Heres part 2


"Hmm" a mysterious being said watching the ruins of a town his god forces annihilated being lighted with strange light. "This deserve some expecting" he then rushed from his spot to see whats causing it.

He needs to make sure if its a new threat to Rasets after all


"Kid, wake up kid!"

"Five more minute Sakura." Naruto muttered, Red X sighed, him being sent to a new world, in the ruins of some town with no knowledge where the others are. It's the kind of things that pissed him off.

Naruto refusing to wake up isn't helping his mood either. Red X grin evilly, he just realized a way to wake the kid up and vent his frustration he grab naruto head, put his mouth to his ear and

"WAKE UP!!!!" Red X screamed right into Naruto ear, not only waking him up, but also nearly destroying Naruto Eardrum.

"Ahh, X what the hell!" Naruto said

"Sorry bout that kid, just needed to vent" Red X shrugged.

"So you screamed in my ear!" Naruto said annoyed.

"Again sorry, but shouldn't you be more freaked out of your scenery." Red X said, naruto (to annoyed at x to noticed) blinked then looked around. "Whoa, what happen." He said a bit shocked.

Before X could say anything a deep voice said "It was cause by my god's scouts." Both turned to see a purplish skin being having red-eyes wearing a dry mud-covered trench-coat and pants, heck its covering all of his body. "And now that I answer one of your question, you can answer my question of, were you the ones causing the lightshow."

"Hey who are you?" Naruto said but in a blink of a eye, the man suddenly appeared right next to Naruto and kicked him sending him flying.

"That's quite rude, I already answered your question, and it's your obligation to answer mine." The man said bored. He immediately moved backward just as Red-x was delivering a punch where his head would be.

"No offense but you blew your chance for a answer when you kicked my friend." Red X snarled.

"hmm, I suppose that's true." The being nodded. "In that case its my obligation to tell you my name before the fight, I go by the name Echinemon."

"Echinemon, what are you a digimon." Red X joke, Echinemon gave him a dry look "no, I belong to a much more superior race." He then lunged forward with his nails extending ready to tear Red X throat off but x dodge the swiped and kicked Echinemon in the gut.

"What the" X said feeling as though he hit something rock solid. He immediately jump back and deliver several punches to Echinemon face but is shock to see not bruises but cracks appearing.

"Surprise?" Echinemon said calmly "the dried mud covering my body serves as extremely hard armor, you should feel honor you actually manage to actually damaged a layer." Echinemon praised he immediately did a heel-kick to Red X side and followed it up with a headbutt making Red-X gasped in pain. He immediately jumped back and before Echinemon could lunge forward Red X ripped his mask off revealing a flame skull.

"Skull Flame" Red X said breathing fire at Echinemon, the darkside immediately grabbed a broken wall and hurled it at the approaching fire, creating a boom. Red X stop the attack and covered his face shouting "Take that you crazy bastard!"

'Now really, what part of my personality shows that I have symptoms of Dementia' Echinemon said making red X shock he thought he at last the fragments of wall would've penetrated this guy skin but it only seem to damage more of his mud armor.

'Damnit' Red X thought annoyed.

"OI!" a voice shouted snapping both of them to another direction with Echinemon dodging several shuriken "You better not expect Naruto Uzumaki to not be in this fight" Naruto said. making Red-x grin, the chances of him beating the guy just increased.

Okay part three should be up soon

Mythical beast fact.

In medieval literature, the ichneumon or echinemon was the enemy of the dragon. When it sees a dragon, the ichneumon covers itself with mud, and closing its nostrils with its tail, attacks and kills the dragon. The ichneumon was also considered by some to be the enemy of the crocodile and the asp, and attack them in the same way. The Greek word translated as "ichneumon" was the name used for the "pharaoh's rat" or mongoose or Egyptian mongoose, which attacks snakes. Isidore of Seville [7th century CE] once said: "That which is produced from the smell of this beast is both healthful and poisonous in food."

I thought it would be appropriate for Red-X to fight this kind of M.D. since his spirit takes the form of a dragon.

Btw Red X but you forgot to describe what Sakura through Gaara attacks are (you told me the names but forgot to describe what they do… well cept Rasenshuriken, I already know that one).