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Summary: Recalcitrant Kaiba has to come in line to inherit Gozaburo's K.C. Who entrusts a girl to make Kaiba abide. Kaiba. OC. R/R!

A recalcitrant Kaiba must abide to Gozaburo's law and work at the company, or lose Mokuba. To make Kaiba succeed KC, Gozaburo entrusts a girl to bring Kaiba in line. Kaiba resents how Gozaburo favors her, but his resentment dies when he learns of her internal illness, giving way to a relationship fighting against time, and the thread of life.

Genre: General, Romance.

Pairing: Kaiba / OC (Yume Natsumi)

Minor Characters: Mokuba K., Dartz., Gozaburo., Noah.

Lament of Kronos And Lachesis

Translation: Mourning Time And Life

Lasting Impressions

Nur Misurr

For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories - Plato.

Yume Natsumi wrestled with impatience in the silent library of her university. She wanted to get home soon and not be late for work. Twenty minutes from reaching the deadline and she was jittery. She didn't care. She couldn't risk being late again or loose her job.

"Yume." Her collegue elbowed her.

She swept her dark bangs out of her eyes to view the newcomer. "Naomi?" She nervously averted to the register and at her book. "What's up?"

"Where ya headed?" Naomi asked curiously. "What'd you got there? Can I see?" She pointed at her book.

Yume self consciously shoved the book under her sleeve and pressed it endearingly against her chest. "NO. It's for... for…"

"For?" Naomi shrugged. "Don't need to lie, I know. You and your weird research. How do you make time to study for classes when all you do is read stories?" She demanded.

"Why? I have better grades than you."

Naomi titled her head with a smirk. "When? You think I believe that? Name one class you're better than me. Do it!"

Naomi was like a competitive lioness fighting for the last piece of meat. She needed to be perfect at everything. Her looks, studies, work, boyfriend's, her standards were too far-fetched for Yume's belief's however the girl would stop at nothing.

"Why are you quiet? It's cause you know I'm better. Admit it. Why bother staying quiet? I am better, I've always been better, and I'll always be better." She shrugged.

Yume forced a smile. "Naomi, you wanna go ahead?" She gestured to the library assistant waiting for the next in line. Naomi tipped her nose to the ceiling and stepped forward. Yume checked her watch and gritted her teeth nervously. She couldn't be late, she couldn't. Luckily, the second assistant asked for the next person and she eagerly sprang to the counter, tossing her books in a pile and lunging out her ID for verificiation and proceeded to check out the books. Naomi eyed her intently in askance but was speechless when Yume grabbed her books and jogged out of the library with fire flickering at her heels. She raced to the parking lot and unlocked her car, scattering her books inside, she barely situated herself in the seat and turned the ignition that lurched the car in reverse. She was grateful there was no one in the parking lot or might have hit someone. Swerving the car to the exit, she sped into the streets and passed the intersection to the freeway on her way to work. There was no time to go home and change.

Gozaburo Kaiba tossed the ridiculous schedule on the table and growled at the telephone for special orders. He had about enough of the unruliness, it was time to grow up and act mature. Resting the plate of his empire on another's shoulders was a struggle he would have to overcome, as he was still new to the idea, however, the day would come, and the sun would set, he would close his eyes and sleep forever. The thought of closing his eyes appealed to him but he refrained and sturdily hung up the phone from the Personal Assistant. He rubbed his palms pensively together and glared at the time. The sun would set within a matter of hours. He turned in the chair to view the city spiraling with activity at his feet. Reaching the top had been a feat yet he had succeeded without the help of anyone. He made it alone, no one could understand the trouble and hardships he endured, not a soul.

The soft knock on the door failed to draw his attention from the window. The Personal Assistant bowed into the office and gestured to the female hesitating at the doorway.

"Kaiba-shacho," Assistant Yuka murmured respectfully. "She is here." She widened the door to permit Yume entrance.

Yume bowed gratefully and scooted inside the office. As nervous as she was shaking in her tennis shoes, she felt humble to be standing in the magnificent office of the reputable CEO Gozaburo Kaiba, all of Domino admired, and feared. His will stronger than an unraveling earthquake and his supremacy virile than any god imaginable; even if it were imaginable, it was insufficient to describe the man standing before her with his back turned. She gaped in awe and wiped her lips, smacking herself out of her reverie.

"Do you think I prefer waiting on nuisances like you?" Rumbled the indomitable man.

"Nn-no." Yume quivered. "I'm sorry, there was traffic, and I was delayed at school. I'm sorry. It won't happen ag-"

"Again?" Gozaburo glared as he turned toward Yume. She stiffened and inched back against the door. "What makes you think there will be a next time?" Arms folded behind his back, he rounded the desk and paused on the side, glaring at her fear stricken face. "Do you fear me?"

"Please," Yume whispered desperately. "Please don't fire me."

"Begging is all the likes of you are capable of." He growled in disgust. "Why don't you come every weekend to polish my shoes. Will that fix in your obviously busy schedule that you can't arrive to work on time?"

"I...." She bowed over apologetically. "I'm sorry, I won't do it again."

"Get up!"

Yume jerked back up, stitching her eyes on the floor with unbearable fear. The man could do anything he chose, ruin her home, kick her out of school, make her life miserable and assure she wouldn't find employment globally if he wanted. She was doomed. Gozaburo's evolving interest was the true reason in investing on an average girl like Yume. Unlike her preceding co-employees, he let her study at school, and arrive to work when she didn't have class. Clearly, he wanted her to succeed in her endeavors. He was merely shaping her up, that's what, and arriving late to work was below satisfactory.

"I have something for you to do," Gozaburo sat down on the white couch, he poured himself a drink and casually infused the details, "Tomorrow an important client will be arriving and I need you to retrieve this individual. Take any necessary security guards with you, if you must." He added in consternation, "Take the limousine, be here before 3:30 pm. The plane lands at 5:00 pm. Understood?"

Yume nodded, "Hai. Anything else?" She kept her eyes on the floor.

"Why were you late?" He asked curiously. "Your class dismissed at 2:00 pm."

She was busy ransacking the library and lost track of time. "I was tutoring."

"Lost track of time?"

"Working with the TA, Shacho-sama." She sullenly regarded the floor.

He was watching her rigidly. "Library eh?"

Yume flushed bright red at her admission. "Researching."

"What was it this time? The Lost City of Atlantis? King Iron-heart?" He tried without a rift of a smile, but his suggestions made Yume smile in her embarrassment. He knew her tastes surprisingly well.

"There is more than meets the eye." She whispered.

Gozaburo was not impressed, he rose from the seat and turned to watch the skyline. "Be here early tomorrow," He ordered.


"You can leave today."

Yume lingered uncertainly for a second, she turned and left the office silently. The blue haired assistant glanced at her leaving the corridors. "Natsumi-chan," Yuke stood up in her cubicle. Yume looked up at her. Yuke divested a packet from the drawer and offered it to her. "Kaiba-shacho wanted you to have this. Please, make it useful."

She held the box securely in her hands and bowed her way to the elevator. Yume frowned at the object and opened the covers. There was a cell phone inside, her eyes widened in surprise. Sure, now that everyone had a cellphone she was an odd-ball in the world not having one, yet, she was aware, he needed her help more than ever and she would have to comply. Yume exit the Kaiba Corporation and approached her car in the parking lot. Two visible guards noted her, whom she bowed before leaving. They stiffly nodded at her as she opened her car.

The following afternoon she was waiting outside Gozaburo's office, when he briskly walked out of the board room and caught sight of her. The train of executives at his heel stumbled into a halt to stare at the girl. Yume stood up and bowed to them. Gozaburo dismissed them with the wave of a hand and gestured her inside his office. She stayed at the door as he resolutely made his way toward his desk, Gozaburo glanced inquisitively over his shoulder.

"You're on time." He remarked.


He tossed a folder casually on the table. "What plans have you tomorrow afternoon?"

"S-school?" She squeaked.

"I pay you to be available as an unsurpassed assistant. If you can not make time, I won't fund your research." Gozaburo flatly stated. Her eyes widened.

"No! I'll -- I --"

"Stop fidgeting!" He couldn't stand her insecure attitude, she needed to appear strong and confident like the women in the Corporate scene. So far, she had been failing non-stop. Why did he even bother with her? Observing her, Gozaburo didn't have an answer, he didn't know, but he needed her. "You know what you have to do," He gestured before sitting in his seat.

Yume nodded silently. "I'll be... back."

He said nothing and began scanning the folders on his desk as if she wasn't there.

Yume bowed and exited the office. She met two guards at the entrance of the building who waited with a limo. She wondered about the individual she was about to receive from the airport. It must be someone important to Gozaburo. The building disappeared from the corner of the window, Yume turned to watch the freeway. He had asked her to come early, leaving her to wait for 2 hours at the arrivals section. Yume glanced at her watch. The guards stood boldly on the side, watchful of the automatic doors of the arrival. She swept a hand over her bangs and stared at the tiles. She didn't know what the person looked like. The guards stepped toward the doors to peer inside closely. Yume frowned at the time, it was 5:40 pm, and majority passengers had aborted.

Gozaburo snaked the ringing phone to his ear. "What." His hard voice echoed through the static.

"What are you planning?" Demanded an equal snatching voice on the other line.

"Ask questions later. I told you to get on the plane and come straight here." He growled.

There was a momentary silence. "And if I don't?"

"You will suffer the consequences!" He shrieked. "There are numerous things to do. Get over here this instant!" He roared and hung up the phone impatiently. Seething, he whirled around in his chair to glare at the city of Domino.

Yume stretched her arms languidly and turned her head to yawn. Sighing at her watch for the umpteenth time, she turned to the guards. They appeared exhausted too.

"Do you guys want coffee?" She offered.

The guards perked up at the idea and nodded their heads. Yume smiled and gestured to the cafe across the airport. "I'll be right back!"

"Hai. Yume-chan." The guards smiled as she jogged quickly to her destination.

The guard turned to his companion to mutter. "Where is he?"

"Looks like it's a no-show." Ruiji smirked. "What will Kaiba-sama do?"

"Cut him off. What else do obscenely rich heirs deserve?" Replied Zen with a chuckle.

Ruiji turned to watch Yume disappear near the cafe, he smiled. "She is very nice." He heard himself sigh aloud.

Zen nudged him. "Be careful, she is under Kaiba-sama's protection. Kaiba-sama won't let you touch her."

"Not what I meant." Ruiji gritted, glaring. "She is a nice person compared to what we've always worked with."

"Alright...alright... I agree with you."

Yume rushed inside the cafe, she made her way toward the empty counter and perused the menu. Biting her lip contemplatively, she ordered three of the same order of coffee. She began fidgeting as she worried if the person she was there to retrieve had arrived. Tapping her watch with her fingers, she roamed to the pick up line.

Her phone rang. Yume checked the caller ID and panicked. She answered fearfully. "Kaiba-shacho?"

"Has he come yet?" He growled.

She flinched and turned her head to the time. It was nearly 6:00 pm. "Not.. yet..." She mumbled apologetically.

"I want you to come back with him no matter what! Do you hear? Even if you have to hunt him down with a rifle! Do it!" Gozaburo ordered.

Yume nodded, "Yes... I will!"

The line ended as she gaped at the phone worriedly. What if he didn't land? Did she really have to hunt this person down? She slipped her phone in her pocket, groaning.

Her order was up. She turned and quickly made her way to the counter. Who is this important person I have to retrieve? What relation does he have with Kaiba-shacho? A business associate?

Yume tripped on the foot of a chair and crashed. She squinted her eyes as hot liquid poured down her arm. "Ow!"

Looking at herself, she saw that she was caught in someone's arms.

Yume chocked and withdrew from the customer.

She found herself staring up at a pair of spectacular eyes. Yume felt her heart scream at the beautiful man standing before her. She gasped at the coffee dripping down his beautifully chiseled white clothing and on the floor. Did she just do that?

Blinking, she saw he hadn't looked away from her. His coffee cup lay listlessly on the floor beside his white shoes.

Yume frowned down at herself. Nice going clumsy! She chided herself.

Looking up at him, she gasped for another breath as it wasn't enough to fill her starved empty lungs. She had never seen someone so beautiful in her life. He had light blue hair with heterochromic eyes. The right color of his eye was a light green, and the left was a sparkling gold; an extremely rare combination. A chill rose up a spine and across her shoulders.

She had a vague sensation that the man she was standing with was about to change her life.

Yume blinked softly under his gaze. His eyes were not angry but tranquil, absorbing her appearance carefully as she did his. His long blue hair fell around his back. The white of his clothing was splattered with the warm coffee, around his neck, he wore a large necklace with a pentacle. Her brows furrowed at the familiar symbol.

Where have I seen that?

Her eyes roamed back up to meet his. They flickered across her face and down to the mess at the floor.

Yume remembered herself. "I'm sorry!" She bowed. "It was an accident! I'm sorry!" She picked the cup from the floor.

Grabbing some napkins from a nearby table, she hastily began cleaning his white suit. What time was it? Yume peered at the clock. 6:05 pm.

She quickly began rubbing the wet marks. "I'm very sorry!" She whispered. "I'll pay for your coffee! Please, I'm sorry."

The man was silent. Yume looked up at him, finding herself falling under the spell of his eyes. She heard her heart race in her chest. Unconsciously, she placed a hand on her heart and stepped back. Her phone began ringing. The man continued watching her solemnly.

Yume breathed quickly. Why am I feeling this way? She stared deeply into his eyes, first his golden irises and slowly at the green. Somehow, she knew her life was bound to twist incomparably.

She was so caught up staring at him that she didn't notice her phone. She suddenly wanted to know who this man was, where did he come from? What did he do? His reasons for being at the airport? Was it the same as her? Was he leaving Domino? She felt her voice crack at the thought.

Yume lowered her eyes apologetically. She fished out her yen and held it in air. "I'm sorry. Please, take this for your coffee."

The man glanced at the yen, and at her doleful expression. He turned and walked past her outside of the cafe. Yume stared at him. He brushed his wet suit and turned through the busy crowd.

Her legs darted outside of the cafe, following him in a trance. She saw his blue hair amidst the crowd.

He stopped suddenly within the moving herd.

Her lips parted in a short gasp.

He turned and glanced back at the cafe, eyes scanning the exterior, and paused on her at the door.

Yume clenched her fingers tight, she thought she'd faint.

His colorful eyes remained fixed on her face. Slowly, he turned around solemnly and moved along the crowd.

Her phone rang again. Yume stared at it, sullenly, she answered. "Yes, Ruiji-kun?"

"Are you coming? We were wondering what is keeping you."

Yume walked back inside and grabbed her order, she fumbled with the cups and managed to carry it outside. "I'm coming. Is he there yet?"

"No..." Ruiji sighed through the phone. "He lives to make his father's life hard."

"I see." Yume smirked.

"We don't think he will come."

She stopped short. "Wh-why?" Her eyes widened. "Do you have a gun then?"

Ruiji chuckled, "...Let's hope not. There you are!" He waved.

Yume smiled and hung up. She gave them their coffee, grinning. "Here you go! Enjoy!" She tasted her coffee. Her thoughts returned to the man in the cafe whom she had spilled coffee on. She stared at her cup numbly. Who was he? And what was with the strange necklace he wore? Why was it familiar? She rubbed her temples.

Zen noticed her sad stare, he nudged Ruiji. The two exchanged glances.

Yume looked up at the doorway of the arrivals. "Are you sure he isn't coming?" She asked cooly.

"Positive." Zen smirked.

"Kaiba-shacho didn't tell me what to do if he didn't show up. Other than..." "...Hunt him down with a rifle! Do it!" She blinked uncertainly. He didn't mean that did he? What was about this person the made him strict?

"There's no reason to waste thinking about," Zen murmured at the nodding Ruiji. "We know how he is. It's not the first time he kept us waiting at the airport. 2 years ago, we waited a whole day and chased him through 4 cities. We found him in Tokyo at a Duelists competition. He does these kinds of tricks all the time."

Yume frowned, "So you knew and still came here?" She demanded. "Are you dumb?"

Zen was taken back. "We--" He glanced helplessly at Ruiji, and back to Yume's glare. "It was Kaiba-sama's orders!"

"I have to get him back to Kaiba-shacho no matter what." Yume muttered. "You won't get in trouble, I will if I'm unable to."

"Oh, Yume-chan.." Ruiji soothingly began, "Kaiba-sama will understand it wasn't your fault. He knows his son well."

Yume set down her coffee on a chair, not in the mood. "We can't stand and wait at empty doors! He isn't coming!" She ran a hand through her dark hair and glared at the airport in frustration. "Where could he have gone? Do you know?" She turned to the guards.

They exchanged glances. Ruiji murmured with narrowed eyes. "He is a huge fan of Duel Monsters. If there is a Duel competition nearby, he may be there."

"Not nearby--" Zen corrected. "That's too easy. Kaiba-san knows we'll come for him if there is a duel in the city."

"Any other bright ideas?" Yume prompted.

"We have guards waiting at the country house in case he goes there, and other regions he frequents." Zen replied.

Yume groaned and covered her face. "Where does a billionaire heir go at a time like this?"

Ruiji stared at the floor. "Night... club?"

Zen's brow twitched at the thought. Yume looked up at Ruiji. "Is he the type of person to go there?"

"Why won't he?" Zen speculated. "Rich, handsome, young, obviously girl's will crawl to him. And he loves flaunting money."

Without hesitation, Ruiji opened his cellphone and dialed a number to alert night clubs across the city and through Tokyo. He hung up momentarily to say, "We'll be contacted if he is seen."

Yume turned and headed out of the airport. "Alert all hotels." She told Ruiji. Zen followed her outside. "How does he slip out of the airport unseen?" She demanded.

"Not sure," Zen opened the door to the black vehicle. Yume sat in the back seat. Ruiji darted around the vehicle to open the driver's door. He hung up as he locked his seat belt. "I've told the hotels to inform me if he checks in."

"Could it be he is getting help from someone?" Yume mumbled. The thought made the two pause their movements.

Ruiji frowned darkly. "Help? There is no one to help him. Everyone is working for Kaiba-sama in the city."

"Anyone who doesn't work for Kaiba-shacho?" Yume asked. "A classmate... someone he knows will be loyal to him despite his father....?"

Zen scratched his head to consider options. "Doesn't ring a bell."

"He doesn't exactly associate with peers his age." Ruiji started the ignition. "We'll be lucky to find him by evening."


Mokuba casually placed the iced drink on the table to spare his brother a compassionate smile. "And you came here?"

A pair of fierce blue eyes sharpened across the patio in warning. "Do not breathe a word to him."

"Onii-chan," Mokuba chuckled with a light shake of his long hair, "I know you trust me enough, that's why you came here of all places."

"And the fact that we are blood related is discounted?"

"That too..." Mokuba trailed with a genuine smile. "How have you been? Was New York all you hoped for?"

Seto's smirk flew with the wind, he turned and walked back to the table where Mokuba sat. "More than I hoped, to be exact."

Mokuba's expression turned to a disgruntled surprise. "More? Nothing makes you say more. Did you meet a girl?"

Seto sipped his drink and placed it back on the table. "I want to live a long life, not shorten it."

"At least you get to leave Japan, he permitted you a little liberty." Mokuba grunted, "He confiscated my passport, what's worse is I'm under house arrest until I graduate." Intrigued magenta eyes focused on Seto, "How'd you do it?"

"Cheat." Seto shrugged.

Mokuba folded his arms, "No, really, how did you do it? Nothing gets past my tutor and Nao-sama. He breathes on my neck, I can't stand it!"

"Slip something in his drink."

"No, be serious."

"I was locked in the library and couldn't eat if I didn't pass with perfect scores. How else do you think I did it?"

"You ate your books!"

Seto raised a brow. "Mokuba, its fortunate he bought you a house and let you reside here alone without his domineering presence."

"We all know why he did," Mokuba growled, "He can't stand the sight of me!"

Seto sighed heavily and watched the sunset over the lake. Their step-father sure was something. It was once quoted in a magazine the city of Domino couldn't survive as Gozaburo Kaiba was the wealthiest and most influential man in Japan, despite the President. He could easily discard any one in his life and grab a hold of a stranger from the streets to mold him his heir. Gozaburo and he never got along, they had nothing in common. If Seto hadn't defeated him in his favorite game of chess in the orphanage where he and Mokuba lived for the first 10 years of his life, they wouldn't be living their current life. His heart hardened at the thought of man whom he was forced to call step-father. The man brutality was incomparable to any previous dictator the world knew.

He couldn't stand the thought of tackling over his company when his heart and mind was else where. Like most things with his step-father, he was given orders to obey.

There was news a few months ago he had a detrimental accident and was near death's door. Something happened... that Gozaburo was able to survive. He had a feeling it had to do with someone. Seto scowled at the sky and the swaying trees in the breeze. He wasn't wishing the man who gave him everything to die, but he was curious how he evaded death? What exactly happened? How did he get in the accident?

What did his step-father need to call him back out of the blue?

The cellphone on the table began buzzing, Mokuba snatched it up and answered with a swift. "Yea?"

"We are questioning you for the final time, Kaiba-san, where is he?"

Mokuba smirked at the phone, listening to the crazy guard. "He is not here if you care to know." He hung up and eyed his brother cautiously. "They are searching for you. He'll want you to hand in your passport soon to trap you here, and enslave you to the company, Seto."

He caught eyes with his brother. "I'm aware, Mokuba." Seto murmured before turning his attention to the serene dusk. "I'll leave--"

"Don't you dare." Mokuba stood up.

Seto pulled away from the rail. "He won't trust you if he finds me here, you'll loose the home." He reminded.

"Better you stay here than go to a cheap motel. The whole city will know the second you walk outside. Stay here!"

Seto smirked, "Aren't you curious why he called me home?"

Mokuba frowned, averting sullenly. "I am... but it doesn't matter. As long as he doesn't do anything to you, I can live like this longer, in his clutches."

"What happened in the accident?"

"I don't know. He didn't tell me, I heard the news from the guards. I couldn't go see him in the hospital-- not that I wanted to,"


Mokuba dropped back in the seat. "Oh he was there... must love to be daddy's favorite boy." He grimaced. "The nerve on that guy. I can't stand him either! Makes me want to sink my fist in his face."

The afternoon sank in the sunset to blacken the night with worry.

He didn't leave, and stayed the night at Mokuba's abode. Kaiba stood outside, glaring at the morning peak.

He waited for the horizon and considered how long it would be until he was finally discovered. He hated slaving in the office with his step-father. The man was a tyrannical menace. Knowing his vicinity in the city, Gozaburo would alert everyone to remain vigilant of his location. Kaiba glowered at the sky, fists clenched at his sides shook with a rage he didn't fear releasing. He wanted to make it apparent that he had no interest in taking over the company after him. The damn Arms Manufacture company. His desires and motivation lay elsewhere, and he wasn't miserable to discard them just because his "step-father" said so.

He was not obedient. All he did in his life was follow rules like an employee. Their relationship didn't deserve closure, in fact, it was going overboard calling them a family.

Mokuba and Gozaburo hated each other.

He, and Gozaburo were always at each other's throats, lashing.

Noah and Gozaburo, since Noah was his blooded son, got along perfectly, even with their menacing hearts and mind, a perfect fit.

Kaiba approached the table in the backyard, the morning temperature was not too frigid, the loose moist grass tingled against his ankles and slippers. He halted to glare at the water marks upon the grass in deep thought. He needed to find a way to escape from the man's voracious clutches, save Mokuba in the process.

Kaiba glanced over his shoulder at the abode, standing tall in the morning haze of clouds.

He didn't realize how hard it was for his little brother. Kaiba endured Gozaburo's harsh punishments as teen, but it was going too far if his adult life was to be domineered by the villainous snake.


Yume nudged Zen awake and handed him fresh coffee. They had slept in the car and were waiting on news for the missing Kaiba-san.

She stood out of the vehicle and leaned on the passenger door, Zen rasped a thank you and consumed his coffee.

Ruiji darted toward her and tucked his phone in his pocket, he fingered the wire in his ear and sighed with his hands on his hips. "I don't know what to say... there haven't been news."

"He is here somewhere," Yume whispered distantly, eyeing the morning sky solemnly. "I wonder what son loves torturing his father."

"Step father." Zen corrected.

She swung around, confused. "He is adopted?"

Zen eyed Ruiji, surprised that she didn't know, as she was close to Gozaburo with a clandestine reason only known between the two, it was rumored she knew something about Gozaburo's car accident. Zen licked his lips, frowning in thought. It did make sense as Yume began appearing at KC since, and Gozaburo was striving to have her work under his wing; she had special status. His eyes narrowed and traveled up to Yume's large eyes.

"You didn't know? Kaiba-sama adopted two sons, Seto Kaiba-san and Mokuba Kaiba-san, both are blood-related. Seto Kaiba-san and Kaiba-sama do not get along under any circumstances. Putting them in a room together is wishful thinking, Kaiba-sama wants him as heir for the European branch while his real son, Noah Kaiba-sama is administrating the U.S branch. Kaiba-san refused at first, for 3 years, Kaiba-sama thought he would come to line himself but he didn't, and now is finally dragging him out here by force. His niche is to give Kaiba-sama a hard time."

Yume titled her head, "But why doesn't Kaiba-san want to succeed the European KC branch? What's the harm? He'll get paid." She frowned at the idea of refusing title and money.

Her response caused Zen to chuckle, he opened the door and walked out, stretching his legs and arms. "Kaiba-san and Kaiba-sama have grave differences. Kaiba-san isn't interested in the 'family' business. His interest lies in Duel Monsters. Have you heard of the Duel Disks?"

Yume smirked, "Duel Disk? Isn't that the product you strap on your arm for duel holograms?"

Zen bobbed his head knowingly. "Guess who invented it?"

Yume glanced at the grinning Ruiji, she straightened and looked back at Zen widely. "Kaiba-san?" She gasped.

"Yours truly."

There was a speculation of awe from her, but she paused to say, "Doesn't Kaiba-shacho give him credit? The Duel Disk is pretty awesome." She murmured with a gush of awe.

"Not to Kaiba-sama." Ruiji sighed, "You see, Kaiba-sama wants someone to fill in the spot, he has 3 sons, and each are designated to enthrone his empire. He wants all in line and ready to work for him. Kaiba-sama doesn't approve of Kaiba-san's interests and tactics. He believes games, in this case Duel Monsters, isn't what the world needs."

"There is tension in the family." Zen chewed his words agitatedly. "A tension that's been brewing ever since Kaiba-san and his brother, Mokuba-san were adopted. Noah Kaiba-sama doesn't get along with them. The brother's have been rivals for as long as I remember,"

"There is no point in putting them together," Agreed Ruiji, "If you want to see a dead body, then yes, I insist, but not in any other case,"

Yume was stunned with the news. "Why are they like this?" She nodded to herself, "I believe the more they fight with each other, the more alike they are."

"Alike?" Zen chuckled at her, "Yume-chan, you are cute!" He pinched her cheek.

She yanked away, and rubbed her red cheek. "I'm just saying!" Yume turned to watch the sky. "If they fight with each other, imagine the similarity of feelings they feel toward each other."

"Similar?" He shook his head, "The word doesn't fit. The whole family consists of cats and dogs!"

"What about Kaiba-san?" Yume blurted. "Why can't he tell his step-father he has no interest working for him like an adult?"

"These are cats and dogs we are talking about," Zen reminded her with a nudge of his elbow. "Not your average parrots."

Ruiji's phone began singing a tune, he fleetingly answered with a sturdy. "Yes?" A stifling pause blew in the air. Yume stood stiff silent, watching him speak into the phone cautiously. Zen raptly listened and glanced at Yume in between pauses.

He finally hung up and informed the two. "What do we do? Kaiba-sama wants us to return soon with Kaiba-san. He isn't a very paitent man."

"You're telling me," Yume mumbled. She always had an earful if she was late to work. "Let's split up,"

Ruiji frowned, "We're the body guards, not you. If we find him, we'll hand him over to you. Don't forget there are more than twenty guards searching Domino and several other cities in his pursuit. What good with us splitting will do?"

"I am desperate!"

Zen squinted his eyes, "That's something I'd never imagine hearing you say,"

Yume glared, "Do I have to run you over with a car? Get your head out of the gutter." She warned and flung open the car door. "We can't stand around talking, let's find this annoying brat and get on with our lives!"

Ruiji and Zen exchanged glances, when they saw her situating herself in the driver's seat, they realized she was serious.

Ruiji quickly sat in the passenger's seat as Zen leapt in the back.

"Where are we headed?" Ruiji asked, wide.

Yume pulled out of the parking with the tires screeching over the world. She glared firmly at the road, undeterred. "Put yourself in his shoes." She muttered.

"He resents everything mentioning his step-father," Ruiji murmured thoughtfully.

"So he resents everyone dealing with Kaiba-shacho." She confirmed. "And who is the person that feels the same?"

Zen scratched his chin, "Now that is a no-brainer." He chuckled.

"His brother, Mokuba Kaiba-san," Ruiji answered.

Zen shook his head, he leaned forward in Yume's ear. "That won't do. Guards have already checked Mokuba-san's house and there were no signs of him there."

"This is the guy who created Duel Disks. You think just because you don't see something, it's not there?" Yume demanded. She switched lanes and stepped on the gas. The boys flung back in their seats as she maneuvered in between lanes with screeching force.

"Where did you learn to drive like this?" Gasped Ruiji, he shakily grabbed the door handle.

"I'm known as Ms. Late. I'm always driving like this to work," Yume switched on the GPS. "Give me his address."

"Whose?" Zen stared at her dialing hands on the screen.

"Mokuba Kaiba."

"I'm telling you! He isn't there!" Zen insisted.

"Will you just give me his damn address!" Yume yelled, agitated. "I need Kaiba-shacho to fund my research and I can't loose this life-time opportunity to some whiny brat who can't stand up to his own father! Geeze!"

"Brat?" Ruiji frowned. "To you he may sound like a brat, he sure doesn't look like one." He informed.

Yume sighed exasperatedly. "Do you all want to keep your jobs? Kaiba-shacho needs him back, and I've already failed him with my tardiness too many times. Soon he'll start questioning my competence and why he has me around-- not to forget, he'll belittle me and think I have no common sense so why the hell would he fund my research!"

"Alright!" Zen submitted, "Stop yelling, and I'll give you the address. But he better be there."

"As far as I know," Ruiji glanced at him over his shoulder, "Looking at Mokuba-san's home won't hurt."

"Hurt? We'll be wasting crucial time!" He defended.

"Give me the word and I'll stop this car to let you out." Yume glared at him through the rear-view mirror. "Say it!" Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes flashed at the silent back seat.

Zen quieted and numbly nodded before providing the needed information.

Twenty minutes of zig-zagging, a dizzy Ruiji, and a grudging Zen stumbled out of the car after Yume. She started toward the stairs of the house and repeatedly punched the doorbell. Ruiji glanced at Zen, who paled and stood behind her with grimacing disapproval.

The door warped open to reveal a maid, and a striking leather-skinned elderly man adorned in a tweed suit.

"Can I help you?" The man stepped out of the house toward Yume. Zen and Ruiji shriveled at his hard tone, he was one dour man, no one liked him.

She met his eyes confidently and began with an ironclad tone that rivaled the man's. "Where is Kaiba-san?"

The man's gray brows raised upward to his hairline. Zen guffawed, as Ruiji stared in slight shock.

"Kaiba-san?" Repeated the man at the door. "He is inside. What business do you have with him?"

"That." Yume muttered with clipped lips, "Has nothing to do with you." Her eyes stone cold and glittery with fury. "I need to speak with him this," She hissed, "Instant." At her dripping last word, she shoved past him to enter the foyer.

"Whatever business you have, you must grant access and permission from me." The man intervened her path, he glared down at her distastefully. "What brings you here? And why do you wish to speak with him? Who are you?"

"Our boss wants to know where his god damn brother is." She blurted. "Get out of my way for I absolutely can't handle men who glare down at women just because they have the audacity to do what needs to be done!" She shrieked at his face.

His eyes fell shut at her breathing scream, blinking, he glared in stiff disbelief. "Pray tell me--"

Yume shoved past him for the second time, and rounded the corner of the hall. "Is there a Mokuba Kaiba!" She called out.

The maids scampered out of her way, ducking and bowing at the same time. Yume stopped in between two women, they gaped at her widely. "Where is Mokuba Kaiba?" She asked the laides.

A maid pointed toward the stairs. "Third room, on the left." She whispered hastily.

Yume stepped toward the stairs, and retreated, she eyed the women. Will they tell me if Seto Kaiba stayed here? She wanted to ask but had a feeling the owner of the house swore them to secrecy, leaving her question the source, himself. She skipped up the stairs and turned into the left rugged hall.

Her legs quickened determinedly. At the third door, Yume halted, setting her hands on the door lock and plunged it open with a swift shove.


Mokuba was listening to the ruckus downstairs, he heard a woman scream, and frowned at the floor. He hadn't expected a woman to show up. Kaiba Corp. was inundated with male body guards, there was a selective few women, but even they couldn't manage to work in the firm grip of Gozaburo Kaiba.

He chuckled when he heard her scream "Is there a Mokuba Kaiba!"

As the footsteps headed up the stairs, he grew certain of his suspicion. Whoever this woman was, she was here to retrieve his brother.

Mokuba relaxed in his leather seat behind the desk, hands laced under his chin, he patiently waited for the door to draw open.

The footsteps stopped in front of the door.

He found himself holding his breath, and forced himself to breath deep in his lungs.

The wooden door opened, he heard the sharp stab of heels move on the wooden floor, silencing upon stepping on the rug and further within the office.

He stared up at a young stunning face, too beautiful for a bodyguard. Hardened with anger, and dark with impatience, she approached his desk. Her legs stopped a perfect 3 feet from the desk where she stared at him with remote endurance.

He couldn't bring himself to voice the traditional smug-glazed words he often implemented on KC guards all piloted by one man, and he sorely hated that one man, he also hated the people who worked for that man, Gozaburo Kaiba. Shocked, Mokuba was, to see a woman, so young, and standing in front him with all her challenging spirit and phenomenal grit, it made him wonder how she survived under Gozaburo's force all the time she was employed at KC.

Since when did she begin working for KC? Who is she? Why haven't I seen her before?

Questions of her origins and reasons for wanting to work for Gozaburo surfaced. Mokuba sat star-eyed for a long time. He wanted to know why she was adamant to work for Gozaburo, was it the pay? Was it because everyone in the city vied to be under his hair to get noticed by him?

A gregarious quality appealed to him from her features, she seemed cultured too. He searched for a name tag of the irepressible KC logo on her clothes, there wasn't one; neither did she have a wire on her ear.

He frowned. Is she even a body guard?

"You!" Yume shoved a finger at him in the seat. "Speak the truth and tell me where he is."

Mokuba folded his arms. He was taught how to deal with persistent people from his brother. Swiftly, he supplied an answer that fused her agitation more. "I don't know whom you speak of."

Yume clenched her teeth. Once again, he witnessed how luminously her eyes flashed with an accumulation of rouge sparking on her beautiful cheeks. "I don't have the time to run amok in search of your brother. Simply tell me where he is, and I'll leave."

Mokuba titled his head, loving the way her face shimmered in the sunlight from the different angle. "What makes you think I know where he is? I haven't talked to him in years."

"Right!" Yume huffed. She reached into her coat pocket to remove a phone. "Want to talk to Daddy Dearest about how this empty home can fit in his trillion collection?" She raptly pressed Gozaburo's name on her speed dial. "He won't mind having an extra at his disposal."

Mokuba rigorously jumped up from the chair, his arm swerved forward and efficiently swatted the phone out of her hand, to the floor. The phone clattered against the wall and lay listlessly in the corner, partly hidden under the rug. Yume eyed him steadily silent for a long time, hoping for an elaborated apology, his brother's location, and a plea to not bring his step-father in the medium of things.

Mokuba, however, stood his ground, towering her with a supreme 1 inch, he folded his arms to crudely slur. "You want to evict me from his house, I won't stop you. Leaving this prison was in my itinerary. You aren't putting me in jeopardy, in fact, you'd do me a favor by getting rid of this house. Looking at you barging in here, I can tell he made a special deal with you to drag Seto away. How cheap." He scoffed. "Even for a pretty girl like you, I didn't think you'd stoop this low to be bought by Gozaburo. Allow me to explain what he does to people he buys."

Mokuba leaned forward, breathing against her face, his eyes perked up. "He tears your whole word apart if you fail. But you've sold your soul to the devil, so why am I wasting my precious time explaining the consequences."

He shoved past her slowly, approaching the exit.

"Where is he?..." Yume whispered.

Mokuba turned his head sideways, in her direction inertly. "I don't indulge in putting others in a prison like your boss does." He turned around, watching her shoulder. "Hasn't he constricted you to bring my brother back regardless of his condition? What happens to you if you don't? I know he has something planned for your failure."

"I will not fail." Yume muttered determinedly, she turned her furious eyes toward Mokuba. "You may think I've been bought, but I call it having a job. Try having a job and see what it's like instead of writhing away on your father's money."

Mokuba stepped toward her. "You consider me a free-loader?" He gestured at himself. "I don't need to explain my situation to you, but I will say this --" His eyes dripped to her left hand. "You're not married." He digressed, frowning, he looked back at her.

Yume folded her arms. "Continue with what you were saying?"

And you're too bossy for a man's liking. Mokuba scowled. Working for Gozaburo is time-consuming to date. Working for him will blacken your soul.

"That's just suicide." Mokuba pointed, "Working for Gozaburo, you won't have time to date."

Yume eyed him in puzzlement. "What does my love-life have to do with matters at hand?"

Mokuba eyed her carefully, "For what reason exactly did he hire you? You're too young for his liking." He interjected.

"Where is your brother?" Yume asked.

He retreated a step, fingering his chin ponderously, "Is he planning to make you marry Noah? Hmm..." Mokuba averted slowly. "No, you're but a bodyguard. He wouldn't..."

Yume watched him expectedly. "I'm asking you for the last time. Where is your brother?"

"I haven't contacted him in years!" Mokuba claimed, "Why ask me? And he never came here!"

"You're his ally."

"What prove do you have?"

Yume sighed, "As his real brother, you are closer to each other than your step-family. If he won't tell you his location, who will he tell?" She put her hands up, gesturing toward Mokuba.

He frowned at her train of thought. "We are brother's and understand each other's pain, and situations. We don't necessarily lure each other in danger. If Gozaburo wants him, Big Brother certainly won't come to me because he knows Gozaburo's goons will be here." He eyed her critically, "And you call yourself a bodyguard? How about analyzing the situation first then point fingers." He turned and started toward the door again.

"I need a location name." Yume grabbed the back of his jacket. "A location name and I won't return."

Mokuba eyed her narrowly, "Is working for Gozaburo all you have in life?" He pulled himself out of her grip. "Why don't you enjoy life and not waste it working for his tyrannical ass."

Yume brushed her hair over her shoulders, inhaling slowly, she turned to him and firmly said. "I know you know where your brother is. Tell me where he is, that's all I'm asking from you."

His eyes narrowed. "Why do you think I know where he is? Why not Noah?" Mokuba pointed to the door, "Ask the staff, they'll tell you the truth. He hasn't been here! I don't know where he is."

"Are you not gonna tell?" Yume asked softly.

Mokuba stopped, assessing her for the hundredth time. "Why is someone like you working for him? Does Gozaburo really trusts your abilities to bring Big Brother to him?"

Something grabbed his left arm, twisting it behind his back. Yume turned the door lock and shoved him outside in the hall. Two men were standing patiently, they reacted upon witnessing Yume push Mokuba outside. He stumbled but caught himself, and turned to glare at Yume to stop, "Or else..." The threat died in his throat when Yume gestured to the guards and was given a handcuff.

"What are you doing?" Mokuba demanded. "Are you seriously going this far? What is wrong with you?" He swung toward the two male guards. "Are you two gonna stand and let her handcuff me? I don't know where he is!" He cried, tugging his wrists from their twisted position. "I said I don't know where he is! Why aren't you listening to me?"

Yume pressed her heel on the back of his legs, making him slump to his knees on the floor. The guards grabbed his shoulders to steady him. Leaning his forehead on the wall, Mokuba breathed fast at her unfailing administrations.

"It's the first time a woman is putting handcuffs on me," He mumbled quietly to himself, his breath fanned against the wooden wall. "Oddly, I'm not mad."

Yume drew him to his feet with his collar. Mokuba was turned around to face the three, he leaned against the wall. Dark eyes wide and flickering amusedly. "You look timid but you sure are rough..."

Zen cleared his throat, secretly elbowing Ruiji, who was not smiling. He instead, put a hand on Mokuba's shoulder, and look him directly in the eye, stiffly uttering under his breath.

"Please follow our directions, and we will leave you safe at home, Kaiba-san."

Mokuba took his eyes away from Yume to glare at Ruiji. "I don't know where he is, how many times do I need to repeat myself?"

"Are you positive?" Ruiji asked.

"I swear!" Mokuba screamed.

"We will ask you again," Zen moved toward him slowly. "Tell us where your brother is? Kaiba-sama needs him this instant."

"I don't know!" He exclaimed.

Ruiji approached Yume, he spoke into her ear to avoid being overheard. "What do we do? He doesn't know..."

"I'm definite he knows." Yume insisted, meeting Ruiji's eyes determinedly. "We have no choice but to take him with us in our search."

"And if he won't talk?"

"We take him to Kaiba-shacho."

Ruiji stared uncertainly at Mokuba, he turned back to her, "That will make matters worse, Kaiba-sama doesn't want him. They can't stand each other."

Yume talked softly under her breath. "Which is exactly why we take him to Kaiba-shacho. He is likely to talk in front of his step-father."

Ruiji debated their next move, nodding finally, he turned to Zen. "Let's take him in," He murmured.

Mokuba's eyes widened. "You can't be serious?!" He shrieked. "I said I don't know, what part of 'I don't know' can't you understand?" He flung toward Yume, "Why are you so hard-headed? You wanted the truth, I told you the truth."

"You can tell every thing you know to your heart's content in front of Kaiba-shacho," Yume said softly.

"What if I say I might have an inkling of his whereabouts?" Mokuba desperately whispered. "Are you still gonna take me?"

Yume halted and turned to regard him humorlessly. "An inkling?"

"You're a bodyguard." Mokuba glared at the male guards, "Tell them off. I'll only tell you in private."

Yume's eyes darkened, she turned away from Mokuba, folding her arms across her waist. "Give the details here."

"I have something that may concern you." Mokuba murmured, "I'll only say if you come alone."

She glared over her shoulder, "Mokuba Kaiba-san, Ruiji and Zen will take you to the car and we will leave the house. Consider it your last time here. When Kaiba-shacho learns of your scheme, he will make sure it never happens again." She turned toward him.

"Why don't you trust me?" Mokuba growled.

"Because I have a job to do." She answered plainly and walked out of the corridor.

Zen nudged him after her, Mokuba glared sinisterly at the guard. "Touch me again and I'll pound your blood vessels out of your body through your teeth." He hissed, walking out of the corridor and descended the stairs.

Yume was in the foyer speaking to the leather-skinned man.

Ruiji cringed at the sight of Nao-sama. He followed Mokuba closely into the foyer. Mokuba stopped suddenly, eyes cooly lancing Yume.

She disregarded Mokuba and bowed to the elderly man. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience but we have to take Mokuba Kaiba-san with us for a while. We are searching for his brother. And I apologize for my rudeness earlier." Bowing out of his way, Yume walked outside and closed the door.

Mokuba scoffed at her, she opened the back passenger door to let him inside. He slid in the seat, Zen followed him immediately and shut the door.

Ruiji turned toward her, "We can't take him to Kaiba-sama at this hour?"

Unnerved, Yume ran a hand through her silky hair. "I know..." She mumbled. "Where the hell is he?" Agitated, she kicked the pebbles at her feet.


Kaiba drove furiously through the back-road. Moments ago, he received a text message from a staff member within Mokuba's house, informing Gozaburo's goons had arrived and were interrogating his brother.

Partly annoyed by the news, Kaiba shoved the phone in the pocket of the seat. He drove steadily for hours, questioning himself, and why he bothered coming to Japan. It would only ruin his planned goals. With Gozaburo's domineering shadow riling up constantly and barking at him, he felt his conscience biting and restlessly fidgeting on his behalf. The misery left him feeling hopeless. He didn't know what to do. Kaiba parked the car in a deserted plain, he walked out of the vehicle, and sat at the hood of the car, glaring at the empty city of Domino.

How he hated being pushed to do what he didn't want. It appeared he had no choice. He had been driving without detection for hours but it appeared he might have to give in.

Minutes later, he received another text message: They took him.

Frustrated, Kaiba slammed his phone on the car hood. He wanted to scream. The fury urging for release was at its limit and he couldn't sustain being calm forever.

What did Gozaburo plan to do with Mokuba?


"I said I had an inkling." Mokuba grumbled. "It doesn't mean I know his precise location. Not to forget, I know how his mind works and he likes traveling far." He stared out the window of the car. "He knows no limits."

Sure he does, his father, Gozaburo. She was exasperated. "Can you tell me his location?" Yume urged, "I need to know!"

"You're wasting your time working for Gozaburo!" He sharply insisted.

Yume bit down her lip and let him continue for the sake of humanity.

"Since when have you been working for him? September? May? Why don't I remember you?" Mokuba rubbed his chin with his shoulder. "And I don't care if he takes the house, let him! If he wants to imprison my brother, I won't let him without a fight! Noah, that asshole can't do shit on his own. He's been picking bones with my brother for years! I know it's part of his plan to get Big Brother here and make him suffer. Asshole." He growled murderously deep in his throat.

The sound vibrated, and made the three occupants twitch uneasily.

Zen soothingly began, "Kaiba-san, please stay calm, we only want to know --"

"Is he giving you more money? A mansion?" Mokuba leapt forward, shoving his chin on the back of Yume's seat. "You're part of his secret service, spying on me and my brother, aren't you?"

Ruiji shook his head, "Please, stay seated, Kaiba-san." He glanced at Yume impatiently. "She isn't part of our force. She holds a different status than the rest of us." He submitted.

"Ruiji." Yume snapped warningly.

"Different status?" Mokuba eyed her inquisitively, "That's why you don't have a badge!" He accused, eyes narrowed. "...Now I know for sure he has you around for more reasons than he claims."

"Kaiba-san," Yume murmured, willing herself to speak softly with hints of optimism she did not feel, "Let's make it to the head quarters and you can tell me how much you resent your step-father. We'll have coffee and you can direct me your brother's location."

"Is it a date?" Mokuba stared wide. "You want coffee with me?" Smirking, he relaxed in the seat. "I don't see why not. I wanted to talk to you in private but you insisted on dragging me in the car with..." He grinned, "You want to spend as much time with me, don't you!" Mokuba cried with a charming smile.

Yume paused, she hesitantly glanced at Ruiji, who sank in his seat. Zen shoved his face against the window in oozing boredom.

Stiffening her hands on the wheel, Yume stared at the road she was driving. "How about we work together first, then coffee?" She proposed.

Mokuba leaned toward her seat. "Be honest with me, are you a spy?"

She briefly met his eyes with her honest ones, and shook her head. "I'm not a spy." Yume answered without a hint of sarcasm.

Mokuba frowned, removing himself away from her seat, he draw against the car door. "Let's not do coffee." He sighed, "You're too good to be true."

They stopped miles away from Mokuba's house at a restaurant. Ruiji and Zen were conversing quietly in the parking lot. Yume turned in her seat, offering Mokuba a cool water bottle.

He skeptically eyed the bottle in her hand, distrustful eyes regarded her carefully. "Is it drugged?"

"Why don't you ask that when you have a captive." She dropped the bottle in his lap. Mokuba sat up, switching the bottle in between his cuffed arms and squeezed it in between his thigh to twist open the cap. Yume drank her bottle of water and placed it leisurely in the cup holder. "You can tell now," Yume whispered.

Mokuba grunted in the back seat. He cringed, rubbing his wrist achingly on the neck of the bottle. "How the... hell...?" Mokuba gasped, perspiring. "Do I get this thing off?" He cursed the bottle bitterly.

Yume saw him struggle in the mirror. Leaning over her seat, she took the bottle, and opened the cap. The bottle was held in front of him to taste. Mokuba was about to pucker his mouth around the bottle opening, he stared helplessly at Yume, mumbling so only she could hear.

"Why don't you un-cuff me?"

Yume reseated, shaking her head.

"Where can I go from here?" Mokuba gestured to the blazing heat in the parking lot of the restaurant. "Ok, open one hand?" He requested.

"First," Yume daringly eyed him, "Tell me his location."

"I don't know his location." Mokuba replied.

"Tell me what you do know. Where was he yesterday? Where did he go?" She asked determinedly.

Mokuba sighed at the open bottle, he licked his lips, and swallowed his saliva. "I'm so thirsty..." He mumbled. The hot afternoon was not helpful to his parched throat. Looking up, he regarded Yume, "Will you un-cuff me if I tell you?"

"Appears you have no other choice." Yume smirked, "Either way, you're headed to your step-father."

"Can't you turn back around and let me off if I tell you where I think he is?"

"We don't favor driving aimlessly for hours to a non-existent location." Yume informed. "Wherever you tell us to go, we'll go, but you will come with us."

Dejectedly, he stared out the vehicle window, watching the sunny blue sky hopelessly. "I'll tell you...." He offered.


His conscious wouldn't let him sit and wait. He needed to know what was Gozaburo's intentions of snaking his brother as ransom. How low could the brute get? The man didn't stop at nothing. He was the scythe in a reaper's hand, plunging in the necks or humans at their timely death.

Kaiba stepped on the gas pedal. There was no choice. He couldn't let himself hide while who knew what twisted things Gozaburo did to Mokuba.

It was a 3:30 am, he woke up from a troubled sleep and stared at a pair of blinding lights. Kaiba shielded his eyes with an arm, he blinked unsteadily for minutes.

The slowing traffic lights blinded him, he closed his eye and rubbed the lids slowly with his finger-tips, groaning mentally at the ache in his neck. Lifting his head, he rested it on the seat and stared in the darkness of the early sunrise.

That phone call... Kaiba narrowed his eyes. He was forced.

"Big Bro?" Mokuba's voice vibrated on the other line. Kaiba pressed the phone against his ear, sensing a forebodiment in the call.

"I'm know where. They are searching for you. If you don't come now, you won't get to hear my voice ever again. I don't know what's gonna happen. But he is pretty serious. They're here with me as I'm talking. Don't make any irrational moves, Big Bro. You're strong. Come here and face him, give him a taste of his own lesson. I know you can show him. I trust you..." Mokuba paused.

Kaiba clenched his teeth and listened attentively.

"Make it stop for us. You can do it. I don't know if I'll see you but don't worry about me. Do what you have to stop his tyrannical ass." Mokuba hung up.

Kaiba emptily glared at his cellphone in the passenger seat. He thinks by kidnapping Mokuba I'll jump to his rescue. They can't do anything to Mokuba. He is one of Gozaburo's heir. In the future, Gozaburo needs Mokuba to succed the U.S Kaiba Corp. branch.

He rubbed his temples tiredly. Gozaburo won't win, he had no reason to. Kaiba was seething with impatience, he was fed up with his stepfather's tactics to lure him back home.


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