Do you believe in magic.

Chapter 4

(With Naruto and Lisana in their cave.)

"Who are the Five Mages of time?" Lisana asked Naruto who was drawing a magic seal in the air.

"They are Guardians," He replied distracted as he completed the seal three metal puppets came out of the seal, these were completely featureless six feet tall manikins landing with a loud thud. Magic flowed from his heart into the three metal puppets and they began to take form.

One of the puppets sprouted what looked like red hair in a short cut. The puppets eyes opened revealing green eyes with a cool calculated look in his eyes. What looked like tan skin flowed from his hair down his body, then covered by a red shirt held together with tan belt and pants to match. The final detail that appeared over the puppets let eye, the Chinese symbol for love in a deep blood red.

The second puppet grew brown hair the same length as the first puppet, a metal face plate with a leaf symbol surrounded his face leaving his face open. His eyes opened to show brown eyes with a calm look in them. The tan skin that flowed from the metal faceplate down his body was lighter then the other puppet. Blue shirt, with matching pants, and a green flak jacket.

The last puppet grew violet hair down to her waist as the figure became more defined and covered an overlarge purple jacket. The same blue pants as the brown haired puppet. Ivory skin covered everything that wasn't covered by cloths and hair. She opened her eyes to expose her white pupil eyes.

The magic that flowed into them stopped flowing and Naruto fell to one knee.

"Naruto what is going on?" The red haired puppet said.

"Well there is obviously something wrong Gaara, He doesn't use this magic often." the Brown haired man said.

"Well a little bit of context would be good, Yamato, he hasn't had all three of us together since he wanted to defend a country from that demon remember." Gaara said crossing his arms.

"This is about her," The Violet haired puppet said.

"Yes Hinata, but he wouldn't need all of us, unless... You are almost out of power and you need us to buy time don't you?" Gaara said looking deeply at Naruto.

"You have always known me well Gaara." Naruto said. "The five mages of time are here, to send me back and kill her. I don't feel inclined to let that happen."

"What is so special about her?" Yamato asked looking Lissana over.

"It isn't our place to question," Hinata said a disapproving look coloring her face. " We just do what we can. But Naruto you know that we..."

"Yeah, I know you are all dead. This is how I honor you." Naruto said looking down. "Gaara, Yamato taichyo, If you could distract the five mages and doing as much damage as you can while I gather nature chakra."

"You are going to sage mode?" Yamato asked.

"No I am going to convert it into chakra, but I need time." Naruto said. "Hinata if you could defend us,"

"Of course." Hinata said nodding her head.

"Good this is the last thing I will do until I get my energy back," Naruto said as he drew on last seal on the air and the stone cave around them dissolved into sand.

"Okay, lets go," Gaara said the sand flowing too him and sending him into the sky. He then turned directions as sand covered him as three boulders flew at him from the right and dark magic blasted him from the left. Gaara landed point at five points into the distance.

"I will get the two on the left," Yamato said.

"I will get the rest," Gaara said as they both charged in their respective directions.

"What is going on," Lisana asked Naruto who after he dissolved the cave, fell into a crossed legged sitting position. Naruto just sat there ignoring everything, that was going on including several large explosions and sand flying everywhere. "Hey, are you paying attention,"

Lisana was kind of freaking out and then she just reacted through the stress of the situation. She raised her fist and prepared to punch Naruto. Hinata caught the fist before it came two feet to Naruto.

"Don't disturb him, He needs to focus on gathering chakra. If you have questions ask me," Hinata said the veins around her eyes bulging and she seemed to focus on things around her.

"What is going on, why doesn't he fight. He is the Guild destroyer shouldn't he be able to handle them." Lisana asked kind of mad.

"He can handle them. But he is tired right now, the last time he got sleep was about three days ago. Plus the magic that was required to get him to this time was quite strenuous taking at least half of his total strength, then the magic to heal you and Elfman, took up another quarter. Then he used about twenty three percent of his power to make us to defend him while he gains his energy back. If he was fighting at full strength, then he would easily be able to defeat them, but since he is so drained he needs time to regain his energy." Hinata explained, a large boulder coming out of nowhere attempted to dislodge Naruto and Hinata was there in a second, beams of magic coming out of her palms allowing her to slice the rock into dust before Lisana could see. "any other questions?"

"How can I help?" Lisana asked a magic seal appearing in front of her.

"Stay put, Gaara, and Yamato can keep everything in check, there is no reason for you to get in this fight." Hinata said.

"But if I can help.." Lisana said but then cut off.

"No, you can't help, you have no idea what they can do and you are still healing. You would just get in the way," Hinata said as shards of wood, came flying at them but stopped and shredded before they were within fifty feet.

"Then what can they do, how can we stop them," Lisana asked panicked, the shear helplessness of it all was starting to get too her.

"The five mages control portions of time," Hinata said. "they don't age and only get stronger as time goes on. They come from the time that the foreign person came from, being the strongest at the point in time. Nobody has every seen their features, they all appear to be in black cloaks and wear white masks like a skull. They are the reason that the image of death is a skeleton in a black cloak."

"Okay, but what can they do?" Lisana asked.

"They control time. One the past, one the present, one the future, one slows down time, and the last speeds it up," Hinata explained.

"They can control time, then how can you possibly stop them?" Lisana asked going into full panic at the danger these mages threatened.

"There magic has rules, a lot more rules then most other magics," Hinata said unconcerned as Naruto had a slight wind get drawn toward him.

"What do you mean rules," Lisana asked still in full panic.

"I imagine that you are fully panicked because you think they will just freeze time and kill us without us being able to do anything about it." Hinata said a furious nod coming from Lisana.

"Time freezing magic functions within an area of effect, in order to free time outside you need to have enough air in order for you to survive. And freezing time close enough to only allow one person to move would quickly suffocate them. Time acceleration magic can't effect living things that can use magic, so we are perfectly safe from them accelerating our aging into dust." Hinata said.

"But you said that there were five, that was only two was of using time magic, what can the others do." Lisana asked.

"The mage the controls the past freezes time around the battle field and reverts it back after the battle is done." Naruto said standing up the bags under his eyes a dark red, then fading into his normal flesh tone. " He is only here to make sure that the battle that is happening right now, won't effect the time stream, so we only have to worry about four of them" He continued nodding to Hinata, as she darted toward the continually growing forest to the south.

"Where is she going?" Lisana asked.

"She is going to help Yamato-taicho fight slow and future." Naruto said. "Slow does exactly what his name suggests, he slows down time in select parts of space, but the area of effect for him is extremely limited to about ten feet of himself. And slowing down everything has an exponential effect as you get closer to the source. So things become slower as it gets closer to him. Future can look into the future and know exactly where to strike and when to strike because he knows what is going to happen, but he can be boxed in, in a future that he can't get out of. He can only look about four minutes into the future so if something happens just out of that time frame then he can be trapped.. Yamato-Taicho is perfect for containing them and preventing them from getting away because he can manipulate and grow trees into whatever shape he needs them to be, like a prison. Gaara is fighting speed and present. Speed accelerates time but is limited to one object at a time, and present is omnipresent, he can be anywhere and everywhere, but the radius of his ability is about fifteen feet and his copies can't take a hit and vanish after one strike. Gaara's ability is to control sand, so there are millions of little objects that can't really be aged because it will become more sand. And he doesn't have a limit of how much sand he can control as long as he can produce it."

"So they can be easily contained, but how do we defeat people with such powerful magic," Lisana asked.

"They are mages, it doesn't matter how strong their magic is if they don't have to power to use that magic over an extended period of time. We outlast them." Naruto said.

"But if these mages are as strong as you say they are how long can their magic last?" Lisana asked.

"Depends on what they do with it, since we are just containing them I would guess that they will last about twenty four hours and 3 minutes... in terms of duration, since we are in a time field time won't pass outside." Naruto said not worried.

"One day and a couple minutes, how are we supposed to survive for that long under constant assault?" Lisana asked.

"Oh, don't worry about that, Gaara, Yamato, and Hinata can keep them busy enough, It will go faster if I join the fight and have Hinata look after you but I need to do some maintenance first." Naruto said preparing a magic circle.

"What kind of maintenance?" Lisana asked.

"You ask a lot of questions," Naruto said the seal almost complete.

"Well this is a situation that requires a lot of questions." Lisana said crossing her arms in disapproval.

"Right you are, so I have a couple for you. If I am assuming correctly you are a take-over mage like your siblings, what kind of take over do you do?" Naruto asked.

"Animal take over," Lisana replied her tone of voice showing disapproval. "Is this really the right time to be doing this kind of thing while we are under attack."

"You are more stern then I would have thought you would be." Naruto said a small seal going over his eyes. "Especially since you have a crush on Natsu-sensei. I mean he isn't a bad guy, but he is a hot head," At this comment Lisana blushed deeply.

"How do you," Lisana asked and was interrupted

"Know that, I looked into some of your memories, nothing personal," Naruto said as he stepped back from a swipe from Lisana.

"personal space don't look into others memories without permission." Lisana said her face so red she could have been a tomato.

"Fastest way for me to get my answers, you know animal take-over and are skilled at partial take over too. Besides expanding the animal you can transform into there doesn't seem to be much that you need to master in terms of take over magic," Naruto said. The unexpected flattery from Naruto left her speechless. "The tricky thing with take over magic is that the take over between beast, demon, animal, and the others are so radically different for more or less the same result, it is like learning your magic over again and that isn't really an effective use of this time freeze. What kind of magic do you want to learn?"

"Wait what? You are going to teach me a new magic?" Lisana asked bewildered.

"Uhm... you could say that but my way is a little more efficient but you will need to build up your magical reserves. I have the ability to download knowledge strait into your head. It is Archive Magic, so I can simply download knowledge strait into your head. Do you think that you would want you to do it?" Naruto asked.

"But wouldn't increasing my current magic be a better thing to do then, trying to learn something new?" Lisana asked.

"Well for your specific transformation magic, you can already do more then you really need. And refining your magic now is something that you and only you can do. Introducing you to a new magic is something that will add variety and broaden your scope of abilities, making you a far more effective mage." Naruto said drawing three cards from a pocket in space.

"What are those?" Lisana asked.

"These cards are going to help me determine which magic options you would learn best from." Naruto said, continuing at the confused look on her face. "People generally have three different magics that they become adept at, one is what they are taught like from parent to child, your siblings to you, or other teachers. The second one is where you yourself want to improve, this tends to be connected to a desire of some kind, love, desire, lust for power, that kind of thing. And the last is what you have natural talent at, and all people have innate amount of ability based on their personality. These cards are here to tell us what you can most effectively learn."

"Oh, okay, what are you doing," Lisana asked as he put one of the cards on her forehead and it stuck, another one on her right shoulder, and handed her the last card.

"Put that one over your heart," Naruto said drawing a magic circle. Lisana placed the last card over her heart.

"Tarot reading circle," Naruto said as the magic seal vanished and the cards glowed for a second, then flew off her body in front of Naruto. The first card was the one that was on her shoulder, the second her heart, and the last her head. " okay lets see. Naruto said looking over the card, take over magic kind of obvious there," Naruto said turning the card to face Lisana showing the half way transformation of a beast into a man. "This one is a little more interesting... it can either be hearts defense, or passion puppet master," Naruto turned the card around to show a burning heart emblazoned on a shield wrapped in what looked like wire. "And this last one is... interesting. The light house," Naruto turned the card around to expose a light house on the edge of a cloudy bay.

"What does that one mean?" Lisana asked curious.

"Well that means your natural talent is discovering truth and guiding others there safely." Naruto said a pensive look on his face.

"But that does this all mean?" Lisana asked anticipation apparent on her face.

"The Hearts defense is a magic that protects peoples emotions from tampering, all in all a pretty useless magic." Naruto said, "It is useless because the art of Passion puppet master, manipulating people's emotions is illegal magic, and tends to be hard to keep subtle because if it is too far from their original emotions the person will fight it." Naruto continued pushing aside the look on her face. "The fact that those are the magics you really want is kind of interesting because you want to manipulate or keep people from being manipulated, most specifically their passion and love."

"Well who wouldn't want too," Lisana began.

"Who wouldn't want to make sure that the person they loved, loved them back," Naruto finished a business like expression in his voice. "yes, a common desire that will never really fade. The lighthouse is defiantly interesting because that is one that means exposing truth, and the couple of magics that I can think that means is mind reading,"

"Mind reading, isn't that," Lisana was again interrupted.

"Exactly what you were talking to me about invasion of privacy, yes. But that is the magic you are most adept at, my assumption is that part of your innate empathy stems from slight mind reading magic you are subconsciously tapping into. Well those are the ones that you are best at, but I can ... teach I guess will be the best word for it, you any kind of magic you want, but you would need to refine it." Naruto concluded.

"Mind reading," Lisana said again in a little shock, "That would be useful,"

"If that is the magic you want then I will begin the process," Naruto said drawing a seal on the air. A little status bar appeared over her head, and after three minutes the bar was full. "And there we go, you will want to rest for a little to get your bearings, and then you can practice on Hinata while I fight," Naruto said catching the unsteady girl.

"Thank you," Lisana said as she was set to the ground.

"Any time. Rest for a while, this will take a couple of hours or so," Naruto said as he rushed off into the distance, and the growing forest.

In the distance he saw Yamato his hands clasped together and a power that was visibly being fed into the forest. "Who should I let out first?"

"Let out slow, he will be the easiest to drain, and future will be the last," Naruto said preparing three magic seals. As he did this the forest closest to them seemed to thin and recede back exposing a little bubble that the branches seemed to be slowly withdrawing.

"Ex-quip," Naruto finished, and a yellow ring, a metal staff, and some armor appeared on him. The ring had a topaz core, with an engraving of a magic seal projecting out on it, the band was a bright silver, with the word "Hikari," embroidered on it. The staff was a plain metal wrapped in a bandage, yellow on both tips. The armor was a light silver, with small metal wings on the arms, a red chest plate with gold embroidery in the pattern of fire. Pants were silver plated with metal vines wrapped around them. The boots were red with the leaf symbol that was on his forehead protector on the outside of his calves. " Earth dragon armor."

"Yo, slow how is it hanging?" Naruto asked confident as ever.

"You will return to your time?" The cloaked figure with the skull face said, his eyes burned with a blue fire.

"You have got to drop this ominous crap, I mean, seriously I have met you guys before." Naruto said raising the his right hand which had the ring on it.

"You will go," Slow began to move at what would be a slow jogging pace, but Naruto felt time getting distorted, slowing down his movements.

"I see your range has improved this has to be fifty yard and I can still feel the effects of your magic... Light shoot!" Naruto said as the ring shot out a beam of light. As the light traveled, it slowed down to about the speed of a bullet getting distorted and the color of the light went from white to red.

"You have to do better then that," slow said dodging the light, which had slowed down to the speed of a baseball pitch. Naruto moved back, the ring on his hand moving in a pattern.

"You can slow down light now, you have improved." Naruto said stopping his hand. " Seven Spectrum Shoot!" From the path that that Naruto's hand traveled at seven different points beams of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple shot out simultaneously at the time mage. All of the light was dodged barely nicking the cloak that shrouded him, and were instantly repaired. Slow didn't do anything but move closer and closer to Naruto. Pushing him down a hill.

Naruto's ring flashed three times in quick succession. "Re-direction shoot." The seal around Naruto's hand shot out and multiplied around slow showing over a hundred little seals, and all of the light around Slow vanished. 'all of the light around him should be focusing on his position, in an impossible to miss attack.

"Think again," Slow said so closely to Naruto. Naruto's movement was at 1/20th of his normal speed, making him unable to turn around, before a fist was imbedded in his back.

"H...O...W" Naruto tired to say.

"How did I get behind you. A little trick of yours actually, I threw my time field away from me onto you, I got hit by your light attack, 6 minutes ago, and I healed myself 2 minutes ago." Slow said knowing that Naruto couldn't turn right now. He continued the beating of Naruto's back, each blow being taken by he armor, seemed to dent. The time Naruto was experiencing was about 1/20th normal speed, so the speed that the punches are coming at are twenty times faster then what it appears to be for him.

'This feels like getting hit by a ton of meteors, I have to get out,' Naruto thought, as he gripped the rod in his hand tightly. The rod snapped in half, forming a magic circle, making him, and slow vanish from the battle field.

(In a dark abyss.)

"Where are we, what happened.!" Slow shouted at the top of his voice.

"This is a forge magic, that I never intended to use on you, this is the last use of my staff." Naruto said at normal time now.

"Slow!" slow shouted trying to make his magic circle. Nothing happened. "What is going on."

"The staff displaced us from the time stream, I would have used this to avoid some unavoidable deadly attack for all people in about a ten foot circle. But this works, though I sacrificed my staff, Time doesn't run hear since we have been displaced from the time stream for three minutes. So all I have to do is beat you to shit in three minutes.

(Three minutes later)

Naruto and the bloody and broken slow reappeared on the battle field Naruto holding his broken staff and repairing his armor with magic. The pieces of his staff, in his hands were the only things covered in blood, and as soon as the magic seal vanished around him, the staff disintegrated.

"Well there goes, three days of work," Naruto said looking around him for the battlefield he thought would be there.

"What took you so long?" Lisana asked, standing up next to Hinata both appeared to be waiting for him.

"Wait, your up, sit down, the archive magic should still be draining your." Naruto said the air of a parent around him.

"She is fine Naruto-kun, Gaara too out, speed and future." Hinata gave him an update.

"He was getting frustrated huh," Naruto said to Hinata, he was tired, all of the strain from the past three days was catching up to him, it didn't matter how much power he had, his formidable endurance was running down.

"Gaara, is out of power, and sitting down so you can return the body to it's dimension." Hinata updated.

"He exerted himself, he probably used all of his power to crush the two." Naruto said with assurance as he walked over to where he knew Gaara would be.

"What are you, you aren't just puppets you are too life-like to be that." Lisana asked.

"We are a kind of puppet magic," Hinata said. " We are projections, memories of people that loved Naruto-kun. We all have our own abilities, I guess you would call it magic. Naruto developed this magic in order to keep us in his memories... a very dangerous thing indeed, every single one of us yelled at him telling him that it was a bad idea to use. You must be very special otherwise he wouldn't have brought us out. It would be almost like tearing open his heart, opening out these old wounds again."

"I don't even know him," Lisana said looking inadequate.

"You will get to know him. And probably will enjoy your time with him quite a lot." Hinata finished. "Yamato got impatient, Future is gone,"

"Wait, what." Lissana said surprised. "you guys could have done that this whole time? Why didn't you just finish them off when Naruto first summoned you?"

Hinata's image faded leaving the puppet which vanished with a magic seal. "The reason I didn't want them doing that was because I needed time to recover," Naruto said walking to Lisana.

"Why?" She asked as Naruto approached her and then grabbed her around the waste. "What are you doing?" Lisana was about to slap Naruto when five magic seals appeared around them in quick succession.

"You are going to the future, and if I didn't have time to recover my magic this would have activated automatically and killed me by draining all of my magic," Naruto said as a flash of light engulfed both of them leaving nothing behind as time and the destroyed scenery reverted to the way it was before.