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The Rosalie and Emmett Twilight Challenge.

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The Rosalie & Emmett Twilight Challenge

Title: Watching Sunsets

Author: Preetynpink123, CullenLover13, and Twihead22796

Rating: T

POV: Alternate-Rose/Emmett

Word Count: 859 (thus far)

Summary:What if the one you loved was forced to marry another? What if your love was killed in a horrid way? All this happens to a strong on the surface Emmett McCarty. What shall the depressed boy do, when he discovers, the truth isn't as it seems?

Rose POV

Emmett and I were sitting on the hill overlooking the forest which touched the sky. The sky was alight with so many beautiful colors.

It was our tradition to watch the sunset every night. We lay in the grass, tangled together, watching as the pretty pinks, blues, and oranges took over the sky. It was a sight to see.

We stayed out watching until the very first star appeared. Now as the sky faded back to black I wonder how we started doing this. It started at age nine, one day on a whim we decided to watch the sunset.

We found it captivating and ever since then it was something we always did.

Sometimes I think 'what if we never had thought to do this?' Or 'what if even there was no sunset?' How different would our lives be, but then another thought over comes me.

Everything happens for a reason.

Even if that reason may be hard to see. I see a bright start twinkling against the black background of the sky. I look at Emmett and see he's been staring at me.

I look at him blushing lightly. He smiles. "What?" I whisper.

He leans in slowly. I know he is going to kiss me. He stops a few inches from my lips as if asking if it's okay, I smile and wrap my hands around his neck pulling him to me.

It was a moment in my life I knew I would never forget. But the one following, though I didn't know it now, would be forever engraved in my memory.

"Come on Rosie, let's go," he says quietly standing up and holding a hand out to me. I take it and walk back to my house with him. I see the curtain flick, and realize my mother was waiting for me. I hug Emmett our hand still intertwined, and give him a quick peck on the lips.

"Bye Emmett, I'll see you tomorrow," I say stepping away.

"Bye Rosie," he says and we part our ways. I walk up the steps to my front door, before my hand can even touch the knob though, it opens.

"Rose," my mother greets with a curt nod ushering me through the door. She steers me to the couch where I sit tentatively.

"What was that?" she asks, leaving me confused.

"What was what?" I inquire sounding genuinely confused.

"You and Emmett," she gasps, giving me all the clarification I need.

"I really like him mom," I say. A goofy grin spreads across my face.

"Well, don't," my dad says and my heart sinks down to my stomach.

"What? Why?"

"Look honey there is no easy way to say this but-" my mom started, before being cut off by my father.

"It's been arranged for you to marry Royce," he explains. My jaw hits the floor hard, I swear

I heard a muted thump.

"What?!?! Wait. Royce who?" I inquire as they share a look with each other.

"Royce King," they say simultaneously, almost sounding like a robot. Mechanical and without feeling.

"How could you set me up with that pig?!" I shriek at them. They flinch but say nothing.

At first.

"Don't you dare talk to us that way, young lady!" my dad bellowed out, raising his hand. I flinched away hoping he wouldn't hit me. He simply lowered his hand and looked ashamed of his actions.

"Why?" I whine. "I don't want to marry Royce. He doesn't even like me."

"Sweetie, we are just looking out for your future. We want what's best for you," Mom said.

"By setting me up with the most uncaring, emotionless-"

"Stop!" my dad cuts me off. "You will marry Royce, Rosalie. And I don't want to hear another word about it. We are getting good connections and money from his family-"

"So you don't care about my happiness anymore?" I ask grinding my teeth and glaring at the people I used to call loving parents. Ever notice how a full sentence is rarely used in this house?

"We think you'll be happy with Royce, Rose," my mother cries, exasperated.

"But I love Emmett," I explain, on the verge of tears.

"You're young, you don't know who you love yet, and as your parents we know what's best for

you. Now please Rose spare me the dramatics and go to your room. You have a big day

tomorrow," she says in an eerily calm voice. I get up, in full tantrum mode, and stomp off to my room.

"How could they?" I whisper to myself. I hear a stone click against my window. I look out to

see Emmett. I sit on my window seat and open the window as Emmett crawls in.

"I heard it all," he says. I collapse into his chest a few tears spilling over. "I think the

whole neighborhood did actually," he mutters under his breath. I laugh softly.

"Oh Emmett," I sigh. He just strokes my hair gently, kissing me on the forehead.

"We'll find a way," he promises making me smile.

"I hope." I say.

"I love you, Rosie."

"I love you too, Emmett."

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