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Washed ashore on Duelist Kingdom

Chapter 1: Time to set sail

Young mother Kushina Uzumaki was sitting in the Hokages office and was absolutely livid those stupid villagers once again tried to assassinate her son yet again. Ever since her husband sacrificed his own life 6 years ago to seal away the rampaging Kyuubi her son has had suffer through many attempts on his young life, even though the village knew that he was the son of their hero.

"I have had enough Sarutobi, I am sick and tried of having to kill off these stupid villagers for their blind hatred" The red-haired screamed at her elderly friend.

Sarutobi sighed 'Minato you sure have left me a lot of trouble since you left us, you even took your secret of getting rid off all this godamned paper work' "Kushina I understand your anger but are you sure you just want to up and leave the village" he asked her.

"Yes I have asked Naruto if he wanted to leave, he was upset upon the thought of leaving all his little friends, Rin, Kakashi, Iruka, you and Teuchi and his daughter but he wants to leave" She stated to the letter.

The Hokage sighed again "Where will go Kushina you're infamous in many Hidden villages, Suna might take you in but the Yondaime Kazekage isn't to be trusted to well"

"I'll take him beyond the mists he'll be safe there I feel that he would become a great ninja if we stayed in the elemental countries, but with people trying to take his life and people like Danzou trying to make him into a weapon I fear for him" She told him.

"Very well I will gather a long list of special jutsus for him while you gather your money and belongings, I will try and make sure his friends get to say goodbye to him" Sarutobi said sadly.

Before she could reply an Anbu with a weasel mask flew into the room holding a battered figure "Hokage-sama"

Sarutobi looked upon the figure to find it to be 5 year old Hinata Hyuuga, he then turned to the Anbu "Itachi explain this right now" he asked with fury burning in his eyes.

"Hai, sir I was doing my appointed rounds near the eastern exit when I came across her. I examined her the best I could but not being a medic I couldn't say for sure, but I think she may have been assaulted" he told him grimacing under his mask, he hadn't been this upset since Tobi Uchiha slaughtered his entire family including his little brother. All because Itachi would not become his lover.

Sarutobi went to the intercom "Amayo get Eboshi, I don't care if you have to wake her up I need her here two hours ago."

They waited 15 minutes before Sarutobi's personal doctor arrived "Ok Sarutobi what so important that you had to call me in a 9:00 at night" The hokage pointed to the girl on the couch "Dear kami what happened."

Sarutobi went through the story Itachi told him, just the thought of what might have happened made her sick to her stomach. She performed a diagnostic and her fears were confirmed.

"Hokage-sama Itachi was correct someone has dishonored this girl in the worse possible way, I have collected a sample but we need Inoichi to find out who did this" Eboshi told him while looking down at the child sadly.

Kushina was even angrier she was no longer livid, if it was possible she was beyond pissed "first the Kumo incident now this, Sarutobi when you find out who did this I want you to let me execute them."

"No Kushina, but I will let you take her with you, if anyone can help her heal it's you and your son. I will handle the person or person responsible." Sarutobi told her.

It was at that time the Yamanaka head enter the room "You called for me Hokage-sama."

The Hokage explained what he wanted and Inoichi went to work it took him about an hour to break through while Eboshi healed the girl's wounds. What he found was not pleasant, not at all.

"Hokage-sama from what it looks like Hiashi and the elders were tired of her being to shy and kind-hearted and took her for "training" as they told her and allowed three teenage Hyuuga to honor her as they stated. Hiashi's brother and his son tried to stop them but were knocked out with the caged bird seal that's all I got before she blacked out" Inoichi told Sarutobi.

Sarutobi was seeing red at the moment "Itachi, Inoichi I want you to take as many Anbu as you are able and arrest Hiashi, the elders and the boys responsible and take the to Anko and Ibiki. If the resist kill them and then once we have the information we need we will start cleaning house of the Hyuuga clan."

The two nodded and began their work; it was at this time Hinata began to stir. As she awoke Hinata became aware she was not on the ground but on something soft and plush. She opened her eyes and saw the Hokage and her friend Narutos mother she started to look around the room she knew she was safe but in the back of her mind she feared that those boys would come back. She could still feel the hands on her skin and other parts. The fear started to bubble back up inside her until she felt two arms embrace her.

She looked up to see Kushina hugging her trembling form to her and she had felt a comfort that she had not felt since her mother passed. "Hinata-san you don't have to worry your family will not hurt you again because Kushina-san has offered to take you in and protect you. She will be taking her son away from the village and you will be joining them."

Tears began to form in the girl partially because she was happy that she was safe but she was also upset that she was leaving the village but before she could talk Kushina said "Don't think that you are getting kick out of the village for what happened because you are not."

"I think that it would be best for you to join Kushina-san and young Naruto-kun to help you heal from this experience as well as to help keep you safe. For what has happened I don't think it wise for you to become a kunoichi" the old man told the girl.

Kushina helped the girl up and the dismissed themselves and began to head to the Namikaze estate. Sarutobi slumped into his chair and grabbed a bottle of sake and poured two glasses for him and Eboshi.

"I can not believe that the Hyuuga would do such a thing, she is only a child and her own father allowed this to happen" Eboshi said slamming back a glass.

"I will be bringing this up with the Daimyo in the morning the Hyuuga will not escape inspection and possibly execution if need be" Sarutobi said with his voice laced with venom.

It was then that Itachi entered the room "It is done Hokage-sama, Hiashi and the elders are in custody and the Hyuuga compound is locked down with the threshold death seal."

"Very good Itachi I have you more mission I want you to turn in your forehead protector and join Kushina and the children, with your family gone you have no real reason to stay here do you accept" Sarutobi asks.

"I do Hokage-sama"

"I need you to ask the Head of Anbu to send someone for Jiraiya; I am in need of his seal expertise to help fix this whole damn incident."

"Namikaze Estate"

Hinata was lying in her new bed after dinner. Kushina had told her soon that she was leaving in the morning with them and also that her family had betrayed her in the worst why possible but she would not explain till he was old enough to understand. She had been trying to fall asleep but every time she got close to drifting off her memories of what happened kept coming back. So she got up and went across the hall to Narutos room hoping he could offer her torn mind some sanctuary.

She knocked on the door and walked in.

Naruto lifted his head up slowly "Hinata what's wrong"

"Naruto I had a scary dream can I sleep with you" she asked crying slightly.

Naruto just pulled the up the covers and let her crawl in next to him and then they hunkered down into a dreamless sleep.

*Next morning*

The three were sitting at the breakfast table eating a large meal to give them strength for the journey ahead they need to make their ship by tomorrow afternoon. Kushina had a large scroll attached to her back carrying all her and her son's possessions sealed inside.

"Ok kids take a quick bath, brush your teeth he head for the south exit of the village in two hours" she told them.

They both nodded in unison and went to clean up and get ready for the day. Kushina was cleaning the dishes when she heard a knock at the do. Upon opening it she found Itachi Uchiha behind it.

"Can I help you Itachi-san I'm very busy getting ready to leave"

"I am to accompany you and the children I have no real reason to stay here anymore. I will become you and the children's bodyguard" He said dropping to one knee.

"Very well do you have all of your belongings because we leave in two hours and we will not wait for you."

*The south gate 2 hours later*

Sakura, Shino, Kiba, Shikamaru, Ino and Choji were standing at the south gate with their parents, Iruka, Kakashi, Anko, Rin and the Ichiraku family waiting on the Namikaze family so they could say their last goodbyes before they would leave the village never to return.

As the Namikaze came into view Sakura and Ino could no longer hold them selves back as they dashed forward and engulfed Hinata and Naruto into a bone crushing hug with tears streaming down their face while telling them how much they are going to miss them. The boys strolled over and gave Naruto a handshake and the man hug.

Kakashi came over picked up Naruto and gave him a hug and a large package "Well little brother I guess you are really leaving, be safe and grow into a man who will make your proud, not to say he wouldn't be proud now but you know what I mean" Kakashi smiled "oh and don't open the second package in there until you're a little older" he whispered into his ear.

"I will Kakashi-niisan you can count on it" Naruto said hugging Kakashi back.

Iruka and Anko walked up next "I wish I could have been your instructor at the Academy Naruto but this village doesn't deserve you because of their hatred of your burden (Yes Naruto and his friends know about Kyuubi and don't care)."

Anko picked him up and tickled the crap out of him "You better send us news now and then brat this place is gonna be boring as hell with out ya."

Teuchi and Ayame walked up next with a very large box "It's sad that we are losing our best customer because of the fools here. We may leave also for this foolishness but until then we made a very large meal of ramen for you and your family try to save them some will you" the old man said with a laugh.

Ayame picked up the little boy who she thought of as a little brother. It never failed that every week when Naruto would get his allowance that he would stop by a splurge on ramen. She gave him a loving hug "Just remember this Naruto no matter what any of the villagers say you are a hero, so you better grow into a great man, because I don't care how big or old you get I will take you over my knee got it."

Naruto looked at her all he could do was nod his head. Kiba walked up next with a box Tsume Inuzuka walked up to him "Listen up pup Kiba asked me to do this and just so you know not many people ever get the chance at this gift."

Kushina looked at her old friend "You didn't Tsume"; Naruto opened the box to find a little grey and white puppy.

"This is Kuromaru's son he is the only pup that survived of his litter. Normally nobody outside of our clan would have a chance at a pup but Kiba insisted and Kuro offered up this pup" Tsume told the boy straight up.

Naruto knew he had been given a great gift people all over the elemental nations wanted Inuzuka dogs, but never ever got one. He thought for a few moments "I'll call him Tatsumaru."

Tsume was taken aback by that name; he had named the pup after her brother who had fell in the Kyuubi attack. He had been a kind-hearted man and a feared warrior "pup you have no idea how much that means to me hearing that."

Rin came up next handing both Hinata and Naruto a scroll each "these hold medical Jutsu just in case" she hugged both of them "be safe and make us all proud, prove this stupid village wrong." She then walked over to Tsume trying to find comfort with her sister.

The Hokage finally stepped and turned to the children "I have given Kushina a very large scroll of jutsu for you to learn." He then kneeled down in front of Naruto "you are a true hero of this village and you are truly are your fathers son I am glad to think of you like a grandson" Naruto flung himself into the old man sobbing thank you.

After Naruto finished he turned to Hinata and whispered so only they could hear "and don't worry Hinata we have caught the ones responsible and you will have justice you have my word on that" the girl then did the same as Naruto had just done and he let her cry until the tears stopped falling.

They all gave their last goodbyes Kushina turned to the old man "I'll send a toad with letters every once and awhile to let you know how we are doing and such." She turned and started to walk before turning back slightly "oh yeah I forgot to tell you Minato's paperwork secret" the Hokage's eye got wide like he was about to win the lottery "two words Kage Bushin."

A large tick mark form on his brow and all around the village people were woken up by a very loud "GODAMMIT MINATO YOU BASTARD" while every one around him hurried for cover.

*the next day the harbor*

"You all have your tickets the boat will be leaving in three hours lets get a quick bite to eat before board" Kushina told her group as they nodded

*3 hours later*

Itachi was chasing Naruto all over the ship once they boarded and unpacked their thing Naruto's curiosity got the better of him and he decided to explore the ship the ninja way. He was climbing on things he shouldn't, looking dangerously of the edge and Itachi was trying to keep him safe the best way he could and that was to give chase.

'Man if he gets hurt Kushina is going to kill me' Itachi thought. He knew of Kushina's rep and he just shivered at the memory. When all looked lost he heard "Naruto if you don't calm down right this minute no ramen for a month"

Itachi and Naruto turned to see a very angry Kushina, Naruto just gulped as he made his way over to his mother only to have her take him over her knee.

"Do you know how much trouble, the crew, the engine works and even the captain complained about how you were running about causing havoc" she yelled as she tanned his hide.

Naruto just took his punishment with tears streaming down his face. He didn't cry out but he still cried. Hinata wanted to help him but she knew that he had been bad and he need to learn how to behave. The captain had rounded the corner and came upon the scene he felt bad for the boy. He wasn't upset with the boy's curiosity but of the distraction he made for the crew trying to do their jobs.

"Mrs. Uzumaki I see you found your son" the captain said.

"Yes and he has something to say to you, don't you Naruto" She told her son strictly.

Naruto walked up to the men while rubbing his sore bottom "I'm sorry for being so much trouble" he said while sniffling. His mother rarely spanks him so he knew he had done something wrong.

The man knelt down and put his hand on the boys head ruffling his hair "Curiosity is not a sin my young friend but you were making it hard for my crew to do their jobs" he gave the boy a kind smile before turning back to his mother. "I would like you and your family to join me at the captains table for dinner tonight if that is alright."

Kushina just nodded as Naruto looked between the two to try and figure out what had just happened he had been punished and then invited somewhere it confused the hell out of him. The captain left to return to his post "I have dinner around 6:00 just so you know."

After he left Naruto turned to his mother for an explanation and his mother turned to him and said "The captains table is a rare treat that very few people get the privilege to experience. It's saved for very important people like say the Hokage so you need to be on your best behavior understand."

Naruto nodded he knew when he could have fun at the table and when he needed strict manners. Kushina knew she didn't have to worry about Hinata and Itachi seeing how they came from high end clans but Naruto is another story. Sure they had had very important dinners with the Hokage and diplomats and he had behaved but she still had to watch him at times.

A few hours later Kushina was helping her son into some nice dress clothes for dinner, he owned a few formal male kimonos as well as a few collared shirts and slacks but finding the right outfit had taken some time. Hinata and Itachi were already ready to go again being from such prestigious clans that knew what was and what was not appropriate for such a formal meal.

After Kushina got him dressed they made their way to the dining room, when they entered the Maitre D escorted them the captains table and handed them each a menu. As he skimmed across the pages he tried to decide what to get because they sadly did not serve ramen, he turned to his mother for help which she did but she also told him to get some sort of vegetable. He wasn't too pleased so he ordered what he read was a Cobb salad and he asked for a lot of ranch dressing. He also picked out a nice big steak and a glass of water.

The captain just had to laugh at the amount of food the boy had ordered and even more so when he finished all of it and asked his mother if he could get dessert. Kushina was amazed at how well he was behaving; she had to venture a guess as maybe he was scared he would get another spanking if he acted up. She spent most of her time talking to the captain about the voyage; he told her that it would be about a week to a week and a half to make port in Domino City. She also asked what the city was like, to which he told her that it was a cozy little city though the populace were into a game called Dual Monsters and he confessed that he and most of the crew also played. When Naruto asked him more about it the Captain pulled out a water-proof case of some sort about as big as his hand. Naruto took it and opened it to find it was full of cards he drew one out of the case and read it out loud.

Simorgh, Bird of Divinity

Winged beast/ Effect

This card cannot be Special Summoned. If you Tribute Summon this card, the Tributes must be WIND. While this is face-up on the field, both players take 1000 points of damage during each players End Phase. Decrease the damage each player takes when this happens by 500 points for each Spell and Trap card that player controls.

ATK/2700 DEF/1000

"That deck is my pride and joy it's won me three tournaments, it's a wind themed deck because if a sailor does not have the wind he stands still."

Naruto nodded understanding a little, the captain explained some more "A deck is composed of monster spell and trap cards. What you have is a monster card you use it to attack your opponents monsters ore life points. Now spell cards are used to support your monsters, remove opposing monsters or your opponent's life points or summoning other cards. Traps are used to hinder you opponents."

Itachi listened intently to him it sounded like a game of strategy and being the military tactical genius he is he wanted to learn how to play the game even more than Naruto did.

"Everyone has there own style to fight with, like you my boy look like beast monsters would be your thing, while your girlfriend there as shy as she maybe looks like a dragon user well at least to me" The man chuckled at Hinata and Naruto's blushes.

The game slightly intrigued Kushina but she didn't herself getting into it but she did like the strategy portion of it. She could see her son face as he listened to the man explain the game to him and she knew that she was going to have to buy him cards so he could start playing. After about an hour of eating and listening about duel monsters they returned to their rooms and went to sleep. Hinata was still having nightmares so she slept with Naruto and Tatsumaru.

For the next three days Naruto spent with the captain and they crew, he wanted to learn more about dual monsters the game fasinated him to no end he saw many different cards and quite a few duals he still had not got a grasp of the game but it was fun to watch.

And on the third night it happened, a large storm appeared over the boat. It caused the sea to rock like one of the Kyuubi's nine-tails with enough force to throw everyone out of their beds. Kushina's mother instinct kicked into full over drive she hurried across the hall to her son's room to find Naruto and Hinata huddled close together with the puppy between them. Itachi ran into the room with their storage scrolls strapped to him. After they were all together they ran to upper deck but as soon as they a large wave came over the bow.

They were swept into the ocean as they went down they grabbed onto each other and started to the surface. Once the broke the surface they saw the ship start to sink beneath the waves. Itachi started to look around he saw some pieces of the ship floating on the surface. They swam over to it and placed the children who had passed out one the debris. They floated for about twenty minutes before a gigantic wave came down and crashed down on top of them.

And then all went black.

Yes I know it was a terrible thing that happened to Hinata, let me just state that I do not permit or condone what had happened ant trust be when I say that Her father and the elders will be taken care of in the most painful ways possible. It was the only way to get her away from her family with an asshole persona Hiashi. I killed off Sasuke because I don't like him period, I know I made him a good guy in my other story.

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