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Chapter 6: let the games begin

*12 hours before the tournament*

Naruto, Itachi and 3 others were standing before Pegasus as he was discussing there role in this tournament.

"You five are going to be working as eliminators for this contest, you are to eliminate as many of them as possible I want at least 4 to make it to the finals. You are not to challenge them they must challenge you and you must also not put there safety at risk. Am I understood?" The white haired man announced.

They all nodded their heads, though one clown faced freak did so with a sick smile on his face. They all left to head towards their sectors except for Itachi who Pegasus held back to speak alone.

"Itachi I want to watch those 3, I know I can trust Naruto and you but if they endanger anyone I want you to deal with them"

"Hai Pegasus-sama" Itachi said before shushining away.

*five minutes after weevil is defeated*

Yugi Moto and his band stood outside the duel ring where Yugi just one his first duel. Itachi dropped down in front of them.

"Congratulation Yugi-san my master has heard of what happened on the ship and would like you to have these" Itachi said throwing a small envelope to Yugi and jumping into the trees.

"What was that about" Tea asked.

"I don't know but he works for Pegasus so he can't be trusted" Joey said.

"I don't you Joey I have a feeling we can trust him" Said Yami opening the packet to find a new set of Exodia cards and a small note.

Dear Yugi boy

I heard about what happened on the boat I am sorry about you losing Exodia so I have given you a new set. You'll need all the help you can get to get to the finals.

Maximillion Pegasus.

Yugi's group couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on, one minute Pegasus steals Yugi's grandfathers soul the next he give him another set of Exodia cards.

*With Naruto*

It had been about 2 hours since the Tournament had begun and he had all ready defeated 4 duelists and set the to the boat. He was sitting on a log drinking some water when a young girl walked up to him.

"My name is Zara Dinozo and I challenge you to a duel."

The girl had Short light pink hair and had brown eyes wearing a light blue sun dress she had 5 star chips which means she had one at least a couple of duels.

"Very well but I'll have you know I'm and eliminator I will give you five star chips if you win but you will be disqualified if you lose."

Zara looked at him "I'll still pound you in the ground"

"Very well there is a dual platform over there lets begin"

Once they were situated at their stations the Zara had the honor of going first.

"I'll start off and play Dancing elf."

"Very well I'll place one card face down and play Forest and Little Tanuki in attack mode" said Naruto

Zara: 2000 life points

Monster: Dancing elf Atk: 300 Def: 200


Naruto: 2000 life points

Monster: Little Tanuki Atk/Def 1700/1700

Spells/traps: Forest, one face down

Zara looked at him that Tanuki had a 1400 point difference thanks to the forest spell card but even without it, it would still out rank it by 1100. She had to think fast.

"I play Dark witch and attack Little Tanuki" She stated with a grin it may be only a 100 point difference but she still one the fight.

She missed the grin from Naruto.

After Little Tanuki was destroyed she caught his smirk "thanks for that when Little Tanuki is destroyed as a result of a battle I can summon one monster from my hand with an attack of 2000 or less and I chose Temple Guardian Nekomata"

A pure white cat with two tails appeared on the field with a temple rope collar around its neck (Think Kyuubimon's collar from the 3 digimon show).

"This monster has a fun effect if I discard one card it can attack twice one the turn it was summoned" Naruto said with a laugh discarding his card.

Temple Guardian Nekomata jumped and swung its tails taking out dark witch and dancing elf dropping Zara's life points to zero.

Zara: 0 life points



Naruto: 1900 life points

Monsters: Temple Guardian Nekomata Atk/Def 2200/1900

Spell/trap: Forest, one face down

Zara looked crushed he had just taken her down with a devastating combo. Her eyes started to fill with tears as she remembered the whole reason for coming to this tournament.

Naruto smelled her tears "What's wrong."

"I come from a temple and our visitors have lessened in years so our donations have dropped as well we took a large loan on our temple and land but we have no way to repay it. I came to this tournament to win the prize money it's more than enough to pay off the loan and the extra is enough to for a renovation" she said through her sobs.

Naruto knew she was telling the truth his enhanced senses told him such. He reached into his pocket his father told him to use it only in an emergency. He pulled out his check book and wrote her a check for a very large sum (It's something Naruto would do and you know it.)

"Here take this" He said handing her the slip of paper.

She looked up at him and took it her eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

"While I can't allow you to pass I can do this. Pegasus is my step-father so take it and help your family" He told her.

She jumped up and kissed him square on the lips repeating thank you.

*With Itachi*

After Itachi left Yugi and his group he went to his sector to begin his task when he came upon a group of 3, 2 young men and a young woman.

The young woman notices him and sees his gloves with the load of star chips on them. They had come to this tournament so she could duel in hopes of requesting a special deck for each of the after seeing the custom decks of the demon king and dragon princess. While her companions were not taking part in the tournament she was.

She calls out to Itachi that she wants to duel he readily accepts. Both ascend their platforms and prepare to begin

"We will play on a field that is 50% mountains and 50% grassland. Do you agree to these terms" Itachi asked.

"I do, let's duel"

The girl who was now known as Selena had the honor of going first.

"I'll place two cards face down and play Warrior Dai Grepher in attack mode." She said as her sword wielding man appeared on the field getting a 200 point boost from the grassland.

"Very well I will play Birdface in Defense mode and then place one card face down on the field" Itachi said.

Selena: 2000 life points

Monster: Warrior Dai Grepher Atk/Def: 1900/1800

Spells/traps: 2 face downs

Itachi: 2000 life points

Monster: Birdface Atk/Def: 1800

Spells/traps: one face down

"Dai Grepher attack Birdface" Selena shouted as her warrior destroyed the bird man.

"By destroying Birdface I can add one Harpie Lady from my deck to my hand" Itachi said searching through his deck and produced his desired card and played it after shuffling and drawing his next card. "I'll play that Harpie Lady as well as Harpie's Brother, but that's not all I'll also play Elegant Egotist to summon Harpie Lady Sisters.

Itachi's monsters appeared on the field "Harpie lady sisters attack Warrior Dai Grepher" All three sisters attacked the warrior wiping him from the field

Selena: 1750 life points


Spells/traps: two face downs

Itachi: 2000 life points

Monster: Harpie's brother Atk/Def 2000/800, Harpie Lady Sisters Atk/Def 2150/2300

Spells/traps: one face down

Selena was looking through her hand she didn't have any monsters that could take down those Harpie's at the moment she just hoped she drew something good on the next turn.

When her turn came around she drew a good card one which she played "I play Gearfried the Iron Knight and I equip Fusion Sword Murasame Blade which gives him an 800 point boost."

Itachi looked shocked he knew that any equip card attached to Gearfried was destroyed but Murasame was a legendary blade that could not be destroyed by any card that destroyed magic cards.

"Gearfried attack his Harpie sisters" The Iron Knight raced towards the sisters wiping them from the field.

"That's a great combo but I need to end the match soon so I will tribute my Harpie's Brother for Simorgh, Bird of Divinity. I will also play Rising Air Currents and play another face down."

Selena: 1750life points

Monster: Gearfried the Iron knight Atk/Def 2600/1600

Spells/traps: Fusion Sword Murasame Blade, 2 face downs

Itachi: 1550 life points

Monster: Simorgh, Bird of Divinity Atk/Def 3300/1600

Spells/traps: Simorgh, Bird of Divinity Atk/Def 3300/1600

Selena looked at the giant bird in front of her; it dwarfed her knight by 700. She drew her next card it was a card she had hoped for earlier but it did help much she switched Gearfried into defense mode it was all she could do.

"I play Silpheed to attack Gearfried and the have Simorgh attack you directly."

Selena: 0 life points


Spells/traps: 2 face downs

Itachi: 2000 life points

Monster: Simorgh, Bird of Divinity Atk/Def 3300/1600

Spells/traps: Simorgh, Bird of Divinity Atk/Def 3300/1600

Selena could only watch as her monster and life point's bit the dust. She looked in horror as the counter reached zero, but she could only blame herself she knew he was an eliminator she knew what would happened if she lost. Why did she challenge him, she could have just walked away to find another duelist. She was normally very cautious when she dueled; she had a few tears when she handed her star chips to Itachi.

Itachi watched her walk off with her friends towards the boat, she had good strategy good combo's but her resolve just wasn't strong enough to hand her victory. I sat down upon a rock near the dueling platform went through a small case it was filled with different fire type monsters he now started working on his true deck. As much as he liked this wind deck it just didn't feel right using it.

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