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Previously on 'The Guardian of Mu: Solo':

"After that, I salvaged and placed the two relics away at their respective safeguards and proceeded to sleep alongside Le Mu, so that I could guard the seal," Solo finished his story to Luna. The clock showed it being 4:27 A.M.

Luna had tears falling down her eyes. She couldn't think of anything to say.

"For 12,000 years, I have guarded that seal. I can't fail now," Solo said rising up, and then turning to Luna, "I thank you for listening to my tale…" He moved his hand and gently touched Luna's tear-stained face, before proceeding to the back of her neck, "Now it is time for you to sleep." With that, he pressed two fingers on the back of her neck, causing Luna to fall unconscious. "This is the reason for my existence."

Solo lifted Luna up and placed her on the bed and placed the blankets over her. Solo then gathered EM waves in his hand and neared them toward Luna's forehead, "I can erase my entire existence from you. Make it so that we had never met… so that you never even heard my tale." Before his hand touched Luna's head, he stopped, "But I won't… because I feel as if this won't be out last meeting. So for now… farewell." Solo then exited the room.

When Solo closed the door, he turned and saw Sebastian, Luna's butler, looking at him with a solemn face. In his arms were Solo's original clothes and his Star Carrier. Solo said nothing and merely took his items from Sebastian and went to another room to change. A few minutes later, he came out, back in his old clothes. He then left the mansion.

'It will be some time before I can EM Wave Change again, but that's not too long away, so I have to search for Megaman until then,' Solo thought as he walked into the night.

Chapter 24:

In Echo Ridge, Solo was standing on the tallest tower watching over the city, searching for someone. To the naked eye, all that could be seen are the lights that were slightly illuminating the night sky, but Solo is able to see the EM waves that is surrounding everywhere.

"Megaman, I should be able to detect your EM wave frequency easily, but my senses have dulled. Until I am fully recovered, I must find you with sight alone," Solo thought. Solo then noticed al the lights starting to shut down, and a new light coming from the corner of his eye.

As Solo turned to the new source, he saw that it was the sun rising, bringing light into the world. Solo couldn't help but admire the radiance of the sun.

"The sun… I never truly watched it rise and illuminate the darkness before. Nor have I even tried to enjoy the light that it gave me. After all, for so many years, all that I have seen, all that I have felt, all that I knew…was darkness…"


Where am I…? I can't see anything…I can only see the darkness… The last thing I remember was falling asleep with Le Mu after placing the items in their rightful alters. Does that mean… I'm dreaming…?

So all that I can dream of is darkness, huh… it suits me fine... After all, this was to be my fate as the Guardian… but not the way I had hoped…

My friends… gone… it wasn't supposed to be this way… I was the one that was meant to fade, but instead, they did… Now I am all that's left…

How many years has it been since I began guarding the seal of Mu…? Months…Years…Decades…Centuries, maybe… I don't know… All that I do know is that I am alone… Alone in perpetual darkness…

I… I… I feel like I'm forgetting… everything… No… I don't want that… I want to remember… my friends… I can't forget them… my family… I must continue to watch... and remember… I cannot allow myself… to be consumed… by this darkness…

What is this…? There's something… there… I can see it… but at the same time, it's blinding… Is it… light…?

No… it can't be... For there to be light means that I… am awakening… No… for me to awaken means… that the seal is… breaking… I can sense it… a great power has entered our world… Its presence is… weakening the seal… No…

I can now sense the world that we have abandoned… through this light… The seal is strong, but it has been damaged by that unknown presence… And now, a new one is coming… the seal continues to weaken… And all I can do is watch…

What is this? This new feeling… The world… it's been… destroyed… No, that can't be… What did my friends sacrifice themselves for…? What have we been doing…? No…

Wait… something happened… the world…it's… back… but how…? Was it that being that entered our world…? That being was the one that destroyed the world and everyone in it… and yet… both the world and all the lives in it… are there… as if nothing had happened… but it did…

Once more, I sense a new presence… two of them… What incredible power… It's breaking the seal even more… I feel it… another dimension has connected to our own… No… how can this be… the two powers, they have merged… it's entering our dimension again… it will destroy everyone…

Wait… I feel it… another being… also entering… it's someone of our world… but possesses even greater power than the other one… the second being has destroyed the first one… and the dimensions have separated once more… but the seal… I don't know how much more it can take…

Why…? Why must another threat come… almost immediately after the last crisis was averted… A being that was destroyed returned… but was destroyed easily… it was weakened… but there's a new threat… this being… it-Wait…? Wh-what happened…? I… I can no longer sense the presence of any humans… where did they… go…?

The threat… it… consumed everyone… but there's… someone… opposing them… he is powered by… everyone… yes… he destroyed the threat… but…

Something is wrong… I can no longer see the light… I… I can feel it… the dimension… the fabric of time and space… have completely been distorted… reality has been warped… The seal is safe… because the dimensions have been completely separated… but I feel… as if everything is now on the verge of total annihilation… not just the world, but everything

The light… it's returned… I can feel it… I… I'm on the verge of awakening from my slumber… but… I still continue to sleep… as I should… but if one more great power enters the world… then I know… that the seal will break… and I… along with the continent of Mu… will awake from our sleep…

The light is there, but I still feel clutched by the darkness… I despise it… both the light… and the darkness… but as time have passed, I now know… a new presence is approaching… the being holds great power… the moment it enters our world… the seal shall break… and I will work to reseal the continent and return to slumber…

After all… I am no longer someone that is alive…

I am… an existence…

Whose sole purpose… is to guard the seal of Mu…

(Back to present)

"Yes, even now, I still do not know what those great powers were, but I do not care. I will stop the threat that is coming," Solo thought turning around, no longer looking at the rising sun.

(Luna's mansion)

Luna awoke with a start, and looked around to see no one but the light shining through her windows and the time marking 1:32 PM. When memories of last night came back to her, Luna immediately searched for Solo, but then heard a voice.

"You won't find Master Solo, Miss Luna. He had left shortly after you had fallen asleep," Luna turned to see that the voice belonged to Sebastian.

"Why? Why did Solo just… leave?" Luna asked more to herself, as she started to tear up.

"I believe that Master Solo did not want to put you in harm's way, so he left. But he did bid you farewell," Sebastian comforted.

Luna looked out the window and into the sky, "Solo… will I… see you again…?"

"By the way, Miss Luna," Sebastian said catching Luna's attention, "You have been asleep for quite some time now, and I was wondering if you like your breakfast now, or will you go for lunch as it is past noon?"

"Oh, um… I'll have lunch. Let me just get ready," Luna answered as she went to prepare herself. After she finished, she went ahead and ate her meal. After she finished, she remembered something important.

"Oh. Sonia's birthday party is tonight. Let's see… the invitation says that the party starts at 8, but be there by 7:30," Luna said looking at her invite, "What about the address… wow, that's about a 30 minute drive. Alright then, we'll leave at 7. Sebastian, have the limo ready by then."

(Stelar Residence)

"Mom, I going to the party now," the voice of Geo Stelar called out. Geo was wearing a black tuxedo with a white undershirt and black bowtie.

"Alright, but let me take a few more pictures," Hope said as she took more pictures with her camera. "You look so handsome in that suit, Geo. My, you look just like your father when he was younger."

"Hey, mom, this is a birthday party, so why do I have to dress like this?" Geo asked, "I mean, I look like I'm going to prom."

"Because, sweetie, the address on the invitation is the very same place as where your father and I went for prom," Hope answered with a fond look in her eyes, "I wish I could come with you, but I have to stay home. Be sure to have fun."

"Seriously. Wow, I can't believe it," Geo said amazed, "I guess Sonia can go there since she's a famous singer."

"Alright, bye Geo. Are you sure you can get there by yourself? I mean, it is pretty far," Hope said.

"No problem. I'll be fine, mom," Geo reassured, and then left the house saying his goodbye.

"Hey, Geo," a voice came out of Geo's Star Carrier.

"What is it, Omega-Xis?" Geo asked hold his terminal to see his partner's face.

"Why do I have to wear this stupid bowtie?" Omega-Xis asked as he kept fiddling with a green EM wave bowtie stuck on his neck.

"Well, since it such a grand place, I figured that Sonia might have even had Lyra and Cancer dressed up for it, so why not you as well," Geo explained, "This way, you won't be left out. And I think it suits you."

"Shut up. Just get ready to Wave Change. Otherwise, you'll never get there," Omega-Xis grumbled.

"Alright," Geo said as he started to sprint.

EM Wave Change


On Air

In a flash of swirling green light, Geo and Omega-Xis merged and transformed into Megaman. Megaman jumped to the Wave Road and headed in the direction the address mentioned. When he got there, he was flabbergasted from the sight.

"WHOA. This is… almost as big as Luna's mansion," Megaman stated in shock.

"Seriously, and look at all the light shining everywhere, they really went all out," Megaman's left arm that had Omega-Xis' head said.

"Well, let's go," Megaman said as he landed on the ground out of sight from the others and got out of wave form.

Geo walked to the entrance and saw his friends all there.

"Geo, over here," Luna's voice called out.

Geo ran towards his friends, but when he got a better look at Luna, his jaw dropped and he felt his face flush.

Luna was wearing blue round neckline dress with a white lining on the edges complete with two frills on the bottom and a pseudo belt-like line below the bust that seemed to emphasize them. Luna also had her hair down and she pinned a side of her hair behind her ear.

"L-L-Luna… whoa, you look… amazing," Geo stuttered out, staring at her. He could hear Omega-Xis snickering from his Star Carrier.

Luna blushed at this comment and started to stutter as well, "W-what are you saying? Don't say something so ridiculous." Luna turned around in embarrassment.

"Alright, now that we're all here, let's go. I bet they'll have some great eats there," Bud said hungrily while shuffling his orange suit, but had no tie on. Bud had fixed his hair to make it seem less messy. The look seemed odd to friends.

"C'mon guys, I can't wait to see what the party looks inside. Maybe we'll see other celebrities as well!" Zack exclaimed excitedly. Zack was wearing a dark green suit with a necktie as well. He also seemed to have also fixed his hair, so that he would look more presentable.

"Calm down. We have to get in line first. There sure are a lot of people here. Can't be helped, this is 'The Sonia Sky' we're talking about here," Pat said pointing to the line at the entrance. Pat was wearing a violet suit with a purple necktie.

As the gang waited in line, they saw many people get turned away, and other people simply entered without any questions. Luna explained that they were extremely successful families that her family does business with. She met them a couple of times. When the gang finally reached the front, the guard held up his arms, blocking the path.

"Invitations please," the guard requested. Geo and everyone else held their invitations up. The guard checked each one, apparently to see if they were legitimate. Geo deduced that that meant that the people turned away had forged their invitations.

When the group entered the large building, they were amazed. There were decorations as far as the eyes could see, and that was only the first floor. There were also banners all around that had "Happy Birthday Sonia" written on them.

Bud wasted no time as he made a dash for the table that was serving the food.

"Bud, wait," Luna tried in vain to call out to Bud, "Ugh, I really hope he doesn't do anything else that would embarrass us." Everyone else couldn't help but laugh at that.

The group separated to pursue any forms of entertainment that they could find. They were told to wait at any table they could find for when Sonia would appear for the cake. But they were shocked when they saw the actual cake, as it seemed to tower all the way to the ceiling. As the group gathered together again, Luna was scolding Bud for drooling on the cake.

"Hey, guys. Glad to see you're all enjoying yourselves," a voice was hear behind them. As the group turned around, Geo once more found himself blushing with his jaw dropped. Bud and Zack looked like they were about to explode. Pat looked in awe with a blush appearing as well. Luna also looked in awe.

There was Sonia wearing a simple white balloon dress that stretched above her knees with a ribbon tied around her waist and placed at the back. She also wore a very extravagant black hair band that had white ribbons streaming down her back.

"Um, guys… are you okay?" Sonia asked while blushing from everyone staring at her, especially Geo. Everyone snapped out of their thoughts.

"O-o-oh nothing. It's just… you look really pretty, Sonia," Bud said.

"Yeah, that dress looks really good on you," Zack added on.

Sonia giggled at the two boys that said that they were her biggest fans. She then turned her attention to Geo.

"So… uh, what do you think?" Sonia asked blushing.

"You look really pretty Sonia," Geo said blushing while rubbing the back of his head. Sonia smiled then looked at the last two people. She walked toward Pat.

"Hello, we've never officially met. I'm Sonia Sky," Sonia introduced holding out her hand.

Pat smiled as he took her hand, "A pleasure. My name is Patrick Springs, but you can call me Pat. I'm a big fan of your music."

Sonia then walked to Luna, "Hey Luna, you look really beautiful in that dress."

"Thank you, Sonia. I must say that you're looking quite fabulous yourself," Luna said smiling.

(In Wave Space)

"It's really funny to look at Geo whenever he looks like he's about to burst from embarrassment," Omega-Xis chuckled.

"Well, you can't blame him, or the others for that matter. Both Luna and Sonia look absolutely stunning," Lyra explained. She was wearing a red ribbon on left side of her form.

"I still think that Sonia looks the best, buku," Cancer said. He was normal form wearing Sonia fan clothing while holding flags on each pincer with Sonia's face on them.

"Whatever, I just wanna get this stupid tie off," Omega-Xis grumbled as he kept struggling with it.

Lyra sighed, "I really wish I had another girl to talk to…"

(Back to the group)

"Hey Sonia," a new voice called out, "I finally managed to find you."

Sonia and the others turned to see a girl about their age. She had brown hair that was tied in a ponytail with clear aquamarine eyes. She wore a yellow dress that had orange patterns from waist down.

"Oh hey, glad to see you could make it," Sonia said then turned back to her friends with the new girl, "Everyone, this is-"

"Hey wait, aren't you that girl… yeah, the 'Skiing Angel', Amy Gelande," Bud recognized the girl.

The girl, Amy, giggled, "That's right. You all must be Sonia's friends. It's very nice to meet you."

"Wow, to think that we could meet another famous celebrity like you. What an honor," Zack exclaimed.

"Yeah, you're awesome. The way you perform whenever you get on the slopes is amazing," Geo added.

"And don't you have the championships coming soon?" Pat asked.

"Well, with the boys acting like that, I guess I'll start the introductions. I'm Luna Platz and these are my friends Geo, Bud, Zack, and Pat," Luna introduced.

"Platz… I feel like I heard that name before," Amy wondered a little before gasping in realization, "I remember now. Your family is one of the top business factions of the world. Many companies are controlled by you family, right?"

Hearing that was a shocker to everyone, especially since Luna never talked much about her family to anyone.

"Yeah, but I really don't feel like talking about them, if you don't mind," Luna said with a bit of sadness hidden in her voice.

"Okay, I'm sorry. Anyways, let's go, the party's gonna get more psyched up soon. So you better get going Sonia," Amy said.

"Geo, can I talk to you for a minute?" Luna asked.

"Um, sure," Geo answered, curious as to what Luna wants to talk to him about.

Sonia watched as the two walk away and couldn't help but smile. "Luna, I wonder what you are going to say? Whatever it is, I won't try to interfere, because you're my friend. Hmm… even if Geo falls in love with Luna in the end, I really won't have any regrets, so long as I give it my best."

Geo looks at Luna as she took him outside n a balcony to the night sky, "So, Luna, what is it you wanted to talk about?"

Luna remains silent for several minutes, before finally speaking, "You know… I never did thank you…"

Geo was confused, "Thank me? For what?"

Luna smiled and looked up in the sky, "For when you saved me. Back when I first met you as Megaman."

"O-oh…" Geo felt confused. Didn't Luna always deny Geo and Megaman being the same person?

"I feel so stupid now. All the time I kept wondering where my brave and valiant hero Megaman was, and never once, did I ever realize that he was right next to me... But even after I found out, I denied it, because I just couldn't accept it."

Luna finally turned to Geo and met his eyes, "But that's wrong of me. Geo. You and Megaman. Both of you are one and the same. I'm sorry for all the times I've troubled and annoyed you Geo. But I just wanted to say… thank you."

Luna smiled as she felt a great burden lift itself from her shoulders and felt that she could be more honest with herself.

Geo was surprised to hear this from Luna, but he smiled and replied, "No problem. I became Megaman in the first place because I wanted to save you. And I'm glad that I was able to help you."

Geo and Luna then let out a heartfelt laugh.

(Meanwhile in a faraway land)

"Master, the preparations are all set. We will commence the attack on your command," a large being said.

"Good, so it begins. It matters not whether the attack succeeds or fails. All that matters is for the wielder of the relics to become involved," the master said.


Outside the base, a woman was looking up to see the EM waves behaving erratically and converging together.

"So it begins…"

(Somewhere in another country)

"Do you sense that?" a being said.

A boy opens his eyes and looks up before answering, "Yes, I do. So it's begun. We have to make our move now."

"Yes, let's go," the being says before going back into the boy's Star Carrier. The boy holds it up before shouting out.

EM Wave Change

Kidd Gruff

On Air

In a flash of swirling white light, a goat-like figure with two horns and martial arts clothing appears. It then jumps to a Wave Road and then hurries to the source of where the disturbance is.

(With Solo)

Solo stares up in the sky and sees the fluctuations of the EM waves all around. Many of the electrical devices in the vicinity became erratic and malfunctioned.

"So… it finally began…" Solo said, before pulling out his Star Carrier.

"Ironic that the moment that I've recovered enough strength that the attack begins…"

EM Wave Change


On Air

Solo is consumed in a spiraling purple light. In the Wave Space, Solo draws the crest of Mu as the red crest appears in the air. Then the Star Carrier vanishes, along with his earrings and facial marking. Solo stretches his left arm out as it and his legs form the black armor with a red slotted coil proceeding itself. His clothes then tighten as the red crest of Mu that he drew lands on his chest, and his entire body is then covered in a black catsuit, while a silver neck-guard gorget and knobbed spaulders on his shoulders form. Solo then his raises his right arm in the air and a silver bracelet appears and covers his wrist and a purple flame covers his hand and the flare covers his forearm. Solo faces forward and a small helmet with red markings forms on his head, making his hair shift upwards, and light green ear guards form along with the helmet. Finally, the helmet produces a purple x-shaped visor.

Solo had now transformed into Rogue and exited the Wave Space.

"Somehow I feel that Megaman will already be there by the time I enter the battle," Rogue says to himself as he jumped to the Wave Road.

(In Wave Space with the EM beings)

Omega-Xis and the others suddenly sensed a surge of power heading their way.

"Lyra. Cancer. Did you sense that?" Omega-Xis asked.

"Yes. Something is coming," Lyra answered.

"Whatever it is, it's bad news, buku," Cancer worriedly exclaimed.

(Back at the Party)

"Geo. Geo," Omega-Xis called out as he reentered Geo's Star Carrier.

"What is it, Omega-Xis?" Geo asked worriedly. Geo excused himself from Luna and ran to a corner where he couldn't be seen.

"Something's coming, and it spells trouble," as soon as Omega-Xis that, all of the lights went out, as electrical surges went off and caused the devices to explode. Cries of panic began to fill the air as people started to run around, trying to escape.

Geo was then shocked to see EM viruses materializing everywhere and attacking everything. They were outside as well, looking like an army. But what shocked Geo more were the figures of warriors in armors commanding the viruses.

"Omega-Xis, is that…?" Geo asked.

"Yes, these guys are the ones that I've sensed. They've even managed to make a materialized airspace around here. Lyra and Cancer also noticed. Let's go Geo, it's finally time to flex these sore muscles of ours and get ready to battle," Omega-Xis explained.

"Alright, let's go."

EM Wave Change


On Air

Geo transformed into Megaman immediately charged at the viruses inside. He fired his Mega Buster several times and deleted the viruses. The viruses then started to counterattack.

"Battle Card, Gatling," Megaman's cried out as Omega-Xis's head transformed into a weapon with four barrels, as Megaman fired at the viruses deleting them.

"Battle Card, Sword," Megaman summoned a green EM wave sword and slashed at the viruses. Several of them got behind and attacked.

"Battle Card, Barrier," a voice cried out as a barrier formed around Megaman, protecting him from the attacks. Megaman turned and fired his Buster.

Lyra Note appeared and engaged in battle, "Shock Note," Lyra Note cried out as two speakers appeared and fired several blue musical notes at the viruses. However, as many of the viruses that were deleted, many more appeared to take their place.

"This isn't getting anywhere. We have to go for the one that's controlling these viruses," Omega-Xis explained.

"Alright," Megaman said as he changed his EM wave frequencies to get outside, with Lyra Note in tow.

When they got outside, they saw Cancer Bubble battle against the warriors and viruses on his own.

"Take this, Tidal Wave," Cancer Bubble cried out as he sent out a wave of water crashing down on the enemies. The viruses covered the armored warrior and got deleted. Cancer Bubble began to pant heavily as he had been fighting quite some time. Before he could react, or anyone could help, Cancer was struck by electric attacks from the viruses, damaging Cancer Bubble greatly.

"Cancer," Lyra Note cried out as Cancer Bubble fell of the Wave Road and fell on the ground out of wave form.

"This is gonna get tough, unless we finish this here. Geo, activate the Tribe King," Omega-Xis said.

"Alright, here goes," Geo said as he concentrated and summoned the power. However, instead of transforming in to the Tribe King, he found himself in his Thunder Zerker form.

"What the… why, why am in Zerker form? I tried to use the Tribe King, didn't I?" Megaman questioned.

"MEGAMAN," Megaman recognized that voice and looked out to see Luna on a balcony surrounded by viruses.

"LUNA," Megaman yelled as he tried to rush to her, but had his path blocked by the viruses. Megaman swung his sword that he got as Thunder Zerker and deleted them, but more and more viruses continued to block his path.

One virus attacked Luna and hit the floor, which caused it to collapse and make Luna fall. Luna let out a scream as she felt herself fall.

"LUNA!" both Megaman and Lyra Note and desperately tried to get past the blockade, but to no avail. The viruses seemed stronger and more resilient.

As Luna fell, she started to feel her life flashing through her eyes. Memories of her parents, her friends, her rivalry with Sonia, her deep friendship born from the rivalry, her love for Geo… and her desire to see Solo once more…

"Mom, dad… Bud, Zack, Pat… Sonia, Geo… Solo…," Luna called out in her head.

Suddenly a flash of purple light entered the battlefield and caught Luna and landed safely on the ground. Luna opened her eyes and saw a familiar face.

"… you know you can let go of me now," Rogue said. Luna regained her focus and noticed that she was in the same position as she was when she first met Megaman. She then did the same thing she did back then, she immediately let go and started blushing.

"Solo… you came…" Luna said in wonder.

"Omega-Xis, that's…" Megaman began.

"Rogue," Omega-Xis finished in amazement.

"But how? Wasn't he sealed away with Le Mu when it tried to enter our world?" Lyra Note asked.

"Yes, I still remember that time, but either way, he saved Luna, now…" Megaman turned to face the enemies in his way, "Let's finish this. Thunder Bolt Blade."

Megaman Thunder Zerker's sword got longer and Megaman released three large slashes that released large waves of electric slashes that decimated many viruses and destroyed some of the armored warriors.

"Right, let's go. Quick Strings," Lyra Note said as she strummed her guitar and released fired her guitar strings at the enemies and trapped them.

Rogue immediately jumped at the enemies and pulled out the Guardian Sword and slashed at the armored warrior, deleting it.

All of the viruses started to coordinate their attacks and aimed it at the ones deleting them instead of damaging the field.

Lyra Note soon found herself surrounded by viruses and was about to be attacked, before a new light entered the battle and deleted the viruses surrounding Lyra Note.

"Who are you?" Lyra Note asked. The figure turned around to face her before answer.

"The name's Capricorn Kid. It's a pleasure to meet you. It's Lyra Note, right?" the goat-like bring, Capricorn Kid, asked.

"Yes, but we'll talk later. Right now, we've got company," Lyra Note said.

"Megaman, if you destroy all of the warriors, then the viruses will stop appearing," Rogue said as he deleted several more enemies.

"Alright, here goes," Megaman said as he charged at the warriors and slashed at each of them. Eventually, the warriors were deleted and the viruses soon after.

All of the people from the party had evacuated, save a few. However, inside the building, Rogue, Megaman, Lyra Note, and Capricorn Kid appeared and exited out of their wave forms. Geo was confused from the new face in the group.

"I'll ask later, but first things first. Rogue, what's going on? How are you still here, I thought that you…" Geo failed to finish.

"Yes, I thought so too, but something happened back there," Solo started.

"What is it?" Sonia asked.

"To sum one thing up, the world is once again in danger from the wrath of the Continent of Mu…"

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