Warning: I know my profile says that the characters in all my fics are over 18 but in this case, they are not. They're just teenagers in this fic. Somewhere around their 6th or 7th year, I'm not really specifying. Oh and this pretty much ignores the whole Voldemort thing too.

"Mr. Potter, you're wanted in the headmaster's office immediately," Professor McGonagall told him as he was enjoying a rather large turkey leg.

"What the bloody hell does the old coot want now," Harry muttered as he made his way from the Great Hall where he had been trying to enjoy his lunch before being summoned once again to Professor Dumbledore's office. "Maybe he has some idea about what's been going on in my head lately."

He reached the gargoyle and grunted the latest password, "Pygmy puff," and stepped onto the spiraling staircase that carried him up to Dumbledore's office, reached for the knob, not bothering to knock, as he heard the old man's "Come in," from the other side of the door.

"What is it now headmaster?" Harry asked with a sigh, as he dropped into one of the chairs in front of Dumbledore's desk, not paying attention to the person sitting in the other chair, next to him.

"Well, well Potty, I'd think you'd be a bit nicer to the old headmaster. He's one of your best friends isn't he?" Draco Malfoy said with a sneer.

"Oh sod off Malfoy," Harry said, grinding his teeth. "Why does the headmaster need me AND Malfoy here," he wondered.

"Now, now boys, do let us try and be civil to each other." The headmaster said with a soft smile for both of them.

"Both of you have recently come to me with dreams, and certain 'urges' that have quite disturbed you both and after a bit of research, I think I have come to the root of the problem." The older man explained.

"Well, what is it; I want it to go away!" Harry exclaimed, red faced.

"Believe me Potty, no one wants this to stop more than I do," Draco said, making a disgusted face.

"Well boys," Dumbledore began to explain, "Neither of you is going to like what I've got to say. Draco, we knew that your mother was half veela, making you one quarter veela. Harry, I've also recently learned that your mother was half veela, your maternal grandmother being a full blooded veela, making you also one quarter veela." The headmaster paused then and let the information sink in.

Harry still looked as confused as he did when he was summed to the headmaster's office, but Draco was beginning to look ill.

"Ah, I see that Draco has began to figure out what I'm trying to explain to the two of you," Dumbledore said kindly.

"Maybe he has, but I haven't, so keep talking headmaster." Harry said impatiently.

"Well, Harry my boy. Veela don't choose the people they marry like muggles, or even other witches and wizards do. Veela don't simply fall in love. Veela are drawn to their veela mates in most cases. It's the way that the veela blood has stayed alive for so long. Once a veela reaches sexual maturity, their body will give off pheromones that are distinct to other veela. Very seldom does a veela choose his or her mate without the help of their conscious mind. It seems that since James and Lucius were not veela, Lily and Narcissa were lucky enough to chose based on love. Once the veela has found his or her mate, their subconscious will start hinting to their conscious mind, trying to get the two attracted to one another. Never have I seen a case like this one." Dumbledore paused again, noticing the horrified look on Harry's face. "I've never seen a veela choose a mate that his conscious mind couldn't even tolerate to be in the same room with."

"How do we make it stop? I mean, this has to stop." Draco demanded

For probably the first time in his life, Harry agreed with Malfoy. "Headmaster, you can't be serious. I mean, me, and MALFOY? There's no way. Never. No. Not at all."

"I'm afraid boys that they only way to make the dreams stop is to begin a relationship. A romantic relationship, I mean. And that doesn't really mean the dreams will stop, that only means that you won't hate the dreams so very much when they do come." The older wizard said quietly. "What I'm trying to say is, you will either drive yourselves mad by ignoring the dreams and the urges, or you can start trying to be civil to one another and develop your destined relationship."

Harry turned to glare at Draco, who was returning the glare with intensity.

"You may go now boys." Dumbledore said sadly, realizing that they would likely go mad before they would even consider a relationship.