The Past Returns: Chapter Fourteen

For once it was finally over and he needed the time to let this sink in. Spike stared several moments at Vicious' body he, then turned at walked over to where Jet, Julia, and Faye were.

They were currently where they were before. Julia was still alive breathing with her blood sputtered around her. Jet was looking over her wound while Faye just knelt by in case she was needed.

Spike too knelt down them. "How's the problem?" he asked Jet.

"Not good. The two bullet wounds seemed to have punctured her liver causing internal bleeding from the inside".

All Spike seemed to do was nod and just glance at Julia.

"What are the odds, I'll die just like Shin did. Spike?" she called as she turned her head and look at him.

"Yeah, I'm here Julia".

"Is it over? Is it finally over now?"

"Yeah it is". She let a small smile escape from her lips. "Why?" he asked her. "Why did you take that bullet? I thought you hated – "

"No", she interrupted. "I don't hate Faye. I was just boiling with jealously. . . what more can I say? I wish I was in her shoes". At this point she turned her head and faced Faye.

"I'm sorry for the things you had to go though because of me and Vicious. And take care of Spike for me okay? I know he'll be happy at your side", she coughed up blood but still continued. "You know, you are a really strong and lucky woman".

"I know. Maybe now you can finally find peace", she answered.

"That'll be nice". She turned once again at Spike. "Thank you Spike".

"For what?"

"For helping me find my path", once again, she coughed up blood. "I just want you to know that I never stopped loving you and I'm sorry for everything I did to you in the past". With the little energy she had left, Julia lifted one hand and placed it on his cheek.

"All is forgiven. Thank you for saving Faye's life, it really meant a lot to me".

"I know it did, that's why I did it. . . all I ever did was for you", with that her hand fell lifeless to the ground. Julia was dead.

"You okay Spike?" Jet asked.

"Yeah, I think I am. Come on let's get out of here".

All three of them walked away from the room and made their way to the front. When Spike knew they were a good distance away from the compound he took out what seemed to be a control. He pressed a button and instantly the building, which they had just come out of, blew up in a enormous explosion. Fire was reaching high into the sky and little bits of the building were flying in different directions. There was nothing left, Spike had finally put an end to the Red Dragon Syndicate.


The next day Spike walked into a cemetery carrying a dozen white roses and stood in front of tombstone and set them down. "Well Shin the only thing I can say is that it's over and I've avenged you by killing Vicious so, now you can truly rest in peace". Spike smiled and continued. "You know I was remembering the fun times we had while being in the Red Dragon and it wasn't all that bad. But, we will see each other again my friend". Then he stood there in silence remembering those times.

A baby's gibberish babbling could be heard coming closer and closer and a hand rested on his shoulder. "Spike, are you okay?" Faye asked.

He turned around and saw Faye carrying Eric in her arms. He smiled "Of course, couldn't be better".

"You sure? I mean with what everything happened?"

"Remember when I told you that sometimes it's best to not know about the past?" She nodded. "That's what I intend on doing, forget about the past and live the future", with that he put one arm around Faye and the other hand lifted to his son's face to gently stroking it. Eric tightly held onto his father's finger and began to stuck on it.

"So, I'm guessing you found your answer to your question right?" Faye asked.

"Which was . . . ?"

"Finding out if you're truly alive".

He smiled. "With you two at my side yes I am".

She smirked. "You better have said that".

"And if I didn't?" he challenged.

"You would have been sorry".

"Is that a promise?"

Faye laughed. "You'll just have to keep on wondering".

"So, anything new happening onboard?"

"Actually Jet sent me to come get you cause Ed found another bounty that's worth a million woolongs".

"Another day, another bounty".

"You have anything else better to do?" she asked.

"Nope, not really. All I know is that hunting with you is always an adventure".

"Well then with that said, lets let the adventure begin, shall we?"

Eric then took out Spike's finger from his mouth, but still held onto it tightly, and giggled.

Spike looked down once again at his son then back at Faye. "I'll take that as a yes".

The three then left and walked back to the Bebop.

You finally found your peace, so now cowboy, go and relish it . . . The End