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The dimly lit room made it hard for Itachi to see as he stood in the threshold of the doorway. He wasn't sure if he should venture in further or not, his heart pounding against his chest. All it would take was a few simple steps to enter the room and confirm the thoughts racing through Itachi's mind. The ones that supplied the answer of who the new Akatsuki leader was.

And if he was right, then Itachi didn't know what to think. It would mean that everything would be a lie, or at least another lie, something Itachi wasn't sure if he could handle right now. He still had trouble getting over the fact that Naruto was alive and had been protecting him for four years and that his mother was the one who killed his father.

It was a hard pill to swallow. And things would only turn harder if what Itachi thought now came true. It would be an even harder pill to force down, one that might not go down in the end.

Before he could take a step forward, Mikoto brushed past him and glanced over her shoulder. "I'll go in first to prove that you'll be safe. If he wishes to shoot, he'd have to go through me first."

Itachi frowned but didn't say anything as he let the woman go before him. If the man in that room wanted him dead, then Itachi had no doubt that he would've died a long time ago. The complexity of such a plan was mind boggling to the fact that Itachi could barely see where it started and where it ended.

"Sir," Mikoto said softly before him. "I have Itachi Uchiha."

The lights slowly brightened, allowing Itachi's eyes to adjust naturally instead of blinding him instantly. It was a gesture of good faith in its way, but it didn't mean that Itachi relaxed his guard any. His body remained tense and waited for a sign to spring into action should the need arise.

His eyes settled on the chair that sat behind a desk, noting that it – and the person who sat in it – faced the wall. The room lacked any windows, making it impossible for a sniper to take a shot and Itachi had to give the man credit. He knew how to protect himself for the most part.

"Sir?" Mikoto asked, coming to a stop in front of the desk.

"I can see that," a low voice answered and two hands rose slowly so they were visible. "I am unarmed, Itachi. You can shoot me down the moment I turn around or you can agree to hear me out."

Itachi swallowed, the urge to shoot the man on spot was overwhelming. To hold back went against everything his father had taught him. But at the same time, Itachi wanted answers more than anything else. Especially if the person was who he thought they were. "Turn around first and perhaps I'll decide from there," he stated instead.

The figure remained in the chair for a moment before turning around slowly. Itachi himself holding his breath, secretly hoping that it was someone else, but at the same time, hoping he was right. It was explain so many things but bring up more questions at the same time. In short, it was more confusing than Itachi honestly wanted to deal with.

It felt like cold ice water had rushed over his body though when the chair finally stopped before him and his eyes settled on the familiar face of Naruto sitting before him. He sucked in a deep breath and tried to calm the raging emotions that raced through his body at the sight of the younger male.

"Naruto," he murmured in shock, trying to piece everything together and wondering how everything had come to be.

"I didn't betray you, Itachi," Naruto answered quickly but stayed still in his chair. He wouldn't move and wouldn't speak until Itachi asked. Right now, the ball was in Itachi's court and even though Naruto had plenty of things to say, it wouldn't matter if Itachi wouldn't listen to him.

Itachi's fingers curled, itching to wrap around his gun but it was only because it was Naruto that he held his fire. "Why?" He choked out, barely remembering Naruto's words that Naruto spoke last night. The ones urging him to listen first and fire second. "Why are you sitting here in this chair? At this company and leading this gang?"

Naruto held his gaze. "Because I was trying to help and protect you. Every move, every step that I made was for you. You already know about the fake death but there were other reasons as well. Reasons that I couldn't tell you earlier."

"Then tell me now," Itachi demanded. "Tell me everything Naruto. No more secrets. I want to know the whole truth."

Naruto nodded, his still dyed hair swaying at the motion. "I know and I can tell you now. The months leading up to my 'death' we were able to discover who the original founder of Akatsuki was. The man named Madara, who was your kin. But despite the blood relation, he cared nothing for the family and wished to destroy it, as I'm sure you knew." He looked at Mikoto briefly before continuing. "We had hoped to use my death as a way to allow myself to get closer to the Akatsuki and infiltrate their ranks without the fear of it backfiring against the family."

Itachi nodded, parts of the plan making sense. But he still didn't understand why Naruto had to keep such information from him and how he was able to take over the Akatsuki if his original plan had been to infiltrate the ranks. "Something must have happened to make you change your plans so drastically."

A small wince settled over Naruto's face. "Well, something did happen. I was able to work my way in, but a few months after that, an opportunity presented itself and I couldn't afford to let it go. At the time, we didn't know about Mikoto's relationship with Madara and when the time came for me to hit where it mattered, I took that chance."

Understanding dawned in Itachi's eyes and he twisted his head to look at Mikoto who seemed too shocked to move. "You killed him," he clarified. "And then took his spot."

Naruto nodded. "I did. He was mentally unstable after all these years and wished to ruin the lands with his plans. Enforce slavery on everyone and make them bow to his whims. I stopped that and pulled the forces back, making them bide their time while you grew stronger. I kept Akatsuki quiet while monitoring everything around us and making the necessary moves when possible." He shifted in the chair. "But then Mikoto approached us with her offer and we had to play our cards differently."

"This all happened within months of my death. While I had wanted to come back to tell you, I found myself unable to move after Mikoto approached us.. We couldn't take the risk that she knew about my fake death and instead move on her own." Naruto's eyes lowered. "I joined the team last minute, hoping to prevent her from killing Fugaku. I had warned him but he loved her too much to believe it. In the end, I was too late to stop those events from happening."

Itachi shivered slightly. "Then you were the one who called for the attack on us. You knew both sides of the playing field and manipulated them into your favor."

Naruto shook his head. "Not my favor, your favor. I called off the attacks that night they chased us through the forest. I told the Akatsuki to pull back from the fight and not to injury anyone. I was the one who told them to hold the safe houses, knowing that your men would approach them with numbers that greatly overpowered them." He stood up slowly. "Everything I did was one step that helped you to advance two more steps."

Dark eyes widened briefly, seeing the brilliance behind Naruto's plan. Naruto controlled the chessboard, both the Akatsuki side and Itachi's side. He knew the plays that they were both going to make and could adjust each side to counter for it as situations arose. He made sure that Akatsuki wouldn't get antsy by promising them what they wanted, knowing full well that Itachi could handle what he threw at them.

Naruto could see everything he needed and decide from there, all the while hiding in the darkness. No one knew him on either side except for his team. But even Naruto left them in the dark so they could act accordingly and without suspicion when the time came. If they didn't act accordingly, then it would have only aroused more suspicion and no one would've believed them. But Naruto's team had full trust in him, knowing that whatever he had planned wouldn't harm them in any way. And in knowing that, they had allowed things to happen.

"It wasn't a betrayal," Itachi whispered, feeling his shoulders relax slightly.

It was anything but and if Itachi had to label it as something, he would call it an opportunity. It was an opportunity that didn't come around often but it had and Naruto had taken the chance without hesitation. Despite knowing that he would have to shun everything and leave his friends and family behind, and despite knowing the chance of death, Naruto had still taken that chance.

If Itachi had found himself in Naruto's shoes, he would've done the same thing. It was what they understood and while Itachi considered himself a mastermind in the tactics of battle and planning, it seemed as though Naruto was a step above him. Naruto was a genius.

Naruto shook his head. "No. I never wished to betray you or the family. I simply wished to protect you. Everything is in our favor now because of this. The Akatsuki is set to crumble soon, your people are taking care of the underlings and mine have taken out the other members. Nothing will remain but dead bodies and violence. Violence that will easily link back to this company when the police discover the massacre.

"Once that happens, everything will be out in the open and bank files will be looked at, linking the Akatsuki to their allies and from there, those too will fall." Triumph settled in Naruto's eyes as he leaned forward. "The world is yours for the taking after that happens Itachi. Once the Akatsuki crumbles and takes her allies with her, there will be no one to stand in your way."

A small shiver worked its way through Itachi's body at the words before a smirk settled on his face. "Brilliant," he whispered.

Now that he had taken seen the finer points of Naruto's plan, he could step back to see the large picture. And it was a thing of beauty. He could see all the lines of blame from the past string of violent happens attached to the Akatsuki and the allies around it. Naruto held onto them but he was about to let go. And when that happened, everything would crash to the ground around him, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction in his wake.

"You're an evil genius, Naruto," Itachi breathed.

Naruto smirked. "Thank you," he chirped and looked relieved at how Itachi was taking the news.

A loud slump pulled them both from their thoughts and Itachi turned to look over his shoulder at Mikoto who had crumpled to the floor. Tears streamed down her cheeks from her eyes and she looked distraught as she gazed up at Itachi and Naruto.

"You're the one who killed Madara?" she gasped. "You told me he killed himself."

Naruto frowned slightly. "He did. He wasn't in his right mind and fought a losing battle with what little he had left of himself before I finished the job for him. Madara had become nothing more than a shadow of the man he had once been. He was long dead before I shot the husk his body had become."

She shook her head, eyes wide. "I trusted you," she stated, pointing a finger at him. "I trusted you when you said that you would keep my boys safe."

"I kept them safe," Naruto claimed. "Both Itachi and Sasuke are alive and well because of the actions I did. Your betrayal to the family almost had them killed, Mikoto. You gave information away regarding plans and people. That would've killed them if it had been anyone but me that you came to. If you had come to Pein or Madara, they wouldn't have hesitated to kill them. I saved their lives while you only endangered them more."

Mikoto pulled at her hair at the words, not wanting to believe them. "No. I love my boys and would never do anything to harm them." Her eyes narrowed and took on a frenzied look. "But it was you who tried to harm them with your lies. You betrayed this family not me. I loved them and you never did."

"Enough," Itachi hissed, silencing Mikoto with a cool look. "I know that Naruto's death hurt and the truth about it hurt just as much, but it's your betrayal to me and more importantly father that cuts the most. Naruto did what was right for the family and if I had a chance to do such a thing, I would've done the same thing. But what you did was wrong for the family and it's something I can't forgive."

Shock and terror crossed Mikoto's face and she shook her head rapidly. "No, no. You've just been brainwashed into believing something else and now you're confused. I'm your mother and you know that I only want what's best for you. The family would've killed you eventually if I hadn't tried to get you out of its evil grip." Her hands made a wringing motion. "Why can't you see that, Itachi?"

Itachi stepped further away from Mikoto, moving closer to Naruto and feeling better for it. Naruto was a comforting presence behind him and while the sting of betrayal remained, it was nowhere near as strong as it had been before. Instead, the betrayal he felt for Mikoto replaced the original pain, and it burned low in his stomach. The betrayal of a friend or lover hurt, but nowhere near the same pain that came from a family member.

Behind him, Naruto stepped away from the desk and circled around it slowly before coming to stand before Itachi, putting himself between the two Uchiha's. "It's over, Mikoto. You're betrayal ends here and I refuse to allow you to hurt Itachi or anyone else from the family."

"It's not me who is hurting them but you!" She screeched and lunged at Naruto.

Naruto moved forward to intercept her and Itachi jumped back onto the top of the desk. The soles of his boots tore apart papers that littered the surface but he ignored them in favor of focusing on Naruto. While Itachi knew that Naruto could handle himself against Mikoto, there was a high chance that she wouldn't play fair in this fight. She had nothing to lose and nothing to gain, leaving her in a less than ample spot.

But Naruto was an experienced fighter and even though he knew Mikoto, nothing held him back. Naruto fought to protect Itachi, even though Itachi could handle himself in this battle. It was something though that Naruto had to do, as he was partially responsible for her breakdown and at the same time, it was proving to Itachi where Naruto's loyalties lay.

He winced slightly as Naruto kicked Mikoto away harshly and her back pressed against the wall while she panted heavily for breath. "You're siding with him?" she spat as she turned to look at Itachi. "You would side with this person over your own family."

"He didn't betray me as you did, Mikoto," Itachi stated and slid off the desk. "And he's not just a person. He's Naruto. My protector, my planner, my right hand man. My lover." He finished as he stepped behind Naruto. It was a bit early to admit that honestly, but it felt right saying it and Itachi wanted to say the words aloud.

Mikoto shook with fury, not at all pleased with the turn of events. "If you refuse to believe me and return to that dangerous world than I would rather take you out myself," she snarled. "I will not lose you to the likes of that world and if I can save you from the pain in the long run, then I will. Even if it means bringing down this building around us." Her hand dug into the pockets of her pants and pulled out a small device that fit easily into her palm.

Itachi tensed at the sight of it, knowing exactly what the device was. "Don't do anything rash, Mikoto," he warned, not wanting to set her off with a bomb device in her hand. "Where did you get that?"

"I've had it as a backup for a while now, just in case something happened where I had to betray Pein. I just never expected that I would have to use it on my own flesh and blood instead," Mikoto answered, her body shaking so hard that she had trouble keeping a grip on the device. "I planted the bomb in the floor below us, so when it goes off in Pein's office, it will take us all out."

"You don't have to do this, Mikoto," Itachi stated calmly.

Mikoto shook her head. "I hate that I have to do this to you Itachi, I love you so much. You're my son. But you leave me with no choice."

A loud gunshot fired in the silence of the room before Mikoto could say anything and Itachi's fingers tightened on Naruto's shoulders as Mikoto slumped to the floor with a bullet between her eyes. He didn't know when Naruto had pulled out the gun or even where he had it hidden on his person, but the fact of it was that Naruto had acted before any danger could fall on them.

"Naruto," he murmured lowly.

"Not now," Naruto answered. "Our own bombs are set to go off soon and we need to get out of here."

Itachi paled slightly. In the mess of everything, he had forgotten about the bombs that they had placed and a quick glance at his watch showed that they didn't have enough time to make it all the down before the bombs started to go off. "Is everyone already out?" He asked as Naruto moved over closet.

Naruto nodded. "They're out and now it's time for us to join them. I had a backup plan in case things went wrong and now it seems as though we'll be using that one."

"What did you have planned? A slide from the top floor?" Itachi asked sarcastically, still unsure how they were going to get out of this mess.

Naruto ignored the comment and stepped inside the closet, revealing steps to the top of the roof. "That would be too obvious and cost way too much money to build one. And a parachute was out of the question as it wouldn't work in a situation like this." He glanced back to make sure Itachi followed before pushing open the hatch to the roof. "I went with a hang glider instead."

Itachi stared at Naruto. "You're serious. Out of all the plans you could've picked, you went with a hang glider?"

Naruto shrugged as the building shook violently underneath them as the first set of bombs went off. It wouldn't collapse just yet, but within a few more minutes, it would come tumbling down. "It seemed like a good idea. Easy enough to hide and they get us further away from the building. Unless you have another idea."

The building shook again, making Itachi sway on his feet and he made his way over to Naruto's side without any more hesitation. "No. No other ideas, I'll take yours this time." He let Naruto attach him to the harness and was amazed at how steady Naruto's hands were despite the way the building shook.

Once secure, Naruto guided him to the edge and Itachi felt panic flare up inside his body when he realized that Naruto hadn't attached himself to a glider yet. His fear must've shown in his eyes because Naruto gave him a small smile before speaking. "I promise that I'll be down there this time. But my first concern is you, it always has been."

Itachi cursed as Naruto started to run, guiding the hanger towards the edge. The heat from inside the building quickly caught underneath the wings, sending him airborne before Itachi could stop himself. Instinct took over from there, as Itachi had taken a class before on hang gliding after a prompt from Naruto years back. Looking back at it now, Itachi couldn't help but shake his head as the glider moved peacefully through the air.

He chanced a quick glance behind him, hoping to catch a glimpse of Naruto but the change in weight distribution made Itachi focus once more. Naruto had promised him that they would see each other again and as the sound of the building falling to the ground echoed throughout the city, Itachi could only hope that that was the case.

The glider dipped to the ground and Itachi jogged along the surface until it came to a stop, his hands quickly working at the harness. It wouldn't take long before the collapse attracted attention and already people had started to become aware of everything going on.

He turned as someone called his name and Gaara appeared at his side along with Minato, and they quickly helped him break down the glider. Behind them, a truck raced down the street to pick them up and Itachi glanced up at the sky to look for Naruto. "Where's Naruto?" he asked, finding nothing but billowing smoke in the skies.

"Later," Minato said and pushed Itachi into the vehicle. "We need to get out of here. Naruto is safe, I can promise you that."

Itachi nodded, accepting the words for now as the vehicle took off down the road as the first sounds of sirens started to pierce the morning light. He let out a heavy sigh as they drove away and slumped against the cushions, feeling exhausted. "It's over," he muttered. Years of fighting were finished within a few hours.

Minato glanced at him, his eyes carefully guarded. "He told you?" he asked simply.

"He did. He told me everything," Itachi answered. "I still can't believe that he was able to do all that."

"He had help," Gaara answered. "But he did it all for you, despite the pain and dangers that were presented to him. He did it without hesitation and I know he would do it again."

Itachi shook his head. "I know and I know I should be mad but I look at everything he did. Not just for the family but for me. He did everything for me and it makes me realize how much he cares for me. That takes away the bite of anger until it's nothing more than a small speck of anger." He laughed lightly at the thought, feeling lighter than he had in years.

Gaara smiled at the words. "He missed you greatly," he commented. "It was hard for him the whole time through, but that first year was the worst. He felt horrible but knew that in the end it would be worth it to see you as evil Overlord. One track mind that one."

Dark eyes turned to look out the window as they sped through the roads. "I know. I know just how much he cares for me and it's a feeling that a return. Or at least it will be in time. We still need to talk about some things before we can say what the future holds for us."

"But you're not mad at him?" Minato asked, glancing at Itachi from the corner of his eyes.

Itachi shook his head. "No. I can't be. Not after all that he sacrificed for me. I would be a heartless fool to stay mad at him now."

Minato chuckled as they pulled through the gates. "Good. Because he wants your forgiveness more than anything else and to serve at your side if you'll let him."

They climbed out of the vehicle and Itachi focused on a figure sitting on the steps. He couldn't help but shake his head and as he walked closer to where Naruto waited for them. "You're a reckless fool, Naruto," he murmured, reaching out to stroke Naruto's cheek before dropping to his knees to pull him closer. He buried his face into Naruto's neck and felt arms tighten around his body as Naruto trembled against him. "Thank you," he murmured.

Naruto's answer muffled against the clothing Itachi wore, but the relief echoed strongly in the way Naruto's shoulders slumped before letting all walls down. It was a moment of weakness - probably the only weakness Naruto had allowed himself since the time of his death - but it was one long overdue.

Itachi could only hold Naruto tight against him as Naruto shook in his grip and cried silently into his chest. Tears of relief, joy, and pain cascaded openly, and just the overall comfort that everything was finally over.

.:|Evil Genius |:.

Itachi watched from doorway as round after round fired into the practice dummy, each bullet piercing a vital point with accuracy. It was a testament to Naruto's skill with a weapon and the speed at with he worked. He had worked hard in the years that had passed and now Itachi could watch him work for the first time.

It had been two weeks since the collapse of the Akatsuki and in that time, Naruto worked to make sure that everything went as planned. Just because the organization was gone didn't mean they could relax and Naruto constantly made sure that everything ran smoothly.

He stripped the gun down and Itachi stiffened as Naruto turned around, pulling out his hearing protection. "How long are you going to stand there, Itachi?" he asked.

"Until I knew it was safe to enter the room," Itachi answered, his voice light and teasing. He stepped into the room and gently pulled Naruto close to him. "You need to take a break. You're working too hard," he murmured.

Naruto shivered against him. "And how would you suggest that I take a break?" he asked, his eyes lowering slightly.

"I have a few ideas," Itachi answered and nipped at Naruto's ear while his hand trailed down the covered chest. Fingers played with the hem of Naruto's shirt before slipping underneath the fabric, brushing over tan skin. "I think we both have gone too long without each other's touch. Care to indulge and spoil ourselves for once?"

"I would like that," Naruto purred. He twisted his head around and captured Itachi's lips with his own. A low moan left his throat at the familiar feeling and he pressed closer to Itachi, wanting more. "Are you going to take me right here?" he asked when they parted. He looked back at the shooting range and somehow found the whole idea rather arousing.

Itachi's eyebrow raised and he smirked. "I think I like the idea," he stated and reached into his pocket to pull out a small thing of lube. "And perhaps I thought about it the whole time I watched you hit that target with deadly accuracy."

Naruto smirked and he stepped backwards toward the shooting stall. "Did I make you aroused and horny with my gun skills?" he asked, eyes dancing with lust and humor. "Or do you like the knowledge that all this power works for you and only you can control me? That I only answer to you and I'm loyal to only you," he continued, propping his hip up on the flat surface.

"Those are both good reasons," Itachi said, following Naruto and trapping him on the table with his arms. "But just the sight of you is enough to arouse me. Everything else is just a wonderful bonus."

"That's good to know," Naruto answered and looped his arms around Itachi's neck, pulling him down for another searing kiss. Lips molded together and they both moaned as mouths opened, tongues joining the kiss as they curled around each other.

Pale hands skimmed down Naruto's sides, teasing them with light strokes until Itachi reached the bottom of Naruto's shirt. He tugged on it, pushing it up Naruto's body. Their kiss broke for a second and the shirt fell to the floor before they connected once more. Fingers tweaked and rolled dusky nipples, making Naruto arch under Itachi's touch.

Despite the years that had passed between them, Itachi still remembered Naruto's body well and knew how to play it like an instrument. Fingers found familiar spots and he stroked and teased them until Naruto was a panting and squirming mess underneath him. Blue eyes were hazy with arousal and Naruto's face was flushed with desire.

The sight made Itachi groan lowly and he reached down to cup Naruto through his pants. "Did you touch yourself during the years we were apart? Jacking off to the sight of me from afar? Knowing that you could have me if you only stepped out of the shadows, but at the same time, knowing that you couldn't?"

Naruto nodded. "You have no idea," he moaned, his head tipping back. "I snuck into your room once when you were gone to take an old shirt so I could have something to help fuel the memory and images."

"Naughty boy," Itachi purred as he continued rubbing the hard cock through the confines of Naruto's pants. "I should punish you for that. But not now. Not when I can barely keep myself from indulging in your body."

Naruto trembled at the words and bucked his hips into Itachi's hand, urging him to do more than tease and talk. His body cried for Itachi's touch and he wanted nothing more than to have Itachi draped over his body. "Then less talk and show me what exactly you can do to me," he growled, tugging Itachi down for a harsh kiss.

Teeth clicked together and Itachi's hands tore at Naruto's pants, shoving them down strong legs and letting Naruto kick them off. There wouldn't be anything smooth and tender this round or the following one. Too many years had passed for that to happen. Too much lost time they needed to recover. Once they had familiarized themselves with each other again they would take it slow, but not yet.

Itachi's fingers circled around the hard cock, stroking it with slow movements that had Naruto bucking into his hand and tossing his head back. Nails dug into Itachi's shoulder, a silent demand for more and Itachi pushed him back, making him lay on the table. He followed Naruto down and gripped tan hips tightly before lowering his head onto the throbbing cock.

Naruto bucked against his hand, a low whine escaping his mouth when he realized he couldn't move properly and he clawed at the table as Itachi started to bob his head. Itachi hissed slightly as Naruto's hands found his hair and fingers tugged harshly at the locks. But if anything the pain aroused him even more and he palmed his erection through his pants.

They weren't going to last very long this first round but they had the rest of the day to indulge. Itachi had cleared his schedule and Sasuke was under strict orders to make sure no one disturbed them unless the world was ending or there was a zombie invasion going on. And seeing as those two things were unlikely to happen, they would have plenty of time together.

Itachi pressed his tongue against the thick vein and slowly pulled away from Naruto's cock, hollowing out his cheeks to provide more pleasure. Underneath him, Naruto squirmed and panted, begging for more and Itachi let his teeth scrap lightly over the swollen head. "Not yet," he purred and wrapped his fingers around the base of Naruto's cock.

"Itachi!" Naruto howled, frustrated to have his orgasm denied. He whimpered as Itachi tied his hair tie around the base of his cock and trembled as Itachi stepped back from him. "You're cruel," he stated, watching as Itachi started to strip. His eyes trailed over Itachi's body and precum dribbled down his cock.

"You'll thank me for this once it's all said and done," Itachi answered, kicking away his clothes. He settled between Naruto's legs and nudged the tight entrance with his finger. "Has anyone else taken you here?" he asked, possessive side flaring up at the thought of Naruto sharing a bed with either Gaara or someone else in the past.

Naruto shook his head. "No, just you." He flushed and rolled his hips down to push against Itachi's finger. "And maybe a toy or two," he admitted.

Itachi's eyes darkened further with lust as his mind provided the image for him and he groaned lowly. "I'll have to see that one day but for now, I'll be the one to give you pleasure," he breathed and fumbled for the lube. He slicked his fingers up and without pause, pushed two fingers through. The action made Naruto hiss and Itachi smirked at the glare Naruto threw him. "You wouldn't like it as much if there wasn't any pain," he pointed out, thrusting his fingers lightly.

A low groan left Naruto's throat and he rolled his hips to meet each thrust of Itachi's fingers. He couldn't deny that he enjoyed the pain. It was what he grew up with and was a part of him. Pain let him know that he was still alive and he would be able to fight another day, live another day, and love another day. Love Itachi again.

Another finger pushed in and Itachi watched as they moved in and out of Naruto's body, stretching the tight hole. He couldn't wait to replace his fingers with his cock and Itachi scissored his fingers, speeding up the process. It didn't take long before Naruto panted for more and Itachi quickly pulled out his fingers.

His coated his cock with the lube and Itachi pulled Naruto's legs to wrap around his waist. "I didn't think I would get to do this again," he murmured as he pushed his hips forward. The head of his cock pushed past the stretched entrance and Itachi slowly sank into the tight heat.

"Hu-hush," Naruto moaned and reached up, drawing Itachi in closer so they could share a kiss. He knew what was on Itachi's mind and now wasn't the time to be thinking about such things. Not when they were here in each other's arms. Naruto would never pull another stunt like that again. The world was theirs for the taking and there would never be a need to resort to such drastic measures.

Itachi groaned into Naruto's mouth as he clenched around him and he pulled his hips back before snapping them forward. The action made Naruto toss his head back in pleasure and claw at Itachi's back. Pain welled up around the area and Itachi thrust harshly into Naruto, the blood trickling down his back driving him forward. It seemed as though they both drew pleasure from pain.

He swiveled his hips, never breaking his movements as he searched for that one spot that would make Naruto scream. Too long had he gone without hearing Naruto's pleasurable yells and Itachi yearned to hear them again. Itachi pulled him closer, sliding in deeper and was rewarded with the cry he sought.

"There," Naruto moaned, his chest heaving and his cock straining against the makeshift cock ring.

Itachi smirked and let his fingers brush over the swollen cock, the lightest of touches making Naruto scream as his body shook with a mini orgasm that left Naruto begging incoherently. It was a breath taking sight and Itachi soaked in every moment of it as he continued to thrust, making Naruto's body slide against the metal table.

Flesh slapped against flesh, creating a song for them while pants and moans joined into the melody. It wouldn't be long now before their song reached its peak and they would have to come down from the high notes. But just because a song ended didn't mean that they couldn't replay it again and Naruto did sing beautifully when given the chance.

"That's it," Itachi murmured and shifted Naruto's legs up higher around his waist and gripped tan hips tighter, so he could thrust harder. He was close already and Itachi cursed lowly before slowing down. The action made Naruto's eyes snap open and Itachi leaned forward, licking away a drop of sweat. "Don't want to come too soon now do we?" he purred.

"I can't come at all because of you!" Naruto cried as Itachi moved slowly.

Itachi chuckled as he continued with the slow movements, giving himself enough time to calm himself down so their fun wouldn't end too soon. Naruto's legs trembled around his waist and after a few moments, Itachi sucked in a deep breath before trusting forward again. The strangled noise that left Naruto's mouth was well worth the down time and Itachi gripped tan legs as he started a hard and fast pace.

No words left them, just grunts and groans as they worked their way to completion. It didn't take long before Itachi could feel his orgasm approaching. It was right there and he redoubled his efforts as he reached down to tug at the ribbon that he had tied around the base of Naruto's cock.

His hand brushed ever so slightly over the swollen cock and Naruto's back arched as he came, a loud scream leaving his lips. Come splattered against the tan chest and Itachi moaned as Naruto clenched around him, pulling him towards his own orgasm as well. His hips jerked erratically as he rode out his orgasm and nails dug into Naruto's legs, drawing out a weak moan in the process.

Panting heavily, Itachi leaned forward and rested his arms on either side of Naruto. "I think that was a good start but we can do better next time."

Blue eyes lowered slightly, arousal still swimming in them. "I think so too. But how about we continue this elsewhere? As much as I love the shooting range and think that it was hot as hell to fuck here, I would prefer a soft bed right about now. That way we can fall asleep and continue again when we wake up without the worry of someone finding us."

Itachi hummed as he lapped up the cooling sweat on Naruto's skin. "I would rather people not see you naked. That's for me alone to see."

"Same for you," Naruto answered as he tilted his head back, giving Itachi more space to lick. "But you have to move first before we can do anything."

"Just a little longer," Itachi answered lowly. "Let me savor this before we have to move."

Naruto's eyes closed and he looped his arms around Itachi's back, pulling him closer and finding nothing wrong with the idea. They had spent too long from each other's arms and they could take a few extra minutes to hold each other before continuing once again. It was their world now and they could take all the time in the world if they so pleased. Nothing would separate them again.

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