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Summary: And I will keep on my staff, a five-year-old child; little did Itachi know that the child would become the bane of his existence; but with time comes new enemies and feelings. And in the end, the real question will be; who was the real evil genius?

A/N: For those of you unfamiliar with the Evil Overlord List, I would recommend reading it, not that you need it for this story but it's funny and the idea came from number 12 on that list. The first four chapters are going to deal with them growing up by increments of five years and then the actual story will proceed from there. You can blame the evil plot bunnies for this one; it was supposed to be a fluffy one shot to compensate for another story, and looking at the chapters planned, it's anything but that.


Itachi was ten when he first met the blond bundle of joy; affectionately called Naruto. The blond was around Sasuke's age and for the life of him, he couldn't understand why his father had brought the boy home with him. His mother was thrilled to have such a cute child in the house and preceded to squeal and smoother him with affection.

It wasn't until his father had brought Naruto with him into the meeting room months later, that Itachi was utterly baffled at his fathers' actions.

His father wouldn't even let Sasuke into the meeting room; saying that he was too young to understand the talk that went on at the large mahogany table. Itachi was allowed in the room because he was going to take after his father's job when he reached age and proved himself worthy of the job.

The job of course, being an Evil Overlord.

It had a nice ring to it and was always a good career choice in his mind. After all, who didn't want control the world or some part of it?

"Father?" He questioned.

His father set the child next to him and the only thing visible was the spiky blond hair that poked over the table. A frown crossed his father's face before he set a stack of books in the chair and sat the child on them, making it easier for him to see over the table.

"Father." He asked again, this time catching the older males' attention. "What is Naruto doing here?"

Fugaku chuckled lightly. "He's going to help of course." He stated casually, as if discussing the weather.

"Help." Itachi repeated, "He is still learning simple math and reading skills. How is he going to help?"

"By pointing out errors in our planning today."

Itachi stared, certain that his father had finally cracked. The blond wasn't a genius in any sorts; sure, he was smart for his age, but nowhere near the genius level that his father demanded in his planners. Today they were reviewing plans for a new building that would house the people who gave them information. It was supposed to be a safe house as well for the other branches under his fathers command in case of a bailout, which meant that the building was filled with unknown hiding holes and secret passages.

Although, their information mainly came from the prostitution ring. Therefore, the building was a new hole for their clients to weasel information out of while doing their other job. On the front, the rooms and main dance floor looked normal, but each room was rigged to record information and provide protection for both parties. The workers earned two incomes and his father received information; everyone was happy.

"Itachi, you'll be watching him during the meeting today."

The younger Uchiha raised an eyebrow; he was reduced to baby-sitting?

Before he could comment further, the door slid open and the ranks that operated under his father filed into the room. His eyes shifted towards the blond who was coloring innocently on a piece of paper, tongue poked out of his mouth as he concentrated on coloring in the lines. Oh yes, so smart and evil. Itachi could practically see the genius oozing from the child.

The meeting started with his fathers' lieutenant bringing them up to date with the current issues and the progression of their recruitment in other states. As the meeting continued, Itachi shifted his glance towards Naruto and they widened slightly when he noticed that he had suddenly vanished. His eyes darted around the room, trying to find the mop of blond hair in the room, but found none.

He dragged his attention back to the talk at hand and listened with half an ear, while he tried to find the child without drawing attention to himself. It wasn't until he felt something brush against his leg that he cautiously peeked under the table. Bright, blue eyes looked back at him with such an intensity that Itachi felt himself drowning in them.

He pushed the rolling chair back slightly, giving him enough room to pull the child up and onto his lap. He wrapped an arm around his waist, securing him and making sure that he wasn't going to vanish again. The blond child squirmed a bit and Itachi dragged the paper over, letting him doodle on the surface again. A soft sigh escaped his lips, making Naruto glance up at him before going back to his drawing.

It wasn't until the building plans were laid out onto the table that Fugaku finally looked towards the blond. He pushed the plans closer to the blond and an odd gleam was set in his dark eyes. "What do you think, Naruto?"

The boy looked up when his name was called and then down at the paper in front of him. Itachi felt like slamming his head on the table; there was no way this child could know what he was looking at, let alone any flaws that it might have. They had professionals for that.

Still, the blue eyes skimmed over the page and eventually, a chubby finger pointed towards a corner of a room. "What's this marking?"

"It marks where a video camera is hidden," Itachi answered.

"Someone will find it," Naruto stated.

"What makes you say that?"

The blond tilted his head back, locking his blue gaze with Itachi. "'Cause that's the first place your mom looks for spider webs when she cleans."

Soft laughter sounded throughout the room, but Itachi understood what the blond was trying to say. "Where would you put it then?"

"Here," he responded. "In the ceiling fan or light. She doesn't pay much attention to it since the fan is broken right now."

Fugaku turned towards his electricians. "Move the surveillance to the fans and light systems. Put them in a light bulb or inside the fan somehow."

"Yes sir." They responded together and jotted down some notes in their folders.

Itachi looked down at the blond mop that was still seated on his lap. Naruto had a strange way of looking at things; by stating that the corner was a place often looked at by his mother, made them realize that most people glanced to a corner when they spilled information. No one would think to look at a fan or broken lamp somewhere in the background.

Out of sight, out of mind.

His father cleared his throat. "We'll break here for the day and pick up two days from now. Hopefully by then, the new plans will be drawn up. You are dismissed." He said, dismissing them with a simple wave of the hand.

Itachi felt a shiver run through the blonds body and he was about to question it when fourteen adults toppled onto the floor after standing up, due to their shoelaces being tied together. The small body on his lap was shaking with laughter, and he watched as the small face tried to keep a smile from forming on his lips. He arched an eyebrow at the mass of tangled limbs on the floor and felt his lips twitch slightly.

Perhaps Naruto wasn't that bad.

Itachi leaned back on his bed as he tossed darts towards the wall. It was with satisfaction that they landed on the bull's eye every time and once the last one hit the board he silently stood up and pulled them from the cork. Outside his room, he could hear tiny feet scampering up and down the hallway and he was tempted to yell at his brother for making so much noise.

But the noise faded away, allowing Itachi to grab the sharp knives that rested on the top shelf of his bookcase. He would always warm up with tossing darts before he moved onto the more dangerous weapons. With practiced grace, he slid onto the bed again and started to carefully throw the knives at the small target.

Halfway through his stack of knives, the sound of small feet sounded in the hallway again and before he could comprehend what was happening; his door was thrown open. A blond blur launched itself at his bed and quickly vanished under the mattress, allowing silence to devour the room.

Outside his room, he saw Sasuke run by with a small paintball gun in his hand. His body was speckled with bright, orange paint and he knew that Naruto and Sasuke must have been outside playing sniper. In a house run by an evil overlord, there were no games that were played for fun. Games were meant to stimulate the mind and test skills; whether they were mental or physical.

Sasuke cast a quick look in his room before darting off to another part of the house. Once his footsteps vanished down the hallway, Itachi leaned his body over the bed and peeked under the mattress.

The barrel of a paintball gun came into focus quickly and he pulled his head back before the missile could be launched.

"Naruto, Sasuke is gone."

It was silent and Itachi considered looking under the bed again but decided to stay patient and wait for the small head of blond hair to make itself known. Eventually, the tip of the gun poked out from under the bed, followed by a small body. Itachi quickly leaned over the bed and snatched the young boy up, settling him on his bed.

"What are you doing Naruto?"

Naruto's blue eyes swung up to meet his. "Hiding from Sasuke."

"Why did you choose my room?"

A snort escaped the boys' mouth. "'Cause he would never think to look in here; even with the door open." Itachi raised an eyebrow and Naruto continued, "He knows that you don't like to be bothered and wouldn't think that I would try to hide here. Neither of us would want to risk your evil wrath."

"Evil wrath huh?"

Naruto nodded and moved over to the small window, cautiously opening it. "Besides, your room over looks the training grounds. Little Sasuke was bound to go back there sooner or later, 'specially since we're not supposed to be inside when we play."

With carefully aimed precision that a five year old should never have, he focused on his target. Itachi stayed still while his eyes trained on the boy and he heard him take in a deep breath before letting it out slowly. The sound of rapid fire from the paintball gun sounded loud in both his room and the outside courtyard, but the cries that came from his brother were even louder.

Faster than Itachi could see, the window was shut and the blinds were drawn; making it look like they had never opened. A slow curling smirk reached the boys lips before he jumped down from the chair and quickly vanished from the room; his feet barely making any noise as he moved down the hallway.

A small shiver raced up Itachi's spine at Naruto's performance and he slowly stood up. He barely knew anything about Naruto and if he was supposed to be handling the young child, he wanted to know more information about him; starting with his background.

The doors that led to the study/office were tastefully decorated with wooden carvings of a dragon and tiger fighting and when he was younger, Itachi would often stare at them until his father called him into his office. Those days had long since passed and now he would simply enter without casting a look at the detailed carvings. But today he paused outside the room and idly let his hand trace over the patterns.

A shout was heard from outside the building and he guessed that Naruto had once again found his brother. With a sigh, he pushed open the doors and made his way into the large office.

There were only a few places that Itachi couldn't get into due to his age and position, but Fugaku trusted him enough with most information and otherwise let him have free reign with his searches. Punching in a quick code to the heavy-duty safe, he wondered about the past that had shaped the blond haired boy. The lock clicked and he pulled the safe door open, revealing large stacks of papers regarding the family.

Papers were stacked in here that detailed anything of value on the family. His father was always cautious when it came to matters of the family and never wanted anything that could be used against them in public hands. Itachi assumed that Naruto would fall under this section as well; seeing as the blond was in the family job.

Black binders stared at him and he skimmed the bindings for the name he was looking for before removing it from the safe. The binder was rather small, but then again; Naruto was only five years old. He opened the cover and found himself staring down at a birth certificate and a family tree.

Normally this wouldn't be much of help, but a name caught his attention and his eyes widened as he traced the roots back in history.

Namikaze Naruto: Son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina.

That would explain a lot.

Itachi locked the safe and walked down the hallway to his room again, hand tightly gripping the binder. His father had never mentioned Naruto's parentage and he wondered if the blond knew about his own past. Itachi knew that Naruto's grandparents had retired from the business and having the little boy in their house would bring back painful memories.

Despite it all, Naruto would be safest here.

Everyone knew what had happened to the Namikaze's almost a year ago but he never knew that they had had a child in the past few years. He supposed that information as important as that was kept secret to the public due to their enemies and perhaps that was the reason the blond was still alive today.

Although, Naruto was given to them five months before his parents death.

Itachi shivered as he realized what this meant. Naruto's parents had known something was going to happen to them and in an effort to save their son; they gave him up months in advance. No one knew about him, thus making him safe. But it also meant that they hadn't been able to see him during the last five months of their life. It was an ultimate sacrifice for Minato and Kushina and he could only guess that it was hard on them.

For the few times that he had met them, they always seemed loving and gentle. They were good friends with their family although that was never public knowledge either; not that it would have mattered. It would have been a suicide mission to try to take out the Uchiha name because they were close to the Namikaze's.

The raven raised his fist and knocked on the door to his fathers' weaponry. After waiting for a second, the doors were swung open and his father looked down at him. The man raised an eyebrow at his sudden appearance but otherwise didn't say anything else.

"Father, if they had known we were friends with the Namikaze's, would Naruto's parents still be alive?"

Fugaku's body stilled at the question and his gaze swept down to the binder that Itachi was holding. He had always wondered when his son was going to ask about the blonds' appearance in their life and when he would put two and two together; but he had never thought it would be this soon. With a sigh, he ran his hand through his hair and ushered the child down the hallway.

"Your mother and I still question that to this day," he said as they walked silently through the hallway. "We were all close friends and it pained us to hear that they had died. You were still asleep that night Kushina stopped by to hand off Naruto to us. She begged us to take care of him until he was at least ten. This way he would be old enough to take care of himself."

Itachi looked up at his father sharply. There was no way that a ten year old could take care of himself, even if he was taught everything. His father caught the look and quickly shook his head.

"She didn't want him to be a bother and said we could send him away sooner if we wished, once things calmed down. Your mother told her that we would raise him like one of our own and we wouldn't let him go at such a young age. You could see the desperation in her eyes when she first came by and the pain that showed in them when she left still haunts me."

"What," Itachi asked carefully. "Happened the night they died?"

The older Uchiha was silent for a while before answering, "Those months leading up to their death kept them busy. Money was transferred to different accounts in small amounts as so not to draw suspicion and everything of sentimental value was moved from the house. That night was a new moon, no light to speak of and the force was quick. Bombs were set up along the perimeter and snipers were stationed in the tree line. The first set of explosions were so loud, we could hear them from the house."

Itachi nodded, he remembered waking up that night to the loud explosions. His mother pulled him into her room, along with Sasuke and Naruto while his dad barked out orders. Their mansion was tightly secured but even that didn't stop his father from pacing while he waited for news. While they waited for the runner, Itachi held his brother who trembled due to the suddenness of the noise and he remembered his mother rocking Naruto back and forth, trying to hold back from crying.

Now he knew why.

When the runner came with news that the Namikaze estate had been attacked, his father's face grew pale and he demanded to know what else had happened. He ordered that several of their own snipers and spies be sent into the field to try to see if anyone had survived but by morning, they all came back empty handed. The rest of the week was quiet as the knowledge that close friends had died so suddenly.

"Did our snipers catch anyone?"

Fugaku shook his head, "No. But there were several bodies that were recovered. They all had bullet wounds to the chest and head area, indicating that someone was firing back; Minato and Kushina fought back with everything they had. I'm sure they spent months preparing traps and even now, there are probably traps that haven't been sprung. No one can get near that house anymore without coming back with large amounts of casualties."

They stopped outside Itachi's room and the older Uchiha looked down at him, "Itachi; Sasuke and Naruto don't know about this yet. Whether or not Naruto will know about his heritage is up to him."

"But you're already training him." Itachi stated, "I've seen him and Sasuke play sniper with the paintball guns."

"No, he hasn't been trained like you and Sasuke. I only allow him to sit on these meetings because he has a fresh outlook on our operations; as if he were an outsider. To him, he's just playing with his brother."

Itachi frowned, "Father, I've watched him take aim; today actually and it's what led me to look up his files. His accuracy isn't that of just playing; he knows what he's doing." He paused. "Do you think it's possible that his father showed him what to do or perhaps he watched his parents while they practiced?"

The information seemed to shock the elder Uchiha. While he planned on letting Naruto ask about his parents, he hadn't thought that the boy might have already been exposed to his parents' job. It wasn't exactly something you would show a five year old; perhaps he had seen someone else do it rather recently and learned quickly.

"Watch him for now Itachi. Make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble and let him grow up."

He nodded at his son and vanished before Itachi could ask any other questions. With quick strides, he moved to his room where he found his wife folding clothes on the bed. She looked at him and instantly took in the shock in his eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"Itachi knows about Naruto's parents," he answered and sat on the bed.

"We knew he would ask about it eventually," she said carefully, moving to sit next to him so she could massage his tense shoulders.

He relaxed slowly under her soft touch and let out a sigh. "That's not all Mikoto. The child; he knows how to shoot already." Her touch faltered for a moment before they continued, "Itachi told me that Naruto was playing with Sasuke today and from what it sounds like; Naruto has an accuracy that he shouldn't have at his age."

"Sasuke was covered in orange paint today when they finished," Mikoto said. "And Naruto was barely touched."

"Sasuke hasn't been trained to shoot properly. He won't until he turns seven at least; even Itachi is still learning basic combat moves."

The female shrugged and placed a kiss on his check. "Perhaps it was just a mistake and we're looking into this too much. You know that they…"

"I know."

Silence filled the large room and Mikoto stood up again to resume folding the clothes. Within minutes Fugaku stood as well and went to the closet so he could change for dinner.

During dinner, Itachi kept a silent eye on Naruto. The blond was happily talking with Sasuke about the things they were going to do tomorrow. It was nearing the snowy season and within a few days they were expecting a large blizzard to hit the area and he knew that the two boys were tying to enjoy the outside before it hit. Naruto rarely liked to stay inside and was always outside doing something. Knowing that the blond was going to be cooped up for the next week made Itachi wonder about his own sanity.

He excused himself from the table and no soon had he left the dinning room, did he feel two bodies attack him. He turned around and smiled down at the two cubby faces that looked up at him.

"Play with us Itachi." Naruto chirped.

Sasuke was silent and didn't say anything on the subject, but Itachi could see the hopeful look on his face as well. He let out an amused sigh. "What do you two want to play?"

"Chess." Sasuke immediately said.

Naruto's face turned into a scowl at the mentioned game and Itachi knew that the blond didn't like to play the game. Sasuke knew the game well because Itachi had taught him but the blond was never taught the basics. His brother didn't have the patience to teach him and they both grew frustrated whenever they tried to play.

"Maybe we should play something we can all play. Chess is only for two people."

His brother pouted slightly. "But, we haven't played in forever Itachi.'


"It's okay Itachi; I can watch." Naruto said softly from his side and Sasuke disappeared from the room so he could find the chess set before Itachi had a chance to protest.

The raven looked at the youngest child and noticed that his eyebrows were furrowed, as if in deep thought. It wasn't as if there was anything wrong with the child thinking, but it was the silence that had crept over him. His breathing had slowed down and Itachi had to strain to catch it. Before he could delve any further into the problem, Sasuke came bounding into the room with the chess set.

It didn't take long for them to start a quick game and Itachi found that he had missed the quiet times with his brother. It wasn't as though having Naruto around meant he was a burden, far from that actually. He had helped to brighten the mansion and his cheerfulness was always soothing to come home to.

"Check mate." Itachi said as he moved his piece and Sasuke let out a wail of disappointment.

"Rematch." He demanded.

A chuckle behind them made the trio look towards the doorway. The blond let out a chirp of happiness and darted towards the male, who caught him and swung him around slightly. Once they settled down, he balanced the child on his hip and the two Uchiha's walked over.

"Your mother said that it was time for you three to get to bed. Apparently, you guys had a long day."

Itachi nodded absently to his cousin and allowed Naruto to be handed off to him. The child shifted in his arms and he set him on the ground. He grabbed Sasuke's wrist and pulled him down the hallway to their bedrooms so they could get ready for bed. Once they vanished, Itachi looked at his older cousin.

"Have we cracked the codes yet Obito?"

There was a negative shake of his head, "Not yet, but we're hoping with this new building we'll be able to gather more information. This is the last hurdle we need to gain control of the information network."

Itachi frowned and knew that if his cousin was still having trouble breaking the combination, then someone else was still out there protecting it. For the past two months they had been trying to hack into the main frame of someone they considered a rival in the business. The Akatsuki Federation was meeting them step for step and making it near impossible to get into the central computer.

Whoever was working on the firewalls in the company was a genius at their job.

"They'll break soon; no one is perfect." Obito said and moved to walk towards the basement where the computers were located, "Have a good night Itachi."

The raven grunted his reply and walked towards the stairs in the opposite direction. Outside he could hear the harsh wind foretelling the incoming cold front that was going to bring rain before the snow hit. He pitied the men working in the basement tonight and for the rest of the winter season. The rooms down there were kept cold to begin with due to the massive amounts of computers, but in the winter season, it would become colder.

After getting ready for bed, he pulled out the binder from between the wall and bed so he could read more. Naruto's entire background was written here and he knew that the information had come from his own parents. Detailed accounts of favorite foods and achievements were documented from when the family had still been together and at the back of the binder was a small baby book with neat, female handwriting.

Outside, a loud clap of thunder made him jump and he put the binder away. It was late enough already and if his mother came by and saw that he was still awake, he would be in trouble. He turned the lights off and curled under the blankets as another bolt of lightning lit up his room.

Sleep had just started to overtake him when he heard his door creak open. His hand drifted underneath his pillow and fingers curled around the metal handle of his knife. The light from the hallway illuminated the body and he relaxed his grip slightly as the short figure made its way closer to his bed. Soon, a chubby face was close to his own and he could see large blue eyes due to the backlight.

"Yes Naruto?"

"I'm scared." Naruto said quietly and Itachi could detect the faintest tremors of fear in his voice. "Can I sleep with you tonight?"

Itachi shifted on the bed and lifted up the warm covers, allowing Naruto to scramble inside the warmth. He jumped when another fierce clap of thunder echoed across the sky and he clamped his hands over his head. The covers were dropped back on their bodies and Itachi reached over to pull the child closer to his body, tucking the blond head under his chin.

Soft tremors shook the child's body and Itachi wrapped his arms around the shaking body. Sasuke considered himself too old to be scared of thunderstorms and would stay in his room but Naruto hadn't been brought up an Uchiha. No doubt, if his parents were still alive, he would have found his way to their room instead of his own tonight.

The thought tore at him and his heart went to the child. Despite the brave and cheerful face that he constantly put forward, deep inside he was still just a child; one that wasn't used to being brave at such a young age. His parents' line of work may have been dangerous but it was all done in the shadows and he didn't have to follow in their footsteps.

He would never have to put up a fake face.

But he did have to grow up quickly that night and adapt to the new changes that had entered his life.

With that thought, Itachi tightened his grip and Naruto pressed closer to his chest. His determination was set and he knew that no matter what happened; he would protect the blond bundle of joy to the best of his ability. He would make sure that no harm came to the innocence in him and try to protect it from all that the world had to offer.

It was the least he could do for him.

He placed a soft kiss on the top of his head and murmured softly. "Go to sleep Naruto, the storm will pass soon. I'll protect you."

The blond mumbled something that Itachi couldn't hear but he felt Naruto's body relax slightly before his breathing slowly evened out.

It wasn't often that Itachi slept in and even more rare that his parents let him oversleep. But for whatever reason, when Itachi awoke, light was streaming through the windows and he could hear the clock down the hall chiming eight bells. A heavy weight on his chest made drew his attention away from the clock and he slowly opened his eyes as something poked his cheek.

Staring back at him were two bright blue eyes and he felt something rise in his throat. The yell never escaped his mouth as he hurriedly swallowed it down but it didn't stop his body from pushing away from the face until his back hit the wall. His heart pounded in his chest and the small head cocked to the side.


He willed his heart to calm down and he cleared his throat. "What are you still doing here Naruto?"

"Oh!" He chirped and smiled widely. "Waffles."

"What?" He asked.

"I want waffles and I can't use the waffle maker yet."

Itachi knew this was true but he couldn't understand why he didn't ask someone else. "Well, why didn't you ask mother or father?" He asked, standing up and stretching.

The blond stood as well and tried to walk forward to mimic Itachi's movements but stumbled over his pant legs. When he recovered he looked up at the raven and pouted when he noticed Itachi was trying not to laugh.

"You were still sleeping and someone could have hurt you." He said and his voice dropped, "I was protecting you until you woke up. But then you kept sleeping and I got hungry."

Itachi paused in his stretching and noticed that Naruto stopped as well. His lips quirked as the blond wobbled unsteadily on one leg while the other was pressed against his chest. The raven let his own leg drop and with a sigh of relief, Naruto followed his lead. He leaned over and picked the child up and opened his door; there was no sense in keeping him from eating then; not to mention that it was rather late in the morning already.

His parents looked up at him as he entered the kitchen and Naruto squirmed to get down. Once he was on the floor, he scurried over to the pantry and started to look for the waffle mix while Itachi pulled out some blueberries and milk. He heard his name being called and he turned to see his mother looking at him with a curious look on her face.

"Are you alright Itachi?"

He nodded, "I'm fine mother. Why, did something happen last night?"

She shook her head, "Naruto was sitting on your bed this morning when we came to see if you were awake yet."

"The storm scared him last night." Itachi answered and set the blond on the countertop while he poured the batter onto the small grill.

The answer seemed to satisfy one of her questions but Itachi could see that she had something else on her mind. He ushered Naruto into the breakfast area where Sasuke was already eating and turned to look at his mother.

"He wouldn't let us enter the room." She said after a while, "Even though he knew who we were, he kept saying that you were tired and needed to sleep…and that he was protecting you."

Itachi frowned, "He said something like that this morning. That he couldn't leave to get breakfast until I woke up or else someone could try and hurt me." He paused in thought, "Did he see something last night that made him act like that?"

"I don't think so. But he was rather determined to make sure that no one entered the room. He had one of your darts in his hand and even though it wouldn't have caused damage to a person, it was the fact that he thought to use it."

The timer went off and Itachi pulled the golden waffle from the maker and set it on a plate. Within moments the sound of scampering feet was heard on the floor and Naruto appeared next to Itachi. He placed the small plate in the boys' hands and sent him on his way. Once he was out of earshot, he looked at his mother again.

"I'm starting to think that he knew about his parents' job. If he's mimicking them, then he knows more than he's letting on." He glanced towards the blond who was pouring a hefty amount of syrup over the waffles and his father let out a yell when he looked up from his coffee. He snatched the bottle away from Naruto and set it on the other side of the table so it was out of reach.

A pout settled on his face and Itachi watched as blue eyes darted around the room, checking it for extra people. After deciding that the coast was clear, he ducked under the table and resurfaced a minute later. The syrup bottle was held tightly in his hand and Itachi watched as he pushed his chair further away from his father so he couldn't steal the bottle again.

It took his father a second or two to realize that the bottle was gone and Naruto was out of reach. It was then that Itachi felt his eyes widen and he knew what was going to happen before his father even stood up.

"We're going to have to start wearing lace less shoes if we are to advance any further in our field." He said.

Mikoto looked at him for a second before a loud shout drew her attention back to the breakfast niche, where her husband was sprawled out on the floor with the chair laying on top of him. They moved to his side and she bit her lip as he blew a piece of hair away from his face and a look of annoyance settled over his features. Next to her, Itachi's gaze focused on the legs of the chair, where his father shoelaces were tied.

He looked up towards the blond who was happily eating syrup drenched waffles. When he noticed that Itachi was staring at him he turned to look at him and a small but demented smile slipped across those plump lips.

"That child," Itachi stated, drawing his parents' attention to him. "Is an evil genius."

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