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Rite of Passage

"You're doing great, Cassie!"

Cassie grinned as she expertly parallel parked and then pulled out of the spot. "Thanks, Sam!"

From the passenger seat of Janet's car (Please. Like she would allow the teenaged driver in her car? She didn't think so), Sam gave her a slightly suspicious look. "Are you sure that Colonel O'Neill hasn't been taking you out to drive?"

Janet has expressly forbidden Jack from teaching Cassie how to drive. Something about how he was an irresponsible driver and would teach her all sorts of dangerous tricks in the car, or something. Jack simply smirked, which didn't really help his case very much. Cassie flat out refused to have Daniel teach her, since "he would talk too much," and Teal'c pretty much disregarded every law pertaining to driving if he felt that it was irrelevant.

So, when Janet was doing shifts at the SGC, Sam was the one who got to teach her how to drive. Sam had been helping Cassie for the past three months. She really was a very good driver, and she was very confident in her abilities. So Sam didn't say anything as Cassie pulled onto the highway.

"Where are we headed?" Sam asked as Cassie smoothly merged and then switched to the left lane.

"The mall," Cassie said. She made no move to leave the left lane, and Sam didn't tell her to, either. That was often her lane of choice, as well. "The spring formal is coming up, so I was thinking we could look at some dresses."

"Sounds like a good plan," Sam agreed.

They drove in silence for a few more minutes. Just as Cassie opened her mouth, the loud wail of a siren cut her off.

Cassie glanced at Sam before turning her attention back to the road. She slowed down immediately as Sam looked over her shoulder and found the police cruiser following the car. Cassie switched to the right lane, and the cruiser followed. With an abject sigh, Cassie pulled over onto the shoulder.

"Sam, what do I do?" she demanded in a panic. "I can't have my permit taken away. Mom will kill me!"

Sam was the picture of calm as she dug the car's registration out of the glove compartment. "I know, Cass," she said in a soothing voice. "Just follow my lead. I'm going to teach you another little trick."

Jack was driving down the highway on his way to the mall. Daniel was in the passenger seat next to him, and Teal'c was crammed into the backseat of the truck. Daniel had decided that now would be the perfect time to teach Teal'c the concept of calling shotgun. Jack wouldn't be surprised if Teal'c won that game all the time from now on.

They were headed to the mall to pick up some new movies for the team night they had planned for that night. They had exhausted all of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies numerous times, and now they were trying to find something that they could all agree on.

Daniel was blabbering on and on about something when, suddenly, his exclamation caught Jack's attention. "Hey, isn't that Janet's car?"

Sure enough, Janet's car was pulled over on the side of the road. A police cruiser was parked right behind it. Furrowing his brow, Jack pulled over to the shoulder and parked a little bit away from the cruiser.

"We should see what's up," he said, and Daniel and Teal'c nodded their heads in agreement.

The police cruiser pulled away just as the three men got out of the truck. Jack frowned when he realized that Cassie was sitting in the driver's seat. Going over to the passenger side, he knocked on the window.

Sam jumped when she realized that her CO was standing next to the car. Daniel and Teal'c appeared right next to him. Cassie tried to—unsuccessfully—stifle a laugh as Sam groaned a little. With a resigned sigh, she rolled the window down.

"Sir. Daniel, Teal'c," she greeted.

"Carter," Jack said in return. "Wanna tell us what's going on?"

Sam slumped down a little in her seat. "Not really," she muttered.

Jack looked to Cassie. Despite the fact that she had him wrapped around her finger, he could still get her to listen to him with a stern look. Now was no different. She slumped down just like Sam did and looked down at her hands.

"I got pulled over," she admitted under her breath.

Daniel didn't really help matters by immediately laughing. Teal'c, for his part, elbowed the archeologist hard in the side. Jack had to hide his smile himself, but he managed to do it.

"For what?"

Cassie glanced at Sam, who just buried her face in her hands. "Speeding."

They couldn't hold it back anymore. All three men burst into laughter. Cassie joined them when she realized that she wasn't in any trouble with them. Sam, on the other hand, looked like she wanted to throw something at them.

When they finally calmed down, Daniel asked, "So did you get a ticket?"

Cassie grinned at them. "Nope! Sam taught me how to talk my way out of one!"

That caused Jack, Daniel and Teal'c to promptly burst into laughter once again. Sam groaned and dropped her forehead to the dashboard. Jack reached in and patted her on the back.

"Well, Carter. It seems as if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!"

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