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Notes: Takes place after session 23 "Brain Scratch". (Pretend as if sessions 24 - 26 never happened, believe me it's worth your reading)

Dedication: To all who believe that Spike and Faye belong together.

The Past Returns: Chapter One

Faye Valentine sat laid out on the coach in the living room of the Bebop, smoking her cigarette, and staring off into the ceiling. Jet was in the kitchen preparing dinner, Spike was God knows where, Ed was in the living room tying away in her laptop with both fingers and toes, and Ein was asleep by the couch. With no money to gamble and no new bounties to collect there was nothing else left to do bit sit around and smoke. Boredom surrounded her.

"You know, those things can kill you", Spike said as he appeared above Faye.

"Tell me about it", she answered.

He reached down, took the cigarette out of her mouth, and crushed it with his shoe.

"HEY! What was that for?!" she asked as she sat up.

"Too much can lead to lung cancer".

"Well look who talking. Besides, what do you care if I die? It'll probably be one of the best things that will ever happen to you".

"That's not true. I've had better things that have happened to me before. Anyway, it does matter to be if you die because then I won't have anyone to brother or tease." He then walked over to Ed and lead over her to see what she was doing. "Another problem will be whether to decide what to turn your room into. A weight training room or a second bathroom".

Faye, in response to his comment, grabbed the pillow that was near her and threw it at Spike, she smiled as it collated with her target.

"Hehe, just telling the truth", he said.

"Faye Faye and Spike person! Please be quiet, Ein is sleeping and Edward is concentrating", said Ed.

"Wow, that's a change", commented Faye.

Ignoring her Spike continued "So, any new bounties for us?"

"Well Edward can't work with so much noise around her".

"Dinner's ready!" Jet shouted.

Faye, Spike, Ed, and even Ein, who awoke at the sound of these words, rushed to the kitchen table.

"Potato soup again Jet?" compliant Faye.

"If you don't like it then don't eat it", he simply answered. "Hey Ed aren't you going to

touch your bowl?"

"Huh? Yeah in a second Jet person . . . I . . . just . . . uh . . . umm . . . THERE!" she exclaimed as she continued typing away in her laptop.

"What?" everyone screamed.

"I just downloaded the necessary information on Tomato (that's what she calls her laptop in the series) about our next bounty . . . but if you continue to scream at Ed then she's not going to open her mouth", and turned her head away.

Faye reached over, grabbed Ed by the collar, and screamed, "Listen here you, we need that money. And if just sit around here and act stupid then I think I'll go bananas!"

"HAHA, Faye Faye said bananas".

"It's no use. I think you ought to grow a brain", she then release Ed.

"How should Ed grow a brain? Silly Faye Faye".

"Ed just tell us how much the bounty is worth", Spike asked.

"About 100 million woolongs".

"Wow, why so much? What did the guy do?"

"Who cares? Just as long as we catch him", interrupted Faye.

"Well, according to Edward this guy is about twenty seven years old, killed ten people in cold blood, and his name is Shin".

Upon hearing Ed say the guy's name Spike nearly choked on his dinner.

"Hey Spike you okay?" Jet asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm . . . fine. Ed did you say his name was Shin?"

"That's right Spike person".

"So anyway I think we should start hunting this guy starting tomorrow. What do you say fellas?"

"You're right Faye. The sooner we catch this guy the sooner we can eat right", said Jet.

"You can sure say that again".

"Umm . . . my head hurts . . . I think I should . . . go lie down", with that Spike got out of his seat, his shoulders and head down, and went directly to his bedroom.

The rest of the Bebop crew shockingly looked on as he left.

"I guess he's really feeling bad, I mean he didn't even finish his dinner. Was it something we said?" asked Faye.

"No, it wasn't something we said, it was probably just you. You do have a big mouth".

"Jet! How could you say something like that? I do not".

"Do too".

"Do not, not, not".

"My god Faye. Sometimes I think you act worse then Ed".

"Do not".

"Do too".

"Do not . . . etc".

Ed continued typing with her toes and fingers while Ein covered his face with his paws.


As the argument continued between Faye and Jet, Spike entered his bedroom, tossed his coat onto the floor, loosened his tie, kicked the door closed, and plopped down onto the bed. Spike looked up toward the ceiling as he massaged his temples clockwise with his fingers.

"Why now? After all these years, the past returns now".


"I'm warning you Vicious, back off", Shin said to him as he held a sword in his hands, now aimed directly at his throat. "Are you okay?" he asked to a bloodied Spike who was lying on the ground with one hand covering his left eye, and Julia kneeling by his side.

"Yeah . . . just peaching", he answered.

"Julia, help Spike to his feet and get him outta here".

"Right", she answered.

"Make sure you get him to a hospital as well".

Spike now hung onto Julia with his right arm around her shoulder as she held onto his waist. They were now making their way over to the aircraft. Spike turned his head and said "Thanks Shin, I owe you one".

"Don't mention it my friend. Maybe we'll meet again, until then, Goodbye".


"Why? Why does the past choose to return now? I guess it's time I return you that favor after all Shin".

To be continued . . .

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