Ahem... is this thing on?

Yes, it's been forever. Yes, you probably forget every story I had written and what it was about. I'll try my best to fix that.

Reason why I've been MIA in short - life, school, graduating, work, etc. But I really enjoyed writing on Fanfiction and to bring back some of that enjoyment in my life, figured we'd get back to it and at least finish off what I had started writing and the stories I had come up with.

I've started a new account however - here's the link to my newpage: (fanfiction . net) /~ceointraining

Name is kind of fitting now I suppose :D

I'll start reuploading all of my stories on there after just running through and ensuring that my grammar doesn't sound grade school. Would love to share the rest of Breathe Me, Forever and Always, as well as Clairvoyance with you all on there! :)