A/N: Haven't forgotten you, Miyo86. Yours is a little more angsty. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Chapter 2: insult to injury

The medical staff doesn't see it; Dean doesn't whimper or moan under pressure. No one but Sam can tell.

Riverside Hospital this time. Attempted robbery; the perfect cover story. Sam listens to the ER doc, plays the helpless relative to perfection and hates every minute of it.

Sam sits at Dean's bedside. Dean's eyes are a little too wide, too bright.

He's terrified. Thinks he's all alone. Abandoned.

It's the drugs. They've opened him up, made him vulnerable.

"I'm here, bro' ", Sam whispers softly as Dean breathes in and out, fast and shaky. "I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere."