Do you believe in magic?

There are interesting consequences to mixing sage, demon, and normal chakra. Naruto is about to find out just how chaotic magic can be. NarutoX Fairytail. Possible Naruto Harem.

"Madara!!! You are dead. Your corruption will not touch another generation. The cycle of hate will end." Naruto yelled. Uzumaki Naruto, son of the Yondaime Hokage, Sage of Myobokuzan mountain, Jiinjuriki (Human container) of the Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine tailed Fox), and temporary Hokage of Konohagakure no sato. Naruto and Uchiha Madara have been fighting for several hours, what was left of Naruto's cloths were torn to shreds. Naruto's eyes showed the effects of Sage chakra, deepened shadows under his eyes the only notification of the use.

"Even as a Sage. You couldn't protect the ones you loved. All of them Sasuke killed them all... Then I killed him." Madara laughed. Honestly he didn't have any reason to laugh. He was sorely beaten up his red eye's flaring hard. If anything Madara was in worse shape then Naruto. "You can not beat me,"

"You think that I am at my limit you old geezer," Naruto yelled his rage taking over. "You have destroyed so much. You have killed how many thousands of lives, while you lived so much longer then your time to cause more suffering." A significant amount of red energy oozed off of Naruto coating his body. In a flash the only thing left in the area was a lot of ash and bits and pieces of Uchiha Madara. Uzumaki Naruto would never again be seen in the land he was born. This doesn't mean though that he would never seen again though.

(In a void between sleeping and waking)

Naruto didn't exactly know what happened but he knew that Uchiha Madara was dead. He managed to tear him limb from limb before he blacked out. 'Using Sage chakra and Demon chakra was probably not the smartest idea... Well lets get back,'

"This is my last message to you the bane of my existence. You have no more Demon chakra, the Sage chakra converted it to your chakra. You now have truly monstrous reserves I doubt that you will ever ever run out of chakra in battle again. That little stunt you pulled killed a demon, think about that you bastard. Damn you to hell!!!!!" A voice echoed in his head, which went unheard by Naruto.

Naruto opened his eyes seeing tree surrounding him. This was weird considering the massive battle field that he expected had had all of it's trees were ripped up and destroyed. I guess I will have to find out where the hell I am.

(50 years later)

"Waah, it's huge," A blond haired girl said looking at the guild known as Fairytail. She was pretty with a sort of bubbly attitude about her and she was smiling like a mad man.

"Welcome to Fairytail," A blue bipedal cat jumped into the air showing his enthusiasm. He had a scarf and a little back pack strapped to him. Standing next to the cat was a rosy haired teen wearing a scale scarf. He had a strange tattoo on his right shoulder that seemed to be the main theme of the entire building.

All three of these people were mages. This was a world of magic, magic is a varied abilities of different strengths. Mages coalesced together forming guilds. Guilds are where mages go and join to get jobs for money and advance their magical abilities.

"Well Happy, lets make Lucy a member of the guild," The Rosie haired teen said to the blue cat.

"Aye Natsu, Mirajane might have some fish for me," Happy responded happily at the idea of the fish.

"We're Home," Natsu yelled as he charged into Fairytail Happy and Lucy following more slowly.

"Natsu, Happy, welcome back," a white haired young woman in a black dress greeted them amoung the mass of Mages drinking all in a state of merriment.

"You overdid it again. I read about the Harujion incident in the Newspa-," A person that looked like a wise guy was interrupted by Natsu kicking him in the face.

"Bastard!! That infor you gave me about Salamander was fake!!!," Natsu shouted. This quickly degenerated into an all out brawl. Eventually magic was about to get involved but... a shadow giant shouted.

"That is enough, CUT IT OUT, YOU FOOLS!!!!" And everything calmed down and Natsu got squashed. The shadow giant shrank to a minuscule man with a strange sort of striped jester's hat.

(About twenty minutes later)

Lucy's hand had been tattooed on her right hand, the same symbol that was on Natsu's shoulder. She got the emblem of Fairytail forever.

"You hear, the Guild destroyer destroyed Tortoise Shell," A man smoking a pipe was talking to his friend.

"What... they are famous for have some truly amazing water mages. How did he destroy them?" another man asked drinking from his beer can.

"Some truly amazing air magic. All of them have been stripped of their magic including their master. After that all of them branded with the seal. You know the one. The one that drains magic power and dissipates it." The smoking member said.

"You mean the one that looks like a Nine tailed fox?" the Man said.

"Yeah that is it." The smoking man said.

"What was the reason this time. He doesn't just go around and destroy guild wantonly." A massive man in a black outfit and jacket with the words number one in Japanese Kanji on it's back.

"Ah, Elfman. Tortoise Shell was apparently a corrupted guild. They had an underground with the mafia's in the area. They were doing jobs for slaves and favors of the mafia." the smoking man said.

"Oy, Natsu. You got a visitor." One of the members of Fairytail yelled at Natsu getting his attention.

"Who is it?" Natsu said confused while he was eating some fire.

"Says his name is Naruto, You know him?" the same guy yelled back.

"Never heard of him," Natsu finished the fire. "But I'll see him." Natsu walked to the front door of Fairytail. He saw a teenage boy maybe 17 with short spiky blond hair. He was wearing a light black jacket that was unzipped and missing half of his left sleeve sliced off revealing five bracelets they were all different colors, one red, blue, yellow, green, and bronze. A black band with a steel plate with a symbol that looked like a leaf was keeping his hair out of his forehead. He was wearing some black khaki shorts. He had a gold key hanging from his right hip.

"Natsu-sama, I am an aspiring fire mage and I have come to request to become your pupil," Naruto said bowing to Natsu.

"What!!!!!" An uproar from everybody in Fairytail and an accompanying cacophony of lunacy and idiocy from the general population.

"Is this common for mage's of Fairytail?" Lucy asked Mira. She looked at all of the mages around her talking about how insane that anybody would want to be taught by Natsu.

"No, sometimes family members join and the senior members of the family tend to teach the younger but... for a complete stranger to ask a member to be his teacher, is almost unheard of." Mira answered Lucy but she looked speculatively.

"I am not teacher material, But lets see. Fight me!" Natsu shouted and charge out of the guild. Naruto really didn't have any choice, if he didn't fight Natsu he wouldn't get taught. Naruto walked out more slowly and he was followed by about half of the guild. The other half were not interested enough.

"Natsu don't beat the kid too badly." One of the guys said taking a drink.

(Outside of Fairytail)

The street in front of Fairytail was large enough to be suitable for a battle if the damage wasn't insanely wide spread. And with Natsu's tendency to destroy everything the surrounding buildings aren't really guaranteed.

"Natsu-sama, why do you want to fight?" Naruto asked getting into a sort of ready position.

"How else am I supposed to figure out what you can do and if I can teach you." Natsu said a slightly wicked smile on his face. "Your move first."

Naruto didn't need anymore of an invitation. "I will show you what I've got." Naruto snapped his fingers and a flame exploded about a foot in front of Natsu, sending him back about six feet. The flame seemed to die down fast enough to almost make it like it was not there.

"Not bad," Natsu said charging in his hands aflame. "Hiryu no ken," (Fire dragon fist) Natsu began battering his flaming fists at Naruto holding back on is the amount of fire. Naruto managed to dodge the assault blocking the flame with his hands which were also on fire, the flame around Naruto's hands were significantly smaller then Natsu's and it didn't seem to stop all of the flames as Naruto was wincing the occasions that he blocked.

"He isn't doing too bad," a black haired teen that was stripped to his boxers and his right peck.

"Aye, Grey is Natsu holding back too much. This guy seems to be doing fairly good," Happy asked the barely clothed man.

"No, not really he is going all out physically, but he is almost not using any magic," Grey said his arm crossed. "This guy isn't something to laugh at physically, but he doesn't seem to have a lot of magical power though."

Naruto jumped back snapped his fingers which exploded on Natsu and the force of it added some extra momentum to Naruto's jump landing him on his butt. Natsu had a small amount of fire on him but he ignored it taking advantage of Naruto's vulnerable state.

"Hiryu no Koukou," (Fire dragon's roar) Natsu prepared to fire a fire ball from his mouth.

"Natsu, STOP!!" Makarov, master of Fairytail. Natsu stopped in his tracks at these words. "I would like to welcome you Naruto, I hope that Natsu didn't ruff you up too much."

"Not at all. Natsu-sama was just testing me. I would have expected nothing less from the user of the dragon slayer magic." Naruto said jumping up from the ground. Naruto dusted himself off and winced. He looked at his hands and there were several burns on his hands. "Well this is going to take a couple of days to heal... whatever. Natsu-sama, will you accept me as your pupil?"

"..." Natsu didn't say anything but seemed to be thinking hard. "No, I will not take you on as a pupil. You have to learn your magic, not mine,"

"What," Naruto looked depressed his right hand reached for his left arm.

"But I can give you a couple of tips. If you join the guild," Natsu said. "I won't help anybody that isn't part of our guild."

"Master Makarov? Will you let me join the guild." Naruto bowed to the short man.

"Of course," Makarov said looking at Naruto a little sternly. "Mira-chan, can we get the emblem ready?"

"it is already ready. We had to stamp Lucy just now," Mira said. "But lets do this inside." The rest of the guild didn't look surprised at all of the out come but they were talking about how they were getting member after member this day.

"Natsu-sama, after I join Fairytail, can you give me some advice." Naruto asked Natsu.

"Fine fine but after that I have to do a job. I am broke right now." Natsu said walking in.

(About five minutes later.)

"Okay it is ready. Where do you want it. It should be somewhat visible so you can show it if somebody wants verification that you are from Fairytail." Mira said holding out the stamp.

"is that back of my neck okay?" Naruto asked pointing out an empty space that should have been large enough for it.

"That will be fine," Mira said stamping Naruto's neck. Mira's eyes seemed to glaze over slightly. A small magical glow shined around her for a second then went out. Naruto's eyes widened slightly.

'shit, magic leak where, or is she sensing it. She shouldn't be able to,' Naruto thought but it didn't seem like Mira noticed anything to weird.

"Okay there we go. You are now part of Fairytail." Mira said a little dazed but not as if she was suspicious.

"Thank you Mira-san." Naruto said smiling. Naruto almost seemed to vanish with the speed to appear right next to Natsu.

"Elfman-Ototo," Mira called to her little brother.

"Yes Mira-nee? What is it?" Elfman walked up to Mira cracking his fist preparing for a fight. Traditionally if Mira called Elfman it was usually only for one reason. Some man was becoming a little too forward with Mira.

"Oh it isn't anything like that. Can you keep an eye on Naruto for me?" Mira asked sweetly.

"Why?" Elfman asked thickly.

"Oh, it is just that he is new, and there isn't anybody else that I can trust to keep an eye on him." Mira said.

"You think something is up with him?" Elfman asked.

"Oh no, not at all," Mira said. " Just please."

"Of course," Elfman said.

(With Naruto)

"Natsu-sama could you give me some tips now?" Naruto asked quickly.

"Fine but I have about 15 minutes then I've got to go," Natsu said. "What do you need help with?"

"I have trouble with keeping a flame lit. I don't know what is wrong." Naruto said a little disappointed. "Without the ability to keep my flame lit I can't do anything else with my magic,"

"Show me the biggest flame you can make," Natsu said and immediately Naruto made a fireball about the size of his fist. Natsu didn't wait for Naruto's permission but he took the flame and took a bite out of it.

"Good fire," Natsu finished the fireball. "You are trying to control the fire aren't you?"

"Yes I am but no matter what I do I can't make it any larger then that." Naruto said unhappily.

"That is the problem. You are trying to control the fire." Natsu said sagely.

"What?" Naruto said looking confused.

"Fire is not something to be controlled. Fire is all encompassing, Fire consumes, Fire is unstoppable. It is life, it is destruction, it is rebirth. Fire is a raging force that can not be stopped. The fact that you are trying to control the uncontrollable is what is robbing you of your possible power. The way you control your magic when it is fire magic is not controlling the fire but controlling what the fire is feeding on." Natsu's tirade went on and on, but Naruto was understanding it for the most part.

"So I have been focusing too much with the fire, and not enough with that magic," Naruto said with a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Exactly. I have to go now, time to save a Nankama. You should take a job to try and practice." Natsu charged out.

"Well I guess that is what I will do," Naruto said to himself.

"Hey new guy. Want to take a job with me?" Elfman asked Naruto from across the room.

"Sure." Naruto said walking over to Elfman, not the least bit intimidated, which was strange because Elfman was enormous. "How far away is this job?"

"Not far just a couple of miles out of town. I am Elfman a true man," Elfman said pumping his muscles in a macho fashion.

"That is fine. Shall we go, Elfman-sempai?" Naruto asked respectfully which threw everybody for a whirl.

"Yes, lets go," Elfman said leaving through the door followed by Naruto.

"Do you think they will make a team?" One of the men asked.

"Doubt it." Said another.

(Thirty minute later)

In the desert surrounding the village. Elfman was secretly examining Naruto, for the most part he was an average 17 year old which meant he was about a head shorter the Elfman. He walked with Elfman with a confidant gate but not in a pompous way. He was proud, but not insufferably so. But the one thing that got Elfman's attention was that he didn't even ask what kind of job it was. "We are almost there. The job objective right now, there have been a pack of magical beasts that have been troubling traveling people trying to get to the town."

"So it is our job to get rid of them," Naruto said ready. "Elfman-sempai?"

"Yes?" Elfman encouraged him to continue.

"What kind of magic do you use?" Naruto asked tentatively.

"Why do you want to know." Elfman asked.

"Well I just wanted to know, what I would have to cover. I don't like to lean on people and I would prefer to know where I can help." Naruto said. "I will not depend on others and be a burden."

'Very Manly. Not willing to be dependent.' Elfman thought and answered. " My magic is take over magic. Restricted to my right arm. Take over magic is a magic that seals the power of defeated monsters into our bodies."

"I see. So close combat only. And did you take this mission because it would give you more of an opportunity to add to your magic?" He asked.

"Yes that is part of it. But a man doesn't let others suffer." Elfman said being very proud.

"I agree," Naruto said. "So shall we get going with this mission?"

'Mission?' Elfman thought. "Oh it won't take much. These kinds of monsters are man eating. So they should be attracted to our, Here they come." Elfman's right arm became massive covered in scales. A wolf the size of a large man charged at Elfman. Elfman's monster arm punched strait through the massive wolf. Naruto was about to be assaulted from behind by another massive wolf. Naruto managed to duck underneath the wolf. Naruto covered both his hands in fire, The fire extended from his hands growing to about a foot away from his hand. Naruto pushed his hands burning the wolf.

'Natsu's tip was a good one,' Naruto thought, Throwing a fireball at the flaming wolf to increase the fire to kill the wolf as quickly as possible. More wolves came, and were slaughtered. Either beaten to death by Elfman or set a flame and blown up by Naruto. It was a fast job, The more wolves that were killed the more that came attracted to the blood. After about 10 minutes of no fighting Elfman finally relax as did Naruto.

"Think that is all of them," Naruto said looking around. "So does that mean our mission is done?"

"I would say so," Elfman said. "lets head back to the guild."

(Later that night in Fairytail)

Elfman and Naruto returned quickly from their mission and got payed. The money was not what Elfman was after neither was the chance to increase his magic with the wolves, which he did. It was what Mira asked him to do.

"So how was he ?" Mira asked her little brother.

"He is competent enough," Elfman said shrugging his shoulders. "He wasn't as incompetent as I would have thought for a fresh guild member. There is no real need to worry about him, He will be competent enough for the low level jobs and he will work up."

"Oh... okay." Mira said a little disappointed.

"you sound disappointed," Elfman replied. "did you expect something else?"

"Not exactly but there is something weird about him... I don't know. I will ask other people to check him out. I don't know, I mean I have known him all of 8 hours." Mira said.

"You are worrying over nothing." Elfman said.

(With Naruto.)

Naruto was sitting in a corner looking at a newspaper. 'Okay I have to look for a place to live now...'

"Naruto can I talk to you?" Makarov demanded more then asked. His presence was always imposing no matter his size.

"Yes. Master Makarov," Naruto said standing up following Makarov, who walked outside of Fairytail. They walked for a fairly long time maybe 10 minutes. Makarov turned into a dark alley while Naruto followed.

"Silence," Makarow said casting a magic around them so they wouldn't be heard. "I am glad to finally meet you, Guild destroyer."

"Guild destroyer, I have no idea what you are talking about Mast..." Naruto was cut off by a look from Makarov.

"Don't play with me destroyer," Makarov said menacingly.

Naruto began to chuckle, and grinned showing all of his teeth. "you recognized me then,"

"It is hard to hide your kind of magical power," Makarov said looking at Naruto. "Even with that sealing magic. The power still leaks now and again."

"I know that. I have been trying to fix that problem for a while but every time I figure out a stronger way to place the seal on it still finds a way to leak out." Naruto laughed. "This is the best I can do right now."

"Why have you come to Fairytail. We have done nothing wrong," the tiny master said.

"The only press that I ever get is when I destroy a guild. When I do it is unfortunately a big event. Judgment is not the only reason I come to guilds. I have been searching for 50 years. I have been looking for a guild." Naruto said looking up to the sky. "I have not aged a day in those 50 years. A side effect of what you would call magic."

"What guild are you looking for. 50 years ago there aren't that many guilds that have lived that long." Makarov stated obviously.

"Not exactly what I was talking about. But I have been a part of 50 guilds, one for every year since the accident." Naruto said. I do not choose the guilds that get destroyed, I choose them hoping that they are the one that I will finally stick with, for a while. Being a judge didn't come into it until I became truly disgusted with some of the practices." Naruto said looking wistful.

"Do you have an intention of destroying my guild." Makarov said his magical power growing in preparations for battle.

"Mask," Naruto touch his blue bracelet. " Sound is not the only thing that would alert people I wouldn't want to alert your guild. The battle if we were to have one would be fairly devastating, you are far more powerful then most guild masters. But honestly I do believe that I would win." Naruto said the little Guild Master Flairing his magic even more. "As of right now I have no intention of destroying your guild. It doesn't mean I won't, it depends on what I find out about your guild. And please don't try and stop me from being part of your guild."

"Of course." Makarov said calming down. Both Naruto and Makarov stop spewing out magic and the blue bracelet on Naruto's arm shined. "Your sealing magic has been replaced."

"Yes, Hiding magic is based on water." Naruto said a little tired.

"So lets return to Fairytail," Makarov said.


I have been working on all of the stories that I haven't given up on but I am having trouble typing them even though I have all ideas more or less set.