Disclaimer: The Teen Titans don't belong to me.

Author's Note: Inspired by many songs, except the last three letters. In this, the characters are about 17-18ish. Short Rae/BB drabbles based on the letters of the alphabet.

Beast Boy's ABCs by Mika Casey

A is for Addicted

Beast Boy couldn't help but be addicted to Raven's touch.

It was, of course, a curious phenomenon to him. She avoided human contact when she could, staying alone in her room often and not bothering to come out, while he was a social butterfly. He believed it was a curiosity of something barely known to him.

When her skin brushed up against his, in the heat of battle or a chance encounter at the tower, he felt a rush of electricity through his body.

It left him waiting anxiously for the rare chance of touching her again.