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The Other Princess

Chapter I-- Persephone is Tricked

Hades had said that he would be on Olympus the whole day—emergency meeting of the Council of the Gods—and that he was be home late at night. Persephone had sighed, they had grumbled about the idiocy of Zeus (and the rest of the gods), she had kissed him goodbye, he had kissed her back, and then he had left. Hades had only been fifteen minutes out the door when she and Macaria had been forced to rush over to the judging area to resolve a minor quarrel between Minos and Rhadamanthys.

A few hours after the fight had been resolved and business elsewhere had been taken care off, Macaria went off to 'bed' (more likely, off to frolic with Hypnos and Thanatos and Nyx and the Furies). Persephone had paced around Hades' throne room, absentmindedly brushing away stray cobwebs, placing scattered chessboard pieces back on the chessboard, blowing away dust, kicking away bones. She had gone into the throne room at around 7, 7:30 p.m, maybe, and had left at about 9. Macaria was wherever, Hades was still on Olympus; Persephone was bored. And so she walked along the bank of the River Styx. She stopped walking every now and then to say hello to Charon and his load, which was full every time he came around.

Eventually, Persephone dismissed him and shut down the ferrying service for the night. The remaining souls would just have to wait. Persephone continued to pace along the bank until she spotted the familiar blue glow of Hades' hair.

There was something different about him. The way he was walking. His physique seemed a little…off. Despite the distance, his face and hair seemed just a bit odd too. Or…or was it because of the distance? Persephone chose the second option and approached him with a sympathetic smile.

"You look pissed," she said, hooking her arms around his neck, "The meeting was that bad?"

Hades shrugged sullenly, and Persephone grinned and kissed him.

Again, she got that weird feeling that something was different. But…but it was almost 1:00 in the morning, very late (or early); Seph was tired, and he was bound to be tired, too.

That was it. That had to be it.

It's not like it's someone else, Persephone scoffed internally, I mean, who in their right mind would pose as Hades? And at this hour?

Hades kissed her back, his hands sliding around her slender waist and within minutes, clothes were thrown in a pile and the two were pressed in the mud, intwined together.

Their rather…hasty moment took only half an hour. Hell, not even. Afterwards, Persephone lay back in her husbands arms.

She was genuinely disturbed and worried.

He hadn't been like himself. He hadn't acted like himself!

Hades was always rough with her, but this time…this time, he had seemed….rougher. Like he wanted to hurt her, or like he didn't care if she got hurt or not. Hades would never…he hated seeing her in any sort of pain and tried to avoid it whenever he could.

This time…

And his body, his face, they both did seem different, feel different. And his hair…

Something in her told her to speak, and she obeyed. "H…Hades?" Persephone whispered in a shaky, questioning, nervous voice.

And Zeus laughed, pulled off his mask, grinned, and said, "Nope."

Persephone was shocked to the point of speechlessness as Zeus vanished.

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