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Previously: exclaimed as we walked out of the restroom. I walked over to Alice and Edward.

"Alice, Edward this is Tiffany a friend of mine from Phoenix." I said smiling.


"Tiffany. This is Edward my fiance and Alice my soon to be sister-in-law and best friend in Forks." I said and felt the presence of the flock behind me.

Call me Bella I sent to the flock.

"Hey hells bells." Iggy said.

"hey pyro." I responded then was almost tackled in hugs by Ari, Angel, Ella, and Gazzy (for any of the flock's POV I'm saying their JP name).

"I missed you guys too. Now please get off of me." I said.

"Sorry Bella." Angel said.

"Yea sorry." Gazzy and Ari said.

"Shut up and hug me." I told them.

"Yes Bella" They said in unison and hugged me.

"What about me?" Fang asked and I hit him on the head

"Happy now?" I asked.

"You've made my year." Fang said sarcasticly.

"Hey, how about we go to your house?" Nudge suggested.

"Sure. Edward Alice? You guys want to come?" I asked.

"No. Were going camping tonight remember. In fact we need to be leaving soon." Alice said checking her watch.

"Have fun." I said.

"We will. Want me to bring your bags home for you?" Alice said.

"Sure." I replied handing her my bags.

"Bye, love." Edward said and kissed me goodbye.

"Bella and Edward, sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage then comes baby in the baby carriage." Iggy sang after Edward and Alice left. I gave him the bird.

"Classy." Fang muttered.

"Shall we?" I asked.

"you guys gonna fly?" My mom asked. I smiled and hugged her.

"Yea. I haven't flown in a while." I said.

We agreed that those that could fly would the rest would meet us at Charlie's house. The flight was quick and quiet. I was in the front. When we got to Charlie's we landed in the backyard so no one would see us. We entered threw the backdoor and sat in the living room. Five minutes later my mom and Jeb walked in along with Ella and Total.

"Hey Guys." I said and hugged Ella.

"Hey Bella." Ella said.

"Can I see it? Please?" Nudge begged while jumping up and down.

"Yes." I sighed. I held out my left hand and Nudge squealed.

"OHMYGOD!!!!! It's beautiful. Where did he get it?" Nudge asked me quickly.

"Thanks I know its beautiful, and it's a family air loom." I told her as Ella grabbed my hand.



I was heading to gym with Edward, Alice, and the Flock. Coach said that today we were doing dice running (Its were you roll dice and what ever number you get that's how meany laps you run). Ugh! The first roll was a six so the eight of us decided to run together. We got threw four rounds before I heard the familiar sound of mechanical wings flapping. I look at the flock and they nodded signaling me that they heard it too.

All of a sudden about 300 flyboys came crashing threw the celing of the gym. Student's started running and pushing each other to get to the exit.

The flyboys attacked me and the flock and me. I easily held off ten, Fang held off twenty, and Iggy held off fifteen. I saw the Cullen's take about eight each.

"Guy's run." I said while breaking one of the flyboys' spines.

"No! Bella, what's going on? And why are these things attaching?" Edward asked.

"Well, these robot's are called flyboys, it's kind of obvious on what's happening, and I don't know why there attaching." I said while still fighting.

"Need a hand?" Angel asked flying in above the ceiling with Gazzy and Ari.

"I'd love one sweetie." I told her while round housing a flyboy.

Angel took on about ten, Ari about fifteen, and Gazzy started making a boom with Iggy.

"Ten seconds and counting." Gazzy warned.

"U and A guys, unless you want to be blown up." I said.

We each grabbed one of the Cullen's hands and flew back to Charlie's house. Once we got there we let go of the Cullen's hands.

"So I take it we need to talk?" I guessed.

"Yes, we do? I take it that the blog is real?" edward asked.

"Yea and Charlie's not my real dad. He's a friend of Jeb-my real dad." I said.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Edwaard asked.

"It wasn't only my secret. You hate me don't you?" I asked looking down. Edward lifted my chin up with his finger, I felt his lips on mine. I kissed him back full force. Edward pulled away. I whispered: "Sorry I didn't quite catch that."

Edward kissed me again. We kissed for what seemed like forever. Until I heard some one clear their through.

"Get a room." Emmett said.

"It's my house and I can make-out with my fiance in it if I want to." I replied. Everyone laughed.

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