Characters of Inuyasha (manga and anime) belong to Takahashi Rumiko

The Big Adventures of Little Inu

It was a beautiful day out in the meadow of bright yellow flowers. The sky above was a brilliant blue, with only a few wispy clouds floating carelessly by. The sun shone warmly on Inuyasha's face as he zoomed across the field, his little arms spread out wide, enjoying the wind against his skin.

Inuyasha knew it was the perfect day to play outside, as every day was, except when it was raining. He could still remember that day quite vividly, when he was too preoccupied with a mud puddle to notice the sudden pouring of rain, and how cold it had become.

He shook his head of the memory, seeing a rabbit in his line of vision. Smiling, he crouched down on all fours, his floppy ears lifting a little to catch any sounds of movement from the rabbit. Hearing nothing that would indicate the creature knew of his presence, little Inuyasha wiggled his bottom, ready to pounce. And with one leap, he landed in front of the rabbit, scaring the poor thing into bounding away in fright. Giving a little bark, he gave chase, his little mop of silvery hair moving wildly as he ran. He tried to pounce again, but the rabbit was much faster, hopping away from the boy's grasp.

Despite the minor setback, Inuyasha kept on running.

The rabbit darted in a different direction, causing the hanyou to skid to a halt before starting again in his pursuit. Faster he ran, and was about to make another leap, when he crashed into something hard and black. He fell onto his bottom with a thump while the rabbit he had been chasing darted into a burrow, safe from the small hunter.

Inuyasha growled, looking up to see what had blocked his way. In front of him stood a very, very tall man, who was dressed in dark robes and wore a hat made of straw. Stepping back, he became slightly nervous of this stranger, this person whom he had not been expecting to appear on what he understood from his parents, as private property.

So why was he here?

The tall man smiled, kindly, yet that didn't make Inuyasha feel any better. He then winced as if in pain, before collapsing in front of the toddler, where he lay silent and unmoving.

Under an old tree with its large green leaves shading the ground beneath it, sat Sesshoumaru, his eyes closed in rest, yet his ears and body were on full alert, constantly on the lookout for his brother, in case he found himself in trouble. Not that he was very worried. Their father's land was fiercely protected from such intruders, and all youkai knew the foolishness of even attempting such a task. If by some freakish chance someone did manage to sneak into their borders, well, there was a reason why their father was the Tai-youkai.

"Nii-chan, nii-chan!" he heard his little brother shout in the distance, and immediately the youkai stood up to attention.

His fear was unfounded, and he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the boy running towards him, unharmed. However, something else caught his eye, apparently following the little hanyou. But as he neared him, Sesshoumaru noticed that the black figure was not chasing after Inuyasha, but in fact Inuyasha was dragging the black figure behind him.

"Inuyasha, why do you insist on dragging your prey around with you?"

Inuyasha cocked his head to one side, ears twitching while a tiny finger pointed to the black figure at his feet, saying, "Hurt."

Sesshoumaru poked the body with a clawed finger, where it made a noise in response. Flipping the body over so that he could see the face, he was somewhat surprised by the human face lying unconscious before him. How did a human get in here? And those clothes... Is he a houshi?

"Leave him." He commanded, leaving no room for arguments as he left to go indoors.

The little hanyou's face saddened at this, wondering why his big brother wanted him to leave someone behind, someone hurt for that matter. He couldn't really understand it, and so, picking the man up by the collar, Inuyasha dragged him into the house in hopes that his mother would be able to help the man get better.

Now before anyone goes on about if I'm going to write more, yes I am. These will be only small one shots or short chapters, depending on what I feel like writing, thus why this is called "The Big Adventures of Little Inu."