One Year Later.

Cosmos landed a polite distance away. He let one of his passengers disembark on the beach before flying off across the channel to the Tlalakan's brightly-lit floating city. Over the previous year the minibot had become quite good friends with Chac, who had even gone so far as to call the Autobot saucer his 'brother-in-law.' The two of them often kept each other entertained while their 'siblings' caught up, and this time Cosmos had even brought Bumblebee, who, of course, had many friends on Tlal. The blasted little scout had friends everywhere. Seaspray waved goodbye to the flying saucer before making his way down the moonlit beach.

Alana was waiting for Seaspray in her usual spot. She was sitting curled up on the sand, coy as ever, her back to him while he approached, even though they both knew that she knew he was there. To be fair, he deserved all the teasing that she would probably give him. He hadn't been able to visit the beautiful planet he called home and the beautiful woman he called his wife in a long time.

Though he had been granted his own private message box by Optimus Prime nearly a year ago, and they'd managed a few very long distance calls via Teletraan I, he hadn't been able to hold her in his arms for four months. Four long months. The longer I'm away from home the more I hate this stupid war, he thought to himself. But he knew that until the war was over the Decepticons would be a threat to the galaxy. And as long as his family was in this galaxy he would give or do anything to protect them. As he stopped and watched Alana watching the sea, he was more certain of that than ever.

"Hello Seaspray." Alana turned her head to look over her shoulder and gave him a coy smile, "Nice to see you finally made it home." She stood up, her back still to him, and brushed off her knees. Then she turned around her bright sea blue eyes shining in the starlight.

Seaspray rushed forward to hold her. Then stopped dead in his tracks, staring.

"You like?" She asked playfully, resting her hand over her round, swollen abdomen, her face glowing with joy. "I wanted to tell you in person Seaspray," she scolded gently, "but you just had to be gone forever didn't you?"

Seaspray walked the last few steps toward Alana in a daze. She was beaming, as she took his large blue hand and guided it to the roundest part of her belly. He felt a strange fluttering under his palm where it rested on her firm warm stomach. He stared down at it in wonder.

Alana laughed, and because there was no one else around to see she let herself shed a tear or two of happiness, just enough for the both of them. "He just started doing that today." She said, "I think he knew you were coming."

"H..he?" Seaspray bubbled, completely absorbed by the gentle kicking against his palm.

Alana nodded, "Toci's almost positive." She rested her cheek against his chest plates, "And Toci's almost always right. Three months Seaspray, and we'll be able to hold him." She traced Seaspray's Autobot insignia, with her free hand. Her other hand rested over his pressed against her abdomen. "He's never kicked this strong before." She laughed again.

"Alana." Seaspray sighed reverentially. He felt hot and cold and dizzy all at once. He thought he might fall down. He thought he might dance. He wouldn't have been the least surprised if he suddenly gained the ability to fly. Something small and wonderful inside Alana was kicking against his hand.

I'm going to be a father. he thought.

The End.

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