Yes I'm alive, I can't believe its been this long since I posted...Anyway enjoy and remember that more updates are on there way! *By the way I decided to name the Devices that the Guil and the other's found D-Vice's just in case you thought they were really bad spelling errors =P

Errors and Hackers

Chapter 3: System Crash.

Guil had just slept though his alarm clock until late in the afternoon. He awoke with a long drawn out yawn and stretched as he got out of bed, forgetting about the D-vice in his bed sheets.

He got dressed and had a brunch of peanut butter and Jelly sandwich's *Because he slept through lunch and breakfast*which he washed down with plenty of milk, drinking straight from the jug. Despite loving and eating mostly bread, Guil never gained that much weight. As he sat there wondering about what kind of metabolism he had, he remembered the D-Vice from the other day.

Guil went back to his to his room and dug around, finding the D-Vice lying under his sheets. "So it wasn't a dream!" He exclaimed cheerfully as he picked it up and checked the screen to see if anything had changed.

The screen no longer said "Verifying please wait..." On it, instead the message was replaced with "Verification Complete, programs operational. Please press to continue"

Guil did not hesitate to press the only button on the device. As he did so the message disappeared for an instant leaving the screen black and empty only to be replaced with what looked like a strange electronic compass. Except it wasn't pointing north, it didn't even say the directions, It only pointed in a single direction, shifting to point in the same direction as Guil moved.

He became curious to what the compass could be pointing too. "It's pointing at something...but what?" he thought as he moved around the room attempting to wrap his head around the prediment.

After a few minutes of moving around Guile was starting to get wozzy from the spinning he had did, trying to throw off the compass and he decided the only way he was going to find out where the compass was pointing too was to go there himself.

Guil pulled on his shoes and left his apartment and got out onto the streets. He checked the D-Vice's directional arrow and ran in the general direction the arrow was pointing. Cars blared there horns as he ran in front of them "This is starting to seem like a bad idea..." Guil thought as waved apoligetically to the drivers before crossing the street and getting back onto the sidewalk

After checking the D-vice again he ran down the alleyway in front of him, looking down at the D-Vice's compass.

As he sprinted downt the alley his side accidentally brushed a garbage can, causing it to tip and fall over with a loud metal clang. "Yow!" an irritated voice yelled from the trash can as a purple garbed boy crawled out of empty trash can, looking as if he had slept there. "Watch it ye moron!" The boy yelled at him shacking his fist in warning as he got to his feet.

"Sorry!" Guil yelled back as he continued to follow the compass, making sure to watch were he was going...

Terry slowly woke up, raising his head off his still cluttered desk where he had fallen asleep. He sat up straight, rubbing his eyes and yawning as he looked down at mess the D-Vice lay on top of. He had been looking over the strange device all night,fallintg asleep trying to figure out what it was and how it seemed to appear from nowhere

"Still no answerers..." Terry muttered bitterly as he picked up the D-vice, seeing that it had changed, now seeming to work like a compass.

He stared at the compass ,never breaking eye contact with it as if it were some sort of feral animal and he was it's pray.

"This thing weirds me out. Every time I look at it I feel like something very familiar about it...I tried everything I could to figure out what this thing is! Less then smashing it to pieces since it seems to have no way to disasemble it" Terry thought eventually breaking his gaze from the D-Vice, staring out his window.

He felt he had to figure out what this thing was and why he felt he knew it. "I can't let Lop find out about this...I have to do this on my own...I know I can figure this out!" Terry muttered feeling a strange urgency to the D-vice's secret.

Terry grabbed a realitively clean jacket from the pile of laundery in the corner of his room and stuffed the D-vice in his pants pocket before slowly creping down the stairs and towards the door as quietly as he possibly could...and epically failing.

"Where do you think your going?" Lop said, the little girl didn't even turn around from doing the dishes.

"Nothing...Just going for a walk" Terry said as he lied to his sister

"Fine, but be back before dark! Or else..." Lop warned as she turned, holding a wet frying pan that was still dripping with a thick, dark soupy water.

"I promise I won't!" Terry said fearfully, knowing from experience his sister would punish severly him if he broke the rules.

He soon left his apartment and his well armed sister with her deadly array of cooking utensils in the search for answers.

Rena awoke slowly from a dreamless sleep an experience that felt foriegn to her after all those years of nightmares, of the Red headed devil lurking deep within her mind. She saw the red glow of her cheap digital alarm clock come into focus as she rose and attempted to shake the sleep from her eyes.

It was late in the afternoon. She had slept very late which was unusual for her. Even on the weekends she was always woken up before noon by a nightmare, it was like clockwork.

But as Rena looked around the dim room she could not recall any painful nightmare, no hellish visions of the Red headed one. She tried to comtimplate why when she looked down to find the D-vice from the day before still clutched tghtly in her hand.

"It wasn't a dream?" Rena thought as she held the device up to her face, seeing the wording on the screen.

"Verification Complete, programs operational. Please press to continue" Rena pressed the button on the blue and white machine as a strange, directionless compass appeared on the tiny digital screen.

Rena held the little D-vice in her hand the way someone would hold a crusifix. Had it been this tiny tricket that had protected her mind, her dreams from the Red Headed Devil?

She stood up and walked over to the window. Rena saw the bright blue skys out the window and looked down at the D-vice. It seemed to stop for an instance, pointing outside.

Then and there Rena had a gut feeling the D-vice was more then just a dream catcher, it was going to show her the way. The way to the Red headed devil who had made her life a mirror image of hell.

Rena quickly got dressed, wearing her purple long sleeved gloves from the day before and another all yellow outfit before steping out her front door and setting off.

She did not eat anything, no. Rena was too drawn to the idea of destroying the ideal image of torment incarnate to even think about the importance of consuming sustinace.

Rena followed her cherished blue and white 'Dream Catcher' into the winding pathways of the inner city, knowing deep in her gut that something was on the end of her jouney.

Yamaki was actally snoring as he laid back in a chair, getting the first few ours of sleep he had probably ever had in this building. After the defeat of the D-Reaper and the use of the Juggernaught system to send all the digimon back into the digital world Yamaki began to brewd over what had happened to him.

He had changed from wanting the Digimon as a race to be wiped out of existance to believing humans and digimon could coninside with one another. But about a month ago he had started losing sleep, the little he had been able to get with his scedule and began to imagain another inncident occuring, similar to the D-Reaper. Of course chances of it happening were slim but who knew? Time in the Digital world could sometimes speed up, seconds in the human world were occastionally minutes, hours were days, day weres Digimon and the Digital world could change and evolve in seconds, bringing forth new terrors... Maybe not tommorow or the day after that but eventally the digimon would cause another disaster.

That was sometime Yamaki would never allow to happen, not again. He and his genius developed a program, not to destroy the digital world, even he wondered if it were possible at times, but this program would instead help to reshape it and control it.

In theroy the Digital world was another reality, created from the intersecting web of computer banks and databases. Data from the real world effected the digital world. So in one way or another the Digital world was energy and energy cannot be destroyed, only changed.

The D2H program (Digimon to Human) was something Yamaki was proud of. He had deviced a way not only to monitor the digital world, but to make sure nothing like the D-Reaper inccident would ever occur, if the digimon didn't know they were digimon. Why would they or how could they enter the real world then?

Yamaki was totally confident in his abiltys and was sure the system was flawless...but.

"Sir were detecting an anomoly in the data flow" Ridley said as her trained fingers dashed away on a keyboard.

Yamaki, although enjoying his sleep was still the kind of man would could hear a pin drop at a rock concert. "Huh?" he said drowzily as he leaned up in his seat.

"It's another error sir" Tally informed him as she too typed away.

Yamaki already wished he had a smoke. "Were is originating from?" he asked, his voice straining to keep a clam and collect tone but the fact he was already losing patience with the turn of events shown through brightly.

"Unknown" Ridley said looking up at him.

"Unknown?" Yamaki asked in frustration before slamming his fist on the nearby desk.

"It's strange sir, it doesn't appear to originated inside the system..."Ridley began to explain before Yamaki got to the point.

"You mean someone might have tampered with the program?"

"No. I mean something IS tampering with the program.

There culprate was not the nerdy lone computer hackers that had originally busted into there system. Now it was much more then that. Inside a dark and cramped room with old gaming magazines and fast food boxes piled up to the ceiling. A redish cocoon like mass stood erect in front of the glowing monitor of a computer, laying the foundations of it's plan.

Guile guessed had probably been following the D-vice's compass for at least 3 hours. The sun was blocked by the loom buildings that stood over him as he walked through the streets. He checked the D-vice against and turned into an dingey alleyway. Guile was starting to wonder if this was a good idea to follow a compass with literally no direction.

For all he knew this thing had lead him in a big circle. As Guile walked through the alley he was wary of the trashcans, fearful of knocking another over this time to find a bigger and less passive bum who wasn't as self concious of others health.

"Oh why did I do this? I've wasted a whole saturday I could have been sleeping..." Guile said to himself as he stopped and looked up at the sky.

The once blue sky had turned a twilight of orange and red a calling sign for the coming of night.

Guile pondered why he had followed the D-vice. He guessed it was because he had nothing better to do, but it went deeper then that. Inside he always felt something was missing. Maybe...he could find what he was missing and complete himself.

He stoped and seemed the to wonder "When did I suddenly get so deep?". Guile could only shrug to himself before continuing down the alley. As he came to cross section of the alleyway someone walked in front of him and he nearly ran to a girl dressed in yellow.

"What where your going you clutz" she sneered at him in a low tone.

"Sorry..." Guile said, a little taken a back by the girls hostility.

"You guys like each other already, it must be love at first sight" A voice said in a blatantly sarcastic tone.

Both of them turned and saw a green haired boy snikering at both of them.

Guile watched as the blond took a threatening step forward when the D-vice in his hand suddenly flared to life, the screen and the body of the device seemed to admit an extremely brigth light.

But Guile wasn't the singled out at this. The blond and the green haired boy were holding out D-vices as well.

All of them were ether too stunned, too confused or too mezmorized to say a anything. As the lights seemed to converge between them and pool on the ground, forming a shimmering pool of light all three of them knew one thing.

This was what they had been lead too.

"Takato!" Mrs. Asaji shouted at the sleeping goggle head. The very familer shouting from his teacher made Takato jolt up from his mid class trip to dream land and back into english class.

"Yes Mrs. Asaji!" He blurted out of habit causing the whole class to burst into hysteratics at the comidic timing. "If your going to sleep in school Takato you could at least do it in history class" Mrs. Asaji said in harsh sarcastic tone before turning back to the class.

Takato let out a long yawn and began to rub the sleep from his eyes as he pretended to pay attention to his teachers lesson. It was harder then it had once been to stay awake in class, everything seemed so boring now after dealing with the D-Reaper a few months ago.

At that thought Takato frowned, remembering the gut wrenching memory of seeing Guilemon and the others De-Digivolve and dragged back into the digital world. He missed Guilemon, but he wasn't alone. Henry and Rike as well as Kenta and Kazu were equally as torn up a the lose of there friends.

Takato and probably the rest of the tamers hated Yamaki for what he had done, but he did say they could find there way back. Yamaki was difficult to trust with his G-Manish look to him, but he wasn't a lier.

Lost in thought Takato had missed the dismissal bell and only noticed it after Jeri tapped on his shoulder, crashing his train of thought.

"Your a real space cadet today! Ruff! Ruff!" Jeri's canine sockpuppet said mockingly as Jeri started to giggle to herself.

Takato plain out laughed at this. He was glad Jeri was back to her old sockpuppet carrying self. After seeing leo more killed and being retained by the D-Reaper it was remarkable how she had recovered. Of course Takato and his friends weren't stupid, they knew not to bring up Leomon or anything else around Jeri that might bring back old memorys.

"Are you getting enough sleep Takato?" Jeri asked curiously as they walked off the school premises together.

"Of couse, Mrs. Asaji's lectures still put me straight to sleep." Takato said with a smile and Jeri could only shake her head and do the same. "Oh Takato..."

They were now walking into the park. The same park they had hidden and played with Guilemon in. As they silently reministed they both spotted not only Kenta and Kazu bickering to one another as they so often did but also the Red headed digimon ice queen herself leaning against a garbage can.

"Rika?" Takato asked, surpised to see his friend her. "What are you doing here? Don't you have school?"

Rika went to an all girls private school on the other side of the city, fairly near to her own home.

"What is this, twenty questions?" She scoffed back before replying "My school had some plumming problems or something and they canceled school for today, So since I had nothing better to do I decided to chcuk out little goggle head and his two stooages"

Kenta and Kazu stopped mid argument and leered at Rika, only to jump back in fear when she cast a threatening look towards them.

" has everything been lately?" Jeri asked casting a smile at Rika as she attempted to start up a more cheerful conversation that didn't involve the schools sewage backing up.

Rika, instead of giving another one of her more classical comebacks merely stuffed her hands in her pockets and shruged. "Boring". Rika had always treated Jeri with more kindness then any one else. She had given her tips on what Digi-Modifey cards to use when she became a tamer. Rika could see a familer weakness in Jeri that used to be in herself so deep inside her heart was more thawed out then most would think.

"Tell me about it..." Takato groaned with a childish appearance as he did so. Before Rika could say anything she was interupted by Kazu. "Hey! I know a way to break us out of this bored funk!" Kazu spouted seeming to be bursting with his usual loud mouth energy as he did so.

"Well enlighten us already oh wise one" Rika said with a cold smirk crawling across her face.

"Fine, I will!" Kazu shouted, getted peeveed at Rika's taunts.

"Ok. We all miss our digital buds. Right?" Kazu asked looking around as a silence fell over them. Rika and Takato frowned at Kazu as Jeri meerly stared at her shoes.

"Of course you guys do!" Kenta said, speaking up to break the silence.

"Well why don't we poke around Guilemons old hideout?" Kazu suggested, brushing off there glances.

Takato paused in thought. It had been a while since he had checked the old concreat shed with the rusting iron gate that had not only once been the home to Guilemon but also contained a portal to the digital world.

But it had vanished once Yamaki sent the digimon back, but if it had come back...

"For once your pea sized brain of yours comes up with something useful" Rika said, replying before Takato could say his piece.

"I'll take that as a complimant coming from you" Kazu said with his hands on his hips as they marched off...

"Sir! The Error has concencrated into one specific area, there's no way it's doing this on it's own." Ridley exclaimed.

"There's a biomerge signiture and it's growing stronger by the second!" Tally yelled as things were getting out control, she tried everything but nothing seemed to be working.

"Stop it! Restart the system if you have too!" Yamaki yelled as Ridley turned towards him.

"We can't..."

After a minute of walking they followed the familer set of concreate stairs up into the thick brush before they came to the stone structure.

Guilemon's lair was still the same as the day he had last lived there. It apparently had been planned to be used as a storage shed or possible the start of a puplic restroom facilty but was seemingly abandoned and forgotten about.

Takato couldn't help but grin as he looked over the outside of the hideout, remembering so many fond memorys.

Kenta sniffed the air and got a look from Kazu. "Whatever it was, it wasn't me" he warned before Kenta shook it's head. "It's not that...It still smells like bread" Kenta said, causing everyone to sniff the air.

Takato had lived in a bakery his whole life and knew what bread smelled like and there was no doubt in his mind that the faint smell of bread still hung in the air. "He's right..." Jeri muttered, even Rika nodded her head.

They stood there in silence, standing in front of a building that had actally, in some small way become a part of there lives.

It was Takato who first broke eye contact with the outside of the building and looked through inside the hideout. The barred iron gate was ajar as it always was leaving nothing to obscure the sight before him.

Inside, down in the small tunnel Guilemon had dug during his stay was a shimmering portal, seemingly translsnant in it's radaince.

Takato shouted something, but not even he could make out what it was. Whatever it had been caught the attention of everyone there and they all dashed towards the portal.

Takato and Rika sprinted inside, followed closely behind by Jeri and then Kenta and Kazu stumbbling in. They seemed as if they wanted to run head first into the digital world.

As they neared the Portal inch by inch it seemed to flicker, in a panic, Takato leapt, reaching out an arm to touch the simmering gate...

Both Ridley and Tally were slamming away on there keyboards, there brows dripping with sweat as Ridley made one final key stroke and yelled.


Guile, Rena and Terry were still blinded by the intence display before them. The D-vices that had lead them there seemed to be emitting light into the portal, which seemed to break apart and dissapear.

A strange preasure seemed to hold them back and the light prevented them from seeing properly, but that did no stop Rena. She struggled against the invisable hands of fate that seemed to be pushing against her as took a step towards the portal.

"I will not be denied what I deserve!" she shouted as she streched her arm out towards the portal.

Takato landed face first in cold and grainy dirt. "Ow..." he groaned as he pushed himself up, spitting out a mouthful or crud before looking around. He was still in the tunnel of the hideout, except the portal was gone.

"What did you do?" Rika seemed to shout as she pushed by him and examined were the portal had been, feeling over the tunnel's dead end as if the portal had hidden itself.

"Takato didn't do anything Rika, the portal just vanished" Jeri said looking disapointed. Rika did not reply, but she did stop feeling over the walls.

"Yeah, but it was still here wasn't it? That means it might come back!" Kazu exclaimed, this realization caused Kenta and Kazu to jump for joy. The same realization made Jeri and Takato perk up as well.

Rika was silent as she turned and stormed out of the hideout, leaving everyone else behind.

Soon after everyone else left the hideout, feeling uplifted at the thought of finding the portal again.

"Tommorow is satuday, so that means we can all meet back here and talk about what to do" Takato explained, his voice was shacky from the excitement he was holding in.

"Who's going to call Rio and Henry?" Jeri asked out loud. Jeri had a good point, Henry and Rio hadn't witnessed what they had and it would be unfair to leave there friends out of this new revelation.

"I'll call them tommorow, they probably have gone to bed already" Takato said as he looked up at the quickly darkening sky.

"Well I hate to dash like this, but if my mom catches me sneaking in late again I'm going to be in a whole nother dimension of trouble" Kazu said before dashing off, quickly followed by Kenta yelling "Wait for me! You know I hate the dark!"

Jeri and Takato walked down to the regular path and looked at one another, they both tried to say something but were ether too excited or too nervous to say anything so they simply parted ways and walked off to there homes.

Guile opened his eyes and blinked a few times as he the light faded into nonexistance leaving his vision still blured from it's former intensity.

After a few seconds his vision returned to normal and he could see Rena, the girl in yellow in his mind though, lying prown on the ground. She had failed to touch the portal that she imaged would allow her to exact her revenge and was fuming with rage.

"What was that?" Terry, the small green haired boy exclaimed loudly the awestruck look was still frozen on his face as he only now seemed to have registered what had happened.

Niether Guile nor Terry would get a reply as Rena quickly stood to her feet, her face contorted with an expression that seemed to mirror the inferno of hatred and pure frustration she was feeling as she turned tail and dashed down the alley she had came out of.

"Oh no!" Terry exclaimed as he check his wristwatch to see the time was ever so closely nearing night time. He scrammbled to his feet and sprinted down the alley way with a speed only someone with a dangerously armed sister could posess.

"Hey wait!" Guile called out to Terry, but he was already long gone leaving Guile standing there confused beyond all definition of the word.

He could only do what the others did and returned home. As he walked through the streets to his home Guile felt something strange, a warm sensation in his chest. It wasn't heartburn he had had that plenty of times after accidentally stuffing himself with to much bread, no this was something diffrent.

The warmth wasn't physical like a chemical heat nor was it artifical like the feel of an electric blanket exposed to bare skin for far to long. This warmth, this heat was coming from deep inside of him. Whatever that...portal was it was important, because the piece he felt he was missing felt much smaller then it had before. Guile realized this and seemed to perk up, his look changing from a confused and disoriented child or a happy and estatic one.

Guile wouldn't say he understood the exact nature of what that portal was, hell no. He barely understood the basics of life, all he knew was that portal of light could fill in the emptyness he had felt since birth.

He opened the door to his apartment and kicked off his shoes, after eating dinner he changed into his jammies and turning off the lights he crawled into his bed. But unlike every nigth before this, his mind did not cease to dwell on the events of that day, this time they seemed to linger.

This was so unusual for Guile he couldn't even close his eyes. "What's the matter?" He asked himself in the darkness of his small bedroom. Guile wasn't totally sure but...he seemed lonely, like he missed someone but couldn't remember who that person was.

Guile lay in this state until eventally his mind seemed to shut down on it's own, casting Guile into a dreamless state.

In the darkness of the apartment complex, Rena lay on top of her covers curled up in a fetale position with her eyes firmly closed. She had blaze home, burning out her rage and all her energy as she did. After collasping in front of her apartment door she crawled inside and megerly close the door behind her.

Rena was not sure how long she had laid there, but it seemed like ages. She had been so close, so close to doing what she had wanted to do since it had started, freeing her dreams of the Red Headed Devil.

Of course she realized she being stupid and was acting like and idiot, throwing a mental temper tentrum. Fine, she had missed the portal. This time. But there would be more and no matter how long it took or how difficult it was she would do it until she suceeded.

Feeling foolish and pitful Rena got to her feet and striped herself of her clothes as she proceeded into the bathroom and got into the shower. She blast the water on full and turned all the way to cold. Many people liked warm showers, they loved to sit and let the warm water curess them as she just sat or lay there. It was something almost insticutal, born in the warm whom of our mothers humans liked to recreate the feelings they had when they were in the womb.

"Mother..." Rena mouthed to herself as she sat in the tube, letting the icy dropplets pelt her skin, creating goosebumps. She had never known her mother, actally the reason she and the other orphans lived in there own apartments was to make them forge independance and responsiblity since they would never have parents to guide them. That was why she always had cold showers, to help reminder her of how she was abandoned.

But she admited she could be very grim and down sometimes. The real reason was because it helped the sheets on her bed feel warmer, getting used to the icy water made the blankets seem warm to the touch. Rena wondered what someone would think if they knew about her vendetta against the devil that had haunted her and what her plans were for vanquishing it.

Would they call her extereme? Insane? Over dramatic? Rena shook her head and frowned. "Well how could anyone know what it's like to have these constant nightmares, to feel totally alone and repressed everytime you close your eyes" She thought to herself, stomping out the kindering feelings of doubt before they could flame up.

After her cold shower she was got into a set of pajama's and lay down on her bed where she currently was.

Rena held the D-vice clutched tightly in both of her hands as she tried to force herself to sleep. Sadly sleep was being elusive, ironic seeing as she had hated sleep for almost every nigth before and the one time she wanted to embrass it, it meerly scampered away mocking her.

In the night the drop of a pin can sound as loud as the dropping of a box of nails. Rena seemed to be kept awake by the almost nonexistant electronic hum of her alarm clock. In an attempt to tune it out she picked up the faint yells and stomping of feet from one of the other apartments across from her, outside the window.

She swore she could her the faint yells of obsentiys and the clattering of what could only be a frying pan.

Rena's mind wandered from it's regular thoughts of revenge and turned to picking out every single noise around her soon her mind got caught in this rung and she drifted off to sleep.

Rika got off the now very empty subway car and proceeded out of the underground and into the night. Her hands buried deep inside her pants pockets to shield them from the chilly night air, Rika's face was in her usual scowl.

"Why did you have to leave?" Rika asked, as if speaking to someone who had passed on. She was so lost in thought she nearly walked by her home. Unlike most people she lived in a museum. Well it could be a museum, it was old enough to be. It was an old classical japenese home with paper sliding doors, garden and everything.

Rika might have actally liked living there if it weren't for the memorys that seemed to creep up on her. She walked up to the front door and entered her familys domain, taking off her sneakers and placing them on the matt near the door Rika noticed and unfamiler sight on the mat.

Her mothers shoes. They couldn't have been her grandmothers, they were far to stylish for her taste. Rika glared at the shoes with her a venomise stare. Rika's mother was a super model and a very sucessful one at that. She provided above and beyond for Rika and her mother but was rarely home.

Rika drifted apart from her mother, hating her and her attempts at "Mother daughter bonding" as she had once described it as. Every time she saw her mother she would jump down her throat trying to drag her to a photoshot or take her shoping.

Her mother was just trying make up for the lack of time she had spent with her daughter but Rika didn't see it like that at all. She had thought her mother was just vain and stupid, to obsessed with herself to realize Rika's feeling of neglect.

But this had changed when the D-Reaper biomerged into the real world, reaking havoc over the entier city. Rika and the other Tamers, along with there familys had stayed in her home and planned out a stradegy to fight the invading monstrosity.

Rika's mother was there along with everyone else's parents and for once Rika had seen her mother in a new light, telling Rika to be strong and even dressing like Rika always did in a tomboyish fashion. After this Rika felt she had wronged her mother for pushing her away all those times. But after Renamon was pull out of Rika's life things returned to how they had once been.

Rika walked into the hall and entered the kitchen, hoping there was some left over from dinner which she knew she had missed. Upon entering she saw her grandmother had left out a plate of food for her. Rika's grandmother was wise for someone who wasn't really that old. She knew when to and not to do certain things. Rika was a good example of this, she knew when to leave her alone and when to press her and ask her what was the matter.

Unlike when her mother confronted her Rika seemed to open up more to her Grandmother then her normal mother. It was because of her strange sutulty that this was possible.

Walking over Rika took up the plate of food and turned back to the hallway to take it back to her lair but she heard a oh so familer voice ask. "Are you alright Rika?"

With a sigh, Rika turned and set the plate of food down on the counter and looked at her mother. "I'm fine" She said bluntly to her mother, her eyes cold.

"Rika...I..." Rika's mother was about to say something, maybe it was about Renamon or about something else all together.

"Save it" Rika replied, interupting her mother. "I'm going to bed so you ca..." Rika's backlash was interupted as she let out a long and painful cough, hacking and weezing.

"Are you feeling well? You might have caught a cold stay out without a jacket" Rika's mother warned as she took a step forward only for Rika glare at her and back away.

"I said I was fine" She said, coughing to clear her throat before turning away and leaving her mother in the kitchen. Rika's mother was about to follow her but she felt the familer hand of her own mother on her shoulder and turned to see her shaking her head.

"Leave the child be, she's like her father. Always dwelling on the past." She said and Rika's mother nodded in understandment.

Rika went straight to bed once she entered her dark lair. "Why?" She asked angrily. "Why did you have to go away like that? You left just like her did". She wrapped the covers around her like a cacoon and lay inside it, blocking out most light and sound just like she wanted.

Renamon had warned her once that one day she would wake up and find she was all alone, but Rika wondered if that was going to come true in the context Renamon had meant. As she lay there, left to her own thoughts she felt bad for what she had done.

"I'll apologize in the morning if she's still her." She told herself, coughing another thick hacking cough. Rika groaned. She hoped she wasn't getting sick, on Rika's list of dislikes the flu was defiantely a top ten contender, but why had it come up so suddenly?

"Goggle head and the stogages probably gave me there cooties" She thought to herself with a smirk before rolling over and closing her eyes.

"Mom, Dad, I'm home!" Takato called out as he opened the sliding glass door and kicked off his shoes before walking into the family bakery and snatching up a pastery to munch on.

"Takato" his mother warned as she walked in from the back, were they cooked the large assorment of dilicous baked goods they sold. "You missed your dinner and you'll spoil your apetite if you eat that" she said scoldingly taking the lucious pastry from her son.

"Where were you anyway Takato? It's not like you to miss a meal" His mother asked him as she watched him digging at a red patch on his right arm.

"Sorry mom, I got side tracked when Rika met us in the park on the way home" Takato explained, still digging at his arm.

His mother nodded, understanding how close Takato was with his friends. She saw Takato was still scratching and finally asked "That looks very dry, are you drinking enough water?"

"Well how am I supposed to keep hydrated if I haven't had anything to eat?" Takato asked his mother with a sheepish smile and a raised eye brow.

Takato's mother's eyes narrowed her eyes. She had already packed the leftovers into the fridge and she knew her son was getting to the fact how he disliked leftover food.

"Fine, but just because your parents are bakers doesn't mean you can eat everything in the store" Takato's mother told him before handing back the pastry.

"Thanks mom!" Takato said happily, kissing his mother before charging up the stairs. Takato's mother could only smile like any parent could when returning the sillier aspects of there child before returning to the kitchen to help her husband clean things up, since saturday was the only day of the week the ship was closed the last thing they wanted to was wake up and clean on a weekend.

immeditately upon entering his room, Takato dropped his bookbag on his desk and floped down in a chair. Today had turned out better then expected in Takato's mind. As he removed the lingering taste of gravel out of his mouth, cramming down the hearty jelly filled pastry his mother had allowed him.

Takato remembered he had been given no homework from any of his teachers, even Mrs. Asaji who he sometimes thought assigned the class extra assignments to spite him. He thought back on the dozens of times he had been given homework or an essay and completely forgot about, sometimes he forgot about a test and was left no time to study.

He uncounciously started to scratch again as he turned and stared up at the white painted ceiling. "This is great" he told himself, smiling brightly. Not only had he been freed from the tyrany of an assignment he probably would have forgotten but he had discovered that the digital world was opening up to them again.

"I'm sure we can find that portal again and then it's hello digital world!" He cheered out loud, his voice ringing around his room as he remembered that Rio and Henry, probably the most reliable and intelligent members of there 'Team', had no idea about the digital portal.

Takato got out of his chair and made his way to the door, planning on heading down stairs to inform them, but he stopped and staggered a little suddenly feeling a strange wave of fatugue wash over him.

It felt like there was literally a monkey on Takato's back, except this monkey was incredibly obese and was fond of punching his kidneys. "Oh...maybe I should have listened to mom..." Takato groaned his condition had gone from great to feeling like Guilemon was standing on his stomach.

He was already at his bedroom door but he couldn't see himself walking down the stairs and calling anyone at this point. "I'll do it tommorow" Takato told himself, flipping the light switch and sending the room into darkness as he felt his way to his bed and crawled under the covers, falling to sleep the moment his head touched the pillow.

Yamaki was doing it again. He flicked open the top of his silver zippo lighter and closed it again. This continued in an almost rythemic procession as Ridley's and Tally's key baording could be heard in the large dome shaped room.

At one time in Yamaki's life he got into smoking. He wasn't sure when but it probably started early on in his career. He loved to smoke, but he was very self concious of his health. The relaxing feel every puff brought soothed his wracked nerves. Even now just thinking about it relaxed him a little.

"What's the status of the system?" Yamaki asked as the lighter flicking picked up in speed.

"All clear sir" Tally replied in a confident tone. "Yes, but we still have no idea what caused the error" Ridley said in a contridcting tone. "No one entered into the system during the biomerge attempt, but someone did before."

"That must be there still in the system" Yamaki said in an Ill tempered voice. "That's what I thought, but if they are I can't detact them"

While Ridley, Tally and Yamaki had pickered to one another over how there system could have been infilitrated a imperceptible entity slowly, bit by bit intigrated iself with Hypno's mainframe and computers, esentially becoming the system.

Yamaki and Ridely had been looking for something IN the system, when the culperate was really the system itself...