Four hundred and ten years ago, an expedition was sent into the great wastelands of a secluded planet. Hidden beneath the sand, was an ancient starship. Within the center was located a weathered stone. Upon it, a galactic map was etched and a single word was to be read. Hiigara. Our home. The findings prompted for immediate action, science teams boarded the vessel and after months it was declared that the technology could be reverse engineered. The nations gathered and began construction on the ship that would seek it out among the stars. Construction would take sixty years. Meanwhile, the lead scientist Karen S'jet personally volunteered to be the integrated as the ship's living core. The planet's workforce proudly completed construction on the massive mothership and launch was due for the next year after the drives were properly completed. This mothership was the new hope for the good people of Kharak, as was named their homeworld. The ship would allow them to explore space beyond the Outer Rim Galaxies. Then, the day came. The mothership, outfitted with hyperspace technology was set to launch, but little did they know, that they had broken a thousand-year treaty…

The mothership hyperspaced further into the Outer Rim Galaxies in an attempt to rendezvous with a support vessel known as the Khar Selim. Unbeknownst to our travelers, Turanic Raiders, an aggressive species of aliens had brutally destroyed the Khar Selim. The mothership was forced to destroy the attackers prior to return to Kharak. The delay proved a fatal mistake however, as Kharak had been destroyed. Consumed by a firestorm, the planet was blackened with death. The attakers were not far behind however, as several enemy vessels were captured and their crew interrogated. The people of what was Kharak were shocked to learn of an ancient treaty banning hyperspace technology. The attackers were from another alien race known as the Taiidan. The sorrowful remnants of what remained of their race dubbed themselves the "Kushan" a word for "The lost".

The Kushan, filled with hatred and revenge set promise to hunt down and destroy the attacking force. Led by Karen S'jet, they traversed galaxies and survived grueling challenges. Their goal to destroy the attacking force was fulfilled as they obliterated them. Unfortunately this was only the beginning. The Kushan met an alien race known as the "Bentusi" a race of traders and great knowledge. The Bentusi told the Kushan of their history. Thousands of years before, the Taiidan had attacked and taken over the Kushan homeworld. The Kushan preferring peace over war negotiated a peace treaty. The repercussions were that the Taiidan banished the Kushan to the Outer Rim planet Kharak. They were forbidden to ever develop hyperspace technology.

With this newfound knowledge the Kushan were determined to reclaim their lost homeworld. They set off with newfound hatred. Their journey was nearly ended prematurely when they desecrated an alien race's holy territory. The religious crazed "Kadesh" attacked with brutal firepower and ignored any requests for peace. This was unwise due to the Kushan being much more properly equipped. Sadly, the Kadesh were wiped out. This didn't halt the Kushan however. They continued their journey and with every hardship, their power only grew stronger. At long last the Kushan arrived at their destined homeworld. The Taiidan threw all their forces at the vengeful Kushan to no avail. Finally the Taiidan were annihilated and the homeworld reclaimed. Or so they thought…


This is just a teaser, I'm currently working on the story itself, but for now I'll just post this.