Dear Onyx: This may not be exactly what you were looking for, but it's the only thing my muse could come up with. I hope you had a happy birthday, and I hope you like it. I blame Kazcon.

Word count each section: 100 on the nose.

Summary: E/O Challenge. Drabble word: Pressure. Two unrelated birthday drabbles, one for Onyx and one for Miyo86. Hurt!Dean, concerned!Sam. Only two cuss words. Where did I go wrong?

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. This is for entertainment only, and not for profit.

Chapter 1: Does that make me Gumby?

"Dude, lookit. I can bend my arm in totally the opposite direction."

"Uh, Dean, that's not normal. Stop that! How the hell do you expect me to clean these cuts if you won't stay still?"

"Sweet! I can bend my leg like that, too! Quit being so girly, Sammie Sue. It doesn't hurt. I'm not Batman. I'm Plastic Man!"

"That nyxx bite made you goofy, too."

"Goofy my fine ass. 'm super!"

"Keep it up. When that poison wears off your face is gonna stay that way."

"Geez, dude, pressure much? Watch this! Crap. Uh…a lettle he'p heah?"

"Told ya so."

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