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..::Kaoru's POV::..

"Kaoru, it's time to wake up! Breakfast is almost ready!" a cheerful voice called from the other side of my bedroom door. I opened one eye groggily and sighed. The sun was peeking through the drapes covering the windows in my room and shining onto the extra pillow next to me.

"I'll be down in a few minutes, Lauren." I replied and heard my little sister's footsteps going down the staircase. I kicked off the sheets and hopped out of bed onto the cold hardwood floor. It's a Saturday, I thought, I don't have school. Even if I don't have school mother still makes breakfast. Well, she's not really my mother, the Lee's adopted me when I was a very small child. They told me this when I was around six years old. I had a hard time calling Grace 'mom' and Richard 'dad' after that but I warmed up to the idea again shortly after. They're the only family I know. I don't remember anything about my other family and I'm too nervous to ask about them.

I grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from my closet before leaving for the bathroom. I can't go without a shower every morning. I step into the warm spray of the shower and grin. I love the feeling of water on my skin. After soaping up and rinsing I turn the shower off and stand soaking wet in the middle of the bathroom with a towel around my waist, my reflection in the mirror mocking me. I stare at it for a while, my abnormal orangish-brown hair sticking to my angular face and a few strands cover my eyes. I have a lean figure but I'm not too skinny. 'Just the right amount of meat', as mother likes to put it. She's a very encouraging woman, always telling me to do my best and know that I'm not perfect, but damn near close enough. I pulled on my clothes after drying off and fixed my hair so that it's how I normally wear it. In the middle of brushing my teeth there's a knock on the bathroom door and I open it to see Lauren standing there, her golden curls pulled back in her usual baby blue ribbon.

"Momma says to hurry, please, 'fore your pancakes get cold!" she says with a slight southern accent that everyone in my adopted family has except me. She looks up at me with her big brown eyes sneakily and adds in a hushed voice, "Lauren put extra strawberry syrup on it, juss like you like it!" and rushed back down the stairs. I smiled and shook my head at her. She's such a cute kid. I'm glad to have her as my sister and I don't know why other kids my age complain about their siblings. I could never be an only child.

I finished brushing and walked downstairs to be hit with a wall of pancake-smelling air, a hint of bacon wafting between that and the scent of the fresh oranges in the bowl on the table in the kitchen. Veering left into the kitchen I spy father at the table with the morning paper, steaming mug of coffee in his hand. His thick-framed glasses are on the very edge of his nose as always, making sure he doesn't have to strain those chocolate brown eyes of his. He fixed his tie and tilted his head up to look at me with a smile.

"Ah, welcome, Sleeping Beauty!" he jokes and eats a forkful of pancake from his plate. I mirror his grin sleepily and walk over to my mother by the counter, pecking her on the cheek.

"Morning, mom." I greet her and her mahogany hair tickles my nose as I pull back from her cheek.

"Good morning, Kaoru! My, I thought you'd never wake up...it's almost eight o'clock!" she exclaims, handing me my plate. I let out a laugh and she winks at me. There's one unique thing I have in common with Grace; neither of us have brown eyes. Father has brown eyes, Lauren has brown eyes, my older brother Kevin has brown eyes. But my eyes are a golden orange and mother's are a striking blue. They remind me of the Caribbeans, where the water is so clear and blue it's like a sheet of rippling blue glass. We went there on vacation one summer before Lauren got sick. Now we can't afford to go between the costs of trips to her special doctor, medicine, and Kevin's tuition for college.

I plop myself down at the table just as Lauren comes racing over to sit next to me, her plate already half-way finished. She put a piece of her bacon onto my plate so that I now have three pieces and giggles.

"Lauren doesn't like bacon, but you can have some!" she explained and I pat her on the head.

"Thank you, Lauren." I said, used to her referring to herself in third-person by now. Every since she got sick she's been doing that. I stuck a forkful of pancakes into my mouth and chewed, tasting a hint of gingery peach beneath the syrup Lauren smothered all over. This made me pause in confusion. Mother only makes gingersnap peach pancakes on special occasions. But Christmas isn't for another month Hm.

"What's the occasion, Mom?" I asked after I swallowed and she turned to me, a big grin plastered on her face. She glanced at Lauren and dad before saying anything.

"Well, you know how we finally finished the guest bedroom across the hall from your room?" she began and I nodded, of course I knew. Two months of constant fussing over it is hard to forget. "Well, I decided to sign up for the foreign exchange program in your school. Children and teenagers from different countries come to America for educational purposes and we can sign up to be host families, and we have the extra room, so I did! He arrives in the afternoon and you get to come to the airport with me to pick him up if you'd like." she explained and I almost dropped my fork. This afternoon?! And she's just telling me this now?

"Why didn't you tell me sooner? And what all do you know about this, this stranger that you're letting live here?" I questioned, a bit flustered and shocked that my paranoid mother, so paranoid she won't even let me stay home alone unless I call her every hour on the hour until she gets home, would do this. I mean, great, she's starting to loosen up a little, but volunteering to be a host family?

"Well, I figured it would be a nice surprise for you, Kaoru. You seem so lonely lately. What with Lauren doing all of her activities all day and Kevin in college," she said and paused, giving me an innocent look, "And all I know is he's from Japan. Which is why I thought it'd be a good idea. How cool for you to meet someone from your birthcountry, Kaoru?"

"I agree with your mother. Don't worry, Kaoru, it's not like we're asking you to be best of friends forever with the guy. Just be polite until summer. Then his school year here is up and he goes back." my father chimed in and took a sip of his coffee. I looked down at my pancakes nervously but didn't say anything, staring blankly at them and chewing.

"Pass the powder sugar to Lauren, please, Kaoru!" he barely heard Lauren say and slid the container to her.

Are my parents crazy? I know I'm not exactly the most outgoing kid in school and I'm certainly not popular by any means, but really...lonely? I'm not lonely. I have friends. I mentally sighed. Guess there's no convincing them to back out last minute.

..::Hikaru's POV::..

"Hikaru-san, wake up. The plane is going to land soon." I heard my escort's voice say. I opened my eyes and stared blankly at her, trying to remember her name. I gave up shortly.

"Hnnn..." I grumbled, still rather sleepy. It was a long voyage from Japan to America but mother insists it'll be worth it. I don't even want to be here. I miss my home already. My escort busied herself with making sure my carry-on bag was closed, her slender fingers snapping it shut. For some reason I don't remember her at all. Not even her face was familiar. I froze as I felt a vibration in my pants pocket and dug out my cell phone. One new text message. I grinned as I saw the sender's name.

To: Hikaru

Message: Hey, you're gonna land soon. I miss you already! I love you!

From: Haruhi-kun

I feel horrible for leaving my poor Haruhi all alone in Japan. She was so heartbroken when I told her I would be gone all school year. I'm going to miss our four-month.

"Hikaru-kun, you're not really going for the whole school year, are you?" Haruhi pleaded, holding onto my arm with both hands and looking into my eyes as we sat on my porch. I ran my fingers through her hair and smiled sadly.

"It's only a few months, Haruhi-kun. Besides, distance makes the heart grow fonder you know!" I tried to reassure her and pulled her into a hug, kissing the top of her forehead.

"I know, it's just...I love you." she said softly and I nodded.

"I love you too, Haruhi. So much that I'll bring you back a present so you won't be so mad at me for leaving in the first place." I promised her. She smiled up at me and pressed her lips to mine.

I snapped back to reality and looked out the window to see the airport...the very tiny airport. I could see my reflection in the window, my hair dyed a dark brown and eyes glazed over with boredom. Stupid foreign exchange program. What if my host family is crazy? Or they're a family of mobsters? Crazy mobsters?

I shake my head and look down at my phone, clicking the 'reply' button.

To: Harhui-kun

Message: I'm landing as I send this. I miss you so very much. I love you more!

From: Hikaru

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