The characters of Inuyasha (manga and anime) belong to Takahashi Rumiko


Another day had gone by, with the sun slowly making its way down to make way for the night. Sesshoumaru had not realised how fast the time had gone, having played out all day with his little brother, Inuyasha, and now it was getting late, and they were far away from home.

Still, it was easy enough to find their way to the big house; however, the little hanyou was making it difficult, refusing to take another step.

"Come on, otouto. It is not that far."

"No, tired," he replied, displaying his stubbornness by crossing his arms, and then lifting them up to say that he wanted to be carried home.

Inuyasha smiled, hopefully.

"No, Sesshoumaru replied, equally as stubborn. "You can walk."

Inuyasha shook his head rapidly, "Tired. Hug, please?"

The older youkai ignored him, turning to face the direction of home instead of his brother's pleading face and outstretched arms. He began to walk, in full knowledge that he would soon hear the tiny footsteps of Inuyasha's feet following behind him.

He sneaked in a look over his shoulder, and saw that he was indeed correct. There was the little brother sitting on the grass, smiling with his arms stretched out, again asking for a 'hug'.


Sesshoumaru paid no attention, choosing to walk away.

The hanyou giggled, standing up to creep behind his brother, and then sitting back down in the long grass whenever he saw his brother was about turn around and spot him.

"Come on, Inuyasha. I know you are not tired."

"I am," he said, falling back onto the grass and pretending to be just that. "Goodnight."

The youkai heaved a sigh, attempting to hide his own grin before his brother's silly antics got to him. He knew Inuyasha was tired, he had seen him rub his eyes a couple of times, and yet the boy still wanted to play.

It was a standoff, and a very tense one, as both brothers refused to give in to the other. However, it didn't last long, as their father had arrived to pick them up.

"Ah, there you are, you two. I was half thinking that you would have run away and never return home," he teased the eldest son while picking up a gleeful little pup. "Were you planning to run away too, little guy? I hope you don't turn out to be like your naughty older brother."

"Chichi-ue…" the youkai defended, but only received laughter and the ruffling of his hair as a response.

"Come on, boy. I'll give you a piggyback ride if you like."

"Nii-chan!" said Inuyasha, encouraging his brother to join in the fun.

Sesshoumaru just stared at them, but before he could say anything, he was lifted up into his father's strong arm and whisked away to their awaiting family for dinner.