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Panther…panther…gotta be a panther. The only bloody thing that has black fur like this. No way I could be a plain ole' housecat.

Harry staggered his way over to the mirror to get a look at himself.

Four bloody feet. I am going fall on my face.

Not two seconds later did that premonition come true. Harry's jaw dropped, as much as any cat's jaw could drop, in shock. He was a kitten. An adorable, cuddly kitten!

How…how…how could this happen!?

Just as Harry's fur was starting to stand on end in anger he suddenly was a lot larger. In place of the tiny kitten was now what seemed to be a cat the size of a small pony.

Harry stared and stared but his form stayed the same. He blinked as a laughter bubbled up in his throat and just as suddenly as before, he was back to being a cute little kitten. A yowl of outrage was quickly followed by Harry once again becoming larger than the biggest dog.

A purr that sounded like a lawnmower sounded through the room, quickly being replaced by the much tinier purr of a kitten. A growl replaced the purr before Harry stopped himself.

I could do this all day…kitten, gigantic cat, kitten, gigantic cat. What on earth could change size so much? It has to be some sort of magical cat. Hmmm…

Harry pondered the various breeds of magical cats he had heard of before he suddenly realized that he couldn't hear his own feet padding on the ground. He stopped, perplexed. Harry's ears were sensitive enough to hear the spider that was scuttling up the wall, but he couldn't hear his own feet?

How…strange. Changes size, walks with no sound, blends in with shadows…oh. Oh!

Harry whipped around to look at himself in the mirror again before rolling onto his back purring.

A nundu…of course I couldn't just be a normal panther…no…I had to be something that not even a hundred wizards could take down…er…this could be advantageous…

Harry's purr grew louder as he imagined all the ways he could get rid of Voldemort with this form.


"Professor McGonagall! I completed it!" Harry said excitedly as he entered his Head of House's office. He had been working with her in finding his animagus form so he didn't make the same mistakes his father had made.

The Transfiguration professor had allowed Harry to complete the rest of the steps on his own, so long as he showed her once he had completed the transformation.

They had struck that agreement three months prior, Minerva should have known that he wouldn't take the expected six months.

Sitting up a bit straighter, she gave her favorite student a small smile. "Alright, let's see it then."

Harry gave her a quick grin before he was suddenly replaced with a tiny black kitten.

Half of Minerva wanted to step forward, scoop up the cute little thing and coo over him. The other half of her, the half more in tune with her animagus form and her survival instincts, however, was screaming at her to run away, right the bloody hell now! She settled for shrinking in her chair away from the adorable ball of fluff.

Harry cocked his head to the side, giving an inquisitive miaow. His teacher looked and smelled terrified, how…interesting. Wondering if he could get a larger reaction from her, Harry thought of various things that would make him angry until suddenly his head came to above hers.

Minerva McGonagall just about scrambled over the back of her seat to get away from what she now knew could kill her as easily as breathing (literally!). It wasn't until she heard what sounded like a little kitten purring that she stopped trying to get away.

There Harry was, lying on his back, looking like nothing but a lazy kitten. Minerva shuddered. The boy couldn't just have a normal animagus form could he?


A/N: Lol. I couldn't not do it, sorry. I know that J.K.'s description of a Nundu has nothing about changing sizes, but I've read it somewhere and thought 'hey, how is it these huge cats are never spotted? Because they aren't always huge cats!'...yeah...