PLEASE READ: This fic will be a compilation of the various animagus forms that Harry could possibly become. They are supposed to be humorous, possibly not even probable, but just a random idea that popped into my head. Hope you enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of J.K. Rowlings characters, I only put them to good use.



He was flying. A laugh bubbled up in Harry's throat. He always had been a natural flyer, of course his animagus form would be something that flew, he just had to wait and discover exactly what he was.

That had been a week prior. Harry was currently sitting in the Room of Requirement alone. The war with Voldemort was still raging out in the world and he had a feeling that having a secret animagus form would help him to escape certain sticky situations. Especially if he could fly.

So Harry Potter, master of breaking the rules, had set out to discover his animagus form, brewing the potion that would cause to have a vision of said form. Harry had had his vision and knew that he flew, but he didn't know exactly what kind of bird he was, there had been nothing he could compare himself to in the vision besides trees.

Today, however, he was going to find out. Harry had mastered the spell that would force one to transform into ones animagus form and its counter nonverbally.

Not many people chose to skip over the several months of meditation one was supposed to go through in order to completely discover 'the animal inside', but Harry simply did not have the time.

This method of forcing himself to transform had several advantages in that he will have already fully transformed, so he did not have to spend those extra months making each individual limb change and then eventually putting them all together. With the forced transformation Harry's body would instinctually remember how it was supposed to change in future transformations. It did have the downside of intense pain, but Harry was used to pain.

So it was with a deep fortifying breath that Harry repeated the incantation in his head focusing the spell on himself.

A searing pain lashed through his body, it was similar to, but no quite as intense as the Cruciatus curse. For that he was thankful.

The first thing Harry did as soon as he transformed was fall on his face. It turns out that wings do not support oneself as well as arms braced on the floor.

An angry titter could be heard out in the hallway. The sound gave him pause. What sort of bird titters?

After several minutes Harry finally managed to get his feet back underneath him and stay that way (Birds apparently have a different center of balance than humans, figures). A quick series of hops put Harry in front of the mirror that the room provided, only to have him fall over again in shock.

A hawk. An eagle. An owl. Harry had been expecting something magnificent, a predator of the skies. Instead he gets this. He wasn't more than three or four inches tall! And as if that wasn't bad enough he looked like a little ponce of a bird.

The little bird rolled his eyes in exacerbation. He was Harry Potter, of course he was a bloody Hummingbird.

More angry titters filled the room followed by what sounded awfully like a little birdy laugh. Harry had discovered that swearing while in bird form sounded a lot like he was swearing. How…intriguing.

Several hours went by as Harry acquainted himself with how to move in his new body. It wasn't long before he was buzzing around the room, forwards, backwards, and even hovering in place. It was amazing being able to fly around without broom, but how on earth was he going to be able to hide himself when he was practically the color of a traffic cone?!

As Harry flew by the mirror once again he almost fell out of the air in shock. He was blue! But…he had just been neon orange! And then, right before his eyes, he turned orange again.

Harry carefully landed in front of the mirror in order to test just how many different colors he could change. Maybe being a hummingbird wouldn't be so bad…