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Chapter 1:

(At Luna's Mansion)

It was nighttime at the Platz's residence and Luna had tried to get some shut-eye. However, she had got no such luck whatsoever. She had been only thinking of one person… her beloved Megaman. It's been about a month since Megaman had destroyed the gate that led to the continent of Mu. During those times, she had tried to get closer to Megaman but always had a hard time doing so. Especially since viruses hardly appear anymore and no more bad guys either.

But her relationship with Geo had improved since then. Although she still denied him being Megaman, she still couldn't help but think that he could sometimes be cool when he wanted to. During the times they played Mr. Dubious's games at AMAKEN to test out the Matter Wave function of the Star Carrier, she enjoyed seeing Geo look so happy when playing.

Luna remembered how she accidentally admitted that Geo was the one fighting to protect them all when the gate of Mu had opened, which Bud and Zack noted, before she hurriedly corrected herself.

"Oh Megaman…" Luna sighed as she fell asleep into her dreams.

(In Luna's Dream)

She was standing in the middle of space in her normal clothes. She saw Megaman suddenly appear in front of her about ten feet away looking right at her. She was about to go to him when she saw someone else appearing next to Megaman. It was Lyra Note.

Suddenly, viruses appeared and the two battled them together. All Luna could do was watch her beloved Megaman battle together with someone who had the same power as he did. One of the viruses shot a bolt of electricity at Lyra Note and Megaman shielded her from the attack.

"Megaman, are you okay?" dream Lyra Note asked concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go," dream Megaman answered, as the two charged into the viruses and deleted them.

Megaman and Lyra Note then transformed back to their human forms, Geo and Sonia. Luna had discovered Lyra Note's identity shortly after the Mu incident. Needless to say, she was shocked to find out that she favorite idol was the very girl she saw as a rival for Megaman's love.

"Thanks for the help, Sonia," Geo said. They gave each other a high-five.

"No problem, Geo. After all, we do make a good team," Sonia replied, smiling. The reply made Luna feel upset.

Sonia was a famous singer, smart, pretty, and can even Wave Change. She and Geo had so much in common. Sonia and Geo can both Wave Change and battle viruses and other EM beings together, and they are both passionate about their interest, like space and music.

What does she have in common with Geo? Nothing. She was just an annoying girl who tried to drag Geo to school for the sole purpose of improving her status for any school campaign. She couldn't transform like Geo and Sonia could, and if she did battle, she was more of a burden than anything else. She was utterly useless...

"Megaman…"Luna whispered as looked at Geo and Sonia again.

She then realized that they looked like a really cute couple. Tears started to well up in her eyes as she felt that they were more of a cute couple than she and Ge- Megaman ever could. She couldn't help herself as the tears began to fall.

Suddenly, a flash of purple light appeared out of nowhere and Geo and Sonia disappeared. When the light had disappeared, there was another boy who Luna had never seen before in her life. She was wiping away the tears to get a better view of him, since the tears blocked her vision. The boy had strange clothes on. He had white hair in a spikier style than Geo's, wore strange earrings and had a strange marking on his left cheek. What caught Luna's attention were his eyes. They were crimson red, yet they held a deep sorrowful look within them. Luna seemed to almost be drawn towards him and was walking closer towards him, and soon found herself right in front of him.

"Who... who are you?" Luna asked, still entranced by his eyes.

"…" he just remained silent.

"Hello, I'm talking to you," Luna said, coming to her senses and starting to get angry. The boy continued to remain silent until...

"I am... the last Murian," the strange boy finally said, then added seeing the confusion in her face, "That is what they call someone from the continent of Mu."

Luna gasped at that. It didn't make sense, how is there someone from an ancient continent still be alive? Also, didn't Megaman destroy the gate that connected the two worlds together?

"The last Murian? Mu? Why are you here? How did you get into my dreams? I am still dreaming, right?" Luna asked looking around, getting scared.

"Yes, you are still dreaming. I was able to enter your dreams, because I was searching for anyone that had performed an EM Wave Change with my mind, and you happened to be the closest one. You weren't my intended target, meaning that my power must be…" the boy explained trailing off looking distant.

Luna gasped at what he said as memories that she had recently regained began to surface. And it was a memory she dreaded. It was of a time when she was being controlled by the alien life form known Ophiuchus. She was taken over and attacked Megaman and Lyra Note, but was defeated, and saved, by them. Although she was controlled, the memory made her upset, because it reminded her that Sonia could control her powers, but she couldn't. How utterly pathetic of her.

"Okay, but... what do you want from me?" asked Luna, shaking the thought off her head.

"I need to give a message to Megaman," he said. At the word Megaman, she immediately began to feel dreadful again.

"Why me? Why can't you tell him instead?" she asked.

'Or better yet, have Lyra Note do it,' Luna added bitterly in her head.

"Because… I may not live to tell him in time…" he said before he slowly collapsed on the ground.

He tried stand, but it was in vain as he couldn't keep balance. Then, Luna went up to him and helped him up.

"What do you mean, 'I might not live to tell him in time', like you're going to die at this second. You have to be able to survive, right? Maybe I can help, somehow?" Luna asked with concern evident on her face.

"Maybe, but… hmm..." the boy paused for a few minutes contemplating what Luna just said, before answering flatly, "Alright, I'll use the rest of my powers to transport to your place to recover… so you will have to take care of me,"

He then slowly placed two fingers on her forehead.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked.

But before she could get her answer, the space shattered and Luna fell.

(Back To Reality)

Luna suddenly woke up with a start. She was panting as if she had ran a marathon. It took her some time before she finally began remember her dream. She was wondering what the boy had meant by his last statement.

All of a sudden, a purple light filled her room, along with a strong electrical discharge.

"Why does this seem familiar?"she thought, looking in bewilderment.

The light faded and she saw the same person, but in armor, with a purple visor, a crest of Mu on his chest, and a purple, glowing right hand.

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