Epilogue – It All Comes Full Circle


Approximately one year later…

After finishing her shower, Hermione walked back into their bedroom to find a very naked Fleur lying on her stomach while reading a book. The soft sheet covered her to the middle of her bottom only. She was the epitome of temptation, one that Hermione had never been able to resist. Her hair was loose and almost looked golden thanks to several candles that were lit around the room. Vivaldi's Four Seasons was playing softly on the stereo. Hermione swallowed hard and thanked all that was Holy for the hundredth time. The past year had been nothing short of amazing.

She walked towards the bed and sat down. Her fingers were drawn immediately to the silky skin in the middle of Fleur's back. Goose bumps rose on said skin at the slight touch and Fleur let her head fall forward so her forehead rested against the book she had been reading. Hermione took that as a sign that her wife wanted her to continue the soft stroke. Warm lips replaced soft fingers a few minutes later to the delight of the blonde. Fleur was almost purring at that point.

"It feels amazing, mon ange."



Hermione moved the sheet out of the way and lied on her side so she could face Fleur. The blonde finally lifted her head and turned it to look at her lover. Hermione leaned forward and their lips met. The kiss started out slowly, with little nibbles and small bites that caused their passion to rise. Fleur moved onto her side as well and Hermione brought her body closer so their naked skin would touch.

Hermione moaned into the kiss when she felt Fleur's hard nipples pressing against her own and her hand moved up to cup the blonde's breast. She kneaded the warm flesh for a bit, supple fingers teasing the hardened nipple even more. Unable to resist much longer, she broke the kiss and brought her warm lips to the rigid peak.

Fleur moaned once again and lied on her back, bringing Hermione's body with her. Knowing what her wife wanted, Hermione moved to cover her body without letting go of the small morsel in her mouth. Fleur opened her legs and Hermione settled comfortably between them. It was a dance as old as time, one they had perfected to please the other thoroughly. While her hands were caressing every part of Fleur's skin they could find, her mouth worshiped her breasts. Fleur encouraged that by keeping one of her hands tangled in her wife's curls while the other moved gently up and down her back.

Hungry for more, Hermione started moving down, leaving a trail of wet kisses down Fleur's torso, bellybutton and waist. The lower she moved, the more Fleur's breath would catch. It was amazing that they had been together for more than two years and their need for each other never wavered. It was a constant thing, this lust they felt and this amazing love that united them.

Fleur parted her legs even more and Hermione finally reached her wet center. She cupped the back of Fleur's legs and lifted them. Understanding what her wife wanted without having to say it out loud, Fleur put her hands behind her knees and held them up. Hermione moaned when she saw the result. Fleur was completely open to her now, her glistening juices a temptation too hard to resist. Hermione never had a chance when it came to resisting her beautiful wife and she wasn't about to start resisting now.

She moved forward and licked the swollen nub. Fleur moaned deep in her throat and begged for more. Hermione delivered. Her licks, soft bites and light sucks brought Fleur to orgasm quickly. She cursed herself when she came down from her high because she hadn't been able to resist for too long.

Hermione moved up her body and silenced her with a kiss. Fleur responded in kind and took the opportunity to turn Hermione onto her back. Wanting revenge for such a quick response to her love making, Fleur wasted no time and dived between the brunette's legs. Hermione moaned her approval and within minutes, she too, had reached the peak.

Fleur had the most satisfied smile on her face and Hermione had to laugh at her.

"Pretty proud of yourself, aren't you, darling?"

"Damn right you are."

"This isn't over yet."


"I want us to take the potions."

Fleur's eyes widened. "You want us to 'ave another enfant?"

"Yes, but this time, we're taking the potions differently."

"We are? Pourquoi?"

"Because I want to have the baby this time."

"Is 'zat even possible?"

"I think so. If I mixed the potions right, it should work in reverse. If it does, I'm making some for Ginny and Lizzie."

"Mon dieu, you 'ave been working on 'zat for 'ze past year, 'aven't you? Ever since I told you about 'ze conversation I 'ad with Lizzie."

Hermione smiled sheepishly. "Yes. It took me so long because I needed to break both potions down to figure out the ingredients and then I had to redo them in order to make the changes once I had everything sorted out. I would have finished sooner if I had had more time."

"You should 'ave said something and I would 'ave 'elped."

"I know, love, but I wanted to surprise you. Besides, I didn't want to take extra time away from you or the kids."

"You are an amazing woman, 'Ermione Delacour. I could not be more proud."

"Let's wait until we actually take the potions before you praise my work."

"I 'ave no doubt it will work. You never do anything unless it is as close to perfection as possible."

"Aww, love, thanks for that."

"De rien. Now, 'zen, let us take 'ze potions and prove your 'zeory right."

Hermione took the wooden box she had placed on the bedside table earlier and removed two vials. She handed on to Fleur and they drank them at the same time. They both looked down at Fleur's lap and waited. When nothing happened for the first couple of minutes, Hermione began to frown and Fleur looked a little depressed as well.

"Well, I guess I have to go back to the drawing table again."

Fleur cupped her faced. "I am sorry, mon ange."

"It's okay. I'll just keep working on it."

"We could still make love again, you know. Once was not enough for me and I still want you."

Hermione smiled, even if a little sad. "You're right, my love. Once is never enough for either of us."

Fleur smiled coquettishly at her and moved forward to kiss her. It was a heated kiss from the moment it started and they were soon lost in each other again. Just when Hermione was about to lean back, Fleur broke the kiss abruptly. Hermione opened her eyes to see what was wrong and noticed that Fleur was looking down. Her eyes looked down as well and she gasped.

Fleur cupped the semi-erect penis in her hand and laughed. "You did it!"

"Oh my God, I did!"

Fleur hugged her wife tightly while they both laughed and celebrated Hermione's success. That laughter, however, was soon forgotten when they decided to play with their new toy.

It was quite a while before the excited pair was finally able to lie down and fall into a contented and satisfied sleep.


A couple of weeks later, Hermione invited Ginny and Lizzie over for dinner. They had just gotten back from a holiday they had taken to celebrate their engagement.

Rook led them into the living room and Hermione was on her feet immediately. Ginny and her embraced.

"It's so good to see you again, Gin. We've hardly seen either of you these past few months."

"You know how it is. We've been playing a lot in other countries and we're also playing house. We've missed your company as well, mind you. I hope we get to see more of you two in the coming weeks."

"How is that going?" Hermione asked after she had hugged Lizzie as well and they had all sat down.

"Wonderful. I can't believe we actually waited so long to really move in together and announce our engagement," Ginny told her.

"We thought it best to keep it a secret while the new season got started. We get even more attention now than we did before news of our relationship leaked out thanks to my lovely fiancé here," Lizzie added with a smirk.

"I guess 'zat is a smart move. Do you like living together?"

"It's amazing to wake up next to the woman you love every morning," Ginny said while patting Lizzie's hand affectionately.

Lizzie smiled back. "Yeah, it's the best feeling in the world."

"When are you planning to wed?" Hermione asked.

'Probably as soon as the season is over. We're looking good to take the championship this year as well, so we're concentration on that right now," Ginny explained.

"That way we'll be able to go on a nice and long honeymoon to the Caribbean and not worry about having to come right back," Lizzie told them with a grin.

Hermione nodded at them. "Sounds like a great idea."

"Where are the twins?" Ginny asked while looking around.

"In their room playing with Rufus and Crooks. They love that little dog."

"Can I go up and see them?"

"In a minute. I want you both to look at something first," Hermione told her.

She grabbed a folded piece of parchment from the end table and leaned towards her friends. Ginny grabbed the offered piece and unfolded it. Lizzie leaned towards her and looked as well. When they read what was written on it, they both gasped and looked up.

"Merlin's ball, Fleur! You're going to have another baby!" Ginny exclaimed.

"Congratulations!" Lizzie gushed with a big smile.

Fleur laughed a little. "Merci beaucoup, but I am just 'ze père 'zis time around."

Ginny and Lizzie looked confused for a moment and looked back down at the paper.

"But this says you're going to have a baby," Ginny pointed out.

"Did you read 'ze name at 'ze top?"

Ginny gasped when she did. "Bloody hell, 'Mi, it's you!"

She looked up from the parchment, eyebrows raised as high as they could go and Hermione had to laugh at her expression.

"Yes, Gin, I'm having a baby."

"How in bloody hell did that happen?"

"I would think that the woman that took me to a porn shop and helped me buy a strap-on would know exactly how babies are made."

Lizzie laughed when Ginny blushed a bright red.

"Does this mean what I think it does?" she asked hesitantly.

Hermione grabbed a gift-wrapped box from the table as well and handed it to them.

"This is from both of us to celebrate your engagement. We'll throw you big party later, but I wanted to give this to you in private."

With shaking fingers, Lizzie unwrapped the box. Nestled inside was a piece of red velour fabric. While Lizzie held the box, Ginny moved the fabric aside to reveal two vials. One had a bright red liquid in it, and the other was silvery blue.

"What are these for?" Ginny asked as she took one of the vials out and looked at it more closely.

"Those will give you and Lizzie the chance to have a child of your own," Hermione explained.

Ginny almost dropped the bottle and Lizzie's eyes filled with tears.

"You kept your promise," she managed to tell Fleur.

"I did, but 'Ermione did all of 'ze 'ard work. She worked on 'zose for a year."

"You did this for us?" Ginny asked in a broken voice.

"You're the sister I never had, Ginny. It was my pleasure to do this."

Both women got up and enveloped Hermione in a big hug while tears of joy streamed down their faces. Fleur looked on with a proud smile on her face.

"I don't know what to say, 'Mi."

"I know you love each other deeply and both want children. I'm just making sure you get your wish."

"'Ermione finished 'ze potion two weeks ago and we used it with great success. We just wanted to make sure it worked properly before giving it to you."

"Do you know what you're having this time?"

"A little girl we plan on calling Victoria," Hermione informed them with a grin.

"What a fitting name," Lizzie commented.

"Oui. 'Zat is why we chose it. It is a victory 'zat we can all 'ave children now."

"Within the year, five more kids will be added to our lot. I can't believe it."

"Five?" Hermione asked with surprise. "Other than Gabrielle and I, who else is pregnant?"

"You won't believe this, but Ron called earlier to tell me Luna is having twins as well and I want to start my own family with Lizzie as soon as we marry. Our wedding should take place in three months, so we might be able to have a baby by Christmas."

"Mon dieu! 'Zat is a lot of bébés!"

Hermione laughed. "This is fantastic! Gabrielle is due with Jacques in six months, I'll have Victoria around the same time Luna gives birth, and then one of you will be a mother." She turned to Fleur and grabbed her hand. "We need to have a party and celebrate all of our good fortune."

"A good idea, mon ange. We will start planning it right away. I want to invite everyone!"

"Sounds like a brilliant idea to me!"

"There's something I wanted to ask both of you before we go see the babies," Hermione said seriously.

She grabbed Fleur's hand and received a reassuring squeeze back.

"What is it?"

"Fleur and I were wondering if you would consider being the godmothers of Victoria."

Ginny simply nodded. Her tears were threatening to fall again and she was trying valiantly to keep herself poised. Lizzie lost the battle with hers.

"It would be an honor," she finally managed to say.

"As long as you both agree to be the godmothers of our child," Lizzie added.

"It's settled then. Let's go see Aimee and Sébastien. I'm sure they're going to be more than happy to see their aunties."

Lizzie lifted a bag she had brought with her and smiled. "We brought them all kinds of cute things from our trip."

"I am glad more bébés will be added to our family soon. Otherwise, our bébés will be 'ze most spoiled one in all of London."

"Nonsense. Hermione is their mother and she won't ever let that happen. Right, 'Mi?"

"Damn right, Gin. Hey, did you know there's a house for sale two doors down from ours?"


Lizzie and Fleur followed the pair up the stairs while they made plans to be neighbors. Squeals of delight greeted them when Ginny walked into the room and the babies saw her. Urkha smiled and excused herself to go finish dinner for them.

While Ginny and Lizzie gave the babies their presents, Fleur walked up to Hermione and put her arm around her shoulders. Hermione put hers around Fleur's waist.

"Are you 'appy, mon amour?"

"More than I could possibly tell you. Are you?"

"Incredibly so."

"Everything that happened to lead us to this moment was well worth it. It has come full circle, hasn't it?"

"I could not agree more. Je t'aime, 'Ermione."

"And I love you, my darling Fleur."