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Anyways, here's Chapter 4! This chapter is all about Lacey, Bex, and Shane's plans for going undercover. However, there are a couple funny little things in there, including a Gus vs. Shawn moment (which is even funnier since they're in their fifties), an argument between Lacey and Bex about aliases, and Bex teasing Lacey about her crush on Shane while trying to play matchmaker.

Oh, and here's a couple things that may help you understand Lacey's world: 1) Pineapples are most definitely present. From the pineapple pillows that Lacey and Bex have, to Lacey crying, "What the pineapple?!"; to Lacey and Bex fist-bumping and saying, "Pineapple." Actually, I don't even know if Lacey likes to eat pineapples (I don't – I know, shame on me for being a Psych lover who doesn't like pineapples! – so I don't know if I'd be able to write as a character who likes pineapples)! She probably will, just because she's Shawn's daughter and I'd hate to disappoint you guys. 2) Bex constantly teases Lacey about liking Shane, and will play matchmaker to try to make "Shacey" official (yeah, that's right – Shacey. It's my really stupid couple name for Shane and Lacey).

Note: I made up the school mentioned in this chapter. I used it for my Bones story (which I may do a small character crossover with this story by having my OC, Scout, help out the SBPD), so I thought it would be funny to use it in this chapter. It does not exist, at least to my knowledge.

Note 2: I briefly bring up two '80s movies in here: "Adventures in Babysitting" and "The Princess Bride." I do not own those. Also, I use a nickname based off of the joke list of lackeys from the radio show, "Car Talk." Yeah, I know, it's really sad that I listen to NPR, but I find two of the NPR radio shows humorous.

Spoilers: There are actually spoilers in this chap! There are some brief mentions of things from the season 1 episode "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast" and the season 2 episode "American Duos" (which was referenced to at the end of the last chapter when Juliet comes in wearing sweats).

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I only own my OCs and this plot, which was inspired by the Psych episodes "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast" and "Tuesday the 17th" both of which do not belong to me in any way, shape, or form.

Aliases and Pom Poms

I grinned in triumph before asking, "Everyone understand the case basics?"

My friends paused before reluctantly nodding.

"Great. Let's start planning!" I cried.

Before we could all get settled and begin planning, a voice called, "Phase One: Basic Cheerleading Moves." I groaned aloud as my mom came into the main office looking like an aerobics instructor and carrying a giant boombox. I buried my face in my hands at the sight. It was so not my day.

All of us – including my dad and Uncle Gus – gaped at my mom's pink sweats and headband that looked like they were straight from the '80s. Knowing my parents, the outfit probably was.

"What the pineapple, Mom!" I cried, just as my dad said, "Jules, I thought you threw that away after that 'American Duos' case!" He paused after saying this, apparently reminiscing on the aforementioned case. Uncle Gus shuddered as he thought back and nudged my dad out of his reverie to remind him of our current case.

"Oh, right," my dad said as he snapped back to attention. Turning to my mom, he said, "Sorry, Jules, but I think your awesome and funky cheerleading moves will have to wait until we go over the rest of the case file." I could have sworn my mom looked a little bit disappointed at my dad's statement, but she nodded anyway.

"Great," Dad said as he sat on top of the desk behind him, which just happened to be Uncle Gus's. Upon seeing Dad's sudden movement, Uncle Gus narrowed his eyes in annoyance and tried to shove him off of the desk. Unfazed, my dad picked up the Crunch bar on Uncle Gus's desk and took a bite out of it before handing each of us a manila folder. Noticing my dad eating the chocolate bar increased Uncle Gus's annoyance and he pushed even harder. Dad continued munching away casually before looking down at his friend and asking, "Gus, what are you doing?" as if Uncle Gus had just started pushing him.

Glaring up at him, Uncle Gus grunted, "Shawn, get off my desk!"

"Oh, it seems like Gus is a little bit territorial today," my dad joked in his infamous way before sliding back off the desk. Once his feet hit the floor, Uncle Gus snatched the chocolate bar away and snapped, "Sit on your own desk," before biting off of the other end of the Crunch bar.

I heard smothered laughter behind me, and I turned to see Shane and Bex bowing their heads in an attempt to hide their smirks. I bit my lip to keep from releasing my internal giggles before glancing at my mom on the other side of the room. She rolled her eyes at my dad and Uncle Gus, but I could tell that she was holding back laughter too. Laughter is a common side effect of watching Dad and Uncle Gus interact with each other, since they act so immaturely – even though they're both in their fifties.

Once my dad finally got settled on top of his own desk, I heard Bex and Shane clear their throats in unison before opening their folders. I lifted the flap on my own folder and gaped at the contents before crying, "Dad!" I slipped the first sheet of paper out of the folder and held it up to him. The paper contained the information for my undercover identity, including the alias chosen by – of course – my dad.

" 'Chris Parker'? Seriously?" I groaned. "Dad, that's from 'Adventures in Babysitting'!" I then grabbed Shane and Bex's papers, only let out a frustrated scream and toss the papers in the air. "Dad, these names are all from '80s movies! Why can't we just pick our own aliases?"

My dad was about to say no, but my mom gave him a stern look and placed her hand on her hip, right above her gun. Dad heaved a deep, dramatic sigh before saying, "Fine."

"Yeah!" Shane and I shouted in unison, pumping our fists in the air. I spun to fist-bump him, but stumbled in my sandals. Once again, Shane caught me in his arms and held me for a second. Unfortunately, that was enough time for Bex to say, "I think you two should go with 'Wesley' and 'Buttercup'. They fit you perfectly."

I flushed scarlet again before pulling away from Shane awkwardly. I placed my hands on my hips and glared at a still-smirking Bex before snapping, "Yeah, well, maybe you should be 'Sasha Payne Indy Rear'. Now, that fits you."

Bex's mischievous grin fell at that. Crossing her arms across her chest in a pouting way and cocking a hip, she shouted, "I changed my mind. You should be…"

Shane stepped nervously in between us, holding his arms out to stop us from going at each other. "Whoa, whoa, time out. You guys have no reason to get into a fight. Come on, just calm down." He looked expectantly at both of us, causing Bex and me to heave deep sighs. Shane looked at each of us cautiously before lowering his arms and stepping back.

After Shane backed off, Bex and I looked up at each other sheepishly. After a moment of staring at my sandals, I finally spoke up – "You know, that was kind of pointless."

Bex nodded. "Yeah. I think I overreacted a little bit. I'm sorry."

I waved her comment away. "Eh, it's no big deal. It's that fire zodiac sign in you," I said, using my common excuse for Bex's fiery personality. Holding out my fist, I asked, "Pineapple?"

Bex paused to consider her decision before she grinned and said, "Pineapple," as she fist-bumped me. It was our way of saying that things were okay between us.

Both of us in a better mood, we took a seat on the couch in the middle of the office to continue planning. Shane followed, sitting on the right end of the couch. He draped his arms over the back of the couch and leaned back before speaking to us again. "So, you guys are okay with each other now?"

Bex and I groaned in unison before replying with a dull, "Yes, Shane."

"Good," he murmured before closing his eyes to relax, even though he knew there was a case to work on. A few moments later, his head popped up again to ask another question. "Bex, why'd you call us 'Wesley' and 'Buttercup'? Aren't those the main characters in 'The Princess Bride'?"

As much as I love Shane (in this case, as a friend), sometimes he can be a little clueless, to say the least. It's normally pretty annoying, but with Bex teasing us about being in love, I can't help but pray that he won't pick up on her comments. This time, however, I was not pleased with Shane bringing up the topic that started the almost-fight between Bex and me. Apparently Bex was too, for we both gave tired, exasperated groans of, "Shane, shut up."

Shane looked at us, confused, before backing off. There was a moment of silence before I sighed and said, "Let's just figure out our aliases and cover stories. We have a lot of planning to do before we leave for Camp Greenfield tomorrow morning."


After two long hours of choosing names and thinking of backstories, we were finally finished – Shane, Bex, and I each had our own alias and cover story. Thankfully, my dad wasn't allowed to offer any of his own crazy nicknames.

It took a long time to decide on the names that suited us, but in the end, Shane settled with "Zach Casey" and Bex chose "Morgan Vincent." I had a few names that I liked, but eventually went with "Samantha Matthews." I figured the name was simple enough, unlike "Mary-Lou Baumgartner," an alias my mom once used when going undercover at a sorority house.

Our cover stories were much harder. Since it would be obvious that the three of us knew each other, we needed to make sure our stories matched up.

Our basic story was as follows: the three of us attended Jefferson High School in Washington, D.C. (we decided that we would be from out-of-state, just in case there was a fellow camper who actually attended the school we claimed to be from). Bex and I – or should I say, Morgan and Sam – have been friends since elementary school, and met Shane (AKA Zach) in middle school. He became our friend when I (as Sam) asked him to tutor me in history (I decided to dumb myself down a little bit – okay, a lot – for the cover to avoid suspicion). While devising this cover story, I wanted to keep the relationship between "Sam" and "Zach" to "just friends," but – of course – Bex wouldn't have it.

"You two have to be dating," she stated simply, folding her arms across her chest with a wicked grin on her face. Both Shane and I blushed at this comment, but Shane's face merely turned a light pink. I, however, flushed bright red, and if I had been standing on the street at the time, people could have easily mistaken me for a stop sign.

"Bex, I'm not so sure about this idea…" I began, my stomach doing so many back-flips that I half-expected to hear my small intestine shout, "Go! Fight! Win!" Stupid nerves.

Bex cut me off. "Look, it would help solidify our cover. We're going to need to converse with each other a lot about the case. People are going to get suspicious if you keep on going over to Shane to talk when you're supposedly 'just friends'." She made sarcastic air-quotes around the last part. When I didn't show any reaction to her last statement, Bex moved next to Shane and draped her arm over his shoulder. He blushed awkwardly at the movement, while Bex cocked a hip and said, "Well, if you don't want to do it, I guess I'll have to fill your spot as 'Zach's' girlfrie…"

"FINE!" I snapped, cutting her off. I stood up, and Bex moved out of the way so I could take her spot next to Shane. Crossing my arms across my chest and glaring darkly at Bex, I growled, "We'll be boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Great," Bex chirped as she bent down to write our new idea down on our plan sheet. Despite her dark-chocolate waves falling in her face, I could still see her smug expression. I was going to kill that little weasel after the case was finished, if not before.

We continued on with planning the cover stories after we made the decision to make "Sam" and "Zach" a couple. We didn't have much more to plan for the general backstory besides the facts that the three of us were seniors (the one thing that wasn't a lie), Morgan and Sam were on the varsity cheerleading squad (I prayed my mom's cheerleading moves would support this claim), and Zach was quarterback for the varsity football team (Shane looked like a deer caught in headlights at this decision, but I knew he would be able to take the challenge). Since the three of us have lived in Santa Barbara since birth and obviously know a lot about it, we decided that "Sam" would have relatives in Santa Barbara that she, "Morgan," and "Zach" go to visit every summer, just in case one of us slipped up.

After we finished planning the main cover story, we set off to work on our individual cover stories – you know, things like favorite colors, hobbies, family, etc. Every few moments, Shane and I would have to smother laughter, for Bex would shriek – in the nasally voice that we had dubbed "The Nose-Job Barbie" – stuff like, "OMG! My fave things to do are, like, cheerleading, getting mani-pedis, and flirting with hot guys with IQs that are barely higher than mine!"

In the end, we each created a persona that was essentially our polar opposite. I was fairly certain that if Bex were stuck in a locked room with her alter ego, she'd take her out.

Thoroughly satisfied with our creations, Bex and I stood up and turned around – only to be confronted by my mom holding two pairs of hot pink pompoms. We both groaned loudly once we realized that before we could go undercover at a cheerleading camp, we actually had to learn how to do back-flips and other cheerleader things. Looking back at Shane – who was petrified by the thought of playing with burly football players that could easily flatten him – I realized that we all had to suffer on this case and reluctantly picked up one of the pairs of pompoms before joining my mom and Bex for some Cheerleading 101.

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"The Nose-Job Barbie." I love that name. Bex will speak in that voice a lot.

Bex is already trying to play matchmaker for "Shacey!" Fun!

I had a reason for choosing the aliases used in this chapter, and the names came from two different sources: the TV shows Bones and Chuck. Here are the names and where they're from:

Zach Casey (Shane): "Zach" from Bones, named after Zack Addy; "Casey" from Chuck, named after John Casey.

Morgan Vincent (Bex): "Morgan" from Chuck, named after Morgan Grimes; "Vincent" from Bones, named after Vincent Nigel-Murray.

I just made up Lacey's alias because I could see her as a Sam.

Did anyone notice that moment between Shawn and Jules where Jules glares at him and puts her hand right above her gun? I love doing that movement in my fics with characters of authority who carry guns (like Booth from Bones and Jules).

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