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BPOV, Four Years Later:

I couldn't believe that I was actually here, graduating from college. Four years ago, I was almost a complete wreck. I had been just barely holding onto the shreds of my life, and I had been so close to just giving up and letting go of everything. Edward managed to change that. Thanks to him, I have faith in myself and in others. I'm not so scared anymore and I feel much more independent than I ever have. I have friends, a job lined up for me, a family, a fiancé…I have everything now. And I wouldn't have found this if it weren't for him.

At first, living with Bipolar Disorder had seemed next to impossible, especially when it turned out my trigger was simply remembering things. One little memory could send me into a full on manic episode. In the last four years, I've been on three different medications. I've had five acute manic episodes and three full blown episodes. I can't drink, and I'm never going to go a day of my life without taking some kind of prescription pill. Things are never going to be easy for Edward and I, but they never really have been easy. When we got married and had children, there was a good chance that our children could develop Bipolar Disorder.

But Edward was my saving grace…in everything.

"Bella!" And suddenly, thankfully, I was in his arms and he was kissing me. "Congratulations." He said with a smile, hugging me tightly.

"Thanks." I laughed, adjusting the bright blue graduation gown I was wearing. "How come you get to look nice and I have to wear this and look atrocious?" I complained, playing with his tie.

Edward chuckled, and smoothed down his tie and looked me up and down. "Because my graduation was last week, silly. And besides, you definitely do not look atrocious. You look beautiful and mature. You're now a college graduate." I rolled my eyes and fiddled with my graduation cap, which I was holding in my hand.

He had graduated last week, from NYU, while I had just graduated today from Barnard. The separate colleges had actually been good for us, although I had been extremely doubtful. But the distance, however short, had made us both a little more dependent. We had both separate and mutual friends, which really helped if we were in an argument or something. He had still been there whenever I needed him, though. For every panic attack and manic episode, Edward was there with me. But beside all of that, I couldn't wait to start our lives together. And that would be starting tonight, when we moved in together officially. I had spent the night in Edward's dorm many times, and vice versa, but now we would actually be living together. And over Christmas Break, we would be getting married.

"Our families are over here." Edward said, gesturing through the crowd. I could just barely make out Emmet's tall frame in the throng of graduates and their friends and families. As we approached our parents and Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmet, I glanced them over.

Alice and Jasper looked just as happy as ever. Jasper had just graduated last week as well; he had gone to NYU like Edward. Alice had just finished her second year of college at the University of Chicago, and she and Jasper would be living together in the city.

Rosalie, who had just finished her second year at the University of Washington, was six months pregnant. She had Emmet had freaked out at first, but now they were taking it well and were prepared to be parents. Well, as prepared as two young people could be. Emmet owned his own body shop in Seattle, and he and Rosalie were scraping up plenty of money to raise their baby. I was proud of them, and so was the rest of our family. Everyone was being wonderfully supportive.

Charlie had even come from for my graduation, along with Renée and Carlisle and Esme. All of them had been amazing as well, and unbelievably supportive. At first, I knew that Esme Cullen had not been my biggest fan. But now, she was even helping Edward and I plan our wedding, offering assistance over things we had absolutely no idea about.

After receiving many congratulations and well wishes, the ten of us had gone out for dinner and then they had gone back to their hotel rooms and Edward and I had gone to our new apartment, taking in our entire future.

From now on, this was real life. I wasn't a student anymore, I wasn't a child…I was an independent woman with a fiancé and my whole life ahead of me.

I was not going to let my problems hold me back. I was going to live out my life, and nothing was going to control me. Not anxiety, not my memories, and definitely not my past.


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