IchiRuki - Secret Drawings

Another day went by for Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki. Although their schoolwork, albeit unneeded in the Soul Reaper business, wasn't distracted by Hollows, they came in their grandma's afterwards, gaining Ichigo another fight session with his father, Isshin, for being late. The two went to their own business in Ichigo's room; Ichigo doing his homework which he knew was pointless, and Rukia continued to brush up on her drawing skills, unknowing if an explanation is needed that needs her illustrations.

"How's this one, Ichigo?" Rukia asked to her companion in Hollow-slaying. Ichigo looked round, to see another one of her fantasy-filled drawings, including Ichigo shooting a Getsuga Tenshou at a Hollow and Rukia using her Tsugi no Mai, Hakuren on another; the drawings of both of them were bunnies. Ichigo groaned.

"Crap, as usual." Ichigo said, continuing with his work.

"Good news!" She cheered, jumping down to put her drawing under the matress in Ichigo's wardrobe.

"I don't get it, Rukia." Ichigo started. "If you're really into artwork, why don't you just read some books on how to draw better? It'll be better than those rabbit drawings you do all the time."

"I like them because you don't." Rukia said with a smile. Ichigo sighed. But before he could turn around once more, Ichigo spotted some of Rukia's artwork which were under her matress. They were unfamiliar to him, since she always shows him when she completes really good ones. "Hey, what are those ones?" He asked while peering to get a better look. At once, Rukia flopped the mattress over it, and turned sharply.

"What ones are you talking about?" She asked rather hastily.

"C'mon, Rukia. It can't be all that bad, seeing as all the others are." Ichigo said, trying to get past her, to have a look. But Rukia pushed him away onto his bed.

"I don't want you to see!" Rukia said sternly. Ichigo was mortified that she had just pushed him away.

"Man, you didn't have to push. What's so important about a bunch of silly-looking drawings, anyway?" Asked Ichigo. Rukia blushed.

"Nothing!" Rukia said hastily. "Which is why you shouldn't be interested!"

"Ichigo, Rukia, dinner time!" Called Yuzu, Ichigo's younger sister.

"Okay!" Both said, walking out of the room.

"Gimme a minute, gotta go to the bathroom." Ichigo said, turning away from the stairs, heading for the bathroom. Rukia continued downstairs. As for Ichigo, he peered his head around to check if the coast was clear, which it certainly was. He crept like a ninja back to his room, quietly opened his wardrobe, currently, Rukia's sleeping spot and lifted the mattress to see her collection of drawings. Indeed, some were never viewed by his eyes, and now he knows why:

The secret drawings were none other than Ichigo and Rukia, in bunny form, in many pictures alone and in very promising postures: holding hands, tickling each other, Ichigo giving Rukia a piggyback ride, even kissing each other. One other drawing was of Ichigo and Rukia, no longer in bunny form, but as normal humans, holding hands and on the top of the picture, words were spread from one side to the other, reading: "Rukia loves Ichigo." Ichigo had many things he wanted to do: laugh, scream "What the hell?!", jump in joy, but all of them would reveal his position and get Ichigo exposed for sure. So, he put the drawings back under the bed, went downstairs and sat at the table with Rukia, Karin, Yuzu and his father.

"Where were you, Ichigo?" Asked Yuzu with worry. "Your dinner was getting cold."

"Sorry, it was a big one." Ichigo said with a comforting smile. All the way through his dinner, Ichigo couldn't stop giving Rukia funny looks. Every now and then, he'd give her a smile or a raised eyebrow.

"What? Do I have rice on my face?" Asked Rukia, after the fifth strange look. She felt the side of her face for any stray grains of rice, but felt nothing.

"Maybe he has the hots for you." Karin said beneath her eating of rice. Yuzu giggled, and Isshin began praising a poster of his deceased wife, saying how thrilled he is in how Ichigo found a mate, much to the awkwardness of both Ichigo and Rukia. After dinner, both went upstairs to go back to resting. However, Rukia froze when she came across her wardrobe, which was still open, and the mattress was out of position. Ichigo gulped as Rukia spun her head towards him, finally realising the meaning behind the funny looks.

"Ichigo, you bastard!" She screamed and threw him to the ground. "You've been peeking at my drawings, weren't you?!"

"Ugh..I...I..." Ichigo said, backing into a corner. Rukia approached menacingly, only resisting the urge to cast aside her Gigai and call on her Zanpakutou. She grabbed Ichigo by the collar and yanked him up.

"What do you have to say for yourself?! Huh?!" She yelled. Ichigo tried to back away in fright, but Rukia's strength was too much. There was only one thing to do, besides turning into his Soul Reaper form. And so, he lunged forward, snogging Rukia in the lips, exactly how it was in her picture. Rukia's grib immediately loosened, and used her now free hands to wrap her arms around Ichigo's head. Within ten seconds, they ceased, looking into each other's eyes.

"Isn't it obvious? I am saying I love you too." At that, Rukia blushed harder than she ever had.

"You idiot." She whispered. But Ichigo continued the kissing, much to Rukia's bliss. Now Ichigo was on the offensive as he was leaning over Rukia against the wall, pinning her wrists against it. She was in ecstasy over Ichigo, who wasn't the smartest of Soul Reapers, who has finally accepted her love, despite the fact he raided through her secret drawings to do so. They separated again, this time, Rukia began to unbotton her school blouse and remove her red ribbon.

"Wh-What are you doing?" Ichigo asked.

"What's it look like?" Rukia asked. "Since we're clearly in love for each other, we should have sex." Ichigo flinched at Rukia's ease over saying the word 'sex'.

"Don't you know a thing about sex?!" Ichigo hissed.

"I read a few books, or magazines." Rukia said. "And don't worry. Gigai can't have babies. Only Soul Reapers or the permanent bodies of a Soul Reaper can. So long as I stay in this Gigai, I'm safe. Call it the Soul Society's method of protection." Rukia now finished unbuttoning her blouse, taking it off, revealing her tiny bra, supporting what little flesh she had in her tiny breasts and making Ichigo blush like mad. "So, wanna do it, Ichigo Kurosaki?" She said this in a playful tone, forgeting all about her apparent rage. Ichigo smiled.

"You're such a nuisance..." Ichigo said light-heatedly. Before he could continue, he looked outside his room, to make sure Yuzu and his father weren't spying on them, thankfully not. Meanwhile, Rukia unclipped her bra, and let it slide from her arms, now revealing her tiny breasts, making Ichigo blush heavily. Rukia giggled.

"Come on, it's not all that good." Rukia said playfully. She approached and led his hands to her breasts. They were soft and jiggly, not the best pair of breasts he's seen (That was for sure), but Rukia was offering them to him. This time he led her to the bed, and she rested on it as Ichigo began to play with her nipples. "Be gentle now." But despite being gentle, when Ichigo played with the nipples, Rukia began moaning loudly with every brisk movement of his fingers. Before long, he began to suck on them, only increasing the tempo of Rukia's chorus of moaning. Ichigo stopped to stop Rukia from moaning too loudly and alerting the other members of the family. "Can I play with your dick, Ichigo?" She said with a need for his dick.

"Guess so." Ichigo said rather awkwardly. Then, Rukia yanked Ichigo's pants and underwear down to show his long hard penis. "Easy down there!"

"My...you have a hard dick, Ichigo." Rukia said stroking at it and looking up at Ichigo. "Could it be that you masturbate when thinking of me, late when I'm asleep?" Ichigo grimaced over Rukia's hard stroking, and grunted when Rukia took it in deep in her mouth.

"Ugh! Rukia!" He said in please, taking hold of Rukia's hair to get her deeper. Rukia continued to moan loudly with every thrust, enjoying the fine taste of Ichigo's fleshy member. Until, Ichigo felt a sensation in his crotch. "Rukia! I'm coming!" And a second later, Ichigo released his semen all over Rukia's face and mouth. She let his dick go from her mouth as it spilled some excess semen on the floor, and she enjoyed the semen in her mouth and body.

"You taste sweet, Ichigo! Different than I thought it'd be." Rukia complimeted. Then, Ichigo lifted Rukia back onto the bed and completely removed her skirt and underwear, showing off her tight virgin vagina.

"Heh! You're saying you've got experience, yet you haven't even broken your virginity yet. How lame." Ichigo sniggered.

"Oh, shut u- ugh!" Rukia said, before being interrupted by the ecstasy gained through Ichigo licking her vagina. She clutched the bedsheets to sustain the pleasure. Every single lick Ichigo gave made Rukia moan loudly. Ichigo licked without end, until Rukia gave one last scream and released her juices from her vagina, spilling on top of Ichigo's sheets.

"Now look what you've done." He said playfully.

"I'm sure Yuzu can wash it, after you explain you're a bed-wetter." Rukia giggled and Ichigo flared.

"I am not a bed-wetter!" He cursed. But his cursing ceased when Rukia jumped up onto Ichigo, now with him lying down on the bed. Now that his dick was hardened again, Rukia leaned her vagina on to the top, ready to put it in, giving brief moans.

"Ready, bed-wetter?" Rukia giggled. Ichigo frowned. "Heh-he, just kidding." And then, Rukia forced Ichigo's dick into her vagina, raising a silent scream from her.

"You okay?" He asked in concern.

"Yeah, it feels incredible." She said, leaning on his chest. She then, thrust her hips down, increasing the screaming from her very sweet voice. She continued to thrust down on Ichigo's large dick, making her scream in please and making Ichigo grunt with every thrust. "Oh, Ichigo! It feels so good!" At that, Ichigo caressed Rukia's ass and forced it down even harder, making it more deeper into Rukia.

"Rukia! I'm coming!" Ichigo called. And then, he released his semen deep into Rukia's gigai, making it squirm deep inside her. Both rested from the physical exhaution. Rukia lay in Ichigo's chest.

"I never knew you were a man who likes sex." Rukia said.

"Heh. Well, I'm always full of surprises, I suppose." Ichigo replied, giving Rukia brief kiss, and they rested in each other's arms.

"I love you..." Whispered Rukia.

A few days later, while Ichigo and Rukia were out fighting Hollows, Yuzu was busy fixing up Ichigo's wardrobe, until she lifted Rukia's mattress, noticing the pile of drawings she drew.

"Oh, Rukia's drawings!" Yuzu said with excitement, looking through the minor ones, of Ichigo in his Soul Reaper form, bunnified. Yuzu giggled. "Rukia must like drawing Ichigo like a super hero, how sweet!" Suddenly, she came across a very recent image, one that got her eyes wide to cover her face and blush wildly: Ichigo and Rukia, bunny forms, naked and kissing on Ichigo's bed. She didn't know how to describe it, nor did she want to...