Trivia: Character Names:

Adelaide: King Triton's and Tiamat's daughter. The name Adelaide means beautiful princess, or of noble kin. Since she was a baby princess, I decided on this name, plus it follows suit with Ariel and her sisters all having names beginning with the letter "A". Before I had a chance to congratulate me on my creativity, upon doing my research, I discovered that Adella's name was the shortened form of Adelaide. Disney beat me to the punch a good twenty-something years earlier. Needless to say, I was steaming mad.

Adrian: Lance's brother, and Eric's attempted suitor for Hali. According to The Name Game, a baby naming book, Adrian means pessimistic and hard to please. This fits his personality, or lack of one, just fine.

Alabaster: Eric's horse, named after his white coat.

Ami: Xavier's mother. Ami is French for friend, because she was friends with a mermaid, I decided to name the character as such. I am well aware that "amie" is French for a female friend, but I like the way the name "Ami" looked written down, opposed to "Amie".

Babette: Xavier's neighbor from France. His father wanted him to write to her, instead of Hali. I didn't really put any thought to her name. I just looked for a very French sounding name, and Babette struck a chord with me. I think it's because in a animated movie about Raggedy Ann and Andy, there was a doll named Babette. Raggedy Ann and Andy had to save her, when she was kidnapped by a pirate! Who remembers this movie?

Bass: He is one of Flounder's twins, named after the species of fish.

Bonnie: Nina's childhood doll that was lost at sea. Bonnie means, pretty girl, or in this sense, pretty doll.

Brisk: Hali's horse. Brisk is a synonym for quick or fast. Since Brisk, is the swiftest horse in Shireland, he received this name.

Brutus: Serene's stuffed blue whale. The name Brutus means, heavy, muscular. Blue whales are the largest creature on the planet, so the name was a no brainer.

Chestnut: Melody's horse, named after her brown coat.

Darwin: Serene's stuffed seahorse. Darwin means dear friend, and everyone knows that a stuffed animal is a little girl's best friend.

Dr. Salus: The doctor on staff at the palace. Salus is Latin for healthy. Since doctors keep us all healthy, there could be no better name.

Hachi: Hali's octopus friend. Hachi is the Japanese word for the number eight. Octopuses have eight arms. Need I say more? Again, this was a case of me believing that I was a creative genius, but my brother (the same brother who thinks my story is boring) informed me that in an anime called One Piece, there is a octopus man character named Hachi. I was really upset when I heard that.

Hali Sara Benson: The name Hali is Greek in origin, meaning the sea. Sara is of Hebrew origin meaning princess, and Benson happens to be the the last name of the voice actor who played Ariel in the Little Mermaid trilogy, Jodi Benson. I did this as a tribute to her.

Jade: Hali's cousin and Attina's oldest daughter. The name Jade means green gemstone (I wonder why?) I just love everything about jade. I love the stone, I love the spelling, I love the sound of the word. I just love jade! That's why it is part of my screen name.

Jolie: The doll young Hali gave to young Nina to replace the lost Bonnie. Jolie is French for pretty. I would like to think of Jolie as a beautiful imported French doll.

Kailani: Hali's dolphin friend. Kailani is Hawaiian for sea and sky. Since dolphins live in the sea, but still need to breathe air, I thought the name was absolutely perfect.

King Leroy: Lance's father and King of Westland. The name Leroy means, king.

Lace Kennard Manelin: Melody's fiancé. Kennard means royal and brave. Manelin means Prince of princes.

Lorelei: Sam's pet name for Hali. Lorelei means alluring enchantress, a perfect name for a half mermaid, if you ask me.

Marlin: One of Flounder's twins. A marlin is a species of fish. It looks sort of like a sword fish.

Marshall: Xavier's father, and head horse keeper at the palace stables. Marshall means, horse keeper. Whoa Nellie!

Melody Lark Benson: When I think of the word melody, I automatically think of the word, song. Since a lark is a kind of songbird, I thought it would be a cute middle name for Melody. (Note: Originally, Melody is a product of the Walt Disney Co.)

Mizu-Kaida: The water dragon Tiamat conjured. Mizu is a Japanese word meaning water, or mist, and Kaida is a Japanese girl name meaning little dragon. I took the name to mean, "water dragon", seeing that Mizu-Kaida was created form pure water.

Mullet: Sam's shipmate, named after the fish, not the unfortunate hair style of the 80's.

Murphy: The Guardian and King Triton's brother. The name Murphy means, descendant of sea warrior. Murphy's powers were passed on through his family lineage, remember?

Minerva: Hali's etiquette tutor. She is only mentioned by name. Minerva is Latin for Goddess of Wisdom. A perfect name for an etiquette tutor, I think.

Mr. Pointy: Serene's stuffed starfish. Starfish do have points, and the name Mr. Pointy is pretty cute. Also, I wasn't in a very creative mood. Oh well.

Nina: A servant girl in the palace. Nina's name was taken form the Spanish word, niña, meaning girl, or in this case servant girl.

Ophelia: The pseudonym Hali gave to Xavier, meaning helper. Hali lied to Xavier, "I'm just a servant girl, a helper..." Clever, right?

Piper: Sam's shipmate named after the popular children's tale, The Pied Piper of Hamlin.

Pisces: Flounder's oldest child. Pisces is obviously named after the astrological sign, Pisces. (Incidentally, my mom is a Pisces.)

Sam: I once got a prize in a package of Cracker Jack. It was a little optical illusion that if you looked at it one way, there was an image of an old, withered sailor. Turning it upside down, the image was of a young, fresh faced sailor. The illusion was titled Salty Sam. I just always loved that name, and that illusion, so I gave it to our favorite sailor.

Serene: Hali's five year old cousin, and Andrina's youngest child. Naming this little mermaid was a challenge. What was a good name for a mermaid. Tranquility? Yuck! Serenity? No, I didn't like that. I did like the name Serena, but PrincessCricket already had a character by that name. So, I chopped off the 'a' and named her Serene. I quite liked the results. Et toi?

Siren: Ami's mermaid friend. In Greek mythology, mermaids were called sirens. They would lore sailors to their untimely deaths.

Squirt: The orphan boy Sam's ship picked up in Rabat, named after his small size.

Stede Bonnet: Although, historically a real person, Stede Bonnet appeared in my story as the skeleton bone captain of the Revenge.

Sushi: Flounder's youngest child. A Japanese dish, mad from raw fish. I've never tired sushi. Have you?

Tiamat: The evil queen. She was named after a goddess in Babylonian mythology. Tiamat was an evil deity often depicted with a sea serpent, or dragon at her side.

Tilapia: Flounder's oldest daughter. Named after yet another species of fish. I happen to eat this particuliar kind of fish almost every Friday. Sorry, but it tastes so good!

Warren: The bulky guard that caught Hali attempting to sneak back into her room. Warren is a name meaning, guard. Duh!

Xavier: Hali's true love. Xavier is Latin meaning brilliant, or one who owns a new house. I decided to go with the first of the two definitions to describe him. Maybe I can squeeze the "house" thing in sometime in the future. What do you think?

Spell trivia:

Hali's Spells: The language of Hali's spells was Belarusian.

Tiamat's Spells: The language of Tiamat's spells switched form Turkish, to Albanian, to Latvian.

I had originally planned to translate them all for you now, but that would be way too much work for a lazy girl like me. Besides, I have a feeling that most of you already looked up the spells on your own. I will tell you, however, the words Hali spoke to kill Tiamat.

Hali took in a breath and cast the simplest, most specific spell her brain could come up with.

"Памерці, Tiamat!" - This was the simple, and specific spell crafted by our darling, Hali. It translates to, "Die, Tiamat!" Blunt and to the point.

Location Trivia:

Garvey's Pub:The Pub Sam took Hali, that was later raided by Eric. The name Garvey means, rough. It reminds me of the pubs atmosphere.

Shireland: Derived form the word, shire, meaning country, and land meaning, Therefore, it means country land. I was quite proud of this name actually.

Murk: Tiamat's underwater kingdom in the Antarctic Ocean. Murk, developed from the word murky, reminds me of evil and darkness. Hence, Tiamat's kingdom.

Westland: A Kingdom to the west of Shireland. Again, not one of my best creative moments.

Ultra Special Blah Blah Blah

The Ultra Special Blah Blah Blah was stolen form Natsuki Takaya, the manga artist and author of the popular Fruits Basket. Read it if you have the chance.

This trivia section entailed a lot of work. Please leave a comment/review for me. It would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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