he was, was chewing rather obnoxiously at the sweet. The boy on the other hand was having none of it.

"OH, come on, that book wasn't any good any ways, you wouldn't have finished it, so go and eat before it becomes….weird." Alfred responded childishly as he poked the boy's cheeks with his freehand and laughed.

If it was Alfred, Arthur would have laughed alongside him.

"I liked that book! I don't care if there's a due date! No one's there at the library anyways." The boy muttered back, gazing at his cake rather hungrily. Alfred just smiled and poked the boy in the cheek again.

"It would have been bad if you just kept it to yourself."

"It's not like anyone would read about Zodiacs." The boy responded too quickly, and Arthur's heart fluttered.

Zodiacs… long-lost….friends.

"Whatever, we'll get it back ok? So eat up!" The man sighed, staring at the boy quite testily before taking another huge bite.

He was so like Alfred, well; at least he seemed to share the same table manners as him.


"Of course!"

He didn't know what became of him, but he began to stand up; ignoring the stares Matthew and Francis had on him. Could this be really Alfred? Could this be Makara's doing? The Zodiac's doing?

His heart fluttered.

He was aching.

"Alfred, that guy is staring at us. It's weird." The boy whispered, pointing at him as he was standing in the middle of the room gazing at them with a shocked expression. "It's as if he has seen a ghost!" The boy laughed, knowingly, his eyes crinkled up sweetly as his mouth chewed softly onto a silver fork.

Alfred…So it was really him…

"Psh, and I thought I was the one with rude manners." Alfred responded, gazing at the same man who had lectured him on the way to the library/tea shop respectively. "What, did you see a ghost?" The man stared at him for a while, before breaking into a smile and staring at Matthew and Francis behind him.

"I think they did, big brother." The boy whispered, gazing at Arthur fondly.

It was as if he knew him already.

But, big brother?


"Well, someone's seems interested in the awesome me." It was so typically Alfred. "I guess I can't help it, I'm too kind. Come, sit and join us!" The man smirked as he slid over to the side and motioned Arthur over.

"I've been meaning to talk to you since this morning." He announced, but all Arthur heard was a muffled noise; and his heart was the only one singing.

"N-Nice to meet you (again)." The Briton began, obviously wide-eyed at the American.

"Nice to meet you too," He smiled, staring at him with the same kindness Alfred had for him long ago.

"I'm Arthur Kirkland, ….I work for the coffee shop down the road from here."

"REALLY? That's amazing! I love that place! Man, does it give me the Goosebumps!"

His voice was so strangely sweet, it tore Arthur's heart as he spoke to him once more. But this time, his words were more meaningful; his words could reach him.

A grunt was heard in the corner, and the two looked over at the albino child.

Alfred's "little brother" gazed at him with a dried frown. He seemed shy, but he was definitely very social when he wanted to be. Alfred stared at the child lovingly, as if he had seen Matthew in him. Arthur didn't know what to think, but did Alfred really see Matthew in that child? Or was this a completely different Alfred?

Was it still his Alfred?

"Sorry for not introducing myself earlier, my name is Alfred Jones…and this is my little brother, his name is Makara…" The man replied sheepishly while staring brightly into his eyes. He could hear Matthew's voice hitch and Francis comforting him as he ordered another sweet to cool off the other American's relief. Arthur gazed at Alfred with stern, green eyes, and then back to "Makara."

So, he knew all along, didn't he?

Even without memories, love can still be achieved by the same people.

"Nice to meet you, I hope we become good friends."

It was as if he was restarting life all over again, and despite the pain that had entered everyone's heart at his first sight; there was nothing but relief that swooned everyone into crying. It was as if nothing really happened, and yet everyone knew there was something beyond them that was watching them; helping them. They did not know what would be beyond their sight, but hope still remained, and will continue to go on.

Don't lose hope & continue to love.