So this is my first Bella and Edward Fan Fiction, but i think it will be okay. Reveiw so i know i am doing okay!


Crash! "Shit" I muttered under my breath. I hope he didn't hear that. Please let him not have heard that. "Isabella! Get your ass in here! Now!" Shit. I walked into the living room to see my husband gripping the remote. "What did you break now, you good for nothing bitch?" he asked. "Nothing, I'm cleaning it up now." I said and turned to the kitchen to clean up the broken bowl. It's a good thing Jackson and Jazzmin are at school. They hate when their dad yells.

I was cleaning up the mess when I heard the swish of a belt being ripped out of pant loops. I decided it would be best if I pretended not to notice. Then I heard the Snap of the leather slapping together. He knew I heard that. I got up and turned around.

"You were very rude to me back in the other room. I just can't have that. Turn around." He demanded. I turned around, because things would get worse if I didn't. I took a deep breath and heard the swish of the belt being thrown towards me. Then I felt the slap on my back. "Shit!" I yelled. He had been whipping a lot harder lately.

"Watch your language. I can't be having my children talk like a bunch of hicks. You must have picked that up from your dead father." He chided in my ear. "Mike! That's enough! Don't talk about my dad that way." I said. I immediately regretted it. "What a mouth you have on you. We're going to have to fix that."

He walked out of the room. That was my husband, Mike Newton. We married right out of high school. He was never like this before. About 8 months into our marriage my dad, Charlie Swan, passed away from a heart attack. About 16 months into our marriage Mike started to become violent. He would slap me, and occasionally do a rough hair pull. But then one day he took it to the max and whipped me with his belt for crying at the year anniversary of my father's death.

I tried to leave me, but he called the police, which was unfortunate for me, because his buddy Tyler Crowley was on the force. He convinced Tyler that I was crazy, and that he was some saint for staying with me after I fell off the loony wagon. And so now, that's how I am known in Forks, Washington. I am Mike Newton's crazy wife.

Mike came back into the kitchen with the duct tape. He wrapped my mouth with the tape. All the way around my head a few times so it would be harder to take off. "There. That should shut you up for a while. Get to work. I'm hungry, and you are taking forever. You are lucky I don't leave you." He said. I almost wished he would, but then he would take my kids from me, and they are my only reason for living now.

Jackson was 7 years old. He was my protector. It got him in trouble a lot, and I told him to stop, but he has a mind of his own. Last month he saw Mike come at me with his belt before he barged into the room and said, "Daddy, that belt is to keep your pants on! Not to hurt mommy!" Mike looked at me accusingly, "Are you telling our children to go against me?" I know Jackson was trying to help, but most of the time, it made Mike madder.

Jazzmin was my beautiful 5 year old. She was my princess who was way too smart for her age. The other day she asked me, "Mommy, if daddy hits you, why don't you tell on him? I tell on Jackson when he pushes me." I thought about how to explain that to a 5 year old. "Well, I don't have anyone to tell." I said simply.

After I made Mike a sandwich I took the tape off my face and told him I had to go into town to the store to get groceries. "Yea, sure, whatever. Make sure you get beer. We've been out for 2 weeks." He requested. I nodded. I tried not to buy beer. Sober Mike was painful. Drunken Mike was 10 times worse. I got in my beat up truck and headed into town.

My truck was my sanctuary. It was the only thing that I owned that Mike didn't take away. He took away my friends, he took away my family, he took away anything that made me happy. But, Mike was a bit slow. I don't know why he thought it took me 3 hours to go grocery shopping every week. I would stop by and see my best friend Jacob Black. You may be wondering why I don't have Jake do anything about my problem, but I don't want to get anyone involved.

I would drive down to La Push and hang at his house for a while. His dad Billy died 6 months after Charlie. Jake always joked that it was of a broken heart because his true love was gone. Growing up, Billy and Charlie were always together, which predestined Jake's and my relationship.

"Bells!" he yelled walking down his steps. "Hi Jake! How are you? I've missed you." I said. "I missed you too Bells. How's the family?" Jake asked. "They are good. Jazzmin misses you. And Jack, well, he's good. I guess Forks Elementary is getting a new student and he is determined to be best friends with her. How's your family?" I informed him.

"They are good. Nessie got a job at the La Push pre-school so she could be with Nikki all day. What else is new with you?" He asked opening his front door and leading me to the chair I always sat in when we visited. "Not too much. Just getting through the days." I said. Chuckling at my inside joke. Jake didn't know anything about my abusive marriage. He thought I was completely happy. "Why do you say it like that? You have a beautiful family, a loving husband, and good home." He asked.

"I don't have a loving husband." I said. Shit. I said too much. I didn't mean for it to come out like that. "What do you mean Bells?" he asked. I was never good at lying. How was I going to lie to Jake? He was my best friend. He could read me better than he could read a book. I bit my bottom lip, trying to think of a response. "Bells, what is on your neck?" He asked, coming over to me to move my hair.

Shit. I was screwed. "That's nothing. I don't know what happened." I lied. "Bella, don't lie to me. What happened? It looks like a huge cut, how can you not know what happened." He asked. I couldn't tell him that it was from last night when Mike came at me with a broken dish, saying that I served him on broken silverware.

"It's nothing Jake. I promise." I said. "Bella, you are my best friend. And you have been since we were born, so what's that like, 26 years? I know you're clumsy, but getting a huge gash on your neck isn't something you do." He said. When the hell did he become so observant? He took my hands in his and kissed my hand. Oh no. If he turned my hand over, he would see the burn on my hand from when Mike pushed me to the burning stove.

But, no such luck. "Oh my God Bella! What is this?" He yelled. "Jake, it's nothing. But I have to go. I'll see you next week." I said, wiping my hand on my cheek to pick up the tear streaming down my face. I wanted to tell him so bad. If anyone could help me it would be Jake. But I didn't want to impose on his family, and I really didn't want him to get hurt. "No Bells, I need to know what's going on! Ever since your dad died you have been different. I know a death is painful, but Bella, you aren't you. I haven't mentioned it before, but you have more bruises, you are always tired, and you seem to be walking on eggshells. And then I see how you act around Mike. At Jazzmin's birthday party you sat as far away from him as you could. You never wanted to be near him. What's going on Bella?"

He knew too much. "Nothing." I said to my hands as I tried to walk away. "I love you Jake. I'll see you soon." I said. "Hopefully" I added under my breath. I was never sure if another day would come. Sometimes I wished that Mike would just kill me off. It was too painful to be around him. "I love you to Bella." He said sadly.