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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Fourteen Years Later

"Ari! Get up!" Hermione yelled to her eldest child, he was a heavy sleeper just like his dad.

"Five more minutes, Mum," Ari groaned.

"No, now, we're already running late! Do you want to miss the train?" Hermione said.

"Oh... right," Ari said sitting up, how could he forget that today was the first day of his final year at Hogwarts. He quickly got dressed; making sure that the Muggle clothes he picked out looked good and placed the Head Boy badge in his pocket.

When he got downstairs, he found that he was the last one there. His sister was sitting at the table, already finished with her breakfast, looking like she was dying to get going already.

"What's the matter, Rose?" Ari asked. It only seemed logical for Ron and Hermione to name their daughter Rose, after the Shakespeare quote sticking in their heads after everything they went through.

"You know what's the matter, Arthur," Rose snapped, and he had trouble not smiling at that. "You were just as anxious as I am to go to Hogwarts."

"I suppose," Ari allowed sitting next to her. "You know its Hugo that we should be sorry about though. He's going to have to be here all alone..."

"Shut up," Hugo moaned sticking his tongue out at his brother and sister, seeing Rose laughing. Arthur wasn't sure how his parent came up with the name Hugo, but he had a feeling it had something to do with one of his mum's favorite authors (after his Uncle Josh of course, she would always add whenever the man in question was in the house) Victor Hugo.

"Sorry man," Ari laughed and got himself cereal. "But at least you still have Lily right."

"I suppose," Hugo said glumly. "I just really wish I could go this year too."

"Or next year even," Rose teased.

Hugo made a face again and slumped back into his chair.

"Don't tease you're brother Rosie, he's going to have a hard enough time being here alone without you adding to it," Ron said from his seat as he read the newspaper, the corner of his lips twitching. Arthur and Rose both chuckled as Hugo groaned.

"Matthew," Hermione groaned hitting him on the head with a spoon, "take your own advice."

Arthur laughed harder at that, he really loved seeing his parents act like this, but he also noticed that Rose was frowning now. He was about to ask her what was bothering her when, once again, he was reminded that they were in a hurry.

The car ride there was uneventful and soon enough they were all running through the wall to get onto platform nine and three quarters. As soon as he was on the platform, Ari headed to the train letting his family pull away from him.

"Arthur, do you really think you could get away from me without getting a hug?" Hermione said before he could even take a step.

"I suppose not," Ari smiled at her, he did want to say goodbye to her properly but he was also anxious to see his friends again... his best friend in particular.

"You know I'm so proud of you Ari," Hermione smiled as she hugged him tightly. "And I'm not just talking about becoming Head Boy and being the top of your class..."

"I bet that helps though," Ari smirked.

"A little," Hermione chuckled; he was so much like his father sometimes. "But I'm proud of the man you have become Arthur. I just want you to know that."

"Thanks, Mum," Ari shifted uncomfortably.

"And just remembered," Hermione added with a smirked. "You don't have to be as dense as your father when it comes to the girl you like."

"Mum!" Ari said exasperated, blushing as he thought of his best friend again; he was really anxious see her.

"Sorry, love, I couldn't resist," Hermione laughed, "Have a good year Arthur."

"I will," Ari smiled and with that he left, heading for the Head compartment. He was not surprised to find his best friend sitting there, reading a book, he just knew that she would be made Head Girl. "Cathryn!"

"Arthur," Cathryn said putting down her book and getting up to hug him. "Merlin you're looking good, Ari."

"You're not so bad yourself, Ryn," Ari said looking her over and really liking what he saw.

"Okay, I told myself I was going to do this right away before I chicken out," Cathryn said, looking like she was half talking to herself and half to Ari. He looked at her curiously, but decided to let her do whatever it was she was planning on doing. "I'm going to do something that I hope you like, but if you don't like it, it's okay... I'm not going to let this rude..." she shook her head at this point and took a different route, "I just think it's about time you know this..."

"Ryn, what are you ta..." Ari started but before he could even finish she was kissing him. It took him a whole second to realize what was happening before he smiled and kissed her back.

"What you doing?" Ari heard and he immediately jumped, it was the voice of his cousin James and he could have sworn he was right outside the door talking to him. However, when he looked he couldn't see anyone at all, but upon looking out the window he could see that Teddy was sending off his girlfriend, and Ari's other best friend and closest cousin, Victoire, with a nice snog.

Ari chuckled at that, "It looks like Teddy and Tori's secret relationship was just blown. Everyone will know in five minutes with James on the job."

"Too bad for them," Cathryn said and her voice was hard to read and Ari didn't like that, he was used to knowing everything about her. She was looking away from him and her cheeks were red, and he had the feeling that she was embarrassed.

"Ryn," Ari said, and she looked at him nervously. This time he could read her feelings, she was worried that he didn't like the kiss. He held back his chuckle at that absurd thought before he brushed the stray hair out of her face and leaned into her.


It wasn't until they were halfway to Hogwarts that he was able to make his way to his sister to see how she was doing. He first had to snog his best friend, then he had to lead the meeting with the prefects and then he had to snog his best friend again. He was really busy, but he still wanted to see his sister.

"There you are," Ari said, finding his sister in the very last cart sitting with her favorite cousin, Albus.

"Ari!" Rose smiled in relief.

"So how are you enjoying the ride?" Ari asked sitting across from the other two.

"Enjoying," Albus scoffed glumly.

"Don't mind him; he's just worried about the sorting?" Rose said offhandedly but Ari knew that his sister was worried about that too, though not as much as Albus seemed to be.

"Don't worry about it," Ari said to Albus, "it doesn't really matter what house you're in..."

"Says someone that's already in Gryffindor and doesn't have anything to worry about," Albus muttered.

"We were all nervous before we're sorted but it will go away once you are," Ari said.

"But what if I'm sorted into Slytherin?" Albus said miserably. "Dad said I would have a choice... but what if I'm still put into Slytherin..."

"Then you're in Slytherin, and you'll be the best Slytherin you can be," Ari shrugged. "All it would really mean is that your Quidditch team and House wouldn't win the cup..."

"You're as bad as Dad," Rose rolled her eyes, but Ari didn't care, it wasn't so bad being compared to his dad. However, he noticed that Rose was thoughtful now, just like she was during breakfast.

"What's the matter Rosie?" Ari asked.

"Nothing," she said quickly but he didn't let her get away with that. "Fine, it's just, I've noticed lately that... well, that Mum calls Dad Matt or Matthew a lot..."

"Oh," Ari said as he sat back looking thoughtful, he never really noticed that. "Does she?"

"Yeah," Rose frowned, how could her brother… who in her opinion knew everything… not see that. "And Dad sometimes calls her Jean..."

"And you don't know why," Ari said.

"No," Rose frowned. "And I don't understand why they don't even realize that they're doing it. I mean it should be noticeable when the person you love calls you a different name all the time, but they don't care at all."

"That's become they are calling each other by their names," Ari chuckled as Rose and Albus were looking at him like he was crazy. "It's a long story and you really should ask them about it when we get back home..."

"Arthur!" Rose groaned exasperated, and he chuckled. He knew she couldn't stand not having all the answers to her question right away.

"Sorry," Ari said. "I don't really know everything you see, I wasn't born yet for the beginning and I was only three and a half by the time it got resolved."

"What are you talking about?" Rose asked.

"Well, you see," Ari said rubbing the back of his head nervously, "Mum and Dad didn't only get to meet each other and fall in love once..." Ari started and he spent the rest of the train ride telling his little sister everything he knew about their parents' memory loss and how they had found each other, even without knowing the truth. The story came naturally to him, because from the time he was four until he was six he would have his mum tell him about it, loving how she would act out all the different parts. He never realized that his brother and sister might not have known about this, but he hoped this would show his sister just how truly perfect their parents really were together.

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